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  1. No Lucibell, Cody did not know Paul had the pendant ahead of time. He was furious at the eviction and told Jessica afterward that Paul should have told them he had it. He thought he was going to back door Paul and that was thwarted. Whatever anyone thinks of Paul, I loved what happened at eviction tonight. They will get Paul out before long, but he does have a huge following outside the house. I am really enjoying the season, with temptations and curses. It changes the whole game.
  2. Yipee! Cody no longer controls the house! I so loved the look on his face when tonight's eviction was announced 8-4. Cody wanted a tie so he could be the one to evict Christmas. He has nobody left to dominate and I love it!
  3. This is a really tough crowd! I have clicked on 5 people tonight and saw pretty much derogatory comments about each of the houseguests. I like most of them - not all!