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  1. I do not recall ever seeing such a cruel bunch of ppl on this show ever. The mob mentality is hard to watch. The attacks on the first woman who left that came on for no reason by Josh should have been stopped. Now watching the attacks on Jessica and Cody well it was just heartbreaking. Mean girls and bullies. I do not know why Christmas wasn't taken out of the game with a broken foot but I do think er anger towards Jess and Cody comes from jealousy. I bet Christmas has the hots for Cody and when he went for Jessica she joined the bullies. Please someone kick her in the foot. The Ed head, Alex omg all of them...well America won't forget just what a group of monsters these ppl are. I big brother should have put a stop to this cruel treatment. As for Paul, well I guess he does deserve to win because he managed to hoodwink a bunch of idiots and now his little clan even want him to win. Wow...they all told Jessica she handed her game to Cody and these morons are helping Paul to win.