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  1. 2:43 BBT The den bedroom starts giggling as Josh walks into the have not room. Josh comes out of the have not room and starts accusing Kevin of messing up his bed. Josh says he's going to get him back. Kevin jokes about carrying a screw around with him tomorrow for protection. Josh goes back into the havenot room and starts trying to piece his bed back together. Ramses tells him that he did not mess up his bed. Jason is trying to sleep with the lights o. Josh walks back into the den bedroom and brings something to Kevin about putting M&M's in his bed. Kevin still denies messing with his bed. "Why would I do that? I didn't do it. Scout's honor." Josh starts dropping M&M's on the floor and gets yelled out by the other people in there. Kevin keeps trying to convince Josh it wasn't him, saying that if it was him he wouldn't have left the food he eats all the time as evidence. Josh finally leaves and Kevin lays into Ramses for putting M&M's into the bed and Ramses says he didn't do it. Josh comes back and asks who put the cocoa butter on the door. Kevin says it's not cocoa butter, it's semen. They joke that Christmas jacked off on the door and Ramses goes "Ewww". (This whole conversation is ewww...) Ramses leaves and Paul goes to the havenot room to mess with Josh's bed again. He does something and runs back to his bed. They start reviewing little history stuff until Josh comes back. They all deny that anyone did anything to his bed. Josh says "That's fine. Tomrrow the games begin." Paul: "The games began a month ago." Josh comes back and accuses Ramses of putting semen on his door. Ramses whines and denies it. Josh goes into the HN room and Paul has Ramses go spy on Josh at the door. They whisper about who really did stuff to Josh's bed. They think it was Alex. Paul calls out for Josh but he doesn't answer. Christmas asks for Paul's Crackle and he gives it to her. Ramses and Paul start smack talking each other jokingly. Josh comes out with a bandana and is wiping off the greased door. Kevin reiterates that he didn't do anything and Josh says again that tomorrow the games begin. Kevin goes back to his history lessons. He asks what happened on 7/20/69? Josh hesitates and Paul says the moon landing. Josh says he knew that, he didn't get to finish. He says that it was Louis Armstrong. The others repeat what he said and start laughing. Paul says "NEIL Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was the f**king trumpet player!"
  2. 2:25 BBT Mark and Elena in the BY in the hammock. Elena says she likes Jason but he is a loose cannon and then starts yelling at Mark for grabbing her fat. Alex and Jason talking in the have not room. . They are going over the votes to get Dominique out. They go over it again. Alex messes with Mark's pillows in the have not room and Jason says "get over here". Alex says "I'm doing something important. I'm causing mistrust." Raven, Matt, MArk, Elena, Josh, Ramses, Christmas are the votes for Dominique they are counting. Paul comes in as Alex keeps changing pillows around in the have-not room. Jason says stop chaos, you're going to get me in trouble. Paul tells Jason to stop talking about the veto. Paul doesn't want to be caught in the middle of this. (Then stop inserting yourself in the middle of everything.) Jason tells Alex he is missing a pillow and asks Alex to give him one of the pillows she is rearranging. Alex goes into the Den bedrooom and whispers how she messed with the pillows in the have not room and they all laugh. Paul asks where Ramses and Josh are. Alex says they are upstairs talking about competitions that would be best for them and how Josh needs to fight for safety. Production: "The lights must stay on." Alex laughs and goes back to the havenot room. She starts messing with the beds again and Jason tells her to stop while laughing. "They are going to come in and be so pissed off." They have a brief pillow fight while giggling. Alex decides to go upstairs and tell Ramses and Josh that their beds are messed up. She does and Josh questions it briefly and then moves back to the POV recap where Ramses tried to throw it. Alex says she is going to bed and Josh asks for two minutes. Ramses leaves and Josh asks if Jason will use the veto tomorrow. Alex says "He hasn't told me. Why? Are you nervous?" Josh says he is not nervous but everyone else is. Alex asks Josh who it would be if the veto would be used. Josh guesses Mark or Matt. Alex asks why he would think that. Josh is not sure why but he thinks Dominique should go home because she lied about voting for Ramses. (She did not lie, Kevin is the errant vote. Paul is playing these people.) Josh says he only talks game with her and Jason. (Isn't that what he told Paul last week when he was HOH?) Alex says you want to keep relationships with everyone though so they want to keep you in the game. Josh agrees and says people were probably wondering when he walked out of the room with Dominique. Josh is completely paranoid and going over every time anyone has even looked at him. Josh says he wants to play. Alex asks who he would put up. Josh says Matt and Raven. Alex says that's a good idea, we need to break them up. Josh says they need to start comparing notes, assuming he wins HOH next week, so they can see who is talking to who. Alex says she doesn't trust Ramses, Josh asks about Elena and Alex says she is okay. They discuss Kevin and Josh says he would have a hard time voting him out. Alex warns Josh that Kevin is playing a smart game and watches what everyone does very carefully. Ramses comes up and tells Josh that his bed is all f**ked up. All three go downstairs.
  3. 2:20 BBT Alex, Ramses, and Josh in the HOH talking about the next HOH comp. Josh wants it to be mental and Alex laughs. Josh says well physical and mental. Josh says he always has to fight for safety. Alex tells him that he didn't have to fight for safety that first week. Josh recounts a conversation where he walked in on Cody and people in the storage room who were saying they were going to get him out first. Alex and Ramses both say No, they were going to Megan and Paul. The only reason they targeted him was because he took the apple and that pissed Cody off. Ramses says he feels sorry for Christmas. "Her foot is like legit broken." Alex leaves and goes downstairs.
  4. 2:13 BBT Jason, Mark, Elena in the BY talking about who is going to win comps going forward. Jason says he doesn't care who goes home and Mark tells him to "stop, we have an agenda". Mark says that they were up for 12 hours last night and they've agreed to send Dominique home. They go over who they have for the vote, Mark, Elena, Jason, Paul, Ramses. Paul comes out and join the conversation. Jason says he might use the veto to sniff out anyone who is not line. Jason tells Paul that Kevin and Christmas asked him about using the veto and Kevin and Christmas both wanted him to use the veto. Apparently they put out some false information that Mark would be the replacement to how/if it would get back to me. It looks like they think Kevin is the pot-stirrer who is starting stuff. They go back and forth a bit and then they start saying they should go to bed. Dominique is going home, leave it alone. Mark farts and Paul says "What is that?" Fart jokes continue for the next few minutes. They want to pull a prank on Josh with a fart towel. (Eww...) Paul and Jason go inside.
  5. 11:48 BBT Dom and Alex talking in HOH. Dominique says that she has been hearing from several people that she needs to Alex. She says that she has heard that rumors are flying that she was one of the non-Cody votes. Dom states why would she not vote out someone who was very much coming after her. She wants to know point blank if Alex has heard those rumors or planted those seeds in her mind. Alex says she believes that Dom is not one of the votes and she knows that one of the nominees will be Jessica although she can't say that for certain perBB. They discuss Ramses as a possible pot stirrer but they dismiss him as a threat. Dominique says that she believes that someone in their group is targeting her (Dominique). They talk around names without saying specifics. It sounds like Dom thinks it is a girl who is insecure about her relationship within other group members. (My guess is Christmas but not sure). Dominique tells Alex that she told her team something was fishy and if someone gets defensive about it then that's a red flag to her. Dominique says the truth makes sense. They start going around again about the mystery votes. Alex seems to think one of them was definitely Christmas but they are not sure about the other vote. Alex and Dominique are leaning toward someone in one of the couples. They ruled out Kevin. Dominique also brings up the talk show and how it caused a lot of controversy. That's one of the reasons she wanted to talk to Alex. Everyone in the group said things behind her back about how shady it was except Paul who said something to Dominique upfront. Dominique seems to really lean on how Mark got so upset with her (Dom) about the questions. Dominique says she doesn't feel like her group was being disrespectful because they said her show was amazing to her face and then were really upset and talked behind her back. It was one of the reasons Dominique separated herself from the group yesterday. Alex says she didn't see a problem with her show. Dominique says she can take and respect criticism but she cant handle people being two-faced to her when she is giving them her trust and respect and it is not returned. Alex agrees and uses her relationship with Josh as an example of the same thing. Dominique says she'll be back to figure out how to finish her hair. Alex says no problem and Dominique leaves.
  6. alex

    Please, please, PLEASE Alex don't let yourself get sucked into Paul's smoke. You have a brain, use it! Run your HOH the way you know you need to. Get some of those big threats out of the house before they take you out instead. I know she has to keep Elena and Mark safe but hopefully that's it for the deal she made with Elena.
  7. BBT 8:32 Paul repeating words even though the comp is over. BB must want them for the show. FOTH {I'm heading off, night.}
  8. 8:26 BBT Someone asks Elena what she is doing and Elena says she is praying. They tell her to keep saying those "Hail Mary's". She asks Mark how his finger is doing when the water stops. Then the wall tilts again. Alex asks if they want to make a deal. She asks Jason and he says, "You all fall off and I'll be HOH." He then says "No one on this wall is going home. Alex and elena agree. Jason gets Elena to agree not to nominate him at all. Jason jumps. Elena talks about having people protected and Alex agrees. Elena jumps. ALEX WINS!!!
  9. 8:23 Feeds back. Elena, Alex, and Jason still there. Elena keeps saying she can hang all night but she is doing the most adjusting. {Maybe it's a strategy to keep her loose?} Water back and everyone shivering.
  10. 8:20 Elena says "You know, Jason. Jason, 'What do I know?" Elena. "You know." Jason stands up and Elena says she's a brick house MF'k. Alex asks if she can curse again and when Paul says yes she lets out several curse words in a row. FOTH
  11. 8: 17 Dominique is gone as well.
  12. 8:15 Mark encouraging Elena. Paul quips "Gravity is not in your favor." Somebody jokes that it is the longest Jess has ever lasted. (She looks so sad ) They definitely say it's the longest Cowboy has lasted and Jason chuckles. Jess is gone.
  13. 8:12 Water coming and Alex saying the Lord's prayer. Kevin asks if they are all right and Elena snaps back, "No it's not all right!" All five are crouching. Elena is struggling but keeps her hold. They tilt and get splattered with slime and water at the same time. Elena seems to be the one struggling most. Jason has found his past pain point.
  14. 8:11 Alex is whispering to Elena on the wall but I can't hear what they are saying. Did someone else catch it?
  15. 8:09 BBT Paul and Mark talking about how Jess is solid up there. "She's a f**king beast." Matt moves over to Mark and starts softly talking. Paul says he's calling it that someone is about to fall but so far nothing.