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  1. 1:53 pm BBT Ross tells Ari that he just can't confront Omarosa. Marissa said that Brandi and Ari wanted her and Ross on the block. Ross says that Metta came to her right before eviction that she couldn't send him home but when Ari yelled then Omarosa didn't have a choice then she had to send him home. Ross said that Omarosa told him that he was out first and Marissa said she had cried in the DR because she thought everyone was against her. Omarosa wants a girl to win the game. James tells them that it just isn't right or fair for a woman to win the game. They are talking about Shannon went home because she was trying to control the whole house . James says that Shannon was a bigger threat.The all agree that what ever Omarosa says you can't believe.
  2. 1:44 am BBT We have fish again.. Brandi and Omarosa are talking and now in the teal room Brandi says she wants her own time. She was unhappy in the other room. Omaroa goes out of the room and Brandi shoots Omarosa two birds. Brandi said she promised Metta that she would get James out and since he saved her she feels like that is her mission to get him out. Brandi thinks Metta was happy to go but she still promised him to get James out of the house. Brandi told Omarosa that they still need the numbers to get someone out. Brandi says she is trying her hardest to win . Omarosa says that it may not be her time to win.
  3. 1:39 am BBT Ross said he was happy for Mark but he really wanted to hear a letter from his mom. Ross said he is so happy Mark but if Ross had left he could be talking to his mom. Marissa told Mark that she was so happy for Mark and the letter felt like home. Mark told them I told you she was going to finish the kitchen. Mark is packing his clothes in a bag so they will wash his clothes. Mark ask them if they are going to be sad with out him in there. Ross said that the note was tough because he misses his family. Ari said that him and Brandi both were calm. Ari tells Ross she prayed for him and it worked that he got to stay.
  4. 1:33 am BBT They are excited about the marshmallows and sloppy joes. Mark says he is so excited about the letter his wife sent him. Mark is offering everyone any of his food he has got. Now Omarosa, Brandi and Marissa left the room to go to bed. Marissa and Brandi want a sweet letter like that one they are trying to get into the DR to gets meds. Ari , Omarosa, and Marissa are going to feed the fish since Mark is busy. Marissa says we have six more nights left. Omarosa tells Ari that they have the same flight to Miami. They are watching the food go down to the fish. Production tells them that Mark is the one to feed the fish .
  5. 1:22 am BBT Omarosa is laying down in the bed just about asleep. Everyone has been called to go to the HOH room. Mark is leading with Omarosa, Ross, James, Marissa, Brandi and Ari then we get fish again. They are all headed up the stairs sing something song. Now Mark says he is so excited to get into the HOH room. Here we go in, Mark is talking about what food he got and now they are looking at the pictures of his family. James is going thru Mark's box and he is so excited because he has some bottles of coke zero and some angry orchard beer. Now they are yelling letter, letter so he is fixing to read it and not going to cry. His wife tells him she missed him so much. She tells him the cabinets will in within the next two weeks. She has been doing some therapy shopping . She has booked a trip for his 50th birthday to Hawaii. She is giving him instructions on what to do in the house.
  6. 1:15 am BBT James said that Omarosa has peed off a lot of people game wise. Ross said but I like her then James says but she isn't playing a good game. Ross wishes Brandi would just have a couple glasses of wine and let it be ok but that's not her way. Ross is asking what time is it and is asking Marissa. Marissa is asking for her medicine. I think Ross and Ari are enjoying laying down in the bed together. Sounds like they have had a little to much to drink tonight they are acting silly and laughing about everything.James is getting a blanket to take up to Mark when he gets in the HOH room. They are telling him how nice it is for him to do that.
  7. 1:08 am BBT Brandi and Ross are talking about good wines. Ross says he is going to sleep and will go up later to see Mark's HOH room. Ross says he is going to sleep with Ari. Omarosa is falling asleep while listening to Ross and Brandi talking. Jame'ss in the Kitchen saying I knew it I knew it . Now he has went towards the WR he has decided to brush his teeth. He is cleaning his retainer. Now we go to the Hollywood room and Ross is in bed with Ari a little tipsy laying with Ross. Ross tells them that he is in a very committed relationship.Marissa wants to take her bra off but she don't want her boobs out when she goes up to the HOH room. Marissa wants to be naked again.
  8. 1:02 am BBT Ross is telling Brandi that a friend of his said he wants to feel the ew and he tried on the sandles and he understood what he ment and Ross want wear anyother sandles but them. Production called for Mark to go to the DR. So he must be getting his HOH room. Omarosa tells Ari that her nails are cute . Ross tells Omarosa that Ari gave him an manicure to but there wasn't one that was shinny so he shot them a bird to show them that he doesn't have any polish on it. They are wondering why it takes so long for them to load there music on to the mp3 player. Ross is betting that Mark don't get any wine in his box. Now we have Fish.
  9. 1:55 pm BBT Mark comes by Brandi in the WR and tells here that captain number two is coming thru. Brandi gets called to the storage room. Now we see Mark at the mirror washing his hands. Back to Marissa, Ari, and Omarosa at the pool table. Marissa said she thinks that Metta needs some food . Omarosa thinks Metta hibernates like a bear, then Metta gets called to the DR. Omarosa thinks the lighting is better by the pool table. Omarosa is calling out to her husband. Marissa thinks straight to my faces would be a good make up line. Marissa said that nobody would be looking for her and she hadn't talked to her agent at all about coming in the house. Omarosa said she has to know when she was getting paid and how she was getting paid.
  10. 1:44 pn BBT James is bouncing around from one foot to the other one. Now Ross and Marissa are coming together. Marissa is carring her wig around. James ask Marissa if she would do a pod cast and she said no she would be to bored. Marissa tells James she is on the paper towel died but is is really bad for you. Now we see Ari at the pool table she has just racked up the balls. Ari is walking around stiffing and racking the balls asking for Brandi or Ross. Ross ask her if she wants to play and she tells him that Marissa is going to play with her. Ari breaks the balls and now Marissa is asking Ari is she ok and she tells her she is trying to be. Ari ask Marissa what is going on today and Marissa tells her nothing. The real wake up was at 11:00 BBT. Mark, Marissa and Ross got up and did the dishes while everyone was asleep. These two are attempting to play a game but now after playing two rounds they are restarting the game.
  11. 1:38 pm BBT James tells Mark that they will be the deciding votes and Mark says he can go either way it don't matter to him. James ask Mark if Metta is still sleeping , Mark tells him he thinks he is trying to grind the day away. Omarosa just got called to the storage room. James ask Mark if he thinks the kitchen is around 30 feet tall and Mark agrees. Omarosa ask Mark is he ok and he tells her that it's a real song. Now production says stop singing . Now Mark and James are going to go change to work out. You can see Metta asleep in the room where James is taking off his pants and puts on his shorts.
  12. 1:29 pm BBT Omarosa is sitting up in the chair past the pool table putting on her make up and listening to everyone talk in the kitchen. The gang in the kitchen are talking about how boring today is going to be. Brandi and Ari are talking about putting make up on . Brandi says there has to be something to happen to have something to talk about Mark told Brandi that at least she isn't on Survivor she would be starving then Brandi said but at least we would have to do dishes. they are talking about different shows that didn't really make it here in the U.S. Ari and Brandi told James they didn't think that there face mask would be good for him. James said he is so glad he brought his Tom shoes to wear around. Brandi tells James and Mark that they could go from room to room and count everything just in case they were quizzed on it.
  13. 1:20 pm BBT Mark is talking about how the slop effects you and how bloated you get. Mark says his stomach feels so much better today since he hasn't eaten any slop. Ross comes thru to get some water in Mark's flannel shirt and he's going outside. James tells Mark that the things he don't want people to know he don't talk about to anyone. James said he had an interview awhile back for a magazine and she had done a lot of research on him and he really enjoyed talking to her and did a longer interview. Brandi says that on some pod cast interviews they have been so bad with her and she finally had to tell them that she had to pick up her son. James is talking about wanting to do a pod cast but he thought it would take a lot of time. Brandi said she interviews a lot of celebrities on a pod cast and most stars are so late or will cancel.
  14. 1:15 pm BBT James is talking about all the different drugs that kids use and how they effect you. The feeds keep going off due to them talking about it. Mark ask James is he a cop. Mark says weed trips him out the worst that he would be under the table eating everything. James and Mark are talking about weed makes them feel. James tells that he can control drinking the best and can control it so that's why he don't do drugs. Marissa runs thru telling everyone that it's 74 steps from the shower to her bed. Mark tells them that doing the same stuff when you are older is so boring. Mark and James say that a bar is a social thing then call and Uber and go do something else.
  15. #BBCELEB 1:04pm BBT They ask Mark how much weight did he think he has lost in the house and he said 10 pounds and raises his shirt. Brandi tells them that Ari and James eats all the time in the house . James said he ate healthy food and not fatty food. Brandi finally got her whip cream to put on her berries. Brandi ask if Metta was still in the house and Mark said he's still here but he just sleeps a lot. Brandi wants Ari , Ross and or Marissa to help her tan today so she will look good tomorrow if she goes home. Ari tells her she will help her. Omarosa is going back up stairs to the HOH room. Ari said we can do self tanning then Brandi tells her that she wishes she had her black bathing suit. Then Brandi will was called to the DR for her meds. Ari is asking how many days are left and how many people will be there. Mark and James are guessing on what is coming up and that they have to have two go home tomorrow. They are really throwing up some twist that might be happening Mark tells Brandi that we the Americans choose which of the three gets chosen for the house guest.