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    Who's your favorite woman?

    my favorite is Lynette too but that's mostly because I love Felicity Huffman! When I first started watching this series, I was surprised that she was the mom with a house full of kids. She usually plays strong, professional women. For instance when she was on Sports Night (a few years back) she played the executive producer of a cable sports show. If you ever get a chance, watch it! It is an amazingly good series even though it only lasted 2 yrs. Anyway, back to Desperate Housewives, over time she did seem like a good fit in that role. I like Gaby too. yes, she's materialistic & too self centered but that seems reasonable since she used to be a fashion model. For the first 5 seasons, I watched DH as broadcast. But after ABC cancelled 2 soaps, All My Children & One Life to Live, I was so mad I didn't watch anything on ABC for awhile! Then I noticed that Hulu has those episodes so I binge watched the rest. (Btw, Tuc Watkins who played Bob on DH was also on One Life to Live. He was one of my favorites on that show too.) I really have a problem with Susan. She began to annoy me with her meddling! yes, she & Edie always seemed to need a man around but to me, it was easier to relate to Edie since she had an independent spirit. I don't think Susan could live without a man if her life depended on it! I was shocked that Mike was killed! He was a good guy & a great character! But I was even more shocked that Susan didn't react more strongly to his death. I mean this was the man that many of us believed was like a soul mate to her. yes, she seemed sad but I never saw the kind of intensity of grief that I thought his character deserved! In one interview James Denton (Mike) said Teri was good in the comedy scenes & he's right about that. Maybe drama just isn't her thing. I just thought her lack of reaction was inappropriate considering that Mike was supposed to be one of the great loves of her life!