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    I love to do crafts, remodel the house, sew clothing for my girls, watch NASCAR with my son, go swimming and fishing with the family but my social life ends when Big Brother starts. I love reality shows, but Big Brother has them all beat hands down.
  1. Just a quick add, what ever is in the back yard, the house guests are not allowed to go outside and see it, even if they just want to sit outside for a while. Of course that rule doesn't apply to Dick, he can go out and smoke. Jam just went outside to sit there and BB gave us Foth, when they came back Jam was back in the house. Dick was going to tell her she couldn't go outside and Dani said to not say anything and let BB yell at her again this week, which was right before we got the Foth and Jam came back in. Dick and Dani were in the Bathroom talking about what he thinks the comp is for tomorrow from what he sees she she is getting the benefit of him being allowed in the back yard alone. (sorry, I know there are Dick fans, but I think that is totally unfair that he can go smoke and see the thing in the back yard, but no one else is allowed. )
  2. Dick playing in the pool, singing underwater and he came up coughing and choking, saying that wasn't a good idea. He asked Jess, who was coming out for her laundry if they had beer yet. On a side note about 30 minutes ago while Zach was in the HT with Dick they were talking about how the weather was much better tonight and how humid it was. Dick said there was a hurricane close by due to how the weather is right now. (I have to give him kuddos on how he can feel the weather and hurricanes.) He even predicted that Mexico must be getting some of it now. (for those who don't know there is a tropcial/hurricane storm on the West coast right now.)
  3. They are finally talking, Dick is telling her what a great team they have been in the house and how this has been a wonderful experience for him and it is even better since she is there with him. He keeps complimenting how great she has done in this house on the comps and how he has worked people and she said NOTHING. She changed the subject to other things in the house and now they are talking about who they would bring back in the house. She would bring back Nick and Dick says that wouldn't be a good thing because they would be held up in that room and wouldn't talk to anyone in the house. She gets a tiny bit defensive about that and then jokes that she would bring back Kail for Dick since she heard Kail divorced her husband to be with Dick. Dick says forget that bring back Janelle for him. Now talk about how much longer they have to go and how many people they have to get rid out of their way to win the money.
  4. Just have to add that a bit ago Dani asked Dick if he really thought she complained more than anyone in the house. He said he felt that since they have a relationship she is more likely to give him all of her complaints and stuff more than to the other house guests and then she interrupted by saying she disagreed and he said you asked me a question and you don't like the answer so we stop talking about it because your not happy. She says she isn't mad she just thinks that the two in the house are more of a complainer than she is. Dick got out of the HT and went to sit in his spot to smoke and Dani pretended to cough and choke up and made him go back to the hot tub to smoke because she was in his spot and she was there first. (I have to say she has my vote for the biggest complainer and there are more award I could give her but I will refrain from telling what it is. ) Now she is still laying in his spot on the patio, he is still in the Hot tub smoking and neither are saying a word to each other.
  5. Nope, having abandon ya all here, just nothing to report. Eric has moved to bed, Jen just called Jam to come see the big spider that almost landed on her head in the dining area, Jam took her shoe off, killed the spider. (what can I say, boring...............)
  6. Jen is eating AGAIN and trying to engage Zach in a conversation about cereal. She gets simple yes and no responses. Now she is saying she won't miss the ants, that is for sure. She is telling Zach about having ants at her house once and they got rid of them in one day. She says apparently BB doesn't have a bug guy. No comment from Zach. Jen tells Zach that Eric was mad that everyone was sleeping. Zach mumbled something, couldn't hear him. Jen keeps trying to get Zach to talk to her but it isn't working. (just to set the record straight and admit I am getting old, KungFuBarbie reminded me that Jen hasn't had to pack before so my mystery is solved. Thanks. )
  7. Zach is now awake and in the bathroom. I can't find Dick or Eric on the feeds as two are on Jam still fixing her hair and two are on Jen trying to figure out how to get her stuff in the suitcase. (didn't she have this trouble every single week she was on the block? I can't figure out why THIS week it is so hard for her to get her suitcase packed. Maybe she didn't think she was leaving before and didn't pack everything.)
  8. Dick walked through the LR and Jen said that BB said you told them you gave all the stuff back but I am still missing items. Dick didn't say a word and went to the bathroom. He asked Jam where someone was and she said "she hasn't come down since you laid down." Dick went to the potty and Jam continued to ask one side of her hair how come they aren't being cute like the other side. Jen had a small mirror and was sitting on the LR floor admiring herself in it while Amber appears, (I say appears) to be sleeping.
  9. There is really nothing going on. Amber is laying on the sofa in the LR, looking out in space or shutting her eyes. Eric in on the nomination sofa being bored and complaining that they are on an indoor lock down and someone is sleeping in all four bed rooms and there is no where for him to go. Jen is packing her suitcase in the living room, complaining that she is running out of room in the suitcase and she still is missing another bag of stuff and a slop bucket full of stuff. She says BB is going to call Dick in to the DR again to make him give her back all of her stuff today. Jam is in the bathroom talking to her hair and messing with it.
  10. Eric is telling Zach about Jess and Eric talking last night about the BB house. Eric says they wondered if there were x ray cameras under the sheets. Jess thought there could be so Eric asked BB if there was and he says the voice from the sky said there are no cameras of that kind in the house. Then Eric says "of course we aren't telling all of the story accurately are we Jess?" Dick came to the BY and Jess tells Dick she is working on her acting skills. Each of the guys will give Jess a scenario of things and then she pretends her acting reaction. (It is kind of cute, but is getting old fast. ) Jen is still out there and is saying a few things once and a while but they are all ignoring her.
  11. Jess, Dani, Eric all in BY talking about Jess having very short hair in Dani's dream and HOH. Jess and Eric think they are going to get HOH, Dani thinks Jess will get it and then some making fun of Amber because Amber believes God is going to let her win tomorrow. We have the normal Jen bashing, most of it coming from Jess. Now they are practicing laughing. Dick is in the kitchen cleaning up from the waffles. Jam, Amber, Jen aren't on any feed so can't report about them. Zach plants himself next to Jess while Jess and Eric were goofing around. Now Eric is being more quiet while Zach is taking over the goofing around role with Jess.
  12. (my out of town visitors are gone finally and the kids are in school so here I am reporting for duty. ) Jen isn storage room, not really doing anything just kind of looking around. Looks like she took a bottle of pop and something else and left the SR. What ever she did take she took it to her bed and went back to bed with it. (I have to say the facial expression she had in the SR looked like she was in a daze or sleep walking.)
  13. Just want to add to the above posts, this conversation between Dustin and Amber began when Amber told Dustin that Dick said Eric told him a while back that Eric had some information about Amber and what she did to her boyfriend, but he is holding it till he needs to use it and then everyone will see Amber in a different light. Amber affirms to Dustin that she only told Jam, Dustin and Eric about the lies regarding the abortions and she is worried if he tells Dick then everyone in America will know what she did and come to her when she gets out of this house and ask her about it and her boyfriend will be so ashamed. She says she told everyone else she lied to her boyfriend about some bad stuff and really hurt him. (Does she really think she didn't just tell America herself right now? She is afraid that Eric will tell America what she did.) Then the talk of keeping Eric till they get rid of Dick and Dani began. (I could of swore she said the word abortions, if I was incorrect I deeply apologize as I don't want to be the one spreading false information.)
  14. According to Amber, she just tells Jam that people from New York are all "asses and rude" and Jewish people are all "money hungry and greedy." Jen comes in and the conversation stops between Amber and Jam.