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  1. That was a good one WOC. Still laughing about that comment>
  2. Say what you want about Josh but he was the only one that told the BBAD people directly thank you for the Labor Day BBQ party. I appreciated that. For the most part they acted like a bunch of kids more worried about getting that beer and playing games than saying thank you.
  3. Okay - so is it possible that he calls Raven out on her lies while he walks around lying like a dog? NO not King Paul.
  4. King Paul has talked about being an MMA fighter a few times now. I don't follow MMA but is it true that he is/was an MMA fighter?
  5. yea she & Mama seem to have the same health problems. I can tell you as a nurse that unless these two women are able to produce semen they do not have prostate problems. If I were to give Mama a diagnosis it would be Munchhausen syndrome and I would give our poor dear Raven the diagnosis of hypochondriac. Just saying.
  6. has she claimed prostate disease too?
  7. thank you straykat for the posting. By this time I am sure that list has grown and should include inverted spine & rough knee. Don't like quoting King Paul but she is an enigma
  8. Has anyone kept a list of all the things that Raven has said she has or is wrong with her? Would be interested in seeing this list if anyone has kept one.
  9. Yea, that's why I was wondering if anyone else heard it or saw it because I couldn't believe what I was watching. From what I saw Josh & Raven were alone in the Rose Room just talking about gameplay of the other houseguests. Raven brought up that Paul had a final 3 with her & Matt and Josh said that he had a final 3 with him and Xmas. They thought about it for a bit and started wondering what other deals Paul had made. One of them also commented how Paul likes to instigate but doesn't participate in fights. Raven pointed out to Josh how badly everyone treated her & Matt and Josh apologized and admitted to getting swept up by all of the crap. I am so hoping that those 2 join up with Kevin & Jason (since they really are all on the bottom) and start communicating and stop listening to all the b.s. coming out of Alex's & Paul's mouths. Crazier things have happened!
  10. Did anyone catch the convo between Josh & Raven last night on AfterDark when they were comparing notes with King Paul's final 3 deals?
  11. I'll have to wait and see how in the world Xmas won this comp Sunday night but if I remember correctly Ready, Set, WHOAH is a physical challenge.
  12. kindofabbfan

    Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    no I mean an Asian gangsta. If you are insinuating that I am being politically incorrect that is on you. She is Asian and acts like a gangsta thus Asian gangsta.
  13. I got a kick out of watching Maven last night on AfterDark when Matt was telling Raven to stick with Alex because Alex was all alone in the house and had nobody, Xmas & Paul were good people who would watch Raven's back, and that she will win the game.
  14. If you noticed Kevin did mention having had multiple hand surgeries. The reason he is a 'stay-at-home Dad maybe that he is unable to work or has retired. I am not understanding the big deal of him of not working and him saying that he is a stay-at-home Dad, even if he has grown children. I wish that the house would leave him alone. He is in the house with a bunch of mean-spirited children.
  15. kindofabbfan

    Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    While watching Alex on AfterDark last night it suddenly hit me what she reminds me of - an Asian gangsta. I thought that for me Elena was the one I most disliked of the girls but Alex tops Elena in that department 10x over. She has this attitude that she is the "tough girl and nobody better mess with me or else". She has so much hate & negativity in her that is the kind of attitude that can rub off onto others creating a mob way of thinking and acting. She seems to feed off of negativity.