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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    Actually, more correctly - they voted in the order they were evicted (ie: Cody first, Christmas last), but the votes were revealed in reverse eviction order (ie: Christmas first, Cody last).
  2. I just can't see Paul playing again. What could he do differently? He's lost 2 years in a row! There is NO WAY another season would let him get so deep into the season now after making final 2 twice in 2 years. No - he's done with BB...there's no way he can return now.
  3. Who should get AFP?

    Everyone can thank me for Cody's win. I voted for Jessica the first couple of days, then switched to Cody for the last few when it appeared that there was more support for him to win. I wanted to use my votes on the one with the best chance.
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    They voted in the order they were evicted - Cody was the first one into the jury house, so his was the last vote. Most of Paul's enemies were evicted first, so they all voted last.
  5. Big Brother General Discussion

    I love how the house basically told Paul: "Hey, Paul - you can take your 'Friendship' and shove it!"
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    And CODY'S vote being the one to defeat Paul was really the ICING ON THE CAKE! All season long, Paul kept bragging how he evicted Cody twice, but between the deciding vote and AFP - I guess Cody got the last laugh! Perfect! It looked like Paul knew he was beat when Elena's vote was read, because he knew that Elena, Mark and Cody would all vote the same way.
  7. Big Brother General Discussion

    This ending couldn't be better...I can't stop smiling and pumping my fists!! Now I'm glad Paul made it to final 2 to see how crushed he was...it wouldn't have been the same if he had been evicted 3rd. The only thing bad about him making final 2 is that he didn't deserve $50k! I wonder how much of the $50k he will split with Christmas...hmmmmm......
  8. I think you could be right. The best thing is that I think BB is highly unlikely to ever invite Paul back, and even if they did - I don't think he would accept the invitation. So very likely, we will NEVER have to watch Paul EVER again!!!
  9. Who should get AFP?

    I agree on both counts.
  10. Big Brother General Discussion

    Wow - the amount of time that Josh and Christmas both took on the 2nd HOH comp was ridiculous. When BB showed the comp ongoing - it didn't convey how inept they both must have totally been to take so long! I was really surprised when Josh won the 3rd HOH comp - I really thought that would be a slam dunk for Paul. But then, what was the purpose of Josh winning it since he so ridiculously took Paul to the final 2 with him? Christmas did absolutely nothing all season - how did Josh think Christmas could beat him and Paul not? I was expecting a 9 - 0 vote for Paul to win...was flabbergasted (but thrilled) when the vote came out 5-4 Josh!!
  11. Big Brother General Discussion

    I think his mother will be getting more like a used Sentra now...
  12. YES...thank you baby Jesus...