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  1. 2:12 PM: James calls Mark into the SEL and asks him if he would be on board to flip the vote (vote out Chuck) if he could assure him he had the numbers to do so. Mark says he is in, but he needs to be assured as he does not want to be the only vote to save James. James and Mark fist bump as James tells Mark to leave before anyone notices and that he will talk with him later. 2:17 PM: Mark in the KT with Ariadna, Brandi and Keisha. Mark is trying on Brandi's sunglasses before he starts mopping the floor. Other houseguests are trying out the Snapchat glasses provided by Big Brother. Keisha tries to explain how they work. 2:22 PM: Shannon in the LBR with Marissa and Omarosa. Chuck comes in and tells them about the Snapchat glasses.
  2. 8:13 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Marissa is working out in the gym. Mark is washing dishes in the KT. Ross comes in as Marissa finishes up and comes downstairs. Ross asks if Marissa woke up before the music and she says that she woke up at 7:30 to say good morning to her son before he went to school.