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  1. Many, many thanks for this video. And i wish you a happy new Year.
  2. Hello. I'm from Germany. In the Story the Apparition from Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction was once seen instead of the Spirit one sees there today another Spirit to see. And in the old Version there was to see a Women that played in a Christmas Movie. The Movie is called "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation". In the Story from Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction, the Women got Food served, on a Floor, that was built without Fall Protection in the Air. In every american Opening from Beyond Belief you can see this Floor. In this Openings there are to see Waterwaves near the Floor that are as high as a House. I'm twenty five Years old, and i have a Crush on this Woman. If i could send her Presents every Time she has Birthday and every Christmas i would do it. I would very much like to eat out with her. She is so beautyful to me that i think she is an Angel. Perhaps no Woman could find a better Boyfriend than me. I would very much like to see the old version again because I found it much, much better than the new one. Is there perhaps an Internet Archive, where i can watch the old Version? Is there perhaps a Dvd Box where i can watch the old Version? I would like to know all the Music Titles of the Tv Series, because I play the Piano, and would like to learn the complete Soundtrack from the Tv Series by Ear. Thank you very much in Adwance. Jonathan95