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  1. 5:23 pm BBT. Feeds are down for the nomination ceremony.
  2. 12:01 am BBT. Kevin alone in his have not bed reading prayers. In the WA is Matt, Raven, Josh, Xmas & Alex. They are talking about Kevin & what he said to Josh during their argument. Josh leaves the WA. BB tells Josh to stop that. Him & Paul are horsing around. Matt & Raven alone in the WA now. Xmas is scooting around the kitchen. You can hear Paul & Josh playing around. 12:10 am BBT. PmXmas & Alex eating in the kitchen. Josh running around yelling. Now Paul yelling too. BB says stop that. Josh is banging a 2 liter plastic bottle with alittle soda in it on the counter. We get we'll be right back. 12:15 am BBT. Matt, Raven, Alex, Josh, Alex, Xmas in the kitchen eating. Paul still wearing Trejo. 12:22 am BBT. Kevin wanders through the kitchen & doesn't say anything to anyone. Josh is dancing in the kitchen Jason still in the DR. Matt & Raven say goodnight. 12:25 am BB says have nots must sleep in the have not bedroom. 12:30 am BBT. Alex has been hiding in the cabinet in the WA for a bit. She is waiting to scare Jason when he comes out of the DR. In the kitchen Josh is telling the group about an ex girlfriend. 12:36 am BBT. Kevin in his have not bed appears to be in deep thought. 12:43 am BBT. Kevin shuts off the lights in the have not room & goes back to bed. 12:54 am BBT. Jason finally is out of the DR. Paul lures Jason into the WA. Alex jumps out of the cabinet & scares Jason really good! He falls backwards onto the couch. Jason says he nearly shit his pants. Paul is laughing so hard he says he's gonna puke. Jason doesn't understand how Alex got into the cabinet. Everyone (except Kevin, Matt & Raven who are sleeping) are laughing & they are all in the WA. 1:15 am BBT. Xmas is brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink. Alex, Josh, Jason & Paul talking in WA. Paul wants to be in a barrel & have a bull kick jim around & film it for a promotion for his company. 1:25 am BBT. Xmas & Josh whispering. Xmas says she won't ever campaign against Josh or Paul. Alex, Jason & Paul talking in the kitchen about how the final 3 works & the comps & speeches. 1:30 am BBT. Xmas & Josh whispering still in the WA rehashing the strategy. Xmas says they can't doubt each other. 1:45 am BBT. Xmas, Josh & Alex looking at the memory wall. They are talking about Jessica's make-up & how she puts on too much white & puts on too much brown. They are talking about the houseguests & their pictures. 1:50 am BBT. Paul has now joined the group looking at the memory wall. They are still talking about everyone's make-up & personalities. Josh gets called to the DR. Alex says she's going to sleep so she doesn't get called. Everyone says goodnight. 1:54 am BBT. I think everyone is in bed except Paul (and Josh, he's in the DR). He is in the wave room talking to the camera. He is doing a strategy update. He introduces Trejo. He says he has positioned himself between the couples. Paul says he convinced Jason to not use the veto. Now he is forced to vote someone out & it's not his fault. Paul says he promised Kevin he'd take him to the end but that's not happening. He says Matt is telling Raven to stick by Paul. He says he made it to day 72 without being on the block. Paul says if he gets to final 5 he'll get to play in every veto. He says if he can get Jason & Alex out then he doesn't think the rest could beat him. He says what he has been doing all summer is working. He says he has had a hand in everyrhing that has happened. He says if he can make it to 5 he knows he can make it to 3. And if he makes it to 3 he knows he can make it to final 2. He says nkw he can be more silly & non-threatening. He says Jason & Alex are way more threatening. Paul says he'll lose his mind if he can make it through the season without being on the block. He says the next 2 weeks will be the hardest of the season. He says he has permission from everyone to make promises to people. Josh pops in & then leaves. Paul thinks he'll be called to the DR because BB told him to stay up. Paul complains that they are zooming in on Trejo & don't care about him. Josh pops back in & says goodnight. Paul thinks it's cool he completely changes his gameplay from last season. He says he's pretty sure he's a psychopath. 2:10 am BBT. Paul gets called to the DR. He says he'll be back. 2:40 am BBT. Paul is back in the wave room. He doesn't know if the camera is on. He sees it move & says that's boys. He says he's dealt with a lot of personalities. He says he doesn't think he's ever had ro deal with a personality like Cody before. He says Cody had to go because it was ruining his game. He says Cody brought out bad traits in Jessica & without him Jessica was cool. He says they sucked. He says very gumpy. Paul says Mark's behavior with the flip flopping was something he never dealt with in the game before. He says this season people were wimps. He says the way this season went was kind of gumpy. He says the dirst half was strange. He says at times he thought Elena tried to make Mark jealous. He says there were a lot of attention fiends. He says if Kevin was not the center of attention he would get mad or sad. He said Xmas came in super hot but checked her ego & she's cool now. He says maybe it's because she broke her foot. He says Alex came in aggressive too. He says he's proud of how Josh developed.
  3. 10:56 pm BBT. Jason & Kevin playing pool. Kevins says now he hs to put up with this crazy red haired girl. He says America knows I'm not mean, they're thinking leave the old man alone. Paul & Xmas whispering in the HOH about who would put up who if they won. Kevin asks Jason to do damage control with Alex for him. Jason says he has been for the last 2 weeks. Kevin says but he doesn't rhink he needs damage control. Kevin asks what he can & can't say to Alex. He says he can't call her babe & asks if he can call her hon. Kevin says he won't aggravate nobody, he won't say a word to anyone, he won't argue to no one. Jason says he has a team & if he goes against his team it could f**k him. Kevin says he'll go up when there's 6 people left. Paul & Xmas talking about putting Jason & Alex up next to each other & how they would explain that to Alex. Paul says it'll be a tough next 2 weeks. Xmas says Paul needs to tell people that nobody wants to see a 2nd place winner come back & win so that people keep him around longer. Xmas says it may calm some nerves. Paul says Kevin thinks he can beat everyone in the game. Kevin says he told Josh to be a leader not a follower, he says he didn't say Josh was a follower. Jason says people bait Kevin to see how he'll react. Kevin says he didn't wanna go on the block because he can't go home before Matt or Raven. Kevin says they control the house. Kevin says one has a broken leg. Jason says if someone's parents are rich is that a reason for them to not win the money. Jason says he thinks so but he won't hold it against people. Paul asks if he should say the thing about him not having a chance to win or should he promise stuff. Xmas says maybe promise stuff. Paul says if he does that though, Xmas & Josh need to know he's just saying that to people & doesn't mean it. Paul says if they (him, xmas & josh) make it to the final 5, then he gaurantees he can get them to final 3. Xmas says they have multiple strategies. Alex comes into the HOH. Paul asks if rhe HoH comp is one that Xmas can compete in should they toss it to her to preserve them for later HOHs. Alex says she has no problem with that. Hosh has joined Jason & Kevin in the BY. Josh says he's in if they can play darts. Alex thinks it might be a doible eviction. Alex says whoever they put up next to Raven has to be someone like...Paul jumps in & says Kevin. Alex says or they can put her up, win the veto, take her off & backdoor Kevin. BY crew discussing the rules & points dor darts. Paul telling the HOH crew a strategy if the next HOH is the black box. He says Josh can just keep his hand on the button & no go collect anything. Alex leaves. The dart game has started in the BY. Xmas can't believe Alex agreed. She says she's speechless. She can't believe things are falling into place. Paul says they are thy good. Xmas says it's Alex's arrogance. Paul thinks It's arrogance & her thinking she is better than all of us. Paul says he'll have a bonding moment with Matt & tell him he'll take Raven as far as he can. They say they have to get Jason out & then try to bring Alex in with them. In BY the dart game continues. No game talk. Xmas & Paul running through scenarios of what to do depending on who wins & who would go up, & what to do with veto, etc etc. Paul says he thinks they're good. Paul says Alex says she isn't good with math & numbers. He doesn't think she would good at the spelling one either. Paul says he knows a lot of words. Paul says he is very good at the spelling, BB comics & the number guessing one. He says no matter who is HOH, if they do what they have aais they would do, then Paul can control things by winning the vetos. Xmas says they can say to Raven we've all (josh, xmas, paul & raven) been working alone, how about we all band together. Xmas says she thinks she needs a bra with this shirt. Paul says yeah, but it's 2017 & nipples are in so who cares. Xmas says she likes her hershey kisses as long as the shirt is not see through. Paul is getting into the shower. Xmas tells him she can see his bare butt. Xmas leaves the HOH room. 11:26 pm BBT. Xmas foes into the WA. Matt & Raven are laying down in there. Jason comes in looking for Paul. Xmas says he's in the shower. Jason says ok he's going back outside then. Kevin in the BY on a lounge chair alone. Jason goes outside & Kevin asks who is in the downstairs WA. Jason says the 2 dipshits & Xmas. 11:30 pm BBT. Jason says he doesn't know how he is staying calm in there. Kevin says he still doesn't know or understand why Xmas started that fight with him. The washroom crew talking about ugly crying. Jason says Matt is doing all this to get more camera time. He says they won't air all that on tv anyway, it's just gonna be on the live feed. Jason says they need to start watching their own asses. Jason says everything he or Kevin has ever said is starting to be questioned. Kevin swears he will not vote against Jason, Paul or Alex ever. He says when it's them as the final 4 they can shake hands & the best person wins. He asks if Jason told Alex that. He says yes. Kevin says that makes exciting tv also. He says those 4 deserve it, they've been through a lot. He says face it Xmas won't be able to compete. WA crew talking about last year w/ Paul & Pablo the duck. They say he had it everywhere until Big Meech stole it. Matt says he wants to watch Paul's first season because now he knows him. Xmas tell Matt & Raven about the plan to rhrow her the HOH if it's something she can play in. Xmas says that way Raven keeps the blood off her hands still. Xmas warns Raven to be careful where she talks because Alex likes to hide & you don't know she's there. Matt leaves to go to bed. 11:35 pm BBT. Jason has joined Kevin on the lounger outside. Kevin asks if he can use the HOH bathroom because he doesn't want to go by Matt & Raven. Kevin doesn't know what the WA crew could be talking about. He says Matt is leaving, stay in your f**king room. Kevin says Raven is the most vicious person left in the game & he won't hesitate to vote her out & keep Matt to f**k with him if they want to do that. He says plus he'll be a have not for another week for being a f**king asshole. Kevin says America won't like him too much & he made a mockery of the game for 2 weeks. Kevin says he's going ro bed. They go inside. Jason gets called to the DR. In the WA, Matt is back along with Raven & Xmas. Alex joins the WA crew. Raven tells her they are talking sh*t about Kevin. Alex says ok!! 11:38 pm BBT. Josh is laying on the HOH bed. Kevin apologizes to him. Alex has left the WA. Xmas tells Raven she is really pretty with no make-up. Alex back in the WA. They are whispering about Kevin. They say Kevin had to be the rogue votes all season. 11:41 pm BBT. In the HOH Paul is out of rhe shower now & talking to Josh. They are going over the plan, what to do if who wins, etc etc. Raven says Kevin has not been on the block. They say that Jason listens to Kevin. Alex says that Kevin underestimates girls. Matt says he just let's the girls make him food. Alex says Kevin makes fun of everyone for everything! Matt says please just send that idiot home next. Alex says nobody better make Kevin food in jury. They complain he has never made himself food. In the HOH room, Paul & Josh talking about possible upcoming comps. Paul is wearing Trejo around his waist. 11:49 pm BBT. Raven says Kevin is the sole reason Matt is going home. She says she wants that old man out. Paul leaves the HOH. Josh alone in the HOH is now talking to the cameras. Josh saying about Paul he understands he's trying to protect himself & he has a. Ig target on him, but why if Xmas & him have his back 1000%, why does he have these side alliances. He says with Alex, why? Josh says he doesn't know what Paul is trying to pull but he is smart. He says he knows he is looking out for himself. 11:53 pm BBT. Kevin in his have not bed. Paul comes in & sees that Kevin has some stuff out on the bed & is praying. He says he prays every night but doesn't do it in front of everyone like Alex does. Kevin says Alex isn't winning. He says Alex has no personality. Paul says he know he can't win. Kevin says if it's Paul & Alex in the final 2 then Paul will win. Paul leaves the have not room. 11:55 pm BBT. Alex, Raven, Matt & Xmas still talking in the WA. Josh & Paul now in there also.
  4. 12:24 pm BBT. Raven tells Jason that he threw Kevin under the bus. Jason says Kevin hasn't won anything & it pisses him off & he's told Kevin that. Matt says he's not mad about the game decision. He says they'll be friends after the game. Jason says he's mad Kevin fell off the bun 1st. Raven keeps yelling about Jason saying "the house agenda". They are grilling Jason about what he said in his speech. Matt asking if he hasn't done everyrhing he said he would. 12:28 pm BBT. Alex says I still hate Kevin. Alex says that's why her & Jason were arguing & she doesn't like the situation. She says she still wants Kevin out.
  5. 12:20 pm BBT. Matt says he wxpected more from Jason. He said all you had to do was say you wanted one of us out, you didn't have to give that speech. Matt says he can't wait til Jason watches this back. Mayt says were you in the SR for 20 min? Jason says yes. He says so many people were in there & he couldn't leave. Alex steps in & tells Matt that Jason wasn't hiding, she was arguing with him in the SR. It was her fault. 12:22 pm BBT. Round & round we go with accusations & the same spiel about what Jason said & what he did. Jason asks why they are less expendable then Kevin or anyone else. They say they're not but he should've been honest.
  6. 12:13 pm BBT. Matt keeps saying Jason was a bitch then goes to hide in the SR. Matt says I cannot believe you had the balls to hide in the SR like a little pussy. He says Jason's true colors are showing. He says you hid from a 105 lb girl! Raven yelling to Jason to be honest. Jason says you're right actions speak louder than words. Jason asks when either of them came to him & asked him what the plan was. Jason says he doesn't remember telling Raven in her ear that one of them will come down. Matt says oh my god you are such a punk bitch, be a man, strap on your balls & uncross your legs & be a man!!! Raven yelling this wasn't the house agenda this was your agenda. Matt asks Jason if he said one of them were coming down, it's a yes or no answer. Jason says no he didn't. Raven says it's gonna air on national tv!
  7. 12:10 pm BBT. Matt goes in the house & asks Jason why he was hiding. Jason tells Raven this is what the game dictates. Raven says then be honest, don't be 2 faced. She says if he was honest them her & Matt could've spent more time together. Jason says he didn't say anything to anyone. Matt says why didn't you just say this is the game & this is it you're both nominated. Raven keeps yelling saying he said he was pulling one of them down. Jason says he doesn't remember saying that. Matt says Jason you were a bitch, it's fine, everybody saw it, national tv saw it.
  8. 12:09 pm BBT. Raven says if Kevin & Jason are the final 2 she's telling Jason she's voting for Kevin not you. Matt says he's mad Jason is hiding in the SR like a pussy. Raven says she's taking Jason out.
  9. 12:08 pm BBT. Kevin asks Jason if he minds if he says something. Kevin tells Jason he's going to tell Raven that him & Jason are friends & are you as dumb as you look?
  10. 12:06 pm BBT. Paul, Raven & Matt in the BY. Paul says do you think they're really fighting. Raven says no! Paul says do you want to call them out on that? Raven says the line is drawn & if Alex wins she knows she's going up.
  11. 12:00 pm BBT. Jason & Alex in the SR. Jason says this is way worse than he thought. Alex says yeah it is. Matt says at least I don't have to eat slop for the rest of the week. Alex tells Jason remember me, Xmas & Paul were telling you not to do that because of that! We didn't want that to hurt you. Xmas goes into the SR & tells them Matt is calming Raven down. Xmas leaves. Jason says he doesn't know what the consequence will be for jury but he doesn't care. He says he know he's counterfeit, but he spends a lot of time with Kevin & he's not willing to throw him under the bus that easy. Jason says things would be worse if he did use it on Raven because Kevin would go crazy. He thinks the results would be even either way. Alex says she applauds him for sticking by his gut. Jason says if theu don't vote for me at the end & they say this is why & it cost me 500 K well i gotta get there first. Alex says if she doesn't win she wants Jason to win. Jason says he feels the same. Jason says Raven will be staying & she'll cool down. They hug.
  12. 11:58 am BBT. POV meeting is over. Jason did not use the PoV. Raven is mad. She yells you (I think Kevin) don't win anything either you just don't get under his (I think Jason's) skin! Xmas is hugging Raven. Alex, Paul & Jason in the SR. Alex says since people think we've been fighting lately I'll say I didn't know. Paul says he'll do damage control. Alex says they'll say it was because of Kevin. Raven yelling about a counterfeiting mother f**ker (again I think Kevin). Josh goes into the SR & they kick him out & say there's too many people. Raven goes into the SR & says really Jason! She's yelling at him for lying. She walks out yelling don't pee on me & say it's raining! Matt hugs Raven. Kevin goes into the SR. Alex & Jason are in there & they ask Kevin to give them a minute.
  13. 12:05 am BBT. Matt & Raven on the hammock. 12:06 am BBT. Xmas, Alex & Jason in the HOH room. Jason says Kevin jus took 3 packs of his crackers & wonders if he'll eat them or just throw them away. Jason says Kevin always asks him to make food for him. They say Kevin takes stuff just to throw it away. They say he claims he'll sneak it into the bathrrom & eat it (since he's a have not), but he just throws it away. Alex says Raven eats a lot of crap. Xmas says Raven has gained weight. 12:10 am BBT. Josh is in the shower in the HOH room. Xmas says Matt is the smarter move to evict first. Xmas asks how Raven could've picked up Matt's hidden veto during the comp. 1:25 am BBT. Jason is playing pool alone. Jason says he's going to sleep soon. Paul asks if he can shower in the HOH room, Jason says yes. Xmas & Raven in WA brushing & flossing. Josh is in the WA cutting his nails. Alex tells Jason & Paul that she thinks Matt & Raven are separating a bit & she thinks they know Matt is going home. Paul asks if everyone is down with Matt leaving. They say then Kevin & Raven will go on the block next. 1:33 am BBT. Kevin goes outside to play pool with Jason. Alex, Xmas & Josh in the WA. Kevin tells Jason he didn't eat his crackers & they are in the SR if he wants them. Kevin says get them (Matt & Raven) the f**k outta here. Kevin says he can't wait to see Raven's face, he's gonna laugh so f**kin' hard. 1:45 am BBT. Xmas & Alex in th WA. Xmas says Kevin is getting pissed that Josh called him out about soap. Alex asks if Xmas thinks that Matt & Raven will be a couple in the real world. Xmas says Matt likes Raven as a friend. They wonder how Matt got cast because he has no personality & doesn't tell stories. 1:50 am BBT. Raven says goodnight to everyone. 2:01 am BBT. Josh is in the WA brushing his teeth. Alex is hiding in the bed waiting to scare Josh (he goes to the wave room & not the bedroom where Alex is hiding). 2:03 am BBT. Xmas & Josh are in the wave room studying days. 2:20 am BBT. Paul in the wave room now telling Xmas & Josh that Matt said if Jason keeps the noms the same then vote him out. Paul says Matt said he would just eat normal food & get a penalty vote. Paul says Matt said then Raven, Paul, Xmas & Josh need to band together & take out Alex & Jason. Alex still waiting in bed wondering where everyone is. Josh says he doesn't mind taking the shot. 2:23 am BBT. Alex is now tiptoeing through the house & goes to the HOH room. She tries to scare Jason. She asks Jason where is everyone. She tells Jason she has been waiting to scare people for hours. Xmas, Paul & Josh whispering about strategy in the wave room. Paul leaves the wave room then goes back in along with Alex, then leaves again. 2:27 am BBT. Xmas telling Alex & Josh that when Raven speaks in a normal voice & doesn't scream tht she's a sweet girl. 2:28 am BBT. Paul rejoins the group in the wave room. Kevin & Matt are sleeping in the have not room. The wave room group talking about Jessica being a bottle service girl. Xmas says asked Jessica exactly what her job entailed. Paul says she's not a bottle girl, she sells the tables. Xmas says so a high end hostess? Paul says yeah sure. Xmas says Jessica is a pretty girl but doesn't need that much make-up. Josh says Elena deives him crazy with her looks but when she opens her mouth (he makes a snoring sound). He says her looks drive him crazy. Josh says he won't date Elena though. 2:35 am BBT. The wave room group talking about taking a dab hit. General chit chat going on about friends. 2:56 am BBT. Alex hiding in the green bedroom waiting to scare someone. Xmas rolls throughon her scooter & Alex whispers to her to not be scared. Alex (still hiding in the bed) complaining why they are taking so long. Paul is walking through the house dancing & has Trejo around his waist. Paul goes into the green bedroom & Alex scares him. Paul says he will hide too. They are waiting for Josh. Josh goes into the bedroom & Alex scares him. While he is catching his breath Paul jumps out & scares him again. They all say goodnight. 3:07 am BBT. All the houseguests are in bed for the night. **Sorry it took so long but now you're all caught up on last night's happenings.
  14. 7:21 pm BBT. Kevin complains whoever made the slop it's terrible. Kevin says he's going back outside. Jason says he's going outside, maybe to the hot tub. 7:30 pm BBT. Paul & Xmas still on hammock. Kevin is sitting by them again. In HOH room is Jason, Alex & Josh. Alex says she'll run out of dental floss even if Matt leaves soon. 8:21 pm BBT. Jason & Kevin playing pool. Xmas & Josh in rose bedrrom whispering & rehashing Josh's talk with Jason. 8:27 pm BBT. Josh tells Xmas that Jason doesn't want to put Kevin up. 8:34 pm BBT. Paul & Kevin on the hammock. 8:40 pm BBT. Matt & Raven kissing in the hot tub. 8:56 pm BBT. Matt & Raven in kitchen. Jason in the hot tub & Josh sitting by it. Kevin comes & sit by them. 8:58 pm BBT. Josh says they need a fun day because they are like zombies. Josh thinks they are entertaining to America. Kevin says Matt says he's fine to go to jury. Jason says maybe they should flip a coin to see who goes. Josh says his ears are bleeding listening to Raven. Kevin says the lights & everything are designed to make them miserable. 9:44 pm BBT. Alex & Paul in the kitchen. Alex says she might want Raven to go this week. Paul says then Kevin has ro go next week. He says he's making a mockery of us. Alex says he thinks we're all stupid kids. They think Kevin is an actor. 10:30 pm BBT. Paul, Josh, Jason & Matt in the hot tub. Xmas in the WA. 10:45 pm BBT. Kevin now sitting with the hot tub crew. 11:15 pm BBT. Paul is working out. Kevin is by Paul on a lounge chair Xmas, Josh & Raven in the kitchen making food. 11:25 pm BBT. Xmas, Josh & Raven eating in the kitchen. Alex, Paul & Jason in the HOH room. Alwx says they need to decide soon. Jason is squeezing the blackheads & whiteheads on hose nose & then wipes his hands on his boxers. Alex is grossed out! Alex says they need to come up with a plan. Paul says Matt should go first. He thinks Alex has a good enough connection to calm Raven down. Paul says they can blame it on Kevin, that he got in Jason's ear. 11:30 pm BBT. Paul tells Jason to make an indirect comment about Kevin in his speech to start the process of getting him out next. Alex says they'll split the vote but only 1 vote this time. Raven & Matt in bed in the rose bedroom snuggling. Jason thinks Matt is getting annoyed with Raven. Paul says Kevin will only win an HOH if it's how many times you can walk around the yard. They say Kevin wants to make it to the end without winning anything. They say the are in a good position as long as Raven or Kevin don't win but even then they think it'll work out ok. Pauls says he going to go lift weight before this looks suspicious. Alex says Raven will drive her crazy though staying in the house for more time. The guys say it has to be done but they'll try to help tie up Raven some of the time. Paul leaves the HOH room. 11:41 pm BBT. Xmas comes into the HOH room. Alex tells her they've changed their minds back to Matt leaving now.
  15. 6:30 pm BBT. Xmas & Paul on the hammock saying Raven was just much more pleasant & had no accent. They say she should've been that way the whole time. Paul says they just have to keep doing what they're doing. Paul says Alex is pulling away from Jason a bit. Xmas says she doesn't know if that's real. Paul says Jason is starting to push back. Xmas says Raven just gave Matt the "eye" that they were talking game. Xmas says Raven is so easy to read like Braille. Xmas says she needs to hang out with Alex more. She thinks Alex would keep her over Raven. She says Raven is subtlety throwing her under the bus to Alex. 6:37 pm BBT. Paul thinks Alex & Jason don't think Xmas or Josh will win anything. Paul says he'll continue to work things. Paul thinks Alex will lose to Jason if they are final 2. Paul admits the baby thing kinda tigs at his heart. Xmas says he's right about the baby thing. Kevin sits on Xmas's scooter next to the hammock. Paul says something crazy needs to happen. He says throw Cody back in for a couple weeks that fire him up. Paul says it shouldn't be this boring yet. He says 1 more week of that tree. Matt & Raven playing pool still. Jason & Josh in the HOH room. Jason says how long have people been talking about Kevin. Josh says 2 weeks, ever since he did that stuff with Cody. Jason says do you think we can get Kevin back? Should I talk to him & tell him flat out? He says why is this so important, can't we just get him out next? Why does he have to go up now? Josh says why was Kevin pushing so hard for Cody & to save Mark? Jason says Alex wants him to up to scare him. Paul said if he goes up he'll flip out so we might as well vote him out. Jason said well then I won't put him up. 6:51 pm BBT. Josh says Matt & Raven are 2 votes in jury. Josh says do you want to lose those 2 votes. He says after the speech you gave they expect one of them to come down & if you don't you piss them both off. Jason says what if Kevin gets voted out. Josh swears he'll vote out Matt. Jason thinks if he makes it to final 2 Matt won't vote for him anyway. Jason says right now he's leaving things the way they are. He says Alex is being a dickhead today & is bossy. Jason asks Josh if he thinks the stuff with Kevin has anything to do with his age. Josh says no, it's his character. Josh says he's acting this way because he knows he was shady & now people have caught on. 6:57 pm BBT. Jason thinks it's funny Kevin is in this position & he did it to himself. Jason says he's been telling Kevin he has to win & then Kevin fell off first. Jason tells Josh that his (Josh's) mind is weakening his body. Jason tells Josh he has to prepare his mind & his body would go numb. He says Cody could do that. 7:05 pm BBT. Jason says he leaving noms the same & he'll take the heat. Josh points out that then they have to deal with Matt & Raven freaking out for 4 days. Jason says Kevin will freak out too if he's up there. Josh says but we can all say Kevin chill you're a pawn. He says we've all had to be a pawn. Jason says he'll have to have a good speech then Matt and Raven. 7:12 pm BBT. Kevin still sitting & talking with Paul & Xmas by the hammock. 7:15 pm BBT. Kevin leaves the hammock area 7:19 pm BBT. Kevin goes into the HOH room.
  16. I have to stop for the night. I'll try to catch up more of the Sunday night feeds in the morning. Good night all!
  17. 6:03 pm BBT. We get we'll be right back. 6:08 pm BBT. Xmas & Paul on the hammock. Xmas says skirts should not be worn on a hammock. Matt & Raven playing pool. Jason comes outside & says who else deela like a tool when they do their HOH video. He says he was sucking a lot of peter up there. BB tells them to raise the awnings. Paul yells we already did! BB says it again. Paul yells show me which one! Jason & Matt raise up an awning. Paul yells was that it? BB says thank you. Paul tells BB they're being gumpy today. 6:14 pm BBT. Alex says she gonna shower. Paul says Xmas should put gold in the little gap between her teeth. Jason in the green bedroom with Josh. Now Alex has joined the put a pool toy around my waist gang while she is gathering stuff for her shower. Raven now sitting on the ground next to the hammock (Paul & Xmas still in the hammock). Paul asks why the DR is so up their a**. Alex tells Jason & Josh abe hopes they get an "8" party. Xmas says Raven gor some sun. Raven says her chucha is white. Xmas says it should be unless your Mark. Paul says Mark was gumpy. Xmas complains that Mark always had his naked butt out. She says nobody cares if your butt is white when you have sex. Paul says when is he planning on having sex. Paul asks if they think Mark & Elena have sealed the deal. Paul counting how many gumpy days are coming up this week. Alex, Jason & Josh in the green bedroom. Josh says he can't wait to watch all the people who said they were gonna make jury & then he makes a machine gun noise & says they took them all out. Alex points out that they did make jury though. Alex asks if Kevin is in here. Jason says no he's outside. Alex says she surprised & he's driving her nuts. Josh says Kevin was so funny & cool & now he's changed. Jason says that's because he knew people were on to him & got paranoid. Jason says Kevin is annoyed by everybody. 6:23 pm BBT. Xmas says she can't believe she miss the crossfit games. Raven says she was supposed to be the maid of honor for her friends wedding. Paul says he was supposed to be a ring bearer. Xmas says she was supposed to officiate a friends wedding & hopes he postponed it. In the green bedroom Josh says Kevin is being a dick to him. Josh says he tell him to chill out but he won't listen. Alex says Kevin wants to be just like Derrick. Jason says (mockingly) Kevin only ever says I would never vote against you. Josh says he has a lot of clothes missing. Josh says even with Kevin's craziness the house feels better.
  18. 5:22 pm BBT. Kevin setting up the pool table. Alex, Xmas & Raven in the kitchen. Raven says Matt went to lay down, he didn't sleep well. Paul goes to play pool w/ Kevin. Raven cutting cucumbers. Alex making some sort of sauce. Xmas wants to cut her own cucumbers. Kevin thinks the finale is on Sept 27th. Paul says it could be. Kevin says it could be a lot of things...like I always tell you if your sister had balls she'd be your brother. Paul & Kevin trying to figure out the finale date. 5:26 pm BBT. Raven now has an inflatable pool toy around her waist. Xmas, Raven & Alex eating. Paul & Kevin still trying to figure out how many days are left. 5:27 pm BBT. Kevin says that Raven & Matt made his bed up for him in the have not room. Feeds aren't showing Josh so I don't know where he is. Matt up now & in the kitchen. He says he got in trouble for sleeping. 5:30 am BBT. Alex tells the kit hen crew that Dominique was throwing everyone under the bus. Alex says Elena was jealous of Mark & Dominique. Xmas doesn't think Elena was jealous. At the pool table Kevin tells Paul he misses his kids. Xmas says Elena treated Matt like crap. Alex tells the kitchen crew Elena campaigned to keep Dominique safe. Matt says over Jessica?! 5:33 pm BBT. Matt says he doesn't think Dominique voted for Cody, but she sunk her own ship. Alex says Dominique only didn't throw Mark under the bus & she tild Alex not to trust Elena. She told Alex that Elena was only there to become famous. Raven thinks Dominique wanted to leave. Xmas says Dominique told her she couldn't be fake. Matt says if Dominique wouldn't have done anything then they would've sent Jessica home. 5:37 pm BBT. Feeds are still only on the kitxhen crew & Paul and Kevin playing pool. Alex says if she makes it to the end & Elena doesn't vote for her she'll be salty. Alex says she likes Elena as a person but not in the game. BB tells them to put the awnings up. Paul & Kevin put them up. Matt thinks the people in jury should be pretty pleased, they did the best they could. They all say everyone in the jury lied. Matt says the only one who didn't sink themselves was Jillian, she got a raw deal. Alex telling the kitchen crew Cody was telling her there would be a huge target next to her on the block & he had a plan. 5:41 pm BBT. Josh now outside with Kevin & Paul. Kevin lounging on a chair. Paul & Josh go to the kitchen. Kitchen crew complaining they can't sleep, can't play...they talk about the same stuff every day. Alex says it's like Groundhog Day the movie. BB says shut it down. Paul & Josh horseplaying. Josh runs outside with Trejo & the frog pool toy. Paul runs after him. Josh goes into the bathroom, his mic is on & you can hear him going to the bathroom. 5:45 pm BBT. Kitchen crew complaining they're bored. Raven wants BB to give them Jenga. Alex says they keep eating every 2 hours. Matt goes outside to lift weights. Kevin asks Matt if the slop is good & asks how many bowls he eats a day. Matt says 6 or 7. Kevin asks Matt if he watches Game of Thrones. He says no, Kevin says he couldn't get into it either. Paul & Josh are told to shut it down again. Alex says when she gets out she wants to buy more bras. Paul says me too. Alex says and underwear, these machines are destroying them. Xmas wants to buy make-up & shoes. 5:52 pm BBT. Paul says he is so f**king bored right now. Paul, Xmas, Alex & Raven in the kitchen. Josh is supposedly folding his clothes somewhere. Jason is blogging. Kevin tells Matt that neither of them will probably get to blog. Kevin asks if Matt will stay close with Raven when they're out & will they date. Matt says they'll see what happens. He says he'll get asked about it a lot when he gets evicted. 5:55 pm BBT. Alex & Raven alone in the kitchen. You can hear Paul & Josh horseplaying. BB tells them to stop that. Kevin says he's going to get slop. He tells Matt if he wants to play later then rack it. Xmas is scooting around kitchen again. Raven goes outside with Matt. We get "we'll be right back". 5:58 pm BBT. Matt tells Raven the whole house is batting for them & it feels good to have the whole house trying to help them out. Matt says they might be the only players in BB history to never ask anyone for a vote. Raven says if they are left on the block she won't ask anyone for a vote. Matt says hell no. Raven says she'll just go to jury. Matt says if that happens he'll eat regular food the rest of the week & take a penalty vote. He says if Kevin goes gome this week then they're looking pretty good. Raven says if Jason doesn't do what he said America will get a show. She says don't whisper in my ear that I'm safe & then not pull me off the block. She says she'll tell Jason to take that veto medallion & shove it up his a**! Matt says they have no reason to believe Jason won't take Raven off the block. He says up until now Jason has done everything he said he would. Matt says I went up as a pawn for him.
  19. 5:00 pm BBT. BB calls the houesguests inside. We get "we'll be right back". I think there was skywriting again. 5:02 pm BBT. Xmas is rolling around & around the kitchen table on her scooter. Kevin is silently standing by the counter w/ his arms crossed. Paul gets into bed in the rose bedrom. Xmas is chasing Josh around on her scooter. BB tels them to shut it down. Alex is getting something to eat. 5:05 pm BBT. Paul now out of bed w/ Trejo around his waist. We keep getting "we'll be right back" on & off. Kevin gets into his bed. Alex at the kitxhen counter eating. Josh has a small inflatable frog pool toy around his head. More "we'll be right back". 5:09 pm BBT. Matt & Raven on the couch in living room. Paul walking around w/ Trejo still around his waist. Josh is looking for his frog & asking Paul where it is. He threatens that Trejo will disappear tonight if he doesn't get his frog back. Raven. Iw dolding clothes on the kit hen table. Matt alone on couch in living room. Xmas is scooting around.
  20. I haven't done this much typing since recently being diagnosed with arthritis. When I recently started to write updates, I've realized how bad it hurts my hands some days. Today, if there are other updaters, I'll leave it to them to update. However, I'll check throughout the day & if there are gaps in coverage then I'll fill them in. Thanks everyone for all the great work & updates!!
  21. 3:18 am BBT. Xmas asks how she got between Paul & Josh ands says it's the strangest dynamic. Josh says his morals are similar to Paul's. Josh says he knew him & Cody would go head to head from the moment that stood on the stage next to each other. Xmas says he's just an angry man. Xmas says it's so nice out. They wish the lights were off so they could see the stars better. 3:21 am BBT. Xmas says she spent a lot of time in Miami a couple years ago. Josh says he likes it but doesn't want to raise his kids there. Xmas says she probably should've partied a bit more. Josh says sometimes he would go to happy hour on south beach with his sisters. Josh thinks he'll have a glass of wine & be bombed. Xmas says she was from one beer. It seems Paul has fallen asleep now. 3:26 am BBT. Xmas says she likes to snuggle & the room she sleeps in is so cold. Paul suddenly wakes up & starts talking. Paul says let's go. Paul goes in first so it doesn't look suspicious. Josh & Xmas hug & stay on the hammock. Xmas says Matt thinks it's funny they've been dodging since say one. They say Matt is going to hate being in jury with the people that are already there. Paul yells out to them goodnight. Xmas says she'll bring in Trejo (Paul's new inflatable pool toy). Josh says he feels better now. Xmas says Josh needs to not explain why he thinks things & just play dumb. She says he gives away too much info. Xmas says she keeps her moutj shut. She says it's strategic. She says she's been in more situations where she had to hold her tongue. 3:32 am BBT. Xmas says she wants to make sure she doesn't make Raven feel isolated. Josh says he won't isolate her. Xmas says they have a great plan & strategy in place & it just might work. She says it was a great night. Xmas says she's taking Trejo in. She says goodnight to Josh & she goes inside. Josh stays in the hammock & says he'll be in shortly. 3:38 am BBT. Josh goes in & gets ready for bed. 3:45 am BBT. I think all the housegets are in bed now.
  22. 2:57 am BBT. Paul, Xmas & Josh on the hammock. Pauls says he doesn't know if Cody or Mark was the worse player. Josh says they were huge fans. Paul says they come in with a weird "understanding" of the game & they come into the game with their eyes closed & they don't pivot or adapt. Xmas says Mark wanted to make a big move & that's why he was with Cody. Xmas says but those big moves the first week or two, that'll get you f**kin' sniped. Xmas says Mark was saying he had to try & go for it. Paul says that's ego. Josh says he hates people with big, inflated ego & Mark was like that & that's why he had to humble the f**k out of Mark. Josh says Mark was saying the first 2 weeks that he'd make it to jury. Josh says then he changed & started playing the nice guy. Paul says, he was "playing" the nice guy. Josh says in the beginning Cody, Mark & Matt were the cockiest mother f**kers. Josh says Matt changed a lot. Xmas says Matt told her he doesn't care, he just wanted to make it to jury & help Raven get as far as possible & he'll go drink in the jury house. Paull says Matt hasn't thrown anyone's name out, he hasn't even said his own name. Josh says Matt fangirled when Derrick came. 2:59 am BBT. Paul says the only one they need to tiptoe around is Raven. Xmas says Raven is very observant, Josh says they both are. Paul says they need to keep telling them that someone needs to take a shot at Alex & Jason. They all smell something. Paul says they need to tell Raven that Alex must've known what Jason was going to do. He says then Raven will say "I know, I'm not f**kin' stupid" (he says this mimicking a girly southern accent). Xmas says she thinks Matt knows what's going to happen. Josh says he thinks so to & thinks Matt wants to get away from Raven. Paul says he's 24 & he can't stand her & Matt is 33 & that it's taxing having someone do that stuff to you all the time. Paul says Raven just needs to mature, she has some good traits. Josh says she needs to quit yearning for attention. Xmas says that is confidence & being comfortable with who she is. Xmas says when she talks like normal she is super cute. Josh says but when she goes bah bah bah (saying this in a high pitch). Xmas says when she has just a little bit of make-up on that Raven is pretty. Paul & Josh agree. Paul says she make her face shimmer with white & is like who are you? Paul says that s**t smells so bomb. They think it's a food truck they smell. Paul says they only have 3 weeks left & they can make bank if they don't f**k up. Paul says they can't be too confident. They all wonder how everything is going so perfect. 3:05 am BBT. Paul says he hopes they know if they ever see him, he's just working. They say they know. Paul sarcastically says I'm the one that gets paranoid & f**ks up. Josh says there's a double eviction coming up. They say something has to happen on Sunday or a special night. Paul says he smells of hint of weed & he's like a dog. Xmas says maybe if we inhale enough. Xmas says she's foing to be a lightweight when they get out. Paul says but that's nice. 3:06 am BBT. Paul says it'll be an eviction or something like the Bob Marley thing. Josh says he likes the group now on a personal level. Paul says it's nice once you get certain people out. He says even when they get Kevin out things will be better. Xmas says he comes into rooms & doesn't say anything. Paul says he notices people are starting to ignore Kevin & it's kinda dope. Xmas says she smells the weed now & thought it was Paul's armpit & she was going ro drive her face into it. Josh says he smells it now too. Paul says it's so nice. Josh says that's the first thing they need to do when they get out. Paul says he's going to get a 24 K gold one. Xmas laughs & says yes, that makes her so happy. 3:08 am BBT. Josh says he's never heard of a gold joint. Josh says he likes vanilla, strawberry or grape. Pauls says he does sativa and then the bottom half is indica. Paul says he layers his joints. Paul says not to look at the internet when they get out. Xmas says that gives her angst. Paul says to stay away & ignore it. 3:11 am BBT. Xmas says she got a lot of pushback when she did Nascar because she's a girl. Josh says he'll tell people you didn't have the balls to do what we did so why does your judgement matter. Paul says just don't get into drugs. Josh says never, just weed. Paul says weed is not a drug, it's f**king plant! Josh says he thinks if they had one hit of a joint they'd see through peoples bullshit. Paul says they'd be more paranoid.
  23. Sorry guys I can't update any more tonight. I planned to, but I recently got arthritis & my hands hurt so bad typing this. If nobody else keeps updating i'll try to catch up in the morning. Good night!
  24. 10:32 pm BBT. Jason goes into the HOH room. Paul goes up there too. Paul asks if he is better now. Jason says he thinks it's funny Alex wants to change things mid stroke. Paul says we may have to but it's ok. Jason says he'll talk to Alex after she gets done being all butt hurt, then he'll bring her to the HOH & lock the door. 10:34 pm BBT. Alex now in the HOH room. She says 10 seconds, he saw me come up here (talking about Kevin). They say Marr wants to go home. Alex says Xmas says she's a team player & knows her limits & knows she'll be out soon. 10:36 pm BBT. Paul says best bet next week is to toss it to Josh. Paul asks how Jason has explained this to Kevin. Kevin asked Jason why he was so paranoid. Kevin said he didn't wanna be on the block this week, maybe next week. Paul tells Jason he will get Kevin talking & Jason should be near them to hear all the stupid s**t he says. Paul says they don't lose whether Matt, Raven or Kevin or leave. Alex says if he doesn't put Kevin up though she will tell Matt & Raven it was all Jason. They say if Kevin goes up he'll lose his mind so they might as well vote him out. Paul says it's also about comfort, they live here. Paul says he has Josh's ear & Alex can get Xmas's ear. Paul says Josh would never go against any of them. Jason says he wants to do what they all wanna do & just wants it to be clear & easy & everybody on the same page. Alex says everyone is in board with those 3 going hime but the beat comes down on Jason & they are worried about him. 10:42 pm BBT. Paul says if Kevin goes up then Maven is happy & Kevin gets weirded out a bit but then he leaves & the following week there's no reprecussions. If he doesn't put Kevin up, then Maven s**ts their pants, Matt leaves & now 1 person will be upset with him still in the game & you still have Kevin who has your back but does not have your back! Paul says Kevin is a good pal but we're all expendable to him. Paul says it's no loss either way & it's your HOH. Jason says he'll take the heat & leave the noms the same & get Matt out. Paul says fine just don't get bamboozled by Kevin. Jason says he won't 10:45 pm BBT. Josh comes into the HOH room. Now Xmas joins too. They all decide Matt will go. Paul asks Josh if they threw the veto to Josh would he have a problem putting Raven & Kevin up & Josh say no!!! Alex says if she wins Kevin is going up. 10:46 pm BBT. They all agree they are the final 5 & they cheer & celebrate. Then they kick Josh out so Kevin doesn't come up there. Alex leaves too. 10:48 pm BBT. Kevin comes into the HOH room. Paul asks Kevin if they're gonna play pool. Kevin says you won't have a chance, I've been hitting everything. Paul leaves the HOH room. Jason says he's going to sleep soon. Kevin says for 2 minths they had no power, Alex had all the power. Kevin asks if Jason makes an egg in the morning would he make him one Kevin says now Josh goes outside because Paul did but Josh wouldn't come out when I was out there. Kevin says he hopes there's no have nots. 10:52 pm BBT. Kevins asks Jason if Xmas agreed & Alex. He says so you're going to leave them both up there & Jason says yes. Kevin says they made it a little easier this summer staying together. Kevin says no way would he come back there for another 98 days, not a f**kin' chance! Kevin says 22 year old kids lookin' at you cross eyed. He says no way would they get away with that at home at the bar, they wouldn't even be allowed in there.
  25. 10:27 pm BBT. Xmas tells Josh she did damage control with Matt & Raven. She says they asked her if Jason will use the veto. Xmas says Kevin freaked out afrer the veto keeps stopping in rooms doe a minute & listening. Josh says they need to keep Matt. 10:29 pm BBT. Xmas says if they keep Raven she'll gravitate toward Alex because Alex can carry her. 10:31 pm BBT. Paul & Alex join Xmas & Josh in the wave room. Paul says he heard Kevin was looking for him. Paul leaves. Alex leaves to go pee. Josh asks Xmas to pop his ear pimple. Xmas says she doesn't do ear pimples. Kevin is now in the wave room. They talk about playing pool for a minute.