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  1. Dexter

    Although this topic was open long ago, I still want to continue it. This is one of my favorite serial. I watch it in one breath. Each series was interesting for me.
  2. GOT-Winter Is Here

    I watched only two seasons of this serials, I liked it. But too much time he took from me. Now I think, is it worth to continue watching?
  3. Who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood?

    Yes, she is a very good actress
  4. Who's your favorite woman?

    Yes, I agree with you. Linet is good in its own way! She is a strong and confident woman. I do not know why, but I'm impressed with the image of the younger woman. My girlfriend works as a writer for Essayshark company, and her students have ordered to write an essay on the topic "Portrait of a strong woman". So, I think that Linet example for this.
  5. Who's your favorite woman?

    Basically, I liked Susan Delfino. But her constant failures a little annoyed me. But then I began to impress Gabriel Solis. I can not say that her image is full of good, but I liked her insouciance. And she's pretty!
  6. Your son is into S&M

    This is a delicate situation, you do not need to scold the child. You need to talk to him calmly, answer his questions. To make it clear that parents are not enemies, that they can be trusted.
  7. New and Old Members

    Hello. I'm new here. I can not say that I'm a big fan of the TV show. But I have a few favorites that I watch regularly. I'm also interested in reading various opinions here. Maybe I'll find something that will be interesting for me
  8. a tv show

    Personally, I always liked the TV show about cooking. For example, "MasterChef"