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  1. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Hey WOC you're welcome, was wondering if you'd gotten the message, glad you did.
  2. If you happen to come back, just to let you know Jessica and Cody are doing the next Amazing Race. And this is the link to the Survivor board: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/114052-survivor-35-episode-recaps/&tab=comments#comment-885923
  3. Thank you and ditto. Have had good fun on this board as well. Especially liked the 3 W's humor (WOC, Watchers and Wicked). Will consider watching King Paul again only if he is cast with high ranking BB vets. He's an egomaniac but also a sucker for punishment and will definitely come back if invited. Looking forward to Survivor too. I believe they have a similar forum for Survivor fans as well. Might see you there.
  4. This link shows pics of after party guests and Paul is there. http://bigbrothernetwork.com/big-brother-19-houseguests-party-after-finale/
  5. Looks like they made up. Whistle-Nut & Ole Rodeo Team is watching Big Brother. · 6 hrs · True Pals! Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent from CBS Big Brother 19 with their wives! #family #truefriends #pals #bigbrother #bb19 #bb19jason #teamkevin #teamjason @hollylynnbeaversdent
  6. Actually I don't judge anybody. I'm just stating what I think of them. Far as I'm concerned these people will be forgotten by next week. You can judge Cody and his riot trips all you want, I don't care. As for Jessica, I don't hate her, she was more likable after Cody left, I didn't like the zebra striped braid she was wearing and if you noticed the daggers sticking out from the ends of her fingers I doubt she'll be doing any butt-poking any time soon. But I don't care. Just stating what I saw, what I experienced, what I thought and that's it.
  7. Well if he isn't, he sure acted the part of an immature brat very well. I seriously doubt people can keep up pretenses for 90 days. At some point true colors come out. As for Ebay I know it can be lucrative and I'm not scoffing at it. I know people who make a good living at it. I'm just saying it doesn't take a "Bill Gates" to do it.
  8. ROFL great friends he has @ $10.90 each.
  9. Yes and yes. I didn't say there was anything wrong with a celebration. That's what he told Dr. Will he would do. As for the rest it's what happens when a lot of people win large sums. People come out of the woodwork for handouts. Long lost cousins, friend of a friend etc. I guess you didn't read my earlier post where I said his parents got him a financial advisor. And that's a good thing because at his age he will be tempted to blow the money on stuff, his friends and not invest in his future. He's only 23 and also very immature. So this is just MHO. If I had won $500K at that age the last thing on my mind would be setting it aside to invest for the future. You can't honestly think he's a wise independent thinker and business savvy when his "enterprise" consists of selling hair products on EBay.
  10. Oh I agree. His parents know exactly what would happen if they didn't take charge. He's extremely immature. His first order of business after the show was taking everybody out on a drinking binge. Of course he'll foot the bill. Then it might be dinner for all his friends and family when he gets home. Then a cousin needs money to pay the rent and another needs a car and poof the money is gone in no time. His winning was pure dumb luck occasioned by his immaturity. Instead of making big moves inside the house he decided to tattle tale to evicted HGs about the goings on in the house which turned out to be a major advantage. HGs were already furious and that last bit just fueled their intention not to let Paul win.
  11. I earlier thought along the same lines although not at the level of detail outlined here and stated in an earlier post I thought he would blow through the money in 6 months. However, today in an interview with Julie Chen on The Talk he was asked what his plans were. He said his parents had already obtained a financial advisor for him and some of the money will go to help those in need after the hurricane. I assume the parents know their son and will ensure he doesn't waste the money on stuff.
  12. Last night Dr. Will told Josh he was in the media room during the vote and the place erupted in cheers when the final vote was read.
  13. I would love to see a reunion too. I just finished watching the 2-hour video of Dr. Will's backyard interviews when they're still all in the dark about what really happened behind the scenes, i.e. what was said and done. Josh can't wait to watch a playback of the whole season and I'm sure the others will too. They can't help themselves. BTW, Jessica scored a couple of episodes on the Bold and the Beautiful starting Oct 2. Elena wants to travel Cali probably on her mom's dime since Mom is arriving today to meet her. I think she may be planning on staying in the area. Anyway those interviews were insightful but would love to see how they really feel in a month or so.
  14. She borrowed Wilma Flintstone's Sunday dress.