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  1. I think Raven will be the most devastated when she listens to the feeds and hears how Paul regarded her and her illnesses. I believe Raven believes everything that comes out of her mouth and will not understand others reaction. Matt has never said if he believes her or not but he has been 100% supportive.
  2. Arrr... Captain Paul order his mates (Josh and Xmas) to make the crew walk the plank!! I still cannot find anything positive in the three remaining, I sure feel bad for the jury. This is my first year participating with this sight and I enjoy it very much and felt welcome. Thank you everyone❤️❤️❤️
  3. The only thing that surprises me this summer on bb, is that after Mark was evicted Paul didn't have everyone self evict to insure his win, and these sheep would have done it.
  4. When Paul won the bb time machine veto he tried to jump over machine celebrating and almost fell. It would have been ironic if he would have been injured (nothing major) just enough he had to leave the game, but then they probably would have him back next season.
  5. Paul's temptation should have been Like the hex, in the next 3 weeks you can choose to use your safety 1 time. Xmas 's ring would have been funny if her name would have been drawn to play in the veto comp before she used the ring. My biggest bitch is telling people to stay in their bed and don't talk to anyone. It is bad enough to be confined to the bb house then to allow Paul to confine them even more ,what was those people thinking?
  6. Absolutely, Raven seems to be the most delusional and entertaining. Would love to see more of that. What a snooze feast BBAD is. IMO Cody deserves AFP because he tried to slay the sheep header.
  7. Heard a conversation Paul had with Xmas or Josh inviting them to come and see his room at his parents it is so "cool". Like a sixth grader inviting his friends to come over and play video games.
  8. Josh was talking to the camera on BBAD and pretty much outlined everything in Paul's game, so if he lets Paul run over him then it's his own fault.
  9. I love this game but I can not wait until this season is over, someone get the prize money (which no one deserves) and I can put this season out of my mind and go on with my life. Oh wait this is my life LOL
  10. Am I the last one to know Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are a couple? Congrats to them. Please do not have Paul be apart of BBRevengers. Win or lose I do not want to see any more of that face or hear how wonderful he thinks he is.
  11. I liked Josh better when he was stupid, now he has a grasp as to what's going on and he is still playing bully for Paul. It iwill be saddening if he goes after Kev. Josh says he knows the jury house hates him because of his actions yet he continues to do it. I feel bad for the jury house they have to vote.
  12. I am so over Josh and his crying and feeling guilty. Boo-hoo this isn't my fault Xmas and Paul made me do this I know Paul is using me but I will do it and cry about it. I cannot believe that Paul wants more badgering of Kev and it sounds like Josh is going to do it. Kev was the only semi-decent hg and him letting Paul use him makes you want to throw up. Do not like or respect any of these hg. I have tried to respect Paul's game but just can't do it.
  13. I think the jury will all realize what Paul is doing and if he is f2 he will win. If anyone takes out Paul and ends up f2 they will win no matter what else they did good or bad.
  14. How do you know when Raven is lying? Her lips are moving. Sad thing is I know ppl like that if you have a headache they have a migraine, if you have a backache they have an inverted spine.... Wonder if Maven will confront Cody about his lusting after Raven.
  15. The sad thing is Xmas believes that they are awesome and cordial. Alex and Xmas think it is ok to laugh and verbally abuse housemates, Josh actually thinks he was doing the right thing when "he called people out" with banging skillets. Even after everyone agreed with Paul about who to vote out he would encourage hg to be outright ignorant to people. I know it is a game but these ppl seem to find delight by inflicting nastiness and isolation.