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  1. AMEN to this Celebrity BB. They were all gaga about the experience but they have no idea what the real BB experience is lol. They had it really mild. I followed results of TAR halfway and then didn't really notice when my PVR wasn't taping episodes. Last I'd seen was Cody and Jessica were lagging behind. I'm surprised they won but glad they did. Just looking forward to watching BB Canada starting March 7th.
  2. Me too. As soon as Ross convinced him to throw the HOH with his phony I want my Mommy's letter story the end was very predictable. I don't know why these people let their emotions rule the game. Ross had already won an HOH and if Mom had been in such dire medical state, BB would have let him know.
  3. Yeah, I was sorry to see him go and I sure hope Mark can hang on a bit longer. My hope is that Omarosa, Brandi, Marissa, Ross and Ariadna go next in that order lol, but that's wishful thinking. Not much time left though so harsh evictions are bound to happen this week.
  4. I agree. And yes good choices; those two are about the only straight shooters in there.
  5. OMG this is so painful to watch. I detest Omarosa about as much as I detested Paul and now she's HOH. I hope the Veto twist with America screws up her nominations. I'm still undecided who I want to see win but for sure it's not Omarosa. I'm glad some of them got to taste the slop lol although I would have liked to see some concrete beds added to the game and the wine allocation going dry.
  6. Well I certainly hope this is the first and last Celebrity BB. Today's episode was total BS. Where's the slop and the concrete beds? They seem to have wine flowing all the time (or at least Brandi does). And begging to leave because of breast milk depletion??? Why is she even there if her kid is starving! I thought she'd say her baby was 3 or 4 months old but a year old? Really? This last comment will likely get me criticized but go ahead, I have thick skin. And then the exit interview with Keshia/Rudy gushing about the BB experience... She has no idea what the BB experience is and if she did she would never have signed up for 3 weeks, never mind 3 months. Will be glad to see the real BB this summer and in the meantime BB Canada starts March 7 and I'm looking forward to that one.
  7. I was just thinking about the 3-week event this morning. Nine more people have to go quickly, so that's 3 per week. I guess we'll see a lot of double evictions or maybe even a triple will be thrown in since one week is gone already.
  8. Wow I couldn't have been more wrong when I quoted the above if I go by yesterday's veto and eviction. When in the world of BB have they ever served champagne during the Veto competition? I guess we'll know soon enough if they keep the white gloves on for these so-called "celebrities". Omarosa is showing her true colors early but got caught. I thought the girl alliance would last maybe a week but already it's melting.
  9. Omarosa is an attention getter. So far her only claim to fame was getting fired 3 times on Apprentice and now her short-lived stay at the White House and being escorted out had to make her giddy with pleasure since it was another attention grabber. She signed up for BB as soon as she was out. She is spilling little tidbits from the white house and will milk that to the fullest to keep the others interested and the target off her back. Her tears were as fake as they come lol. She is hard as nails and tears are not her style except to suit her needs. Anyway, like I said earlier, I hope these people get the real BB experience. I want to see slop and the worst accommodation for the have-nots. They can't expect to hype the very first celebrity BB and not dish out what ordinary folk get for 3 months.
  10. lol I agree. Well at least that's out of the way now. I can't believe that already a big strong guy is crying about missing his family and wants to go home. Why'd he sign up for it in the first place. It's only 3 weeks, not 3 months. I hope they're not treated with kid gloves either and that they have "real" have-not slop. Can't wait to see Brandi chuck that down lol seeing as she seems to thrive on champagne. I didn't see the tour and don't know if they have a have-not room. Anyway should be an interesting 3 weeks.
  11. Hey WOC, nice to see a familiar face here. Don't know any of these people except Omarosa and "Rudy" aka Keshia lol. Familiar faces are Ross and Marissa but I don't know them either; not sure where I saw Ross and never saw the movie Hairspray. Ditto on the housewife Brandi; OMG she's going to be trouble I think. Those shows have never been on my watch list. I cringed when I saw Paul too and thought OH NO!! Please not again. Omarosa is already spilling on the white house and CNN is watching closely lol. They're already commenting on last night's show. I think the house will keep her in long enough to see what she spills. I can't believe she's already gunning for an all girl alliance. She of all people should know from her stints on Apprentice that girls just do not get along long enough for it to last; at least not on BB, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and just wait and see.
  12. HeleneL

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    I'm very happy Ben won. I too would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I haven't watched Amazing Race in a couple of years. I get annoyed at all the bickering and yelling between partners but I just might take a peek at the next one if Jessica and Cody are on. Maybe Cody will fare better in AR since it's less of a social game. I also hope the fires have dampened down a bit and they're not constantly on top of each other like they were in Big Brother.
  13. HeleneL

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Hey WOC you're welcome, was wondering if you'd gotten the message, glad you did.
  14. If you happen to come back, just to let you know Jessica and Cody are doing the next Amazing Race. And this is the link to the Survivor board: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/114052-survivor-35-episode-recaps/&tab=comments#comment-885923