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  1. Sorry I wasn't around today but from what i can gather on Twitter, the houseguests were punished for bad-mouthing formers, production, us, and/or each other. Swearing, and claiming comps are rigged were also lecture topics. They are all on slop now because of it. Not sure for how long. Demetres told Cass that he's heard the vote is unanimous(against her) & the people that are telling her otherwise are lying. But she is still making the rounds campaigning despite being told this. Nothing else exciting happened
  2. Summary of this morning Jackie asked Will if he told Cass he wouldn’t use it on her and he said yes. Will said he wants to trust Kevin but he can’t and he knows when Kevin is lying to him. Will suspects Kevin intends to go after Dre. Will thinks Canada will hate him if he doesn’t use the POV on Cass. Jackie says are you kidding me? Canada won’t hate you! Will tells Jackie Cass hugged me. I'm like "if she is rolling her eyes when she hugs me, that bitch need to get out" Jackie tells Will if you use it on Cass, Kevin and Bruno are not going to be happy with you. Will says they will probably go after me anyway Will tells Jackie “The two people I trust is Dre and you. I'd never lie to you” Gary tells Will “I am going to tell you how it is. You would be stupid if you used the veto. You will regret it” Gary tells Will “If I fight to save Cass, I am going to be an even bigger target next week. I have to let it go” Gary tells Will - That bitch (Neda) is safe. That's why her attitude is like this. She is like "you can’t touch me" Gary says “William, Dre, Jackie, Gary, Ika, Demetres, Karen. Why dont we build our own side?” Will “I would love that.” Bruno tells Kevin “Dillon and Emily will not come for us. Neda I feel good about, Sindy I feel good about. It's just Ika and Demetres. Ika is in with everybody. Kevin agrees Bruno tells Kevin “Once Cass is gone, my name and your name hopefully stop getting out there” Kevin and Bruno agreed that they would use the veto on each other and never vote against each other Bruno tells Kevin “Neda didn’t have to win anything. I'm glad she did. That proved she is here to play with us” Cas tells Dre “Even if I can’t get Will to use the Veto on me I’m pretty sure I can get his vote”
  3. 9:40PM Ika tells Gary Neda Kev Bruno are in something She said she asked Neda why not put up Dill and Em and Neda told her that dill /Em/Kev/Bruno/Neda have something Gary said why don’t we have something big like that and Ika says we do me you Dre and Will. Gary says yah but we’re weak as F**K
  4. 9PM Neda won HOH She is talking alone with Ika, she says she wants to put up Cass and Jackie Ika tells Neda that if she nominates 2 girls it can look bad for her brand. She says she doesn’t care, she has to nominate ppl who are coming after her, can't be gender biased Neda to Ika/Dre- Cass has made a final deal with every single person in this game. I'm going to say that in my speech Cass/Jackie in SR Cassandra- Who do you think she's going to put up, me and you? Jackie- I feel like she's considering it
  5. Karen/Em chat, Karen to Emily- I thought it would be epic with these vets. They are just fucking up my game cause they cant make a decision 8:25 PM Cass/Dallas Cass says she needs Dallas to stay She hates Emily Back yard is open, Bruno/ Dem in hot tub saying there are a lot of deals going around. Bruno says he only talks game with their 6 alliance [not true fyi] Both agree Cass talks too much. 8:30 PM Cass is helping Gary study
  6. 6:50 PM Em and Cass have an awkward chat in the HN with Dre and Jackie present. It doesn't work out well for Em, Cass kinda owned the convo, and then Em goes to Dillon and tells him Holy shit she's so fake! 7:20 PM Em campaigns to Gary and he says his vote is undecided, can she offer anything? "I have a lot of control over Dillon, I can literally control what he does"
  7. 6:30 PM Dallas is now onto Bruno and Ika in HOH they tell him they think he has the votes to stay.
  8. 6:20 PM Dallas alone talking out loud...counting his possible votes. Do I drop the bomb? If I don't have a chance I should drop it, but if I do have a chance and I drop it then I don't have a chance. [ I think the bomb is throwing Sindy under the bus] Gary and Will alone in blue BR Gary is asking him if when they get to the final 3 if Will would choose Gary over Dre, he said its so far down the road but then admits Dre is in fact his #1
  9. 6:05 Cass /Jackie/Dre in HN Dre said she was going to vote with the house and will ask Neda which way the house was going 6:10 PM Dem and Ika helping Bruno study for HOH Dallas is now working on Kevin, who is also agreeing with everything he says then says he still hasn't decided what he is going to do.
  10. 5:55 PM Ika, Dem and Bruno agree that Dallas needs to leave.
  11. 5:45 PM Bruno and Ika talking in HOH Ika telling Bruno everything that Jackie and Cass said. That the "others" will nominate Bruno/Kev no matter what 5:55 PM Dallas has moved on to Neda she is just agreeing with everything he says
  12. 5:30 PM Feeds back Cass and Jackie in HN room studying something they saw, presumably for tomorrows HOH comp. Dallas making "one last pitch" to Sindy, she says as far as she knows he is staying
  13. 3:40PM Feeds off, then back, the house guests have been given a task, they have scripts and costumes and are practicing their lines in groups.So far I see Ika w/Kevin, Neda w/Will & Dre, Sindy/Jackie Cass/Dallas
  14. 7:30 PM Looks like they had a comp and the losers have to cook and clean up after the winners. Confirmed losers: Karen, Dallas, Bruno, Em, Neda, Ika, Sindy, Dillon,Jackie, Gary, William, Kevin All but Dem are scrubbing the floor with tooth brushes (he was the host of the comp so didn't win or lose) Confirmed winners: Cass, Dre