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  1. 10:27 am BBT. Angela joins Tyler and Faysal in the HOHR. He repeats the same thing to her. She is not going up but if she wins veto, keep the noms the same and keep Faysal next week. (Side note: last night Haleigh told Faysal to make sure when he talked to them to make sure he asked for her safety too. Faysal has not mentioned Haleigh to Tyler or Angela)
  2. 10:23 am BBT. Faysal is standing in the bathtub in the HOHR. There is some water in it. Tyler comes in. Faysal starts saying how he is a man of his word and all he asks is if he doesn’t put him up and if Tyler wins the veto to keep the noms the same. Also, keep him safe next week.
  3. 12:15 pm BBT. Rockstar and Scottie still talking and olaying chess. Kaycee and Brett in the HNR. Kaycee asks whT Brett will say about why he votes rockstat out. Brett says he’s gonna say that Rockstar told Tyler she was going after him (Brett) and not Tyler.
  4. 12:09 pm BBT. In the HNR, Brett says Sam keeps asking him what she should do. He says he doesn’t know if she is really asking him or of she is trying to het information for “them” bcuz she has never talked game to him before. Kaycee says I think she’s keeping me ncuz she said she would. Brett says she told Rockstar that too. Kaycee says I am pretty confident she’ll keep me. She thinks it’ll be 5-1. Brett says that would be awesome. Brett says he wants to use this to build trust with Sam but wonders if she would blow his cover. Kaycee says well she always says she won’t repeat stuff. They both agree she probably would do that.
  5. 12:07 pm BBT. Kaycee and Brett still whispering in the HNR going over her pitch to Scottie. Rockstar and Scottie are playing chess. Scottie hears a noise and Rockstar says Fessy broke the sink & it’s being fixed right now. Scottie says he broke it? Rockstar says yeah it just totally broke.
  6. 12:04 pm BBT. Brett and Kaycee still talking in the HNR. Brett says he was trying to convinve Scottie but it didn’t seem like he wanted to break off from Haleigj. He tells Kayvee to try to het him to see that Haleigh is loyal to Faysal.
  7. 11:56 am BBT. Kaycee asks Brett if he wants to do a one on one. They are in the HNR. Brett says he is pretty sure Fessy came down from the HOHR this morning. Kaycee says no not this morning. Kaycee says the day it happened she made a point of saying something outloud so Scottie would hear it. Brett says he asked Scottie if he thinks something is going on between them? He says Scottie said no I don’t. Brett says Scottie said the only reason he wants to keep Rockstar is not to hurt Haleigh bcuz once he breaks that trust it’s gone. Brett says he’s gonna try to point it out that Faysal and Haleigh are a showmance and she has final 2 deals that don’t include him. He tells Kaycee that Scottie said if Kaycee gave him a blanket type of pitch it won’t work on him. Kaycee goes over what she might say to Scottie. She says I’m not really trying to get his vote. Brett gives her some suggestions of what to say about what happens down the line.
  8. 11:37 am BBT. Rockstar continues her rant. She just wants it so f***ing bad. She says she beat me as HOH on a math question, then does a high pitched mean giggle.
  9. 11:33 am BBT. Sam and Rockstar in the game area outside the HOHR. Rockstar says “I’m gonna talk your ear off for a minute.” She says I do not mean to be such a hateful b***h. She says I want to win so bad and it seems like this spoiled rich girl who has a $3500 a month in LA and bought herself a range rover and probably has a trust fund and whose sad dreams of owning a marina one day. Sam says I thought that was Brett’s dad. Rockstar says well one of them, between them they have a lot of money. Rockstar says u don’t get a $3500 a month apartment on your own. Sam says yes she does. Rockstar says yeah she has help. Sam says no, she works for it herself. Rockstar says models don’t make that much money, I know models who travel the world and only make $1500 a month. Sam says I don’t think she’s as villainess as u make her out to be. Rockstar says I think she is a b***h who is not nice to me and has refused to work with me on multiple occassions. Sam says just stop, u don’t have to convince me one way or another. Rockstar says i’m just talking outloud bcuz it helps me. If I had a journal I would write it down. I don’t like having angry or vile thoughts. I’m not a jealous, vindictive, spiteful person, but I’m human. Sam says I know it bothers u that her name is Angela and she takes the purple thing and gets the purple shirt. Rockstar says she comes fom momey, doesn’t have kids, doesn’t need to be here and is a princess who has people serve her. Sam says I don’t get that, what do u mean? Angela says she has Tyler and Kaycee’s undying loyalty. Sam gets up and looks down into the downstairs.
  10. 1:15 pm BBT. Still lounging and eating going on. No talk at all outside and general chit chat in the KT.
  11. 1:00 pm BBT. Lounging, sunbathing and snack time for most HGs.
  12. 12:46 pm BBT. Brett and Tyler in the KT. Rockstar went outside to tan, then gets in the pool and talks to Scottie who is laying on a bench bu the pool. She tells him Brett’s suggestions for her speech. Scottie says that guy is good, he gives presentations for a living.
  13. 12:38 pm BBT. In the WA, Brett asks Kaycee if she was in the military. She says she gets asked that a lot. Brett says he does too. He says he thought about joining. He says college degrees are a dime a dozen now, they don’t mean anything. He says he had a degree from a good school and couldn’t find a job, they all wanted 3-5 years experience, he says how is that an entry level job? He says nobody would give him a chance.
  14. 12:38 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Haleigh says she was thinking what if Kaycee is the hacker, took herself off and picked Tyler to olay so he could save Angela bcuz she thought she wouldn’t go back up. Rockstar says that would’ve been a stupid move. Haleigh says she is confident she heard Kaycee celebrating.
  15. 12:35 pm BBT. In the WA, Sam and Kaycee talking. Sam says Rockstar and Kaycee both gives her what she needs in this house. Kaycee says she knows it’s a sucky situation. Sam says she’s not going to tell people how she’ll vote bcuz she doesn’t want to be cancelled. Kaycee says u don’t have to. Sam says she wishes she pushed harder for everyone to ignore the hacker thing but somebody would’ve gone against the group.
  16. 12:35 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Haleigh says she guarantees that JC is asked to be on amazing race. They think he would do really well. Brett says he would do it with JC and they could have matching outfits. Brett says maybe they won’t ask JC to do it bcuz he’s kind of an a**hole and didficult and maybe they’ll be like no we’re done with u. Brett leaves.
  17. 12:33 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Haleigh asks Brett if has talked with JC? He says not about what he’s going to do. They talk about how hard JC has had it and how smart he is and how well adjusted after all he has dealt with.
  18. 12:30 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Brett is going over Rockstar’s speech with her and Haleigh. Haleigh and Rockstar say Tyler has no loyalties to Kaycee. They say getting rid of Kaycee will strengthen Tyler and Angela. They discuss getting rid of Angela will make Tyler a lost puppy again and they can scoop him up. Haleigh says Tyler is very malleable and likes to be told what to do [oh the delusion!].
  19. 12:23 pm BBT. Brett comes into the HOHR. Haleigh says I wanted to tell u that u looked really really cute...I was gonna ask u to snuggle but u are a little moist. Brett says JC is still passed out. Haleigh says JC never soes what he’s supposed to at all. They discuss JC didn’t feel good yesterday and saw a doctor. They say his body was really stressed. Rockstar says he is a little man so his body gets even more stressed than the rest of us. Haleigh asks Brett if he’ll help Rockstar with her speech. He says yeah. She repeats the speech for Brett. He says that’s good after she starts. Brett says she needs a closer of why it matters and make it as elementary as possible so it doesn’t go over their heads.
  20. 12:22 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Haleigh says so theoretically Fessy and JC have a final 2, we have a final 2, u and Brett have a final 2. Rockstar says we have a secret alliance we haven’t called it a final 2. Haleigh says I could make a secret alliance with Scottie, u could have a secret alliance with sam...we’re pretty much covered. Rockstar says we have a secret final 3 with Sam. Haleigh says and with Fessy and Scottie also thinks we have a final 3. Rockstar says well we haven’t names them. Haleigh says so they don’t exist. Haleigh yells for Brett without leaving the HOH bed.
  21. 12:19 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Haleigh says the cool thing is when Kaycee leaves we have our bed open again. Scottie leaves. Haleigh says what is going on today, people keep coming up to me saying nice things. Do they feel sorry for me? Rockstar says she doesn’t think that, she thinks they’re excited about our group. Rockstar says her and Brett were in the SR and she said she told him she was giving a lot of thought to his secret alliance thing u mentioned. She says he said I’m really glad u think that bcuz it is just crazy enough to work. She said well first step is keeping me and then world domination. She tells Haleigh of course nothing trumps thier final 2.
  22. 12:15 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Rockstar says everybody should already see it. Then says well everybody is already working with us, we have our 6 now. Haleigh thinks Brett would help her with her speech. Haleigh says she thought the next twist would be revealed today. She thought a vet was coming back. Haleigh says if Paul shows up we pretend we don’t see him, nobody talks to him. Rockstar says she was also gonna say that Kaycee had lasting friendships that she threw away for this trio. Haleigh says Tyler willingly gave up Kaycee to save Angela. Haleigh thinks Angela thinks they have Sam. Rockstar says and they think they have Brett and that’s all they need. Haleigh says we gotta be sure then tells Scottie he has to have his talk with Brett.
  23. 12:11 pm BBT. Rockstar practices her speech “Hello Mom, Lars, Chris, Aradia, Manny, Avalon, Isaac...love u guys what up east coast, B-more. Houseguests here we are again, I just wanna let u know this game is abkut a lot of things, but ine of those things is adaptation. I am sitting next to this lovely lady who refuses to talk to game to us except this other lovely lady right here (Angela). The other person who has her infallible, undying loyalty? That gentleman right here (Tyler). Do u wanna make this 2 that can’t be swayed into a 3 or do u wanna keep me who is willing to work with any one of you. Because we are all lone wolves out here, none of us actually having an alliance. I wanted to win that veto but I’m kinda glad I didn’t bcuz it exposed this very clear final 2 deal with Angela and Tyler. Is that fair to any of us that are out here working by oursleves? BB tells Rockstar to put on her microphone. She says well it was good. Scottie says he likes it. Haleigh says she likes it but only if they secure the votes bcuz if she says that and goes home...Scottie says he feels good. Haleigh says what if Kaycee gets up and point us out as a duo. They discuss how to end her speech. She says she’s gonna rehearse it.
  24. 12:09 am BBT. Haleigh and Scottie in the HOH. Haleigh says she wanted to be a b***h and start slow clapping during Tyler’s speech. He says why didn’t u, u are all talk. Rockstar comes in. Haleigh says she feels like she has so many friends today and feels loved and accepted.
  25. 12:00 pm BBT. Haleigh and Scottie in the HOHR. Scottie says so next week Angela and Tyler are on the block, Tyler comes down, who is the replacement. She says we have Brett. Scottie says we have to put up one of the two that haven’t been on the block or Sam bcuz she is new to the the team. Haleigh says she doesn't want Fessy up bcuz he is too nice of a target and he could leave. She says she doesn’t want Brett to go either. She would rather JC or Sam leave. They discuss scenarios down the line. Haleigh doesn’t want Sam and Rockstar to get too close. Haleigh says we need to start practicing days. Scottie says that happens final 7 or more like final 4. Haleigh thinks it’s gonna go well. She says those 2 just can’t win. She says who would they put me next to? She thinks Rockstar. Tyler and Brett appear to be running in the BY. There is some sunbathing going on by the pool. Haleigh says this is a good group. She says we need to let him know it’s a group. Scottie says to what extent? She says that we’ll keep him. Scottie says his final 3 would be him, Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh asks if she is a Victoria? Scottie says Brett is Victoria. Scottie says he is Cody bcuz he is 100% relying on his social game. They compare wins and what place they came in on different comps. Scottie is disappointed in his performance on the tree. Haleigh says can u imagine if Fessy used the veto on Kaitlyn?