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  1. at 11:35:17 on camera one, watch the refrigerator closely.......a woman's reflection appears, she is not a house guest!
  2. BB Time 10:35pm POP TV gave the house guests an ice cream maker! Tyler is reading the instructions, then Angela takes over, everyone says “Thanks POP” Angela spots the bread Sam made,and when Sam says it is toasted with cheese and basil. Both Angela and Kaycee grab a piece. House guests are making the ice cream. Angela: how many cups to a pint? Tyler: 8 (yep, go with that) Angela is measuring the dairy products into the ice cream machine, Tyler, JC and Kaycee are hovering. Sam is washing dishes ignoring all the questions they have about the ice cream. We hear, “It has chunks in it.” “do we use a mixer?” “Is it dissolving?” “do you know where the powder goes?” Sam washes dishes and never looks up. Kaycee plugs it in before it is ready. Sam washes dishes. They put it together and remember to put ice around it, but do not layer the rock salt with the ice. Sam straightens the counter on the other side of the kitchen. They argue about how long it takes. Sam has disappeared.... We have eight hands in the ice cream making task. Tyler: POP!!! The wrong thing is spinning. JC reads more instructions, Angela says it looks like it is working because the outside is spinning. Tyler agrees, Kaycee eats puppy chow. Now Angela decides it is not working, Kaycee says it is, Tyler thinks that's what it is supposed to do. JC continues to read instructions, Sam has returned and is looking in the refrigerator. No one seems to know what the canister lid is, but they know you have to hold it. They all walk away. Sam goes to the freezer and gets Ice Cream. They tell her they are making ice cream. Sam: no, you're fine. She says she might try some of theirs. Kaycee and JC are dipping bread into Sam's tomato soup, they say it is amazing. (butter does that). Finally Sam helps out, she says it is fine, the canister rotates. Sam says you used to have to crank it by hand, JC says he has never seen this, he had no idea this is how you make ice cream. Sam tells him you churn butter the same way. JC goes to the machine. JC: woah woah woah, why is this thing black??? everyone runs to the machine (except Sam) JC hehehehehe ..after they look and realize he lied. Kaycee: this will be better than cold stone, better than baskin robbins. Willie wonka has nothing on us!! Kaycee says she saw rock salt fly out, so of course Angela and JC stick their faces right down to the top of the lid.....and Kaycee follows suit. Kaycee dips the last piece of bread into the (buttery) tomato soup..... Rewind::: about 11:20 or so (rewind didn't show exact time.) Sam in have not room, lying in saucer Room is dark, at first she is just lying there with her eyes closed, then..... ….I just got up got dressed, took the lead pipe I got off the locker in the bathroom and smashed every single one of those glass tvs across from me and shredded all these f**ng drawers, picked up one of the saucers and threw it through that f**ng window right there. That probably wouldn't be that good. It would take me about 45 seconds to get up and get everything I needed. And the door to the parking lot is right there (nods to her left). “I wouldn't call that a voluntary exit but...” cameras changed immediately.
  3. BB Time 9:33pm Sam is cooking, Tyler is listening to the Spanish conversation, he says he is trying to follow along, but he can't really. Angela tells him to tell them about the tattoo on his arse and she will tell them what they were talking about. Angela says she tried to peek at his tattoo, but she didn't get to see it. Talk goes to types of underwear, Angela decides when the camera is off they are de-pantsing Tyler. Sam is cooking, she just murder a fly after a warning. Sam: I will kill you, you son of a..........SMACK....and fly murdered. Sam is now what I call “angry cooking”, she had to search the refrigerator for something in a sealed bag, she found it, slammed the door and slapped the item onto the counter as she passed. She vigorously stirred something in a pan, then smacked peppers onto a sheet pan that had seasoned olive oil already on it. She has worked off the fly murdering adrenaline, she is stirring nicely now. Tyler leaves the bedroom and runs up to the HOH, Sam ignores him. Sam: “If I put butter in it nobody else will want to eat it.” she drops in a decent amount of butter and smiles at the camera. “I am such an a**hole.”...”I love coca cola.” Tyler passes through the kitchen after running back down the stairs. Sam does not speak, he looks, but does not speak. Kaycee returns to the blue bedroom. In the kitchen, Sam says “You're right”, and I think she mumbles “I am a b***ch. And this b**ch doesn't die.” Kaycee was whispering, Bob says “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions,” Kaycee: I am sooo sorry Bob. Sam says she is warm when she is by the oven. Angela is called to the DR at 9:49pm Angela: “See you in about 6 hours” JC, Tyler and Kaycee have led the conversation south, hard to describe, but it has to do with snapping a belt, and asking Tyler if he trusts him enough to place his (you know) in it. Kaycee brings it north by inserting his arm into the belt repeatedly while JC trys to “snap” her. Tyler tries it, JC gets him (his arm, not his (you know)) the first time. Kaycee leaves to see what's cooking in the kitchen. She tells Sam she made grilled cheese earlier, but Sam was napping. Sam says she doesn't really take naps at home, with the exception of with her ex's child so he would nap. Sam: “you gotta fake em out” Kaycee: “i did that too, with my ex's kid” Kaycee leaves the kitchen and returns. Sam: This works out perfectly, it will be done at bedtime. I will stuff my face and pass out. I will stuff my face and pass the f**k out.” She continues to talk, but it is quiet so we can't hear her very well, she is beeping the oven while she is talking. In the bedroom JC says he is hungry, but doesn't know if he wants to eat. Kaycee is sitting on the bed, her head in her hands. Tyler is yelling at JC for asking for things, he says “When you ask they don't give you anything.” Sam is still cooking. 10:04pm Kaycee tells Tyler about her conversation with Sam earlier. Most of what she says is true, however she tells him it took place in the bathroom while she (Kaycee) was wearing only a towel. The conversation I saw happened in the have not room, Kaycee walked in to talk to Sam and both were fully dressed. (I am not saying there was not a second conversation, and I am not saying there was, just that there may have been, but might not have been.--Grannysue1154) JC returns to the blue bedroom and talk stops BB Time 10:08pm Sam has finished her tomato soup, she adds roasted peppers, and bacon to the bowl. She is cutting up cubes of toasted bread. Sam: My eyes might be bigger than my belly, and I have to save room for some cheesecake.” She says a short prayer and picks her meal up. She carries everything to the stairwell and lays out her food. (Angela has been screaming about Sam sitting on the steps, I might hang out a few more minutes to see if some action happens now) Sam smiles and shrugs at the camera, she begins another prayer, she gives thanks for her day, her meal, and asks for blessings for her loved ones and for help for a positive attitude. She takes a bite, “Delicious!!”
  4. BB Time 9:01pm Tyler, Angela and JC are still in the blue bedroom, Angela says she is sleepy, Tyler has a smiley face pillow over his face, and JC is still playing with Kaycee's peanut weight. Sam is not on camera, Kaycee is in the DR silence................................................ 9:05pm JC leaves the room and returns with his Big Brother mug of water. (Those mugs are very cool, just in case you wonder) 9:06pm Sam is on camera in the storage room, she is looking in the fridge, Tyler wants to know who is in the storage room, JC tells him Sam. (the house is so quiet they heard the door open) Tyler: wild times in the Big Brother house, you can't tame us. Tyler asks them which one of the emoji pillows they held up. Angela whispers, “What is she doing?” Tyler: destroying things. (Sam is not) Angela mentions dating a guy who had two kids, she found out after they dated. Camera moves to kitchen Sam is putting bacon on a cookie sheet. Sam: maybe I will thaw that steak out and eat it tomorrow, it will be the most beautiful steak you have ever seen. Sam is cutting a red sweet pepper, it looks like she has cherry tomatoes on the counter with the pepper, and possibly a sliced onion. The camera makes a noise, Sam says, “yes dear.” and continues working. In the bedroom JC is giving Angela Spanish lessons. Tyler says he can't even understand this. JC tells Angela to tell him her deepest secrets in Spanish. She denies secrets. Then she starts talking to JC in Spanish. Tyler: What are you guys saying???? They keep talking in Spanish Tyler: What are you saying. Sam is still cooking. Kaycee comes in the room. Tyler: They are talking s**t in Spanish, he is finding out her secrets at finale. Is that what you said??? They ignore him. Cameras move to Sam in the kitchen. Two cameras are on Sam, two are on the blue bedroom where JC and Angela are playing question and answer in Spanish—and Tyler still has no clue what they are saying. (this is a little bit like watching television a few years ago in Madrid, you kind of know, but you really don't know, so just in case you use the translator just so you don't order a puppy for dinner.--Grannysue1154)
  5. BB Time8:41pm Sam is lying under the Foosball game. The other house guests are lying in beds in the blue bedroom.. The conversation is very general, Tyler is talking about a girl in Australia who liked one of the songs played at their private concert. (Angela is still in the room, she passed by the camera while he was talking). All of them say that is the only time they will ever have an opportunity for a private concert. JC is teasing Tyler about girls, Kaycee is laughing. JC: it's all right, it will get worse.....he wants to know why do they not have the yard. They all wonder if POP TV will give them some sort of treat today, JC says “They have to, we are giving them a show. We are definitely giving them a show.” Kaycee: They don't have to. JC: Yes they do. Tyler has gone to the bathroom area. Kaycee is talking about San Francisco Pride, she went to an event there. She talks about drinking, dancing. She says it was very hot there, and the heat made her feel more drunk. She mentions Long Beach, says it is very fun, and Palm Springs was great too. Tyler says they will have next summer to make up for being in the house this year. JC: You putting makeup on?? ,, he keeps teasing Tyler about makeup even though he knows what Tyler meant. Kaycee is leaving for the DR, they think it is POP TV. They are all relaxing, JC playing with Kaycee's peanut weights, Tyler tossing a smiley pillow into the air, and Anglea complaining about smells. Tyler is talking about things they want from the Big Brother house, Angela says she wants nothing, she has no color in her house, so nothing in the Big Brother house would fit in 'my home”. Just general meaningless talk, and very sporadic with quite a bit of staring into space. JC wants to start an organization that goes to poor communities and give pet owners a chance to neuter pets “free”, but what he wants the most is for POP to bring them something. Angela reminds him that the Chinese food came, she thinks it was about 10pm.
  6. Approximately 4:45pm BB Time Kaycee had a conversation with Sam in the have not room. Kaycee told Sam that she was not using the veto, when Sam asked her how she planned to vote, Kaycee said she was up in the air about the vote, and gave Sam no reason to think she would vote to keep her. Kaycee told Sam repeatedly that it was difficult because she loves her, but she was doing what was good for her game. Kaycee indicated that she had not yet talked to JC, but planned to do that. When Kaycee left the room, Sam looked at the camera and said, "Well, I tried."
  7. BB Time 9:54pm Feeds show Sam in the have not room, every few seconds we hear a tiny snore. Angela is in the HOH room with her music playing, she coughs once in a while. These are the only two sounds in the house. JC comes out of the loo, washes his hands and starts brushing his teeth, then he disappears into the shower stall. 10:14pm Sam has opened her eyes, she is lying in her saucer looking at the camera. She says a few words, but I am unable to hear them and the camera leaves the room. Sam goes into the bathroom, makes sure JC is not in the loo, then goes in. Kaycee is asleep with a smiley pillow over her head. Sam is in the kitchen, JC comes by, Sam says she is going crazy, “I live in a little bubble”, “I'm crazy.” she takes a few pieces of puppy chow, she sees something that irritates her, “God that makes me s f**ng mad.” “I hate everything.” “No that's not true, hate is a strong word, I don't hate anything.” “I am just aggravated. “ JC asks her why she sits on the steps, she tells him she does not like being out I the “open like that'” Sam: “I don't know what, ummm I'm always wrong, I am probably wrong again.” She looks at the camera smooches at it. “I wonder what Joe's doin?” she mumbles a little, sounds like “he probably doesn't want to know what I'm doin.” JC tells her it is 10:30pm JC toes to the pink bedroom and slides the doors into position. Kaycee moves a little in her bed. Sam teases the camera man, and while she is eating he is teasing her back, jigging the camera. In the silence she stamps on the iron stairs and it makes a big boom. Sam:”I'm not bad at you, I am mad at me.” she props her legs on the Popsicle, making a smaller boom. Sam: I had a dream last night that somebody gave me a tour behind the house, and that the toilets were there, right beside our toilets. Angelo did a dance like Rachel used to do. There was a light like the light in my mom's kitchen. I could go in my mom's kitchen and fix a supper blindfolded, a full supper. I still have not given up, but I am disappointed. If the intention was to make me run and work out, then ..what the f**k. I don't know what you all think of me, I have no idea. I weigh too much of everything and I don't know. I miss my mom, I miss my mom so bad.....” Sam has her hand on her chin, looking so sad. Sometimes I pretend my hands are hers. Her hands are so cold, I wipe the hair from my face and tuck it behind my ears. Sam begins to cry very quietly, she looks so lost, it is heartbreaking. Sam: “Oh God, I can see right now screaming like a banshee watching me run through that maze. Heartbreaking, watching me, it was pitiful. Like a panicked baby deer, stuck..” “I don't know how you are all gonna make it out funny, because it wasn't funny. Me falling and saying f**k the whole time. Sam covers her face with her hands, and in a few seconds she drops them and resumes an upright position, her face toward the ceiling Tears are showing on her cheeks. She leans back against the stairwell. I think it is hard for me in here, because there are so many times I have …....I felt like I needed to punish something so I punished myself.” Tyler goes to the blued bedroom (he must have been in the DR), he is changing his shirt, sprays a little smelly stuff on himself. When Tyler comes into the kitchen Sam says “I am on the stairs, Tyler, don't be scared, Are you going upstairs?” Tyler: noooooo' What are you doing? Sam: nothing. We hear water running, Sam remains on stairs, Tyler is out of range. KC is awake in the pink bedroom, he is listening from the dark room, eyes wide open. Sam remains on her stair perch, she does not indicate whether or not she knows she is ruining the meeting of lovers. (IMHO she knows exactly what she is doing, and she looks a little pleased with herself) Sam: how appropriate is that? A few minutes later BB says “Sam, please come to the DR” Sam: You say jump, I say when can I come down.” She walks toward the DR, and not very quietly either. 10:53pm As soon as Sam is called to the DR, Tyler gets himself read to a a visit to the HOH room, he stops on the way to get a mug full of water and ice, and he heads up the stairs two at a time when he hears Sam come out of the DR. He hustles into the HOH room to cuddle with Angela. Angela wants to know if Sam is still on the stairs, Tyler tells her yes, until she was called to the DR. Angela: she was acting crazy earlier downstairs. Angela says Sam ate a disgusting pancake she made earlier, and was sitting on the step staring. Angela continues to complain about Sam sitting on the stair case. She says she is going to rub Salmon on the bottom of the stairs so Sam won't sit there. Angela says steps are for using not sitting. (Steps can also be used for sitting and spying—Grannysue1154) Tyler has issues with JC's “little comments”, and Angela says they still aren't funny. Angela continues coughing, Tyler tells her it is fine to cough on him. They are talking about making a pillow person for Tyler. Camera 2 shows a rumpled bed that looks like Tyler possibly made to look like a person was in it and is covered head to toe. JC is still in his bed, wide awake. Tyler tells Angela he had a crush on her before she had one on him, she says “false” Tyler says “you'll see” Angela, “you'll see” Angela tells Tyler he never made any comments, he tells her neither did she, Angela says that is not a girl thing to do. Tyler says they just let it happen, and Angela says “It happened” Tyler: Thank God I was about to lose my mind.” I said,“When the shows over I will tell her what's up.”, and I said on day 60, “I'll tell her today, and she will say, that' nice.” Angela tells Tyler to tell her what he was gonna say, he refuses. Angela: “It's the cutest thing ever.” Tyler: no it's not Angela: yes, it is. The two of them continue to coo to each other. (ahhhhh young love) I stand corrected, i claim alzheimers and blindness.
  8. BB Time 9:22pm Kaycee Tyler and JC are in the kitchen, Angela is in the HOH room at the vanity. Earlier Sam was in the have not room, she was cuddled up and sleeping, so we can assume she is still there. When the feeds came back Kaycce had the Veto necklace on, and it was confirmed she was the winner. JC and Kaycee are at the counter alone now, they are talking about the end of the game coming near, and about the veto competition today. They are also talking about whether or not JC would ever come back to the game, Kaycee asks him if he would come back for 5k extra, he says no, she says 10k, he says he doesn't think so. JC loves his job, he gets to travel to places that most Americans never even see, he says it is hard work, he says he is not able to be crazy at his job, he has a demanding schedule. He likes sleeping in and doing whatever he wants instead of meal prepping and working out. “This is the summer of my freakin' life” JC says he feels like he has put 30 years in his back. Kaycee says the house is stress, JC says he misses going outside, and he is a mental person, and the competitions make his mind go negative. 9:30pm Angela is in the HOH room listening to music. A few minutes ago I thought I saw her talking to someone, but when I switched cameras she seems to be alone. I don't hear the shower going, just silence in the room. Back in the kitchen Kaycee and JC are still talking. JC says he did not know it was online the whole time. Kaycee is wondering what you tube videos are out there, and what they are. JC says their names will be on web sites, possibly on some gay sites where they talk about good things gay people do. JC mentions past gay house guests who have been on the show other seasons. Silence in the house. BB Time 9:36pm JC mentions Sam, says she will “go crazy”. He repeats it twice, Kaycee mumbles, says she is going to go lay down, that is great tea time. JC thanks her, he says he will shower then go lay down. JC is alone in the room. He sings, “If its meant to be it will be.” BB calls him out. Kaycee comes through on her way to bed, they talk about how hard it will be to say “goodbye” to each other. JC rinses out his cup and puts in on the drainer. (do none of these people use dish soap??) He puts a plate of food uncovered into the refrigerator “So much food for five people.” followed by some jumbling around, then “what the f**k is this?” He takes his cup towards the blue bedroom. The house is silent again, except for Angela, who is still coughing intermittently (they were coughing after the veto). JC heads for the bathroom area, he is looking at the dirty towels all over the floor. He takes off Haleigh's sweatshirt (I think he snagged it from her), and goes to the loo. Angela leaves the HOH room with a bag of trash and deposits it in the kitchen. She finds a cough drop, heats up Louie the heating pad and leans on the counter while she waits. She looks around the silent room. She peeks toward the bathroom, sees no one. She heads back up to the HOH room with Louie and crawls into the bed. She replaces her headphones and watches the screens on the tv while she listens. Sam is in the have not room she is stirring a bit but her eyes are shut
  9. BB Evening until 10:05pm Since the feeds returned we have learned that JC and Sam have been nominated for eviction. The veto competition is tomorrow. The house guests were treated to a private concert, and all of them liked it very much. JC seems to be upset with Tyler, we heard Tyler tell Kaycee about it, but with no explanation to us. Sam is in a good mood, she told JC that they should be grateful for such a fun day. JC tried to talk to Kaycee earlier, and after a few minutes Kaycee claimed the need to take a shower (this was after she told Tyler she was not taking a shower just in case the back yard did not reopen—she was afraid of running out of clean laundry. Sam was in the have not room packing, then went into the kitchen and cleaned Kaycee and Tyler's mess out of some refrigerator drawers (she says there was rancid chicken blood pooled in the drawers) Neither Kaycee nor Tyler offered to clean up after themselves. JC was in the living room talking to the cameras. He told us he would be happy to return to the real world, that the problems inside the BB house are not real. He told us real problems were paying bills and illness. He also told BB that the cameras had many, many cobwebs. Tyler traveled the house, used the scope mouthwash, (swish and gargled), then tiptoed to the HOH room where he was able to cuddle and whisper with Angela until they were interrupted by Kaycee. The couple heard her coming and Tyler raced to a chair, so when she came in she found Angela on the HOH bed and Tyler relaxed in one of the chairs. Conversation is about JC and how he was unreasonable in believing he should not be on the block. The three of them are concerned if JC wins the veto (no mention of Sam), because if he does one of them will have to go on the block. Kaycee, specifically, is making a case for JC being the only person (aside from Sam), that should or could have been nominated. Kaycee asks Tyler if Angela sounded tipsy at the nomination, Tyler denies (but not a hearty denial). Angela says she was looking over everyone's head while she talked at veto ceremony. JC is on the green section of the sofa, they notice him sitting there, looking alone. Tyler repeats that JC is upset with him, Angela says it is the saddest thing she has ever seen. Angela decides to go out and yell for JC to come to the HOH room, Kaycee says it would mean more from Angela. Tyler says he has told him several times he is fine, Kaycee wonders if he believes her. JC comes into the room. Angela tells him she can't stand to see him on the block like that. She gives a big justification explanation to him, saying she could not beat Sam in jury votes. JC says he doesn't hold a grudge, it is what it is. Angela justifies again. JC tells her he is sitting on the green part of the sofa, he avoided it all summer because it could have been bad luck, but now he wants to experience it, and it is close to the DR. Angela tells him the four staying have been loyal and Sam has not. JC says it is just a game, (IMHO he is blowing her off by being very casually “not caring” and while JC does this he enjoys some of Angela's snacks, he shows much more excitement about those snacks that he does about Angela's promises. JC tells Tyler “You should have told me I was going on the block” Angela: kick him in the balls. Kaycee and Angela laughs, Tyler not so much JC tells Tyler that now he owes him. They are counting days, they say 11 more days after tomorrow, and tomorrow they will not have to pick players for the veto. Kaycee says one of the band members was staring at Angela, Tyler says Angela was winking at him. Angela denies. Conversation continues with no game talk, just general discussion about who each house guest would choose to date.
  10. BB Time 8:24pm Brett, JC and Tyler are in the kitchen while Haleigh and Angela are in the bathroom area blow drying their hair. JC is complaining about the puppy chow, Brett tells him to get a spoon and shovel in the sugar. JC tells Brett he was rejected by Rachel because he had belly fat, he tried so hard, it didn't happen, and “we are left with this” Brett: I am so glad there are live feeders who know.... JC: these are new feeders. He keeps going about Brett being crazy over Rachel. Brett I hope she is hearing this.....She will punch me right in the nose....he laughs...nothing more needs to be said about this. Tyler wants to hang out with “the Twinstons” He thinks there were two Winstons, and they had different voices. JC says first Brett lost Winston, then they took Rachel, and then they took Rock Star. JC says Brett didn't know what to do with himself after that, so now he acts like this. Brett: did you plan this for a while? JC: no, I made it up from your eyes Brett: you have to be related to Kaitlyn JC: she is my cousin. Brett says he has fallen in love three or four times since he was in the house. JC says every night Brett cried over Rachel. Brett says JC cried every night because he thought he was a loser. JC says Brett fixed all that for him. Brett says everything make him happy, Conversation goes far far south, we can miss that. Haleigh is doing her makeup in the bathroom area, it looks like no one is with her. In the kitchen JC says he is feeling bullied, that Brett is only winning this insult contest because he is tired. Brett continues to tease JC, then he says let's just call a truce buddy, JC no Teasing continues...JC: we are not homies anymore. Brett: laughing: Ohhhhhhh JC tells Brett there are girls for him. Brett keeps calling JC “buddy”. JC threatens to move out of Brett's bedroom. When Haleigh comes in, JC twists the whole thing around, and plays victim.... More teasing.. JC is yelling at Tyler and Haleigh for laughing, and tells Haleigh to make him behave (Tyler). JC tells them it is not funny, there is nothing funny about it. (he is laughing) Brett: you look so lonely buddy, what can I get you:\ JC: Come here Haleigh (his answer to being lonely) JC says Brett laughs at his own bad jokes, but when he (JC) makes bad jokes he stops and takes a sip of water. (he demonstrates his water sipping back out from a bad joke) Brett tells JC Production has told him that JC's jokes are very bad and they are irritated with him. JC keeps talking, he does not slow down at all. Now they argue about where JC is sleeping, Brett says he has to sleep in the blue room, that he already said it, and cannot go back on it. Silly conversation (bickering) continues. (They sound just like siblings, a mother anywhere would have turned on the vacuum cleaner a minute ago). Haleigh says the counter is greasy, she makes no move to clean it, she just slides her glass around to demonstrate, then goes to get popcorn out of the microwave. Haleigh says her dad's favorite snack is popcorn. They look for seasoning to put in the bag, JC turns it down, he says it has butter on it. The other cameras show Angela laying like a body in a coffin with a shirt over her face while Sam positions the sliding doors. Brett: JC can't even open the salsa jars by himself. JC makes a comment, then pours a pile of some kind of cheese into the bowl of popcorn. Haleigh yells “That's too muchhh” she takes a bite,”That's not bad.” They are all talking about going to bed, Tyler says he wants to go to bed. Haleigh: I'll go with you, I'll lay down by you. Tyler leaves, Haleigh stays to eat popcorn JC says he might try one piece of popcorn, but Haleigh says she doesn't want him to get sick. Brett comes around to try popcorn, while the popcorn eating is done they continue to bicker. (another southern conversation.) When Brett walks away we can still hear him telling JC “shut up”. JC says he is feeling bad, he just wants to take a shower. JC and Haleigh are in the kitchen, no talking. Angela is still playing dead in the blue bedroom Sam comes into the room, she tells Haleigh she found her cup, panties and sock. Haleigh says she is glad Sam pointed that out for her. Sam passes through the room. BB Time 9:06pm JC mentioned Sam being in the loo with the shower on. She heard him from the bathroom area, and told him “I had the shower on while I took a s**t. …..like a normal person. She passes through the kitchen to the bedroom where she is packing. JC: how did she even hear that from in there? Brett: she's probably just tense. JC: intense? Brett: no, tense. JC complains about the bathroom area, something about someone being in there for hours. He leaves the kitchen and Brett is alone in the room. He grabs a pair of shoes and heads to the bathroom area, knocks on the loo door. JC comes in behind him. Brett: I'll just be a second.” JC: okay. Brett: Have you talked to Tyler yet? JC: no they turn the water on, so we can't hear them. Then. JC: I told him “i need to talk to you.' Brett: okay Brett: have you talked to Sam? JC: mumbles Brett: I think Angela is acting weird. JC: how Brett: I don't know, she is acting f***ng weird JC: mumbles.....gets what she wants....mumbles.....i don't know what she expects. JC: mumbles....Kaycee.. Brett: what do you think Sam will f**g do? JC; if she puts Angela up we are fine. JC; Rattles in the drawer, mumbles, then tells Brett to tell Sam if she wins she needs to put the two girls up, that Sam will listen to him. Brett: all day she has been acting weird to me. More mumbling......JC:It's Wednesday.....Tyler was laughing with you..... Brett: yeah JC: don't take things so serious Brett: Is she acting like that because of game or is it personal. JC:.....talking to Kaycee Brett: they just can't win tomorrow...what if Sam is working low key with Kaycee JC: no way, Kaycee put her on the block, no way more mumbling Brett goes back to the kitchen where Haleigh is doing dishes, Haleigh: look at you, you look nice Brett: thanks. Haleigh asks him several times if something is wrong, she is picking up everyone's weirdness. “everyone's probably tired to.” Brett walks into the bathroom area, pretends thought JC was Kaitlyn Haleigh says she lost her really nice bathing suit. Brett leaves and goes into the pink bedroom Sam is in the blue bedroom, still packing Haleigh is brushing her teeth Everyone else is lying on the beds in the blue bedroom, Kaycee may be in the HOH, she is not on camera.
  11. BB Time 3:38pm A big “thank you” to Deb on the CBS Backyard Chat for giving me the flashback for a great conversation!!--Grannysue1154-- Tyler is joined in the HOH room by Kaycee. Kaycee: Is he extra happy because he talked to you about it? Tyler: yeah They decide to tell Angela a secret. Angela walks into the room and sits on the sofa Kaycee and Tyler start laughing, Angela wants to know what she did, what's going on. Tyler finds the remote while Angela keeps asking what is up. He sets it to watch the hallway, Tyler: we might have something, put on your whisper voice, put on your seat belt. Kaycee stresses the importance of keeping this quiet, Angela agrees, Kaycee: Are you sure?You have to play off, you have to be a good actress. Tyler: you sure? Kaycee: you have to remain calm and regular Angela: ok. They stumble around a few seconds, start giggling, trying to figure out how to tell her. Kaycee: Brett wants to go against the allies. Angela: I knew it! Tyler: JC has gotten inside Brett's head, and has paired you two up as the duo. So Brett has felt safe comin' to me and and try to make a final two with me, and try and get you guys out because he (Brett) says “who is easier get out you (Angela) and Kaycee or Sam and JC?” Angela says she called this, Kaycee: Little f**ng b**ch Tyler: I have him convinced to throw it, and I have him convinced I can have you throw it too. Because Sam and JC want you (Angela) out. But I have Brett convinced it is better if you (Kaycee) go. Angela: so do we get Sam out? Tyler: no no no. That doesn't make any difference, Haleigh's gone. Haleigh's gone. Next week...I don't know who Sam wants out. Brett is harder to beat than Sam. He has to go. Kaycee: We were so solid, it was us four til the end but when he vocalizes that and tells it to him (Tyler), then we need to get him before he takes a shot at us. Angela says she woke up in the middle of the night and thought, “Brett's gonna flip.” He says him and JC are not talking game but they are. Tyler says he has been poking him, hoping he would tell him. Angela tells them that Brett and JC had a plan to vote out Tyler, Tyler says there was also a plan to vote Angela out. Kaycee: Game On Tyler: so here's the plan. We tell him we are throwing the sh*t to JC and Sam. I have him convinced it is not important for us to win this one, that we should just let JC and Sam win it. I am supposed to be convincing you (Angela) to throw it. He says that if JC or Sam throw it, Brett will put up Angela and Kaycee. Tyler will convince Brett to throw the competition. Either Angela or Tyler will put up JC and Sam. Tyler plans to tell Brett to let him win the veto, he will offer to get blood on his hands and get Angela out. The real plan will be to back door Brett, because when one of them win the veto, they use it on Sam or JC, then put Brett up Kaycee jumps up, she is excited about the plan. Angela smiles and says, “yes,yes.' Kaycee: f**k him we were all solid and he does...he shot himself in the da**ned foot, he really did Kaycee makes a list of HOH wins and veto wins the three of them will have. Angela says she knew JC was up to something, (she has told them several times). Brett told Tyler that the conversation was strictly between them, he told Tyler not to tell. Tyler says he told Kaycee last night, but waited til today to tell Angela. They decide to play it cool....and tell JC and Sam that Brett was trying to get them put up. They plot conversations with Brett that will make him believe his plan will work.
  12. BB Time 10”22pm Haleigh and Brett are at the hot tub. Brett asks Haleigh point blank if they had a showmance. Haleigh denies it. Brett tells Haleigh that when Rock Star and Baleigh were on the block Scottie was supposed to come to her and let her know that the house was voting out Baleigh. Haleigh says that Scottie did not tell her anything. Haleigh tells Brett that she told Faysal when he put Brett on the block that it was a bad game move and Faysal would regret it. She hates it that Scottie went home. She tells Brett that she argued for two hours about Brett's nomination, and Faysal told her she didn't know what she was talking about. She says Faysal wanted to get out the “evil genius”, but the evil genius was not Faysal's enemy. She calls the move stupid. Haleigh says she will start campaigning tomorrow. Brett wonders why he was targeted, Haleigh says it was because he was loud, and he was intimidated. She says that Scottie was pushed and Brett was associated with the other side. Brett says Haleigh was screwed during her HOH, and after she won it, no one backed her up. He says she had all the risk, but no reward, and that Faysal screwed her by taking out her only other alliance member. Haleigh says she is aware Brett says she was lucky after the hacker to win HOH, then Fess won, and that should have sealed it and it didn't. Haleigh tells him the hacker put Rock Star up during her HOH, so it's not like she is laying in a bed she made right not. Haleigh says that Faysal and Scottie were fierce competitors, Brett reminds her that they were both unaware that their behavior was what got them in the eyes of the other house guests. Brett says when Faysal won HOH he thought he had won the game, that he even told JC to f**k off. Brett says Faysal did not make a move based on game, it was personal. Haleigh asks Brett how he feels about this week, he is not sure how things are, He doesn't know if Sam is doing nothing, or is doing nothing with him. Haleigh says Sam is doing a lot, but doesn't specify. Haleigh compares her game to Sam's game. Brett says Sam has made no real attempt to win a competition and the jury house loves her. Haleigh: I know. Brett: loves, loves. They talk about Sam's vote to keep Rock Star, Haleigh knows that Rock Star knows. She thinks that Sam being unpredictable is good for her (Haleigh's) game. Brett says Sam has everyone's vote from jury right now, and that Sam has told people when she votes to keep them. Haleigh says she is going to not talk to much or freak out, that Brett is the only one she can talk about it with. Brett says Haleigh is cornered in the game right now. Haleigh: That's not true, you have me, I know you do. Brett says he had no idea what was happening today, no one told him. Haleigh says she even knew, and she thinks he is in with “them”, it is obvious. Brett mentions who hangs out together, and who hangs out with who more. Haleigh says she was aware of those things too, but the hacker and Faysal screwed her. She says she is worried, and wants to see how this week plays out. Brett: yeah Haleigh: If I stay in this game you can feel comfortable with me. I am spending time with a lot of people this week. If this is my week to go I want to make it a good one. She thinks her eviction speech will be first Thursday. Brett tells her being first is best, because a rebuttal has t come from the top of the head. Haleigh says she does not want to make a bold speech in case it is not necessary. Brett tells her that when he was on the block, he decided to speak as if he were leaving. Then if he left he would not regret what was unsaid. He tells her not to do what Scottie did. Haleigh says that Scottie told her that Sam asked him how she felt about Kaycee, but did not elaborate, now Haleigh wonders why she asked that question. Haleigh says she believes she is not the pawn this week. She says If two people are working with the HOH and there is a tie, the person working with them will vote and the HOH (who is working with them) is the final vote. I think I am stuck. I am not going to stress out about it though, it's only Monday. Brett says he thought she was hanging out with them because she was with them, Haleigh says no, she is just up there trying. Brett says if Sam wins HOH, it would be logical for her to put up Kaycee as a pawn. The problem is that San is a loose cannon and she may not do that. Brett says Sam voted Scottie out because she was offended with his speech, that Sam could not support something like that. Brett does not think Sam will put JC up, she treats him like her child. Brett says she may even put him (Brett) up, who knows. Haleigh thinks she would go after Angela, that some of the conversations she has about Angela are close to the ones she had about Haleigh and Kaitlyn. The things she says about where Angela is, or how she eats. Little insults that may mot be insults. Brett: like she does with you? Haleigh: no, those are really insults. Haleigh tells Brett that if there is a mutual decision already made, she will try to sway it. She hopes they see Sam as a liability. She plans to sit back and be as calm as possible. Pushing will not help her case, it is only Monday. Brett asks Haleigh how she sees Tyler, Angela, Kaycee. Haleigh asks him if he is working with them, she saw them celebrating and he was in it. Brett says he has celebrated with her too. Haleigh: When: Brett: stammers, then comes up with a mumbled something. He denies working with them. Brett asks Haleigh if it is a trio, Haleigh says if he is not involved it is a pyramid., but it is unstable. Haleigh says Tyler perceives both of the girls, and knows he is in trouble. Haleigh says the girls are not strong at all. Brett denies celebrating with them again, he says he wanted to look happy with the win and he was trying to cover his tracks. He says he acts like a jackass with Angela most of the time. Haleigh hopes she can get Angela's vote this week, Brett tells her that if she gets Angela's vote it comes with Tyler's She also mentions Sam cheering on Tyler and not her. She says there was a rumor about Sam, Scottie and Tyler started on week four. The two of them continue to try to put the three piece puzzle together. They have connected Kaycee and Angela, but have placed Tyler with Angela only superficially. Haleigh says she is sure both women have some sort of hold over Tyler. Haleigh says whenever she had a conversation with Tyler, Kaitlyn got the info. Now she knows that if she talks to Tyler, Angela gets the information. That it started getting tight until Angela's HOH. Haleigh says maybe I am reading too much into it, he has said things a secure person would not say, but it could have been bait, I am just not sure. Haleigh says that is why she doesn't want to talk s**t about them to Brett and have it passed on. BB Time 11:07pm Brett and Haleigh are still in the hot tub. Other house guests are in the bedrooms but the lights are still on. BB Time 11:16 JC comes out and tells them that POP TV has brought them something. He lied. Haleigh has just told Brett about Tyler and Angela laying in the bed, “adjusting” for about 20 minutes. She says she is not sure, but she thinks it. (then with the timing of a teenager, JC interrupts them). And to beat it all, Brett is called to the DR. Haleigh asks about Tyler's hind end tattoo, he tells her all kinds of things, so Haleigh goes to ask Tyler. Haleigh pretends she knows, but Tyler doesn't believe her. Camera moves to Sam, she is sitting in the bathroom area staring at nothing. She gives a short sigh but her expression doesn't give us any clues. She says, “lovely”. In the bedroom Angela is lying on a bed with her face away from Tyler They are talking as if they are passing messages through an invisible third person. The topic is “Angela is more stubborn than Tyler”, and “Angela is no longer speaking to Tyler”, and “Tyler is heart broken” Tyler collapses, “Fine, I will tell you. Tyler tries t bargain a favor for telling her what the tattoo is on her hind end. He whispers something and she does not believe him. Angela says she does not believe him, then she tells us what he said. “He says he doesn't have one now.” Haleigh has come in, she tells Angela to pull his covers down. Tyler tells them it is a kangaroo, then he tells Angela that he has mentioned it before. He says he has given her the answer. Tyler: I have given you the answer, I have given you both the answer. He continues to tease Angela, he tells her she has to wait 16 days to find out, that she will be mad. Tyler says it will make Angela mad and he hides under his comforter. We start the whole “Tell Tyler” with Haleigh repeating messages. Sam is talking to JC in the bathroom. Brett has come into the bedroom with Tyler, Angela, and Haleigh
  13. BB Time 8:38pm JC and Brett are in the back yard talking about the coming evictions. Brett says Angela would put up Sam, JC or himself, with Sam being least likely because she is not a threat. JC Says he is worried if Angela or Tyler win Brett says there are two groups of two, Angela and Kaycee and Angela and Tyler, there is no true trio there. Brett also thinks there is something to the duo of Angela and Tyler. JC seems worried about this, his expression shows concern and worry. He is also having stomach issues. In the HOH room Angela , Tyler and Angela are relaxing. We can hear the headphones since Angela only has them partially on. They are talking about their group name, Level 6. Angela says she likes the name, she calls it Level Sex sometimes. Tyler: good thing Brett isn't here to hear it. Angela: The vixens, that was Rachel's name for us. They all laugh. Angela explains that it means seductress, Tyler asks if a husband cheats on a wife,is the other woman a vixen? The girls say that is a mistress. Tyler: ohhhh. They ask Bob for a dictionary check on the word, “vixen”. Bob declines. Kaycee says she is making grits and salmon, wonders if Tyler likes it. He knows what grits are, but doesn't know if he likes them. Kaycee believes he will. In the back yard Brett and JC continue to talk. JC says he cares for Tyler, and wants to see the girls leave before Tyler. He thinks that will not happen now. JC watches Haleigh on the hammock, Brett: don't worry about it, she's leaving Thursday. JC is telling Brett about some manipulations he worked into the game. Brett says even if the showmance didn't start out as real, things have happened that make it true now. Brett says Faysal always had a problem with him, he thinks it was because of Haleigh, he says that Faysal was bad at game and had an alternative reason for ever talking to him. Brett tried to open that bridge, but it didn't happen. JC says when Faysal used the veto on Haleigh it changed the whole game. JC says he is going to the shower, Brett decides to finish up and go to the hot tub. Haleigh has joined the group in the HOH room. They are talking about Chipolte, not sure if it was something they made or something brought into them. Talk turns to taking baths. Tyler says he hasn't had one since he was 7, the girls say they do them all the time. Tyler is a little red-faced while they talk about it All cameras are on Brett doing his workout in the back yard, then move to JC in the kitchen with Sam. Sam says she ate cheese for the first time in a month last night, although she generally does. Camera moves to the HOH room, we hear someone say Bob is not very nice these days. The headphone music is audible for a few seconds before Tyler removes them. Tyler notices that Brett and JC are done benching. Haleigh says she needs to wash some clothes when she sees Angela smell a dress. (yes, she held it up and sniffed it, made a face and put it down.). Angela compares her nail color to the dress, says it matches perfectly. She decides to put the dress on, and takes her shirt off while they all talk. Tyler tells them he is not a lifeguard. Angela puts on the dress (it is a really long shirt), she says she is wearing it as a dress, then realizes it reveals her behind her area. She leaves her pants on. Tyler starts quizzing them about nutrition labels on a chip bag. 9:02pm JC and Sam are in the kitchen, Sam is doing a cleanup of older food. She checks out the soy sauce packets, she says they have bottled soy sauce. JC gets the soy sauce bottle to compare them, the packets have less sugar. He says to tell them they are low in sugar and the others will use them up. JC yells, “healthy!” Sam; to each his own. Sam wonders if she should cook the rest of the slop so the container will be empty. JC has not opinion. JC: let me have your phone one second. Sam: my phone? JC: teeeeheeeee Sam: I don't even think about it. JC: me neither. Sam: I may just not have one, I might just chuck it. Brett and JC tease her about men, boys and girls who might want to call her, and she wants no part of it. Sam tells them she still has the home phone from when she was a little girl. JC: me too. Sam: you were a little girl too? JC dances around, “well, yeahhh” Brett and JC are dipping into the pie, JC tells her to say it has not sugar and they will gobble it up. JC: when I was making chicken I yelled there is no salt in it and they were....(he rotates his hands around in a “eat very fast motion”) JC goes to the laundry area, she is yelling back and forth with Brett, who is in the hot tub. She asks Brett about bars in Boston, but he says there are a few, but they have ridiculous lines, and you have to know somebody. Two of them have the scene he likes, so he waits or goes early. If he goes early he drinks too early. Sam says when she was a bartender she got a shift beer, and the bartenders would stay even if they off early. She did it, depending on her morning plans. Sam's slop pot is boiling, she goes inside to check it and rinse her cup. She is not playing with the cameras tonight. She pours slop into the water. Sam: well that's not very much at all, I misjudged that, oh well. Ooops. That was a total accident. She lays the spoon over the pan and leaves it to boil while she puts dishes away. In the HOH they are talking about a game we all play A: What do you want to eat? B: I don't know. After a few minutes the topic changes to a girl who insisted she wanted to pay, he told her to, she didn't. Haleigh says she doesn't like people to pay for her. Tyler says if he doesn't want to pay, he will split it. Haleigh mentions when servers don't do a separate tab. Tyler says it is weird to think about real world things, like paying for stuff. Tyler says cereal box bags open bug him. Kaycee says it ruins the whole box, makes it stale. Kaycee: Brett says chips don't go stale. She says she set him straight. Tyler is reading expiration dates, one thing is 8/28. The girls are encouraging Tyler to eat some of a bagged snack. He tells them he will do it if Angela does, and she does. Haleigh mentions that Sam has had a headache all day. Tyler: there is nothing worse than a slop headache. They are checking the time, hoping for ten o'clock. Haleigh thinks they are called to the DR after they have had a drink. Tyler thinks he is amazing at 3am, since that's when they called him Production talk continues until Bob says. You are not allowed to talk about production. Haleigh: Sorry Bobby. Bob: thank you. Talk returns to pet peeves. Haleigh hates hair in a sink. Kaycee agrees. Haleigh hates men who are too masculine to do fun things, like a pedicure. Haleigh hates people who don't cry at movies. Tyler: I hope I am not crying all the time in real life Kaycee; Broke the seal Angela cried on the way to the BB house. Tyler says his best friend cried when Tyler left for BB, he is laughing because he knows his friend saw him cry on national TV shortly after he got here. Silence..... Haleigh: First day I cried in this house was day 31. Tyler: Your nomination? Haleigh: yeah Angela mentions worrying when someone stands up to give a speech, she says to herself, “okay, here it comes.” They talk about the lack of drama this year when people are put on the block, but then they say a few times it was dramatic. Haleigh: I wonder how it would be if we all acted like Fess though? Tyler: when he got put up. Haleigh: or like Rock Star Tyler: you mean Block Star They start repeating things Rock Star said to Kaycee. Haleigh says she was locked in the storage room, Kaycee laughs about Rock Star calling her out for cursing. (she laughs about it). Tyler says she was waving a knife while she was talking to him. Rock Star conversation continues, and Kaycee says Rock Star followed her through the house from room to room. (There is quite a bit of Rock Star slamming in the room while Haleigh is with them. Do they not realize that Haleigh will join Rock Star in just a few days, and this conversation will most certainly be repeated to an already angry juror???-Grannysue1154) In the hot tub Brett and JC are talking again. JC thinks he should have tired to let them clear Rock Star and Faysal, but Faysal was not good at competitions. Brett says he is right. JC says all they can do now is sit back and worry. Brett says you have to worry about your mental health because if you do something stupid that ruins your own game. Brett says he wanted to vote Rock Star out twice, but did not because he was worried about his own game. He says that was very hard to do. JC says that even after all the drama Rock Star still believed she had Brett's vote to stay. Brett says her pitches were awful, that her idea to work with him was a good one but she was a loose cannon. Everyone knew they disliked each other and it would have been the worst BB move ever. He knew she was unreliable and couldn't do it. Brett says Rock Star campaigned to keep Kaitlyn, she was a liability and that is why she had to go. It would have been the best game twist of the year. He wishes they had sent Rock Star out before jury, that a move like that would come back to you. JC: exactly! Exactly! Brett wishes Rock Star was not in jury. Brett: we are at where we are at, we will make top 6, Brett says it would thrill him to make top 5, he was already happy to make jury since he was targeted twice before jury. Brett says Scottie would have put him up (Brett). Possibly it would have been Tyler and him (Brett) Brett says he thinks Fess was honed in on Haleigh, but she was not honed in on him, she liked him as a friend, but it doesn't matter now if they really were. Brett says he is starting to think it was all Faysal. JC said something about Faysal (couldn't get it) Brett: I think everything he did was fake. Brett says Swaggy was the tallest in the house at 6 5, Faysal was 6 4 JC says he never had a conversation with Swaggy and did not know his real name until recently. He says the two times he talked to him were short conversations about game, and they were for nothing. JC: the most important thing about this game is loyalty. That is f**ked up right now because of you know who (Angela). Brett: When I got nominated against Rachel I thought I was f**ked.....(can't hear it) JC: Winston and Brett was on the block, I didn't have a relationship,....... Haleigh is coming towards them....JC speaks lower and lower as she approaches, so I couldn't get it. Haleigh has pie. JC tells Brett there is not much sugar, he made the pie with Sam and she used cocoa powder in it. Brett: ohhhh. JC: there's literally not much sugar. JC tells Haleigh to stay here with Brett and he will go shower. Haleigh: did you make the pie crust? JC: yeah Haleigh: whats in it? JC Oatmeal cookies crushed up. Brett: That's all??? JC: literally yeah. He asks Brett if he is getting pie, sounds like Brett says yes, but he is stretching first. Haleigh hands JC a towel, JC asks BB to move the camera in case his nethers are showing. BB says “no” then moves the camera while JC wraps the towel. Haleigh comes back with a piece of pie for Brett. Brett: is that for me? Haleigh: yeah, you said you wanted one. Brett: thanks! Haleigh tells Brett she has been upstairs, then decided to come down. Brett: we have been locked out for two weeks. (back yard) Haleigh: yeah we have Haleigh says she goes outside every single day, even in the winter, and Brett says and a window, at least there is a window. Haleigh says she won't hot tub with JC. Brett says he is okay, Haleigh says she might get in with him tomorrow if JC gets back in. Brett says it will depend on if JC is bothered by being in there tonight, last time he got itchy. Haleigh says it was bleach, you could smell it. Brett says he is slowing up on his workout, here he is slacking off, that he does better in his gym. Haleigh says she can't wait to get to the gym again. Haleigh says she feels like she made it far, but this is barely the top half. Brett: I barely made it to the jury, I was a target. Brett tells her she has made it to episode 30, which is 75 percent of the show, and she has had airtime so people will know her. In the HOH Kaycee and Angela are questioning Tyler about a tattoo he has on his hind side. He won't specify. Haleigh and Brett are talking about production and get called out.
  14. BB Time 9:16pm Kaycee and Angela are in the kitchen, wonder if they will be leaving on the 99th day for sure. Kaycee wonders if the videos will show on Wednesday. Angela says her whole community is probably watching and everyone knows her dad. They live on a 12 mile island. Haleigh comes into the kitchen, says she is thinking about going in the hot tub. Haleigh is wearing a shirt that says “you're so extra”. The other girls ask her why she is wearing it, she says someone gave it to her to wear, but she won't say who or why. She denies having a secret, then agrees to tell them later. JC is in the back yard talking to Brett, he is telling Brett he is p**sed, but I missed why, they are walking into the house, but stop at the door to spy on the girls. JC tells Brett to come with him, Brett says Haleigh was telling them something she didn't want anyone to know. JC is stepping into the power lift stance again, takes his breaths and steps into the lift. He is not on camera, but I think he did 5 lifts before stepping back. Camera changes to kitchen. Angela is telling Haleigh she has trained for the Olympics, Haleigh guesses high jump but says she means the pole vault. Angela tells Haleigh that is why she came to California. Haleigh: Why are you telling me now? Angela: I don't care. She says she quit pole vaulting and now models. Haleigh is impressed. Angela says she got burnt out, her ex-boyfriend was her partner. Outside Sam is lying on her back, with her legs against the wall of the house in a yoga position, she is barefoot. (her feet are dirty from walking around without socks). She is whispering to herself, probably her 20 things to be grateful for. The camera moves back to the kitchen, JC and Brett are in the kitchen. They are wondering what POP TV has for them tonight. They say they need entertainment. Haleigh hopes for a movie day. JC says they can all sleep in the living room. They sing George of the Jungle, BB says stop. Haleigh is talking about her veto speech, she is making light of it. They are giving her ridiculous ideas, Romeo and Juliette; “And then they died.”, to Julie; “we have to stop meeting like this”, the tell her to stand up, say “thank you” and then sit down. Haleigh says Scottie messed her up last time. Haleigh repeats Scottie's speech, they all stick their fingers in the air. Tyler comes back, he has nothing from POP TV for them. Haleigh says tomorrow she is not eating, she is going on a hunger strike. She fusses with JC about their bad eating today. They are asking JC to translate food names to Spanish for them, they repeat them. He continues an impromptu Spanish lesson, they discuss genders of items, Spanish names for items in the kitchen and the house guests repeat them to learn. JC tells them that spending time in Miami has given him problems since some of the words used there are different than his native language. Haleigh tells them there is a restaurant somewhere (I think in Mexico) that allows people to leave the babies in strollers outside the window while they eat. No one watches them, Angela is not impressed. JC says he has never been in small towns in Mexico, and he would never trust people in the larger towns. Sam comes in and Angela tells her she thinks Sam's oatmeal/slop has burned on the bottom. (Sam happens to like oatmeal, although the others say they want nothing to do with it.) JC is saying that Josh and Victor talked to him in Spanish, but he was afraid to respond in Spanish, he was worried that someone would think he was getting information. He says he misses speaking his language in the house. Haleigh: We don't know how! JC: Sure you do, just start speaking it. Angela comes into the room and tells them it is 5 minutes until bed. JC says he is only speaking in Spanish the rest of the night. He starts talking in Spanish and Sam encourages. Tyler looks at JC “chubrakaba” then he smiles like he did something big. JC: that is some Mexican stuff Tyler smirks and eats his snack. JC gives Angela a short quiz about months, colors and nouns in Spanish. She does very well. Tyler went to the storage room, he heard movement, he tells them he knows something something. JC asks if he should go to bed, Tyler tells him no. They have named the heating pad filled with beans Louie. JC offers to give it an orange for a head. Sam: don't make it any more weird,we already put it in the microwave. BB Time 10pm The house guests are waiting for the storage room to open, the house guests say “Act natural” Tyler is holding Louie the heating pad, he is patting it like a baby. Tyler: “breast feeding!” He presses Louie in the appropriate position against his chest. The anticipation is growing, Kaycee says they are waiting for Haleigh to come out of the DR. Haleigh comes out of the DR yelling. POP TV has given them take out. They all run into the storage room. We hear them yelling, it sounds like they got Chinese takeout. They come out with piles of containers. Brett yells: “Bulking seasonnnnnn” They are all reading their fortunes before sitting down and eating buffet style.
  15. BB Time 8:15pm House guests are in the kitchen sharing ice cream. Haleigh keeps wiping off her spoon and double dipping (Haleigh has been sneezing for days). She continues to double dip while the other house guests share. Haleigh says she plans to gain weight so she will have a goal when she gets out of the house. House guests saw family videos earlier today, they are talking about their reactions to seeing their loved ones. They decide to try another ice cream, they are laughing about bulking up. JC: let's clean out the fridge!! Tyler: I like this game. JC tastes the vanilla ice cream, he says, “this tastes weird.” Kaycee: it is healthy vanilla. Angela: you won't like it, it's healthy JC tries the cookies and cream, he says the chocolate was best, but the cookies and cream (healthy) ice cream is okay. Haleigh goes to ask Sam if she is allowed to cut the pie. (JC asked her yesterday to make it). Haleigh comes back into the kitchen, she scoops out a small piece of the pie. She says it is very good, now JC wants to try it. Sam is in the back yard doing laundry. After ice cream and pie Haleigh decides she wants a healthy snack. She picks up the fruit, looks at it, then dips a chip into salsa. JC is choking, he says the water is choking him. Haleigh says she choked one time so bad she had food stuck in her nasal cavity. She tells them it was cheese and tortilla. (house guests are eating at the counter around her) We hear “oh my god,” and “ewww” and “disgusting”. Haleigh continues to describe it. She finally stops. JC starts singing, looking up under his hat (maybe waiting for Bob to yell at him). FISH for a few seconds, when cameras return, JC is not singing. Tyler is still asking Haleigh choking questions. JC says one time he ate a whole burger and sneezed it out his nose. He says that is why one nostril is larger than the other. He sticks his finger up to his nose, “See? See? That is why..” Tyler” the whole burger? JC: yes, the whole thing. Tyler laughs, Haleigh does not. Haleigh wants BB to chart how many times house guests get in trouble, sleep, eat and use the f word. JC starts repeating the “f word” over and over again. Haleigh tells Sam the pie was excellent, Sam says it was an accident, she has never made a chocolate pie in her life. Cameras go outside, Brett is working out, Angela and Kaycee are playing billiards A few seconds later cameras go back to the kitchen. Sam is finding fruit flies, Haleigh says that at night they buzz around her head. JC: that is mosquitoes. JC takes a bite of Sam's pie, calls it perfect. Sam takes it to the refrigerator for storage. JC is in the kitchen with Sam, he checks the time. JC is happy that in one hour and thirty six minutes he can go to bed. JC asks Sam if she ever played video games, she tells him no she didn't . JC tells the camera to stop following him, he is not talking game. He is looking at the photos, he says there is a crack on one of the panels. The camera tries to follow him when he plays hide and seek with it. JC calls them slow, then he yells “Bob, stop that!”, “That is so annoying” Sam laughs, “They need to oil them” JC: they need to oil them, the need to put crisco all over this f**ng house. Sam is giggling, she says JC plays with them. JC is playing hide and seek with the camera, he says “how bout now?”. Tyler walks by and the camera starts to follow Tyler, then moves to JC. JC: mwrrrrrrrr, mwrrrrrrrr. (mocking the camera noise) Sam: JC stop!, she is laughing JC: mwrrrrrr, mwrrrrrr. Sam: JC I thought you did production stuff. She tells him he is working the cameras to their full technical abilities, and the camera people too. Sam: What will you tell them when you meet them at the end of the season and they want to strangle you?” She reminds him that he has named the camera person “Charlie”. JC tells Sam he plans to tell them many truths. The camera moves to the back yard again, then back to the inside of the house. Sam is cleaning up while all the house guests who were eating in the kitchen have disappeared from the area. JC continues to play in the area while she works. BB Time 8:53pm Earlier JC was playing with the cameras and Bob. He went to the loo for a sit down session. When he came out of the loo we hear Bob. BB (Bob) DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS? All the house guests start yelling, who was it?? Turns out he was talking to JC, who claimed he was/had washed his hands and was looking for a towel. JC: Bob talking s**t. A few minutes later... JC: Tyler was picking his nose, why don't you tell him something Bob?? JC repeats that he always washes his hands after the loo, not doing that is disgusting. Haleigh comes out and lands on the hammock with Tyler, She is eating another snack, says it is hot. She takes a big bite off the end, calls it spicy, and offers a bite to Tyler and Brett. Brett takes it. (Granny smacks Brett, reminding him that Haleigh has been sneezing). Haleigh tells Tyler and Brett that she tried to sleep in her bralette and underoos but she exposed herself to the cameras sometimes this morning. Tyler tells her JC has exposed his tiki tiki while he sleeps, JC gets upset, Tyler laughs. JC tells him that at home sometimes his body parts pop out so if it happens Tyler should wake him up and tell him right away. Tyler is called to the DR. JC is talking to Haleigh. Haleigh tells him “That's what my boyfriend says and he is the smartest person I know.” JC: you should name your first kid Brittany.” Haleigh: I am naming my first son Bruce, that's what my boyfriend wants, and I am naming my second kid.” JC, Haleigh and Bret are talking about no one streaking this year, Brett offers to do it if they get him drunk first, because if there was any way for it to happen that would be it. JC tells Brett he smells like fish. Brett is spotting JC while he power lifts, (he does 205lbs). He taps out after a few seconds, Haleigh: I am sad JC why? Haleigh: cause I don't think I can pull this thing off JC: it's Sunday, after the nominations are locked you can start talking to people, you have chances. See what happens, I am concerned about a lot of stuff, but I know you are concerned for yourself. Haleigh is quiet. JC: what veto was your HOH? Haleigh: OTEV JC: ohhh that's right.....I wonder how Faysal is doing in jury house, he gets to relax. Haleigh: I am sure he is JC: this whole thing is about to become a whole s**t. Haleigh : I know JC: It is just really hard because I don't know, you need to come up with something to campaign. The three people you put on the block, they have become HOH three in a row. Haleigh: I know, it's bad luck. JC: that's what I was telling you, remember, about too much blood on your hands. Haleigh: I know. Brett comes outside. JC: I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you for my whole life. Brett says he is getting in the hot tub, Haleigh thinks it is a good idea. JC teases Brett about his abs. Brett denies ever doing steroids, Brett says he has always had a belly pouch, and a v cut on his chest.