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  1. As of right now Mark is my favorite and hope he wins....he has been through so much abuse from Josh, which again is so uncalled for and should not have been allowed, which was laughed at and encouraged by the other houseguests...they should all be ashamed of themselves...and they call themselves adults...the only name I can think of is juvenile, bully, idiots !! Mark seems very sentimental and shows feelings and admits his faults...although I wish he never got involved in Elena (she is so mean to him) which he does not deserve...he has been verbally abused in this house by all these foolish, embarrassing houseguests who have all ruined the name "Big Brother" game !!! Where did you find these idiots ? worse Big Brother ever !!!
  2. Worst season ever by far !!! Where did they find these idiots ?? Not even worth watching stupidity !!
  3. This season has the most stupidest contestants EVER !!! They are ignorant, annoying and have no clue what they are doing.....they just follow Paul around like his little puppy dogs. It is actually amusing !!! Where did you find these idiots ???
  4. I am literally all done with this season....Josh is a piece of work...wait until he sees himself on TV acting like the piece of crap he is !!! He must be an embarrassment to his family as well as his community !!!! He is mentally unstable !!! when he gets evicted have a shrink waiting for him PLEASE !!! I wish I could bang pots and pans over his big fat head !!