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  1. Who should get AFP?

    I think it was a stupid thing for Jason to say, but overall, I think he is a nice guy. He is going to feel horrible when he realizes the magnitude of his words. I tend to judge people by their actions.
  2. Who should get AFP?

    I agree; Jess and Cody did horribly
  3. Who should get AFP?

    I like Jason a lot, but based on his rape statements, it is doubtful he will win, so my votes go to the next nicest player, which is Kevin
  4. Who should get AFP?

    Kevin deserves AFP over Jessica. Given the situation he was in Kevin was in ALL summer, he was quite gracious. Jess is literally scum
  5. Who should get AFP?

    Cannot stand jess or Cody.
  6. Who should get AFP?

    Had Jason not made such crude comments, he would have won AFP.
  7. Who should get AFP?

    Hands down, Kevin deserves AFP. Cody is a crazy guy and deserves nothing.
  8. I think anyone who has convinced themselves that Cody played a good game or is worthy of AMF is fooling themselves. People need to study human behavior.
  9. Do not agree, which is likely the reason he does not get along with his family. I think he is an ass inside and outside of the game.
  10. Completely disagree. His face and body alone show that Cody is not the picture of emotional stability; in fact, he seems like he will go off some day, which is scary.
  11. Not sure why anyone would vote Cody AFP. He is an ass with no social skills at all. From what I have seen, it is understandable why he does not get along with his family. He appears to be emotionally unstable.