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  1. Paul lies and leadership was directed by production. He never lead anyone, he simply tried to recall his part. The best actor was Kevin, his jokes and stories were entertaining, although Jason's weren't that bad. the others sucked, or were juvenile. pathetic wannabes sums this up, selling junk on Amazon, more likely CraigsList scammers.
  2. Josh played his part, fake crying on command, to the pots and pans, to the staged faux fights, this thing was worse than anything WWE did in 30 years!
  3. From the first person who quit, to the Alex, each predetermined eviction was scripted by the guiding hand of prediction, AKA, production.
  4. CBS killed this scam, and their so called E list SELLebrities will fail this fall. this is a dead scam broadcasting
  5. I'm glad I cancelled my feed after Cody got bottled the 2nd time. I know five others who did, too.
  6. Sorry, one last thing for now. I enjoyed two things this year. A scammer says, "I'm just doing what the house wants." My house never tells me what it wants. Another scammer says, "I'm playing the game." To which I say, "No, you're just playing us and your part, scammer."
  7. CBS tried to overplay their hand. They had two good products, Survivor and Big Bamboozle. I've often wondered about Survivor, now I KNOW its scripted, too. I suspect that the producers get "kickbacks", in one way or another. The people picked to "play", or should I say "act" in these SCRIPTED FAKE-reality shows are also suspect. One need only look at some of those discovered on "Idol", and what happened a few weeks ago with the Bachelor/Bachelorette brand.
  8. I agree with you. I will never watch another episode of Big Bamboozle. I hope CBS gets investigated over this one, just like NBC did over Charles Van Doren on Twent-One 50 years ago! https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/07/28/all-the-answers
  9. This was leaked by a respected Reddit user a short time ago: SPOILER SPOILER ... ... ...... http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Board=bbnewsandrumors&Number=27198810