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    A little bit more about Raven...

    Gastroparesis is a condition that can go into remission and then flares up. Raven has a gastric pacemaker which saves some people's lives? Others? No change. Also the diet is basically all the things that you are told to lose weight. Low fiber. I can eat candy but not an apple. Link to Mayo Clinic with treatments including diet. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gastroparesis/diagnosis-treatment/treatment/txc-20323142 Eat smaller meals more frequently Chew food thoroughly Eat well-cooked fruits and vegetables rather than raw fruits and vegetables Avoid fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as oranges and broccoli, which may cause bezoars Choose mostly low-fat foods, but if you can tolerate them, add small servings of fatty foods to your diet Try soups and pureed foods if liquids are easier for you to swallow Drink about 34 to 51 ounces (1 to 1.5 liters) of water a day Exercise gently after you eat, such as going for a walk Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and smoking Try to avoid lying down for 2 hours after a meal Take a multivitamin daily Here's a brief list of foods recommended for people with gastroparesis (your dietitian can give you a more comprehensive list): Starches White bread and rolls and "light" whole-wheat bread without nuts or seeds Plain or egg bagels English muffins Flour or corn tortillas Pancakes Puffed wheat and rice cereals Cream of wheat or rice White crackers Potatoes, white or sweet (no skin) Baked french fries Rice Pasta Protein Lean beef, veal and pork (not fried) Chicken or turkey (no skin and not fried) Crab, lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops, oysters Tuna (packed in water) Cottage cheese Eggs Tofu Strained meat baby food Fruits and vegetables Baby food vegetables and fruits Tomato sauce, paste, puree, juice Carrots (cooked) Beets (cooked) Mushrooms (cooked) Vegetable juice Vegetable broth Fruit juices and drinks Applesauce Bananas Peaches and pears (canned) Dairy Milk, if tolerated Yogurt (without fruit pieces) Custard and pudding Frozen yogurt
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    A little bit more about Raven...

    What kind of info are you looking for? Living this hell myself I can likely answer a lot of questions.
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    A little bit more about Raven...

    It is not caused by that. I have gastroparesis as well. It's usually caused by genetics or a damaged vagus nerve.