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  1. Well at this point I'm kind of looking forward to BB CAN coming in March where the twists are real and have real consequences and punishments on the HGs. No one gets a free pass. And while I know this is wishing months out of my life away (scary at my age) it's still wishing a lot of winter and shovelling snow away too lol.
  2. No matter what she does she is constantly checking that the camera is on her and she even talks to them. She also is consciously checking if other HGs are watching her moves. How vain can you be?
  3. I recall last year Paul inviting all the HG for his over the top Hallowe'en party. But if I'm not mistaken there was a rumor that no one showed or no one really wanted to have anything to do with him after BB. Anybody have details on this?
  4. I like Zingbot. His zings are quite accurate and sometimes outright nasty. You're right though about the over-the-top reactions. However these HGs have been having those throughout the season. The forced laughs are the worst. And now being locked in that loony bin for more than 2 months they are bound to have crazed reactions. Raven's was the worst tonight. It's time to see her go.
  5. Yep, what a joke! Too bad Zingbot couldn't let slip a few more zings about the way Paul is playing the game and using these numbskulls. At one time when Paul was dispensing his wisdom on the "Dr. Paul show" and telling them they should never ever go read the commentaries in chat rooms or other media about themselves when they get out or if they do they shouldn't react. Well of course they will all go see what was said about them and how I would love if there was a way to see their reaction when they all think they might be AFP when they've been labelled ADP - America's Dumbest Players.
  6. So did I. The dog walker was hilarious and accurate but my fav. was Josh and the cymbals. Too bad there's no audio to add the circus tune.
  7. Watching BBAD...Seems 90% of the time Mark is eating something with a spoon out of that red bowl. If he's that hungry and it's that f'n delicious why doesn't he get some more instead of trying to scrape the enamel surface off that bowl. Good grief, that's all you hear in the background... that scrape, scrape scrape. He should take a cue from Matt and use his finger. Now I have to admit it's a sad state of affairs that gameplay is so boring and convos often return on bashing Jody that we (meaning I) resort to commenting on the eating habits. Hope there's a turning of the tide soon.
  8. What is it with these twits who would be "honored" to lose to Paul. What are they thinking? SMH - don't they recall that he won $50K last year. And now he's trying to convince them that he'd never win against anyone in F2. Said he wouldn't because he's a vet and played the game before. I guess now they're all lining up to make it easy for him to get F2. Bunch of idiots! Maybe Cody with the help of Elena and Mark (once he's there) can develop a smarter way of communicating to the others who end up in Jury how Paul played them all to ship them there.
  9. Bullies

    Not surprised. When has Paul ever done his dirty work. But this one is really low.
  10. Wow. Sure does. The girl who wrote the post is anemic and has been near starvation and here we have Raven gaining weight and acting with no care in the world except to count her scars. Heard her talk about the trip to Sweden too. Nice vacation on somebody else's dime.
  11. BB are letting way too much slide by with this gal. She wins HOH but then for Veto comp, judging by the talk on BBAD and the crap sticking to the HG bodies I have to assume it's the "slip and slide" to get liquid in the bottle. She couldn't possibly have participated in that and as HOH she should have. If production has such a big hand in scripting this season then they will certainly find a way to have her sent to jury before the F3. If they rearrange easy comps for her at the end the viewers are bound to revolt and let CBS and BB know in no uncertain terms. Viewers are already p.o.'d with this season with all the easy passes Paul got and if he brings Xmas and Josh at the end then as I said in another post, give him the cheque now and put us out of our misery.
  12. OMG Josh! He thinks he's part of the fold. He believes they seek his knowledge of what's going on and send him on errands to get info on what's being discussed. If he only knew that they are just using him and he will be either booted out or be as valuable as tits on a bull if they keep him to final 3.
  13. Earlier in another post I saw that Paul had the Save a Friend apple but only after seeing tonight's show did I find out that Mark had picked it and gave it to him. BB Production write your cheque to Paul right now. No need to continue this charade. Unbelievable! Can't believe I'm still watching this horrible season but of course I'll continue to the bitter end.
  14. You said it. Paul's devotion is to me, myself and I. He starts his talks with the HOHs as: "It might be a good idea if such and such happened", then goes on to list the things he wants to see happen. Following which he ends the talk with: "Oh gee but I don't want to tell you what to do, it's your decision, you're the HOH so do what you want". So having had their ear talked off with his verbal diarrhea for the better part of an hour he walks off and the HOH goes on to make what he/she thinks is a very important decision for the betterment of their game. Paul goes on his merry way knowing these idiots will all drink his koolaid.