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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by the cast. Not to imply I’m thrilled about all 11, but it’s a more balanced cast that I anticipated. There are a couple members that I think are overexposed on the ‘Reality’ front but we all know that’s casting tapping in to followers and fan bases to drive ratings. Beyond that, this cast should offer a interesting flagship season to CBBUS.
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    Clock is Ticking

    Big Brother fandom is split down the middle on the opinion of Paul. Fans either love his game or hate Paul. At week 4 with the most powerful temptation of the season (haulting hex) was handed to a Jessica some fans believed would be bold enough to take down the kingdom of Paul may have helped Paul as much as Cody did. The most significant change in this season over every other season before is that every single HG other than Paul is doing exactly the opposite of what we as fans have been conditioned to expect. In order to dissect Paul's magical hand in sustaining support and attention of so many of his own competitors in this game we need to go back to week one. The season begins with Paul doing exactly what he did last season. He integrates into the showmance alliance a large group who should have controlled the game for the first several weeks. The RealiTea is while Cody had the right idea-take out the biggest threat he failed to have the skills necessary to make it happen. Cody takes a huge shot without securing the votes. He expected all the sheep to follow him after 9 days in the house. He underestimated how his teammates felt about Paul assuming his own enemy meant that's everyone's enemy. While your enemy is my enemy is often true in BB, that isn't how week 1 works. Cody could have recruited Jess to help him make others as afraid of Paul as he is but his failure to rally the troups hands Paul the key to the castle. If you are a fan who loathes the fact that Paul that so many HG are blindly loyal to him there is an obvious element being overlooked. Cody handed Paul a complete alliance in tact with his attempt to BD Paul without any discussion. These same BB fans who wished and hoped for a Cody return convinced he would be the one with Jess and the Hex would make them easily come out guns blazing. I mean safety does often make people drunk with power. Once again Jess does exactly the opposite of what she should do (nominate Paul/Alex) partially because Cody is still against targeting Alex. She plays what she believes will be the safe move to gain some If you hate the fact so many have pledged their allegiance to Paul and easily buy his stock-You should be blaming Cody! Paul didn't run around and do crazy stuff putting a spell on Marlena, Maven, Dom, and Xmas. In fact, until that week 1 Veto Xmas was the only one aligned with Paul. While they both joined the showmance alliance when Paul and Xmas tried to sell explain to Cody and the others that Dom was a threat because of the pull she was developing with Mark they were completely ignored and dismissed by not just Cody but most of the couples as well. I replay some of these key issues because as we finally return to feeds after a pointless as 30+ hour blackout we learn Christmas is HOH, Jason/Matt are nominated (allegedly as pawns), and Paul, Christmas, and Raven are gathered in the HOH room. Now, although the Krumpus (a.k.a. Xmas) is HOH and many fans are already expressing frustration that this is yet again another rinse and repeat week, I would suggest of the 9 remaining HG she is the one player who is was most likely (besides Mark of course) make a move that is not Paul's. Unfortunately as with all the other weeks we will likely be left with an HOH doing exactly what Paul wants and not even aware of it. While I am not a fan of many of the questionable tactics applied this summer, fans cannot continue to blame Paul for the conscious decisions players like Xmas, Josh, Alex have chosen to make. We can also not blame the sheep for being willing to vote out players that truly had no equity in helping them as the weeks continue to pass. Someone had to go home every week and while you want to try and keep players that will benefit you at some point the fact remains...for many HG this season their reasoning has been the most basic instinct of a HG 'if they go I don't'. There is playing aggressively and there is just being a down right deplorable player relying on vile and shameful behaviors to achieve a reasonable goal. Fans have blurred lines where actions offend them. Some fans thrive on the attempts of people to achieve the villain status in this game. Others love the players that make strong impacts on the actual Game play over winning popularity contests for being the prettiest, Smartest, Funniest, bitchiest, most strategic, or simply just someone each fan can find themselves personally relating to on some level. That being said...those who we have watched follow Paul and execute 'his' targets week after week I don't have an issue with sending any of the players out they have sent out regardless of the reason. Cody and Jess made their BB beds through their own actions and at the end of the day those choices made them impossible to trust or feel comfortable working with. Cody was potential a huge competitor and winning comps as the weeks Go by is a very critical element to the game. Being inflexible and making clear their targets based on personal biases and 'emotional' responses are exactly what most of the players have done. At the end of each week someone has to Go. Cody and Jess were not viable options for anyone else in the game and they secluded themselves From the first week (following Cody's decisions to try and target Paul and when that failed throwing Xmas up). Despite having multiple chances in their BB lives, winning 2 HOH's and the most powerful den of temptation power of the season they couldn't change their approach. Dominique spent most of her time manipulating Mark and never truly made a connection with anyone else in the house. The whole talk show debacle was a huge miscalculation on her part and one small comment in this game can turn all eyes on you for something completely unintended but that's the game. Let us not forget that Cody threw Dom and Mark UTB at a moment when Dom herself made her a topic in the game and sending her out at the time hurt no one else but Mark. Paul certainly capitalized on the moves Cody and Dom made but they gave him the ammunition. A huge part of being successful is taking things that happen that are beyond your control and making them work for you. The greatest players in BB all have this ability in common. There was going to come a point where Mark had to choose between Dom's friendship and his feelings for Elena. As the weeks have gone by it's pretty clear where his loyalty would have landed. That was a terrible choice on Mark's behalf but at the end of the day it was his choice. Ramses, this player floated from room To room Obviously intending to disrupt convos or be a fly on the wall. While there is a more effective way to gather intel more inconspicuously he didn't have the ability to execute that strategy properly and it made him a questionable character in the house very early on. Again, choosing to lie and say there was a banner plane and attempted to create a target out of Mark and Dom was a terrible move in a house full of people that at the very least watch the show and know BB Would call for a Lockdown if there was a breach in the BY as he had claimed. When he found himself in trouble he didn't have emergency roads to players he had worked to develop strong relationships with and hit a dead end. Elena was really the only player Ramses had managed to make a connection with and at that point in this season her loyalty was first to Mark and then to the couples so he was never going to land in the middle of that list which is the spot you want to have in any larger alliance. You don't want to be the biggest target (front men like Cody, Alex, Paul) and you don't want to be the bottom Link which is most easily removed without causing any further fractures in the strength of the chain. As the weeks pass and players that remained got more and more comfortable with their place in the house (right or wrong) it became easy to allow others to be the ones who made the decisions because that's how hierarchies work. A dominant (Paul/Xmas/Alex) gives a submissive (Josh/Mark/Jason) a sense of empowerment to act in a certain way. Cameron was the only real innocent bystander this season. He never got through the first night and couldn't win his way back into the game when given the opportunity. He made a valiant effort but came up short through no fault of his own that was simply the hand he was dealt in the BB game. Cameron had a chance to plead His case on the first night and again fell short. I mean Xmas (healthy) was sitting next to him and people saw a strong physical intelligent accomplished woman and felt unthreatened by her over the nerd archetype he was cast to fulfill. He can probably thank Steve and Ian for that more than anything else. That and production for forcing him to wear those glasses. Now that we approach the last 5 weeks no one is sad that they sent anyone else out the door regardless of the reasons at this point. Cameron, Jillian, Cody, Dominique, Ramses, Jessica, Cody (again), and Elena were all in fact obstacles for each and every player to reach those final Two chairs on finale night. Yes, it was good for Paul but it was also good for Alex/Jason, Raven/Matt, Xmas/Josh, and perhaps to a lesser degree Kevin. Kevin is the only one left in the game that I can follow the map back and see where keeping a player or two and sending someone else out may be to his benefit now, but at the time they weren't the most beneficial to him in the moment it happened. Paul is great at reading people. He sniffs out what they need to make them feel liked, empowered, accepted, or just justified and uses that to gain their favor when he needs it. He spent a lot of time and efforts the first 3-4 weeks navigating all the personality types and blazing various paths so as the game got deeper into the season he would have choice if and when he found himself in trouble. No one else in the house has done that besides Kevin. The difference is Paul knows how to play the game (comps/stirring the pot/capitalizing on twists and turns). Kevin did invest time and energy into building a connection and accurately reading the players with everyone but Paul. He accepted the assessment he made of Paul week 2. Kevin did catch on to Paul and attempted to circled back around realizing he needed to begin creating a path to target Paul but by the time he did that others in the house were far too dependent on Paul and Paul had been actively blazing his own trails all along. Mark is likely to go home this week. Xmas is missing the best opportunity she will have to control the game and eliminate the one player everyone else is connected to and has the best chance at winning against every single one of them. Josh will never be enough to get Xmas into the finals with the possibility of winning against Paul. With her broken foot she needs to make a stronger impact on the house to gain enough equity for anyone to justify giving her $500k when she didn't even play in more than half the comps and verbally attacked, belittled, and isolated those who will be sitting in the jury at this point. It was in fact the perfect time for her to win and completely blindside a big target like Alex or Paul and she just doesn't understand that feeling sorry for heralds because she can't beast through comps is far less valuable than actually having the power to make a move that could actually justify a win. At this point anyone that takes out Paul and happens to sit in one of those two chairs is as close to being guaranteed a win as any player can get. EVERY single player in the jury would happily reward the player who dethroned Paul. Jason has won Veto, so he is safe for the week. That's great for him but he needs to put his foot in Alex's a$$ if he is going to be able to capitalize on his pardon this week. Alex/Jason have worked really hard this season and have the ability to take over the game from a competitive standpoint but this means they have to pull back the curtain on the all powerful Oz! The RealiTea is Kevin, Jason, and Alex have the most ammunition against King Paul but that is only valuable if you know when to fire a shot at the right time. That time is now! Paul has his himself layered between three pairs in the house with each believing he is their 3rd. If Alex isn't woken up soon the opportunity to blow up Paul's game will come and go and so will all 3 of their chances at winning $500k.
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    ICE Age Meltdown

    It's DE night this week and the house as well as LF’s have been confident Cody will leave. Is there any chance Cody can survive? Up until last night I would have said there's zero possibility Cody isn't voted out. The beauty of this game is that at times the smallest thing can change the entire trajectory of the game. We all know that in this game the smallest move to make someone mad (accidental or purposefully). One innocuous event can make the house change on a dime. Late night's antics just may be the moment BB fans have been pleading for all season. Paul has been playing the dominant game and no one can deny by far the best game so far. It's not pretty. His game strategy certainly isn't going to maki him a fan favorite this season nor many of his 'allies'. There is certainly an argument to be be made that there's plenty of bad players making it easy for him. Buckle up though! Last night in the wheeeeeeee hours of the morning Elena makes a petty move against the pettiest girl in the house. I mean we’ve watched Alex throw on her tutu all summer and gaslight the most ridiculous spiraling chaos over absolutely nothing for no other reason than this HG just loves chaos. If you haven't watched last night's late night feeds then it's important for you to know that Elena’s decision to directly take a shot at Alex is sure to have Alex go full tutu mode today heading into the live show. At 1:39 am Elena leaves Mark in the BA and heads do the kitchen to dump out all the ice in the freezer. Elena has decided, like Alex, she is going to be petty just for the sake of being petty. So how is ice going to lead to a huge explosion on a live show day you ask? If you don't have the LF you don't realize that Alex has an obsession with ice. I've sat and watched her literally fill her pockets with ice at 5 am when the bugle sounded and she had to go set up camp and look hot dogs. Alex is methodical about refilling the trays and like her food she is one to be very obsessive compulsive when it comes to having ice at the ready any time she reaches in the freezer. Let's not forget there's been hug blow ups over her coke being dumped out (by Raven but blamed on Jess), her things being eaten or drank from her HOH basket and most recently started an absurd fight with Cody over him eating her entire box of Chex cereal after she had just told him he could have it she didn't want it. She wasn't even really mad about the cereal she just wanted to start a fight for the sake of starting a fight. For those without feeds I've watched Alex tell HG she once but a waitress' arm at a restaurant when she reached for Alex's plate. It was so severe she was banned from going back. This chick is more territorial over her food than Kris Jenner is over her kids. The only thing that makes watching Elena poor out the ice so OTT is that Alex is standing in the HOH watching her do it! (1:39 am) If you have the feeds go FB on quad view and watch the entire event unfold. Alex is standing in the HOH watching Elena dump the ice on the spy cam and you can see the cartoon like smoke coming out of Alex’s ears! I made sure to clear my day for feeds watch today because we can expect full tutu mode from Alex! The irony of it all is that while Alex will make this into a federal offense just 20 min earlier Alex pours the sugar into a baggy and replaces the sugar with salt. Like the rest of the season Alex will see what she’s doing as funny and justifiable prank and Elena dumping the ice as a targeted act of war on her. The good news for fans is this could actually be one of those random moments that results in an exciting change in tonight's outcome. While it's still more likely Cody can go…for the first time all week there's a small chance Elena just saved Cody! As most of us know Alex has been livid that Elena left Alex with a punishment during the Veto this week. As we saw last night Elena struck a deal with Alex that they wouldn't punish each other. Elena goes back on the deal, takes the $5k and Alex is left with camp guide punishment all week. It was great watching Cody set Elena up encouraging her to take the 5k and while it didn't prevent him from hitting the block it was a strategic move I was thrilled to see him make. I've not been a Cody fan and don't have sympathy for his downfall because the reality is it was his own horrible game play that put him in the hot seat all season. However, all I've wanted is to see him actually play the game versus punching his victim noises sound board for 7 weeks! He didn't disappoint when Jess finally exits! My hope was that us seeing Cody in the house playing without Jess anchoring him down would allow him to actually clear the mist and show us he can play the game! Now let me say this…Alex was just as responsible for her punishment as Elena. Alex could have taken the Veto from Matt and left Matt with the punishment. It's actually what she should have done. Alex also could have snatched the vacation from Mark. Instead Alex chooses to hold onto a punishment when she didn't have to. This became a catalyst for Alex to widen the target on Elena and Elena walked right into it. My first thought as I heard what happened on feeds was that Cody set Elena up! That's exactly what we hear Cody admit. Elena was foolish no matter how painful it's been to watch Paul/Alex and the minions behave the last three weeks from a game perspective Elena made a terrible ‘game’ move. I get it, why not take $5k, she's a target at the top of the pecking order, Cody was a bigger one….blah blah blah. The bottom line you're playing a game and every single move counts. Elena didn't check the Vanessa guidelines to making decisions in the game. I would have certainly considered what's Cody’s in incentives for telling me to take the money. Now back to the bigger news. All week we've seen zero chance of Cody surviving this week. Even with the horrible game move by Elena to snatch the $5k going back on her word in front of the entire house. Even more importantly against the most petty antagonistic player in the game who happens to also be HOH. However, last night's ice queen move by Elena has at least shifted the percentage that Alex could be mad enough to send the house into complete chaos and give Cody a 10% chance of staying in the house. For Paul this little tit for tat dynamic is real trouble. He is becoming more and more vulnerable as things continue to blow up. I've also seen him lying so much over the last few weeks he's forgetting what he has and hasn't said to people and begin to make some errors that do have HG realizing Paul is controlling way too much of this game. In the last two weeks we've seen Xmas/Josh, Jason/Kevin, Kevin/Cody, Mark/Jason, Mark/Elena, Josh/Jason all having conversations about Paul which had not happened very often early in the game and when someone like Dom did begin to put pieces together Paul was able to sniff it out quickly and extinguish the smoke before there was fire by sending them out the door. The problem with lying and manipulating so much is that the truth is a lot easier to remember. Paul has been tying so many nots in so many directions all at the same time he doesn't know where he began and where the end of the rope is anymore. Paul is aware that as the numbers begin to dwindle and his name keeps being brought up as players are voted out each week that he is actually becoming a front line target earlier than he anticipated. So much so that's he now spent a good portion of the week moving Kevin up on the hit list. The fact of the matter is Kevin is now a huge liability for Paul because one little spec of dust from Kevin could send the house spiraling with a well timed slip by Kevin who knows where all the bodies are buried. Kevin began branching out a week ago and Jason of course spills the tea. Paul knows that the longer Kevin stays the more likely Kevin can let something slip that Paul can't trouble shoot. This is BB and the right thing happening, at just the right moment, in front of the right people can flip the house upside down. It happens every season and in order for Paul to prevent this Kevin now has to be made into a victim of Paul’s control of the game. Sadly, I can see Kevin going out on the DE because Paul needs to cur Kev off before he can spill all his dirty little secrets. So what can we hope for today? Alex blows up and this could (by even the slightest of odds) be the one shot that Elena goes tonight instead of Cody. Alex is almost guaranteed to go full tutu battle mode over the ice. Jason, Josh, Alex all want Elena out (more than Cody) and this could be the deep freeze that results in a major crack in the game! Wouldn't it be amazing if ice actually ends up being what saves the ice man on DE night? It's early and HG's are just beginning to stir and the longer I see Alex hold off telling Paul about what happened with the ice the better the odds are that she will continue to build up steam and explode without time for Paul to extinguish the flames. While I wouldn't advise getting your hopes up too much…this is the first time all week I can see a clear path for Cody to survive the first eviction tonight. If that happens…just imagine Cody winning DE HOH and we could have a huge dominant player go out! I like a 10% chance over zero! This is BB and it only takes one small thing to change the entire game. Considering how petty and ridiculous the power group in the game has been the last 3 weeks the universe could actually repay them with one of the greatest upsets in BB history all over ice! The RealiTea is I may enjoy a nice pitcher of iced tea today and watch closely as Alex potentially undoes all the knots Paul has spent the entire season tying up his leashes on every other player in the house!
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    What You Fear You Create

    What a whirlwind week for the HG. Dom heads out but as some had briefly discussed towards the end of week 3, there was a battle back and a HG did re-enter the game. Jessica has the haulting hex, Cody is back in the house, and we have a new HOH and two nominees. The humor in this to me is so many fans felt handing Jessica the greatest power of the season and praying to the BB Gods that Cody will come back was because they want Paul out. You know the saying, what you fear you create? That may be exactly what plays out. Let's dive in to what's occurred since Thursday’s live show. First, I will tell you that the modified Battle Back was a vast improvement from a pure game perspective. I preferred the more level comp field where all evictees competed together in round 1. A significant improvement over BB 18 where 1st evictee would be forced to battle 4 times to get back in while the last evicted only needed to face off against one. I always land in favor of the players having the most control over the game and this twist was another step towards production returning to original game format. The Second round Cameron/Cody face off since they were the First two to complete round 1 against Jillian/Dom and each other. Cody had to work for it and in the end he beat out Cameron for the chance to move on to round 3. It sucks for Cameron he never got to play the game but this was a fair shot to win his way back in and it wasn't in the cards for him. Even better we find out that Cody will have to play one of the members of the house in round 3 and win or he won't re-enter the game. As a purist I was even happier to realize the HG had a vote in who would go head to head against Cody. Everyone except Paul voted for Paul so it was a unanimous house decision. Paul and Cody go head to head and Cody earns his spot back in the house. Now, I've considered the idea many fans have argued about Cosy’s advantage having played this maze once and Paul not being given a practice. We don't know if he was or wasn't but…in the big picture this season HG have had more control over the twists than any season in recent years and I approve! I don't like outside interference being forced into the game. The bottom line is HG controlled Paul entering, America controlled handing Paul 3 weeks safety, HG controlled if Cody had the ability to re-enter. Free will. When feeds return Friday night we learn that Jessica won HOH. She and Xmas had a battle of wills. Xmas was able to compete and she gave the entire house a run for their money and that's important for everyone to see! Now all these fans who voted who have been hoping and wishing Jessica and Cody would be handed safety to jury got their wish. Let me break that down for those who don't realize the numbers. Jessica has HOH now week 4. She and Cody are safe this eviction (which is 2nd eviction under the Hex power). Even if someone else wins HOH week 5 and were to take a shot at one or both of the Jody duo, she will play Haulting Hex and save them. Even if it were only Cody OTB week 5 she will use the power which means we’ve had 2 more weeks of them and will be forced to endure it into week 6 which is the final week of Haulting Hex power (4th eviction) unless by some miracle DE were to happen next week. We are guaranteed to have Jody in the game now for a minimum of 3 weeks. Many fans wanted Jess to have the power believing 2 things. 1. Jessica having the power guaranteed someone goes after Paul. 2. Assumed Cody would win his way back in and they love dramatic feeds and believed this duo would shake up the house coming out guns blazing. LMAO! This is where the be careful what you wish for comes into place. When feeds return those LF who held onto this idea are quickly complaining and all the air comes out of their we love Jess tires! We also quickly learn Jessica has nominated Josh and Ramses?! I heard many saying oh well she's going to BD Paul. That's not what all signs on the feeds point to. We catch Jody talking in the HOH and it's all about their hate of Josh, how great it will be to send him home. Wait! What? She's actually targeting Josh? Not only is she targeting Josh but she's repeating the exact same mistake Cody did?! I have to sit my tea cup down as I let this marinade in my mind. Cody’s fatal error week 1 was nominating pawns he wasn't open to losing. He say Xmas next to Jillian. Of course Jillian was always going to go! Even if the betrayal of his own alliance had not been an element that week. Jillian was a non-entity and always going to be the casualty after he named Paul and Paul was safe. I would suggest even if Paul had hit the block the allies were so pissed Jillian still would have gone home. The votes were never there. Fast forward to Jessica’s nom’s this week. She sits Josh next to Ramses?! Jessica is blind and this is a horrible move. The house has been suspicious and wanting to take out Ramses has been at the top of the hit list for 2 Weeks. This is why she needed to be interacting all the time from the beginning. If Josh and Ramses remain on the block after Veto Paul and Xmas have already secured the votes to keep Josh and go against Jessica’s target. Ramses is a number for Jessica/Cody! Josh is obnoxious and volatile but he's easily manipulated and a bigger shield for players like Paul and Alex. Why would she be so dumb? How does she believe getting her personal grudge on Josh out in the open to everyone to see would automatically mean everyone would support her target? LMAO! Ramses is a HUGE threat to Paul, Alex. Kevin, Xmas, even Mark. No one is threatened by Josh. Annoyed? Yes! Threatened? Not one person fears Josh as a player. So Paul and them went to Josh told him they are going to vote Ramses out and Josh just needs to seems sad and emotional all week and they will save him-sending Ramses out. Jessica sat a bigger target next to a pawn no one was ever going to follow that plan. Depending on how Veto goes if Ramses doesn't win and come off the block Ramses will be the one to go home. Ramses is on to Paul. On to Kevin. On to a lot. He's smart and seen as a triple threat even if he hasn't done anything that's how 90% of the house views him and Elena is really the only one who likes him. Jessica will not BD Paul. Hate to be the one that breaks the news but she has to have the votes and as well just witnessed Friday the entire house voted for Paul, who is a strong competitor to take on Cody! I swear I saw Jessica vote and she even names Paul. So all the fans basing their ideas on the belief Jessica and Cody will take Paul out and they want Paul gone…your strategy is about as savvy as Cosy’s week 1! The one smart thing I have seen from Jessica is her telling Cody they need to not isolate themselves from the rest of the house. While it may look to many that Jessica has Cody in line because we are seeing a much more interactive Jody in the house with socializing, we also see Cody alone with others. Now, this morning Cody is feeling out Jason in the KIT. Talking about taking big shots, shaking up the house, screw what these chicks (Jess/Alex) keep Trying to tell us we need to go rogue. Cody said in post eviction interviews he would want to Come back and work with Paul. Unless you are new to BB or simply a casual fan you had to know that was never going to happen. Cody and Jason chat is interesting to me. Suddenly Jason, Cowboy) finds himself in an amazing spot. He is in an alliance with Paul/Alex and he knows where all the bodies are buried and certainly we see him talking about taking Ramses out over Josh repeatedly last night. This morning as Cody is rambling on telling Jason way too much not knowing the background it hits me! Jason could swing either way. He can play dum-which he's great at naturally with Cody and run valuable intel back to Paul/Alex. Or he could get gas lit by Cody feeding him what deep down he's been wanting to do for weeks which is take a huge swing and help Cody shake up the house. I don't see Jason betraying Alex. Paul maybe, but never Alex. I don't see him convincing Alex to turn on Paul and align with Cody and Jessica. But suddenly Jason finds himself in an amazing position where both alphas want and need him. So now we had Paul/Cody/Alex/Ramses/Josh all as bigger targets than simple minded Jason and if he does play it correctly Jason is all but guaranteed final 6. Paul doesn't have to do anything to flip the target on Jessica because Ramses was already on everyone’s radar she handed them a target that was always going to be far more enticing than Josh. Xmas is the one we've seen going from pair to pair checking in that people want Ramses out over Josh. Jess, Cody, or Ramses have to win Veto and take Ramses down or he will go home on her HOH again sending out someone who’s agenda aligned with her own. We've also heard a lot of players saying let's wait until Veto happens then we can discuss a strategy but I've seen all individually say that Ramses is far more dangerous than Josh. This is likely to be a voting blindside on a Jody HOH once again. Now, what's the best alternative for Jess if Ramses were to come down? Who could she rally a 6 vote eviction against other than Josh no matter who she would replace Ramses with? Xmas. I can foresee enough votes being had if Xmas were sat next to Josh. People love Kevin. Too many believe they need Paul. Even though the Mark tides have changed I still don't see enough choosing to keep crazy ass Josh over Mark. Christmas is the only player I can see that there is any possibility of a re-nom scenario where Josh doesn't end up being the accidental group pawn to go home. Mark has already pointed out-does anyone want to be stuck in jury with Josh? Lol. This brings me to the last sip of tea. Mark and Elena are the only ones that the plan to vote Ramses out over Josh has been agreed upon. Elena has a soft spot for Ramses. Mark hates Josh as much as Cody and Jessica do. Some fans have suggested keeping Elena and Mark out of the loop could be bad for Paul. I however don't think they will remain out of the loop after the veto ceremony if Ramses and Josh remain the nominees. Paul will finesse Elena. He won't blindside her. He knows he has to get her blessing to keep himself on good terms with her. If Elena signs on Mark may not like it but he will agree and won't rock the boat. The only other thing I've seen in the last 15 hours that worries me is Kevin. Kevin told Cody he was the hinky vote for Ramses in the Cody eviction week. Why?! This was terribly miscalculated on Kevin's behalf. Cody just proved to the whole house when he's in trouble he will throw anyone and everyone under the bus. Many suspected Kevin but to confirm it to Cody? I don't understand why he would make such a terrible move. He did and we should be watching for this to come back and hurt Kevin in the near future. The Veto comp is scheduled to happen today. Don't expect some huge shift miraculously turning the house upside down. People are currently playing nice with Jody because she's HOH, but in week 4 when every player is deeply invested in targets they have had on their hit lists for weeks. Ramses, Josh, Xmas have all been on those lists and it's far more likely Jessica’s HOH will not result in some miraculous fall from grace for Paul in HG’s eyes this week. Jess and Cody are safe for the next 3’weeks but Paul looks to be almost just as safe for at least this week. The RealiTea is like him or not Paul has done the leg work that makes escape routes for him 1-2 weeks ahead in the game. Love him or hate him he is playing a phenomenal game. Jessica could have set nominations that would have been far better for her and Cody but she lacks the inside intel to know how to make moves come to life. Until we have the veto results and the actual ceremony the RealiTea is Ramses is more likely than Josh to leave this week and if not it's going to be a Josh week of meltdowns on the feeds unless Xmas happens to find herself OTB.
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    Land Mines

    The RealiTea of the Big Brother house is one small step in the wrong directions leaves a player in a mine field with no map to a safe route out of danger. What looked like a boring day of feeds after the Veto ceremony this afternoon quickly turns into another explosion and the casualty count is still under way. 12:16 pm the feeds return to Mark and Paul in the BY. Jason did not use the POV! From a game perspective, this was a smart move by Jason and it's the first major push by Paul that failed. For the Paul haters, stand up and celebrate! As you know my feeling was there was absolutely no reason to use the veto at this stage in the week. Dom had locked herself in as the target for the week and Jason and Alex were both going to create problems they didn't need to push a Paul agenda. Jason came to the conclusion that Mark and Jason were in a good spot and this would only create a potential problem for Jason down the road. Jessica and Dom remain OTB and we see Paul telling Mark that he and Elena are the ones that have Mark's back and Mark just needs to stick to his word and vote Dom out. Speaking of sticking to your word in this game...later in the afternoon this becomes a point that makes them pot of RealiTea boil over! Mark and Josh are playing a game of pool around 3:20 pm. They made a wager and the loser will have to drink a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce. During the game, Josh is doing what he always does which is talk a lot of smack! Josh double taps on the eight ball, in RealiTea losing the game. Before we continue on this path there are a couple important facts to note. First, we we have our Have Nots for the week. Josh, Mark, and Ramses are the HN. When this is announced Saturday my first thought was....Josh and Mark+slop for the week is a recipe for the week of #crybabies. Mark is a big guy and a week of slop for this guy isn't going to be fun. Josh on slop-well that's just going to be a week of misery for live feeders! He's such a whiny little mama's boy to begin with add being hangry to that and we are going to be force fed a kid who has no sense when he is well nourishes to begin with. Then Josh takes the 50/50 gamble and ends up losing that bet leading to not one but now two weeks of HN for him! This leads me to the second point we need to address before diving into the pool game yesterday. Since Josh entered the house he has been all bark and no bite. Josh is constantly sh*t talking with all of the guys and making bets. The problem is Josh writes checks he can't cash! If you don't have the live feeds then this is important to understand. Week 1 Josh made a bet with Kevin and when Josh lost he starts back peddaling saying he isn't going to follow through. This established a regular pattern of Josh making gentlemen bets and then crying and never following through on his word. Several times over the last 3 weeks LF's have watched Kevin, Mark, and Josh have heart to heart conversations with Josh about as a man when you give your word you have to keep it. Jason of all the guys delivered the most sensible eloquent man to man child conversation about how not being a man of your word effects how you look at yourself and affects your self value. Jason explains that every time Josh goes back on bet Josh will lose respect for himself. When you say you are going to do something no matter how annoyed or disappointed you are you have to follow through. Jason makes it clear not only does it effect Josh's own self esteem, since as a man the one thing you have to have is your word. The more Josh cries and whines about something the less the men in the house respect him and this will show up in the game. So stop making the bets or suck it up and take your punishment. I'm not doing the conversation justice but you get my point. Don't walk the walk if you can't talk the talk. This entire situation has everything to do with why Kevin loathes Josh as much as he does. Now that we have covered the back story it's time to return to Monday afternoon 3:20 pm BB time! Josh loses the game but refuses to accept the loss. After spending the entire time playing antagonizing Mark, calling him meatball and just being typical obnoxious Josh when he double taps he insists this isn't a rule and that Mark lost. Mark had put up with all the smack talk with a good attitude but when Josh loses Mark is not going to role over. As they begin to ask for a ruling by others in the house as to whether a double tap means Josh lost, Josh still cannot just own his b.s.. Josh heads in the house to get the cup of hot sauce and pickle juice thinking he's going to make Mark drink in. Elena makes a joke that Mark should throw the cup at Josh. She repeatedly says it was a joke, that's not a good idea. Josh returns and Mark approaches Josh asking if Josh double tapped. Josh says yes and Mark replies, I'm a man of my word takes the cup from Josh's hand and throws it directly in Josh's face telling him he always goes back on his bets and he needs to be a man of his word! Now, if you don't have Feeds let me make it clear, Mark is smiling and I sincerely believe he thought it would be funny. It wasn't some heated conversation that goes left but...it wasn't cool! In real life, this is literally a move that would make anyone come out guns blazing. In the game, this is an awful move by a guy who just missed hitting the block by the skin of his teeth! Now as a LF who watches Josh rinse and repeat this same sissy move of bet and renig, bet and renig it was GLORIOUS FEEDS! Josh is a tea cup poodle that is constantly yappinf at the big dogs in the house as if he believes he's a Mastiff. He finally got nipped by a Labrador. Quickly Josh heads inside and we see him washing his face in the sink. We hear him saying Mark just disrespected him on live TV and his family is going to see this. Meanwhile outside Elena is scolding Mark telling him tha was stupid and he shouldn't have done that (while laughing). Josh begins telling anyone in the vicinity that Mark just disrespected him as a man and that he is #pissed. Raven and Xmas are in the BA as Josh stomps around having a temper tantrum (understandably to a degree). Raven wants nothing to do with it and says as much and exits the BA. Xmas really empathizes with Josh but she's trying to talk him down telling him repeatedly he needs to calm down before he does something he woll regret. At this point others in the house like Paul, Matt, Ramses, Xmas feel bad for Josh and think Mark was wrong for what he just did. Paul is making a calm effort to diffuse Josh but also trying to give Josh time to collect himself but telling him don't do anything stupid bud. Let it go. Walk away. It was f'ed up but be the bigger man. This is Josh of course and he's going on and on about it got in his eyes, his eyes are burning, this is messed up. He disrespected as a man on TV! Josh heads to the storage as Elena is still chastising Mark. Josh grabs a bottle of ketchup and mayo, returns to yard, tells Elena she better move away from Mark and proceeds to fire both bottles all over Mark sitting on the lounge chair. Now, Mark takes it. He knows what he did was messed up and takes his punishment like a man for a second. Problem is Josh just keeps telling about how Mark slandered Josh as a man saying Josh isn't a man of his word and calls Mark out for not being a man of his word and that Mark said he wanted Paul out week 1! Shoot! Now I need popcorn because this is going to explode! In this game, one small thing can quickly turn on a dime and Josh took a low blow at Mark on point that Mark has been steadily trying to defend and deny since Cody painted Mark and Dom as the teammates. This was a bad move on Josh's part. Xmas warned him, others 100% took Josh's side in the moment and everyone was going to take his side that what Mark did was wrong...but now this is about to go left quickly! This is leads to the entire house in the BY After Mark came out and calmly tries to apologize to Josh and admit what he did was wrong. Problem is Josh has the spotlight which is what Josh craves and this kid has no common sense! Dom finally emerges from the BR and attempts to calm Josh and as he's yelling and interrupting Mark's apology she even calmly tells Josh to let Mark finish. As others make their way to see what's happening and Josh circles back around to Mark not being a man of his word and drags Paul's name into it again. In the midst of his rant Josh said, "I don't run around here pretending I like you washing dishes and cooking food and running around trying to fit in with people and reporting back to people. If I don't like you I don't like you!" Dom can't help herself and nods her head like "YES! Finally someone else who is willing to bring Paul's strategy up," Paul sees this and he chimes is asking Dom why she's nodding her head. Now Dom and Paul start in. Soon after Elena and Jessica insert themselves. Elena does so calmly and is asking Josh to clarify his statements. But Jessica calls out Josh for lying about voting for Xmas to leave week 1 when Cody was HOH. She points out that Josh told one side of the house he was going to vote Xmas out (Jessica and Cody) while he told Xmas he was voting Jillian out so Josh shouldn't be talking about anyone else not being a man of their word because Josh's word doesn't mean anything! All the whole Matt/Raven standing to the side visibly eating this up! We can see Matt give a thumbs up behind Raven's back as this is all unfolding because Josh has just put himself back in the line of fire and he's trying to pull Mark along with him. What's even more noticeable to me is we see Jason, Alex, and Ramses sitting on a bench under the shade together reveling in the front row seats to a show. At one point we can see Jason in the background miming a noose and Josh hanging himself (which is hilarious). Ramses and Alex are laughing and enjoying this show just as much! When I see the 3 of them sitting together giddy I think...you three should NEVER be seen sitting together! If I were in the house it's small things like this that would later have me going hmmmm? In a matter of minutes we went from a boring afternoon of HG cooking together in the kitchen (Paul, Matt, Raven, Jason, Xmas, Ramses) to land mines exploding all over the game! Josh was heated and he just has diarrhea of the mouth and by attaching Mark about not being a man of his word it leads to things again being said without forethought like, "I stick to my word with people I'm loyal to!" And "I was with them!" (Meaning the showmance alliance). He says he went to Xmas and promised him her vote because he was really with the big group not the outsiders so what he said to Cody, Jessica, Alex, Jillian, Andy Jason meant nothing. This isn't a good look for Josh screaming at Jessica the same way he did Megan and Kevin comments later about this. Also, in the midst of all of this Dom is making her only group appearance since the infamous HM early Sat morning) and the Veto ceremony so she's now planted herself in the mine field while trying to help Josh. Paul and Dom exchange a few tit for tats but Paul doesn't make the mistake of turning this into a situation where he becomes the center of attention. When Paul asks why she nodding her head she says,"Why are you even talking to me." Paul calmly replies I can talk to you and Dom turns back to Josh and says, "I'm just agreeing with your perception of this game." Josh replies and says, "I'm so heated don't even make this about anything." Dom, "and I'm not." Uh yes you are! I say this only because Dom has been in full Audrey mode with a side of JaCosta thrown in for good measure. She should have never inserted herself because now the house in gathered and she doesn't need to open herself to another poorly developed debate. Dom has completely isolated herself and suddenly when a fight that has zero to do with her or her situation inserts herself into it and tries to capitalize on the rantings of a mad man is not a good look. It's as a terrible move. Dom and Xmas already had a face off after the Veto this afternoon where it's clear that no one is giving any consideration to anything Dom has said because of the way Dom has behaved since the HM. Dom choosing to pop out just to do nothing more than twist an incident where she was no where to be found when it began makes her look even more shady and manipulative than she already does. While Dom's unraveling began with Paul manipulating the talk show incident to create a target on her she has only fed the fire and signed her own BB death warrant every time she's opened her mouth since. Stop! Just stop! One little game of pool turned into a myriad of HG side stepping land mines! Josh loses the sympathy of the house. Josh drops names and details he should have NEVER mentioned and now he has stepped on a mine! I will say while Mark doesn't take kindly to Josh trying to stir the pot about the Cody accusations again he does not immerse himself and follow Josh's lead of reacting emotionally. He's done a lot of work this week making sure to clean up the mess Cody attempted to leave at his feet as he exited the game. The fact that Mark didn't end up as a replacement nom shows that the work he put in was in fact helping his cause so I was happy to see he didn't let Josh completely undo all the efforts by engaging and having some knee jerk reaction to Josh trying to allude to the fact Mark is a snake. Elena also calmly coming to Mark's aide was an action that reassures Mark that Elena has his back. She's lucky it didn't back fire she really shouldn't have dipped her toe in this tea purely from a game point of view but I think it did extinguish the lingering doubts Mark made have had about her loyalty to him (right or wrong). All the while, Kevin is sitting on the sidelines quietly annoyed with all of this outlandish behavior. At one point later in the day Kevin remarks that Josh's actions screaming at women is cowardly and in the real world would get his a*s whipped. Kevin's comments about Josh and the his childish behaviors all season long are the comedic relief the HG and the LF need! I love this guy! He stayed out of it, but his ability to summarize things is amazing! This incident from beginning to end lasts about 2 hours! It was amazing feeds and it led to Josh making himself enemy number one in the game. Ironically, I think he has some twisted need to be at the center of all drama. Just yesterday Alex told Josh he's done a great job of blending into the fold and no one is talking about him. Meaning no one is targeting Josh! I think all Josh hears is no one is talking about me? I don't think Mark will come out completely unscathed but we will see where the power lands next week. It could easily end up Josh and Mark OTB and they both just hand delivered reasons for anyone in the house to justify taking aim at either or both of them. Josh's only take away from the entire explosive afternoon? He doesn't think he's going to play pool anymore. Lol. The RealiTea is the smallest this can quickly become the reason a player goes home. Just ask Dom Thursday night when she joins Julie on the stage after live eviction. No matter who wins the DOT this week it won't be available to use for the week 3 eviction so she will be the one to go.
  6. BigBrotherHBIC

    Calm Before the Storm

    It's Monday morning and as I start the day reflecting on where the BB house and players lie there are few perspectives that seem prevalent. Most of the weekend has been spent inside the game discussing the Paul/Dom saga and whether Mark should be a renom at the Veto ceremony. Let's get Dom out of the way. As of this morning she's still the target and will likely be headed out to join a battle back. Whichever HG leaves this week will more than likely fave off with Cameron, Jillian, Cody for the chance to return to the house. Dom would almost be the strongest contender for the most drama. Let's consider that Dom is correct in informing everyone that Paul has a deal of some kind in some way with every player in the game. Also, if Mark actually stays off the block and votes against Dom this will effect how she returns because he's been her only real allie all along. Mark needs to seperate himself from her to some degree because Cody dropped the dime on them as he hopped out of the house. Dom has completely isolated herself since the blow out. Never appear to be a wounded animal in a house full of hunters. But a revolving door for her will shake many foundations and hopefully give her a new jumpstart. What's bad for Dom is we don't see her considering even a possibility of a buy back chance and her current plan is to drop some bombs before she leaves. That could be what sends her immediately back out the lucky door so she needs to be strategic and no emotional about how she handles this. What a difference a week makes? Before Alex won we all would believe a Cody return would be the most volatile. Personally, for the game's sake, I would prefer a Cameron return. He would shake the house up in a very different way. I mean the kid never spent one night sleeping in the house and all of these crossovers amongst alliances would scramble to make him fit into their game somehow whether it's targeting him or adding a number. Ramses needs an unknown factor to help him that's for sure! As for rhe blow out and whether Paul was responsible for how her game blew up? Eh. Paul created the initial target and his plan aligned with Alex desire to put someone from that side up without appearing as if she's targeting the larger group. Once Dom was up...everything that happened can be traced back to Dom's actions. The talk show. The chat with Alex where she wrongly accuses Elena. Retreating into solitude and poo-pooing the initial efforts by Paul and others to remain cordial. Those choices were all made by Dom. I may not be a fan of how Paul does things all the time but he's winning! I do respect the influence he has over every single player as a result of a LOT of effort. Last season Paul, the first half of the game, was vicious. Let's not forget his verbalized goal to 'break' Bridgette. We also remember how awful he was to Meech and Natalie. That's was not game play it was just for his own entertainment. This season he may be aggressive, OTT, pushy, and some would say a bully but its purely strategy. We know this by watching how he varies his approach based on who he is talking to. Paul is excellent at defining what method of delivery is most effective to achieve his goal. Josh and Jason get a very in your face no this is what you need to do, shut up you have no idea I'm a vet and I'm telling you, but do what you want just don't cry to me when what I just told you what would happen happens. With Raven, Elena, Matt, Paul's approach is vastly different. His tone is calmer, he articulates in a critical thinking manner of expression and isn't in their face screaming at them saying "NO! I'm telling you what you need to do," kind of way that he does with J/J. Paul demonstrates a Dan Gheesling level of knowing which speech each player needs to hear even if at the base of it all he is saying the exact same thing. This week wasn't all about Dom for Paul. This week was about the fact the Paul is in his last week of safety. Paul has no intention of trying to make it to the end with showmance +Dom/Xmas. He purely capitalizes on Cody's bad game move to gain enough trust to use the players as the pieces he has to move to win. This week we know he wanted to shake up the big group. He did just that and by doing so people have developed some targets they didn't have. In doing so, he's no longer going to be the biggest target in the house when week 4 begins. That was his goal and we will see next week how it plays out for him. Every season we have one player the first 5-6 weeks that is working the house and running things. Every season by around week 6 that person becomes the enemy #1 and it's usually from their own mistakes getting too sure of their spot. So much has happened in just 2 1/2 weeks it feels like week 6, but it's not. There is still A LOT of game left to play. Paul's tactics could very well be discovered by savvy players like Alex, Matt, and especially Ramses. Dom's opinions may not have been given much thought now...but mark my words some time in the next 2-3 weeks something will be said, or done and one of the stronger players will begin to put all the Paul puzzle pieces together. In that scenario Paul needs to hope its someone he sees as an asset and has already drawn in so they see it as an advantage and not as a means to eliminate Paul with the support of the house majority. Paul's tireless efforts to get Mark sitting next to Dom this week is one of those moments. There has already been a few times where players like Kevin have said to others, 'why is Paul pushing to get Mark OTB?' If Elena, Mark, even Ramses gets confirmation and Paul doesn't know that he's in serious danger. Speaking of Elena...I see a pot of RealiTea beginning to brew. There's been a lot of discussion amongst various HG's that the women this season are very strong. Elena mentions this to Xmas in a way that makes me suspect she is sniffing out an all girls secret alliance. We know from feeds Elena does not want to shape her game completely around being a showmances and put all her eggs in Mark's basket. She says this before all hell breaks loose with Dom and as the dust settles we see some subtle yet potential signs that she's got some other plans. Imagine if Elena, Jessica, Alex, and even maybe Xmas joined forces! We have seen some alliances and final two-three-four discussions developing finally. I'm thrilled with this. Week 3 is the time players should begin to assess who they want to ride for. Enough time has passed. Some game moves and reactions have happened over 3-4 weeks. Kevin and Jason, perhaps even Alex like a final four with Jason, Kevin, Alex, and Paul. We've seen Paul protect Kevin which is a good indication that Paul sees he and Kevin going far. As this week winds up, we should head into week 4 with some more well defined lines. Alex has done an excellent job so far this week. I really like the way she's playing and she's going to be a player that has a great chance of making it to final 6 if the week ends and no one is looking at her as a threat. I don't think she should be pushing for veto to be used. Leave Jessica OTB. We really won't know what's going to happen with Veto until the ceremony happens today. It's been yes then no about 400 times in 48 hours. Until then...the RealiTea is we are going to have some exciting days ahead with the Temptation voting results and likely battle back!
  7. BigBrotherHBIC

    House of Cards

    Big Brother 19 served up a heaping pot of RealiTea over night Friday night! In an unexpected turn of events by the early hours of the morning this morning most HG pulled an all nighter and one HG blew up their own game. The game has been on a fast forward track with nominations happening early Friday morning and Veto players drawn Friday night. By 12:35 am Saturday morning we had a new Veto winner and too many 1-1 conversations to cover in a blog. Friday began with some rumblings as Dominique made the decision to follow Elena's advice and have a conversation with Alex after Dom lands on the block next to Jessica. Last we left our tea, Alex won HOH and Jessica and Dom were the likely nominations. The truth of the matter is that Elena made a valiant effort to prevent Dom from being a nominee over someone like Xmas or Ramses but Alex and Paul had other plans and her efforts fell short. What's mind blowing to me is that while everyone is comparing notes many of the details circle back to Paul. Cody and his attempt to cause some chaos to creat cover for Jessica with his talk show interview worked! No one is really talking about Jessica by mid day. Mark does not like the idea of being a potential pawn and has no idea this proposal originated with Paul. The target on Dom comes from Alex but only by way of Paul. The problem is Dom got tangled in her own web she's been spinning to Mark for weeks that Elena is jealous of Dom and/or Dom/Mark's relationship. Dom's constant efforts to spin this fictional version of reality finally bit her in the rear but not by anything Elena did. Dom was so tangled in her own web she approached that convo with Alex suggesting her delusions with Alex knowing that Elena spent quite some time going to bat for Dom. So when Dom unleashes her theories that it was Elena that created a target on Dom because she's jealous and hates Dom's closeness with Mark it leaves a bad taste in Alex's mouth. This is truly the key to what unfolds as the day and night progresses. Dom decides to have 1-1 convos with each HG. She's seeking details trying to figure out why it seems her own group is willing to sacrifice her. Dom tries to spin the story she's weaved and some facts regarding Paul's hands in the pot. The RealiTea when a person seeks answers to support a position they've already clung to they can easily stack the cards to appear to justify their original assumptions. Remember what they say about when you assume? Dom's convos with each player lead each HG to walk away quickly playing telephone with what was said and with Dom as the facilitator this leads to more questions than answers. As we all know she speaks in riddles but in a way that makes it obvious most of the time who she is speaking about or the point she intends to weave. She's obvious in her attempts to point fingers and make accusations but from Dom's perspective if she doesn't name names then she hasn't betrayed anyone or been a rat. Unfortunately for Dom that's not the perception of those around her. After an entire day of trying to create mistrust within her own group all she accomplished was widening the mistrust Paul had orchestrated around Dom. The unfortunate part for her is that while 50% of what she shares is actually fact the way she goes about attempting to gather intel and spread paranoia she's blown up her own spot. Everyone is sharing details with each other, which means Paul. By 5:20 a.m. Alex and Paul are hyped at Dom's own suggestion she's plans to call a house meeting. While Paul, Mark, Jason, and Elena have spent hours trying to convince Mark to be pawn under the pretense it's the safest move for Mark since he's the only one truly loyal to Dom the tea boils over. Before we get to the fireworks finale there are a couple of important game notes to point out. 1. Mark should not agree to be a pawn! 2. All the arguments and justifications being thrown at him about why he's the best candidate to replace Jessica OTB he easily counters those are the same reasons he's not comfortable being on the block. 3. For the life of me unless Alex is going to replace Jessica with her actual target there is NO reason change the nominations. 4. Mark's most substantial argument being that with what Cody did throwing Dom's and Mark's names out increases the risk. His concern that those who may be pondering the validity of Cody saying those two told him to nominate Xmas (half true) could very easily flip the votes and send Mark home. The next pot of RealiTea is that Paul did in fact have a hand to some degree in Dom being targeted. However, in BB when you are in an alliance you never want to be the low hanging fruit. The players at the bottom of a group are easily dispensable! Dom should have known this. Building friendship with Mark was never enough to move her to the middle of the group order and this is actually where you want to be. By hovering in the middle you have big targets at the top acting as shields and are far more likely to be targeted before anyone else. However when it comes time to negotiate, and this time always comes, the group will always volunteer the least valuable player-low hanging fruit. In the original power alliance with all 3 showmances Paul and Xmas were the low hanging fruit. Once the shift happened and Cody/Jessica were out Dom fell to the bottom with Xmas and did nothing to rectify that. In RealiTea I didn't see a time where she even realizes that's where she landed. Hosting the talk show which lead to some (unplanned) revelations were served she again put herself in the middle of a storm without any cover. Paul sees three steps ahead. 5:38 am Paul gets Dom after Alex had returned to the HOH with news that Dom is stating their is a snake in her own group. She also said there is a tempter in the game. Problem is again while she doesn't specify a name she makes is pretty clear she's talking about Paul and we all know Paul isn't one to allow anyone to try and turn attention to him and his game! So she Alex reveals that Dom said she's going to confront the whole house and call people out...Paul says let's do it right now! I have nothing to hide. Bring her in here. And so it begins! If you have LF go back and watch from 1 am-7 am for all the convos and watch the drama unfold. To skip straight to the main attraction grab your tea and biscuits and FB to 5:20 am. What I can tell you without giving a running record of all that was said is that Dom was not prepared for this fight. Paul is effective in this game because he uses facts and can twist information in a way that even Ramses would question if he was the third hinky vote for himself. Dom comes in with a lot of attitude and this idea she has 'right' on her side and will be victorious. Honey this is BB not confession. Every general or round about statement Dom makes or is questioned about making Paul counters with facts and details. Now I will say in this argument 85% of what Dom says about Paul is true! However, her credibility was already in question and everyone trusts Paul. So when the tennis match of versions of events and conversations occurs Paul is far more credible because he gives word for word details of what he said to Dom, or to Alex, or to Elena. Dom was not a credible witness for the jury (HG) and as her flame begins to smolder she would allude that well everyone isn't here or I can't speak for Jason he's not hear. Paul of course has an answer for everything. Add to that he replies to 'well so and so isn't here so I don't want to speak for them or they can't confirm what does Paul do? Let's get them up here. He wakes people up over and over until the room is now filled with: Mark/Elena Alex/Jason Dom/Paul Xmas/Josh Matt/Raven The end result was Paul looked like he was being truthful and only wants to clear his name. Dom looks tongue tied and can only make general statements versus providing details verbatim. Once he discredited comments she made 3 times its really a wrap. The nail in her coffin was denying for 90 minutes she didn't call Paul a snake, she never said he was the traitor in the group because she never used names she finally admits she was talking about Paul all along! If you are going to LIE, you never steer away from the original story. She would have been slightly better off not admitting it but by the time she finally does she's already drowning with no one willing to throw her a life preserver. Not even Mark. This is a rule Paul mastered long ago. Did Paul target Dom? Yes! Is Paul playing both sides of the house? YES! Was Dom the 3rd vote? No. Did Dom lose the confidence of several people with that talk show fiasco? Yes! Is Paul manipulating people? Absolutely! But people in the group want to believe Paul! He's playing extremely well even if he does too much sometime he's quick to gain control of any wrong turns because he's laid so many paths that interest he always has an escape route. Paul handling the showdown was very reminiscent of how Vanessa twisted things she found out to work for her. Like Derrick when Paul saw a potential storm he called the house meeting himself and had everyone convinced because he pays attention to the details. Everyone in that room had all the information they needed to realize Paul is in fact doing much of what Dom claims and he came away with more loyalty than he went into it. Finally, as the daylight breaks and the house wakes from just a few hours sleep, Paul is keeping HG laughing with self directed jokes about being a snake and Dom has taken a page from Audrey's play book and retreated under her blanket and when she does appear doesn't talk to anyone! This makes her look even more guilty! Jessica rises and suddenly the cool kids want to hang out with her again. So much happened and while there were still convos about replacing Jessica with Mark, by 4 pm even Jason is like forget it I am not using the Veto and let's just leave nominations the same. It was a wild ride and watching it unfold was the most action we've seen on feeds since Cody blew up his own alliance trying to target who? Paul! Remember how I said that doing these talk shows, like the old school food comps is a great way to have people let their guards down and reveal things that can hurt their game? Dom gave us all a real life example of how quickly someone can blow up there own game and never even realize they were doing it. Week 3 is only 3 days in and it feels like a month of feeds. We will all have to wait and see how the schedule plays out. Until then the RealiTea is that Paul is the most dangerous and most revered player in the house at the moment and only time will tell if he can sustain that once his safety expires at the end of the week.
  8. BigBrotherHBIC

    Show Your Hand

    The RealiTea is that last night the BB house exploded in drama! Veto took place early. Christmas, Jason, and Kevin were selected to play. Jason won. When the feeds returned just after 12:30 a.m. Alex asks Paul when Eviction will happen? Paul speculates Saturday. It would make sense. Nom's were early. Veto was early. HN's just finally happened. Veto ceremony today. Remember the temptation voting doesn't close until Wednesday. Based on Julie's announcement BB would happen Friday. Production has to reveal the temptation for a curse to come into play. Wednesday is usually when the Veto comp airs, but same day this week that voting ends. In order for curse to result in a Battle Back they have to air that as well. If voting ends Wednesday BB would have to do temptation right after voting ends and include in Wednesday night episode or Thursday episode. With all of the other things that would happen if winner of popular vote accepts temptation (curse releases battle back) it's hard to conceive BB would want to cram DOT into Thursday LE episode. Maybe Sunday we will get a recorded eviction not a live one also showcasing another HOH comp? HOH/Nom/Veto/Eviction between Sun-Thursday? Seems like a lot. The RealiTea is we should expect the unexpected. I am kinda enjoying that everything isn't as predictable as usual. This is true for both HG's and fans. However, the Veto comp occuring late night Friday into Sat morning brings the cards tumbling down all over the house. As I sift through all the teas to choose from let this resinate. At 6:30 am the showmance alliance is gathered in the HOH with Alex and Jason and it's clear there has been a fight brewing all night and at this point Dom and Paul are going head to head. Mark is upset because his name has been thrown in the ring of replacement nominees. 12:36 a.m. this seems to be where the largest pot of tea began to brew post veto. Dom is digging. Xmas isn't offering any real help. Dom asks is Xmas will be loyal to her. Xmas says she has been loyal to her. Dom says that's not what I asked, I asked will you be loyal to me. Xmas said I'm not sure. Dom insists that this sudden target on her back came from the the interview and it's BS. Dom asks Xmas if she has her vote and Xmas says I can't commit to that, I need to think, I don't know who else is going up. If you have the LF's get you cup and some biscuits and flashback to 12:30 a.m. when this all begins. I'm dredging through all of this and will return later today with a complete run down of all the RealiTea bites that were served up in the BB house overnight!
  9. BigBrotherHBIC


    The RealiTea is that in this players that look a week or two ahead and lay bricks that create multiple paths have the greatest advantage. Love him or hate him the work Paul put in the last two weeks leaves him with an ability to choose escape routes when the unpredictable happens. Alex wins the HOH and although I personally think this was the wrong time to do so this is where she landed. The plus side is we have an HOH, who like Paul, has an excellent read on the RealiTea of what's actually happening and who is responsible for what. When the feeds return we learn she doesn't like the fact that someone chose to go against the grain by voting against Ramses. We see a lot of small and large convos about the hinky vote. Paul was right about the paranoia Kevin voting for Ramses would create. Alex and Elena agree that Xmas was one of the 3 votes. In RealiTea Alex said just before the wall comp thah Xmas told her she was going to do it. Like Paul, Alex planted that seed and with Xmas absent she is at a disadvantage when these inferences occur just as they did without Cody stirring the pot just before leaving and as a side effect of Dom's talk show. While I don't think Xmas being allowed to be gone from the house so often should be permitted we are seeing the disadvantages of being allowed to stay in the game and not being present. For the fans that want to see players take risks and make moves you should be watching Paul. That's just a fact. Paul and Alex could be a dynamic duo for the long term game and if they officially make it an alliance we would have an exciting opportunity. Alex is in with the 'outsiders' while Paul is in with the 'showmance' side of things. Share info, don't spend too much time together, and work cooperatively to create intersecting paths that take them both to the end. Two recurring topics being whispered about all night are: Xmas betraying the voting powers and the hinky vote. Well played Paul. Despite not liking the Alex win, I love Alex as a player. She reads 98% of what is happening and that's very good game play on her part. Some is shared intel with Paul and Kevin but just as much is passively observing everyone all the time. Alex tells us that she plans to make a big move this week. She admits she knows putting Jessica up will appease the larger voting block and she has plenty of reasons not to trust her. The only information I heard Alex convey that was incorrect all night was that she still believes Ramses took the 25k. Beyond that she suspects Kevin was a hinky vote. Doesn't trust Jessica. Believes whoever is part of the voting pact that decides to go rogue needs to be revealed to stir up dust and gain voting support. She's positive Xmas was one of the votes. She wanted to stay above board with Cody in case he does return. Alex was one of my preseason picks and she is certainly earning her place in the board. Jason is investing way too much time and energy aggressively trying to convince Alex that Jess should be pulled in and they should trust her. Alex's focus this week is shrinking the target on Jason's back this week. She is banking on using this HOH to appear cooperative and set herself and Jason up as well as possible for week 4. Elena and Alex have some validating chats. It looks like Alex will keep her deal worn her although...Elena having a list of 5 players including herself to keep safe is a bit much. I will say her argument for protecting Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, and Paul did water down the bad taste it left in my mouth. Based on last night it appears the same is true for Alex. Elena proposes her safety picks by suggesting these are people we want to make it to jury. Saving them for jury is good for both of us. Remember when I said the whole talk show incident hurt Dom more than anyone? Well her name was mentioned as a candidate for the rogue vote as well. As of last night Dominique and Jessica were the agreed nominees. One player from each side. Jessica being the most obvious target but sometimes the obvious isn't always the actual. Alex seems amenable to a BD plan and with all that's happened in the last 48 hours Xmas may return to a game where her revived presence isn't enough to help her find some cover. There is no DOT this week. The current voting doesn't close until next Wednesday. Julie teased fans that the HG will have a say in whether a Battle Back actually happens. In the previous vote Alex was the second in line so if things follow suit it's reasonable to predict she is a strong contender for the Hexing temptation. My guess is if the winner of the popular vote excepts the temptation then the curse will be unleashing the battle back. Now do any of us doubt that anyone in the game would pass on this temptation? What I am not certain of is whether the temptation will be offered before the live eviction (keeping it out of play week 3) or after? Usually voting ends Thursday, the temptation happens Friday. Next week there is a Friday episode (presumably airing buyback) so it's reasonable based on the adjustments made this week that it will be offered Thursday, maybe even during the live show. The RealiTea is this temptation, a potential evictee returning, and scenarios as a result of Xmas' return or not to the game are worthy of their own pot of tea. For now, nominations are scheduled to happen today and at 10:30 am this morning Alex, Matt, and Raven are the only HG awake. Like Alex I am wondering why every one isn't at least present interacting with others on the morning of nominations.
  10. BigBrotherHBIC

    Unlucky 13

    The RealiTea is that after a relatively boring week in the house week 2, Wednesday night brought us some unexpected drama in the final hours of the week. The end of week 2 during Dom’s usual BBAD talk show. Christmas left the house soon after a 1-1 talk with Cody which becomes a topic after the talk show interviews end and the conflicts begin. This is relevant since Christmas wasn’t there to steer the perceptions or counter some of the assumptions that make the rounds back to her. Fortunately, for most of us Xmas’ absence shouldn’t sway her vote since she and Paul both want Cody gone. Ramses had a rough week between the blowback from banner-gate, questions of loyalty regarding the Jillian vote, and nearly winning the POV he’s now on everyone’s radar. The down side of the week is will be everyone is stuck with Jessica for at least one more week. By the end of this tea party we will have one less HG, a new HOH, and at least two players who find themselves at the center of controversies that can play into what happens in week 3. As most of us know Dom’s weekly talk show provides a welcome relief for HG form the monotony of the routine and being in game mode 24/7. What I haven’t seen is awareness that doing an activity like this also opens a window into information because people aren’t in game mode and fail to censor their opinions and actions forgetting that we are still in the game. I applaud Dom for being able to get the majority of the house on board with this but it leaves me wondering why has no one thought that this could in fact be a bad thing. As you know I love it because when you take players minds off the game we are more likely to see them say and do things they wouldn’t do willingly. Finally Wednesday night after some controversial questions and answers come out of the nightly chats Paul realizes they shouldn’t be doing this! Paul is correct in his assessment of the potential downside and his fear of what could possibly happen may become a RealiTea sooner than anyone could have expected. Let’s read the tea leaves from this cup of tea. All day Wednesday, Cody was refusing to be a guest on the talk show when Dom invites the three nominees to be guests on the show. Kevin and Dom have managed to provide some late night entertainment with this idea. Paul was exhausted and had not planned to attend tonight, he explained he wanted to head up to the HOH and catch up on some sleep. However when Cody has a sudden opening in his schedule to be interviewed Paul knows he needs to be there. Paul is looking forward to hearing what Cody has to say. In reality he wants to be there and hear everything first hand. This was absolutely the right move. Paul is not in a position to waste time sifting through versions of what was said long after and then navigating the paranoia and speculations that could potentially occur. Ironically, Cody didn’t really say anything unexpected. However, Dom’s game oriented questions turned quite a few heads. Many of the players have put in a lot of work, as Cody would say, ‘hugging’ players like Jason, Josh, and Alex but the consensus after the show was Dom’s line of questioning planted weeds in a perfectly manicured garden and in all honesty they weren’t wrong. By the end of the HOH we may see why. Don’t forget this event and the reactions of the players like Matt, Paul, Mark, Elena, and Raven. Even Jessica understands that this was a terrible idea by the end of Cody’s segment although for different reasons. If she and Cody could consider anything outside of their own POV’s this was an opportunity for them to capitalize on. Instead all they see is it didn’t go the way they planned. I will save these tea leaves because I have a strong inclination we will need to come back to them soon. Are you ready to break down the week 2 live eviction and HOH competition? Jessica heads to the DR and votes to evict Ramses Kevin votes to evict Ramses Christmas (remotely from hospital room) votes to evict Ramses Raven votes to evict Cody Dom votes to evict Cody Elena votes to evict Cody Mark votes to evict Cody Jason votes to evict Cody Matt votes to evict Cody Josh votes to evict Cody Final Votes Alex 0 Ramses 3 Cody 7 Cody has been evicted from the BB house! I may want to add a shot of celebratory spirit to my tea! As Cody departs the house is calm almost the second the door closes behind him. Elena, Paul, Ramses are seen offering Jessica some form of comfort. Paul had asked Kevin to throw a hunky vote to Ramses expecting Jessica to vote to evict Alex. Imagine if the plan to throw a hinky vote in had in fact resulted in Paul masterminding his own blindside? LOL Cody’s exit interview. Julie confirms Cody’s parting words to Jessica were asking her to be his GF. He admits he plans (at this moment) to pursue a relationship with her outside the house. Cody also tells us he believes Jessica’s game will improve greatly with him out of the house. Cody is then blindsided yet again! Despite the fact he spent time this week encouraging Alex/Jason/Kevin to evict girls the next 2 weeks so he can easily win a spot back in the game is there is a battle back. Julie informs Cody that next week, Friday, the first four evictees (Cameron/Jillian/Cody/+week 3 evictee) will have battle it out and the winner will return to the game and get another shot at the $500k grand prize. The new HOH competition is an infamous endurance wall comp. Remember Paul is outgoing HOH and cannot compete. However, he has one more week of protection so he cannot be a target this week. Directly anyways. I would have predicted perhaps Raven may do well even though she’s a bit taller but her dancer background offers an advantage in balance. However, my foot hurts at the thought of her having to stand there for any length of time with 5 stitches between her toes and a fresh wound she sustained just a little over 24 hours ago. Mark is way too big and with a broken finger that adds a lot more stress to his hands trying to hold up all the weight those bulging muscles add to his hulk like physique. Alex is one I would expect to do really well, except based on her current status in the house I wouldn’t expect her to want to win. Paul is safe, she wouldn’t want to target her own side (Jason/Josh/Ramses/Kevin). She has a solid belief that there is going to be a buy back in the near future. For these reasons IMO, winning this would be horrible for her game. Jason, is a bigger guy in stature but this guy dances with bulls for a living. Ramses will want this win almost as much as Jessica. Jessica needs this to guarantee her safety since she failed to build some paths to future relationships with her previous allies. Let me pause here for a second. I want to refill my cup. My RealiTea is in a perfect world is if Jessica was to win HOH this week she sends the fourth person out (preferably a stronger competitor) to face off with Cody in the battle back. Now while I want Cody to be eliminated more than air to breath… I love some twists and turns that create great drama in the house! If Cody were to win and re-enter immediately following a Jessica HOH she wouldn’t be allowed to compete in the HOH week 4 upon his return. For the sake of the best feeds Cody returns as she spends week 4 on the block! Since she wants everyone to have sympathy for her having to endure the worst week (insert victim noises) as HN, Toad, isolated, and losing her man it seems only right she continues the journey of drastic highs followed by emotional lows. Imagine if this were to happen! I can dream can’t I? On to the actual competition because flies are swarming this pot of RealiTea. Any guesses who the first to drop from the space themed wall comp? Of course it was Josh! He’s useless in nearly every sense of any self directed attempts to play this game. Now if his mom could have stood on the wall for him he might actually have had a great shot! Next to go is Mark. Big guy, bad finger, and lots of pleas for real ice follow. Poor little Raven and her broken wing soon follow. Ramses wavered when the wall leaned far forward and I knew he would fall because he leaned so hard into the direction the wall was headed. After years and years of watching this comp leaning into the leaning wall makes it so much harder to hold yourself up. It also makes it even more difficult to regain a good hold as the wall returns to an upright because of all the strength you just exuded to sustain your position. As I say aloud, Ramses is going to fall, he does! At this point I look at the wall and realize Matt, Elena, and Dom are the only ‘cool kids’ left on the wall. They are going to need to hang tight because Jessica looks relaxed and comfortable. Alex is constantly moving and wiggling. For now may not seem like a problem but as you tire this is always the player who takes a hand to wipe their eyes or releases a grip to shake out a pain and falls into the loser circle. I’m sure LF’s recall Justin in BBOTT who got overconfident dancing around and knocked himself out of the comp. Not to say Alex is being overconfident, it’s just one of those elements in the wall comp you need to be weary of. Elena surprises me. I did not expect her to be an endurance contender but she implies her double jointed arms are helpful. Did anyone expect her to be a contender in this competition? Maybe we have Mark to thank for that…wink, wink! I wasn’t surprised to see Kevin make it halfway through before falling. I don’t think HG realize he is a much fiercer competitor than he shows. I was happy to see him put some visible effort in before throwing this competition. He doesn’t want the power, nor does it appear he really needs it. However, he showed some muscle and hung in long enough for it to appear he was trying without wasting hours holding on. I mean he did throw out the idea of taking a big shot week 3 but I am happy to see he didn’t move on this idea for the sake of his own game. Now we are down to Elena, Jessica, Alex, Jason, and Dom. Jessica is beginning to waver. She’s tired, cold and falls at 8:18 p.m. Dom falls right after her. Not an accidental fall by any means. Instead Dom’s departure from the wall was a clear, ‘oh thank you Jesus! Jessica’s out’especially so I don’t need to hang in here any longer. It is refreshing to see all the players cheering for everyone regardless. Even Jessica got some pats on the back while on the wall and I prefer this tone in the HOH comps, esespeciallypecially this early on in the game. I suspect at this point Alex and Elena will hold on tight until Jason falls because he’s a wild card. Once he falls they will make a deal and hopefully Alex solicits some promises from Elena and allows her to take the win. Mark needs an Elena win to navigate the drama stirred by Cody. Alex doesn’t need the win at this point in the game she has a good read on what’s actually happening and she knows that collectively the house wants Ramses and Jessica gone in the near future and neither are a number she can’t survive without. 8:29 Alex proposes the first deal. Elena says sure what’s your deal. Alex says, I don’t care I just want a Coke at this point. Suddenly she screams “Jason what’s the deal?” Jason “You all fall off I ‘ll be HOH.” This is met with laughter from the viewing gallery and myself in all honesty. Moments later Jason yells, “No one on this wall is going home.” Alex, “Ok. We all agree we wont send…we wont put any of us (Jason, Alex, Elena) OTB. Elena agrees. Alex, “Ok, what’s the second part of the deal?” Jason, “Somebody else say.” Alex, “I get to take a sh*t in your guys’ toilet if you guys win. Whenever I want.” Jason, “Done!” Elena, “What do you want?” Jason, “Safety” Elena, “Ok deal you jump down and I wont put you OTB.” Jason, “Swear?” Elena, “Swear.” Jason jumped. 8:29:47 pm Elena, “Alex?” Alex, “I won’t put you OTB.” There’s a long enough pause for comments from Raven, Mark, Jason, and Paul. Alex, “You’re not my target.” Elena, “Ok I will jump. Swear?” Alex, “Swear.” Elena stealth whispers, “The people I want protected will be protected?’ Alex, agrees 8:30:44 Elena drops as I am yelling at the screen telling her not to do it! Alex is the week 3 HOH with over 90 minutes on the wall. Alex makes a point to go immediately over to Elena and hug her. This is a good indication and what she should do whether she intends to keep her word by the end of the week or not. Jason rushes to hug Alex followed by Kevin. Everyone congratulates and hugs Elena except Jessica who is going to break a tooth she is clinching her teeth so hard. With an Elena HOH, Jessica could have felt at least a chance going into the week. Cody is gone and all the hateful venom spewed at Alex the first two weeks in the house this is the last person Jessica needed to win. 8:50 pm HG are inside and we do hear Jessica choke out a congratulations to Alex. There you have it! The RealiTea is I think Alex taking this week's HOH could be a problem for Alex. She was in a great spot. Other than Jessica no one was even discussing Alex this week. I know she has some ill feelings about Ramses but Alex is a smart cookie and understood until the numbers on the other side dwindle slightly she needs to preserve the people who think they are aligned with her for because in BB there is some safety in numbers. Remember we have 13 HG left going into week 3. With two nominees and the HOH out of the voting pool that leaves 9 people voting if Christmas does return. There are 6 people on the showmance side of things, 4 on the outsiders which leaves Josh squarely in the middle of voting again this week. Would you want to rely on Josh to make your HOH plans come to life? I know I wouldn't! Come back tomorrow for a fresh cup of RealiTea Bites on everything that happens overnight and into Friday. Will Christmas return? Will the seeds Paul was attempting to cultivate about the votes take root?
  11. BigBrotherHBIC

    Stirring Pots

    There has not been overflowing pots of tea for us to sip in week 2. The first few days following Paul becoming the 2nd HOH to the Veto ceremony lack luster this week. It's been much calmer waters but some players are mastering their strokes. Let's sip some RealiTea Bites from nominations to the Veto ceremony. Cody/Xmas have a 1-1 convo. Cody is trying to clarify some details about his actions, not to make peace with Christmas or even campaign for votes this week. Cody's agenda is to stir the pot while trying to 'help' Jessica's position going into week 3. Of course it's Cody so what he plans and how he executes never achieve the desired outcome. As Cody is talking he implies that Mark knew the whole time Cody was going to nominate Paul week 1. While that isn't true, what he means to convey is that Mark knew prior to nominations that Cody wanted to get Paul out. Xmas takes what he says this way (bases on how Cody fumbles around constructing any clear thoughts. Cody was referring to prior to big couples alliance even forming and clarifies a minute later was that Mark knew Day 1-2 that Cody wanted Paul out and that was his goal. Cody is spilling all the tea on his group. We see here that Cody understands more than many fans gave him credit for re:how the game works and should be played. Where does Cody fail here? He is clarifying implied details. If he was truly smart strategically he would leave the open ended version of truthful details just that...open ended. This would be a masterful way to create doubt purposefully and position Jessica better and potentially himself if he were to return in some battle back twist. That's how you create doubt and paranoia without lying or betraying. On to the next bite of Cody's toad-ally slimy week. Cody has been banking all week in the idea he will get to compete in a battle back. He tells Alex, Jason, Kevin, Jessica they need to evict girls next because he would then be guaranteed to beat them in any comp allowing him to return. Delusions of Cody. While not a bad strategic play his executions are some of the worst of the worst in BB history. Monday, sometime between 12-1 pm Cody tells Jessica that 'if Josh messes with him one more time he's going to tell Josh that when he leaves the house he will tell everyone Josh is a sexual predator'. Cody justifies this because 'he peeps over the shower when girls are in there and opens the door to the BA when girls are using it to try and get a peep at them.' Yet another replay of Monte and Morgan from BBOTY where they latch onto a version of someone else's story and clings to it. Problem with Cody is like Monte, his plan to attack Josh outside the house has nothing to do with game and everything to do with ego. What's key for me here is this: You see the idea come to Cody's mind. He visible gets excited at the thought of disparaging Josh publicly just to retaliate at him announcing "I will hit him where it hurts!" Even more to my points about Jessica all along is everything she does has an angle for a storyline. She encourage this idea and then goes on to predict 'he will run crying to the DR'. She has an enormous influence on the level of despicable behaviors Cody displays. They feed off each other and it's gross. The only credit I will give Jess is hers is game motivated on some level at least 50% of the time. Cody's is only so about 15% of the time. It's working! At least camera time on LF because most of the time there is a camera zooming in on Jessica and her body, showcasing the non-stop fondling and sexual exhibitions of Jody. Whether they use the footage to portray her how she would like or at all is another thing entirely. She's a mean girl. Together they feed into the darkest parts of each other's character and they will be in a for a shock when they return to the real World and see the majority of fans loath their behaviors even if they crave the drama it created on the LF. Problem is, like Paulie, I don't think either will care. Early following the Veto ceremony Jessica goes to Paul in the HOH to try and gain some sympathy. Like any sociopath she delivers a D-list performance telling Paul she knows she needs to socialize with everyone. Feel sorry for me because I don't support the things Cody did but he's alone in this house and I can't abandon some guy I met 19 days ago for $500k (like I said in my preseason video). She basically sums up all the same things I've said she's doing wrong which sounds good but Paul and LF know she's calculated this and it's falling on deaf ears with Paul. Here's what smart players in the house and watching for Jessica to do. If she's flips out and falls off the rails again when Cody leaves they will label her a threat and she's at the top of the eviction hit list. However, if she chills out, stays quiet, blends in the walls we know she's broken and she's not a threat and we can put her on the back burner. Some even believe this latter reaction week 3 may make her a person they may want to pull in and use. She will be without anyone. I hear many HG's (and fans) debating where Jessica will land in the hierarchy next week. I feel as though they all have it ass backwards. If she's volatile and OTT she remains a target and I would want to keep her for a few weeks as a shield. She will always make herself a bigger target than me. If she's quietly blending back into the fold she's dangerous! I want her gone people are forgetting what she's capable of and considering secret alliances with her and for me as a player would feel she's the biggest threat to my long term game if she were able to bottle the mean girl. Tunnel vision on Cody in some cases prevents some players from seeing Jessica as a potential threat. This is BB! I will tell you as I refill my teacup that Paul and Alex have the best reads on Jessica this week. They see her manipulating ways and are using it to their advantage to some degree but they both seem to be subscribing to the if she can settle down we can use her and that's a huge mistake for their personal games. Alex and Paul two will move to the front of the line quickly as the strongest threats very soon. They need a shield or two. Kevin also perceives Jessica as a threat but wants Alex, Jason, Kevin, Ramses, and Jessica to form a group and take a shot at one of the big dogs (excluding Paul) on the opposing side this week. Alex wants nothing to do with that plan and shuts Kevin down FAST! Alex has the BEST read in the house on all Players this week. She brilliantly quieted down and stopped being aggressive and boisterous this week and has done exactly what she should and what Jessica is tip toeing around potentially trying to do, but like Cody she has no skill in the art of execution. Alex is off nearly everyone's radar despite sitting on the block this week. People are all in varying conversations repeating the seed Paul planted early in the week gracefully. At varying times with varying combinations of HG 90% of the discussions have been everyone listing Ramses, Jason, Jessica, Josh as the order of the next evictees they want (unaware they want it because Paul has done a lot of work to be sure everyone makes their list according to his seeds). Alex also understands that the Larger voting block will begin to look Around at each other over her soon after Cody leaves. With still no committed defined alliances in the game it's beginning to be a lot of work to uncover who is really riding for whom. Of course besides Jody and now Marlena apparently (Tuesday night). Although I am referring to the figurative statement versus the literal. Just a little rated X tea for those who don't have LF. My point is as we approach week three there are very few handshakes to reveal. Kevin has promised he will never vote against Alex or Paul and states this to each about both. Alex/Kevin seem to be happy working together. Paul and Kevin are not only well matched opponents they are so hilariously entertaining on the feeds. If BB19 were a movie it would be Paul as the neighborhood kid that the local gangster takes an interest in. Then the protege surprises the mentor. These two constantly bantering and discussing random rapid fire topics brings me so much joy! That's personal so I will leave it there and get back to current events. Jason attempts to discuss an alliance with Paul who says he doesn't do alliances he's a you scratch my back I will Scratch yours kinda player and that's what Jason should be too. Paul tells him trying to do that will Widen the target on Jason's back he just needs to prove he's a 'team player' by nominating Ramses and Jessica if he wins HOH next week and that will Prove to others he's on board with the majority. In reality Paul is dangling carrots and planting seeds all the time. There are times he's pushing to hard and needs to sensor his delivery. Come on let's be honest-it's Paul. #Nevercared Paul struck a deal with Alex and whole Alex agreed to Paul's face she let's us know she will ride that until it doesn't benefit her then she will come out guns blazing. Alex is the most dangerous player in the game this week and no one knows it. No one is talking about Alex. She was in your face week 1 and now despite being OTB she melted into the fold and has purposely chilled. Mark and Xmas have a convo discussing that Paul is gaining some negative attention in the house and rather than realize they should allow that to grow they need to actively work to protect Paul! What?! Yes, this is how good Paul has been doing that they feel the need to protect him! Not monitor the situation, not nurture the target gracefully but we need to help Paul get back to the 500k. There is a lot of this and it's both a side effect of lack of game savviness and Paul's hard work to surround himself with people who will work to save him. He knows he will become a target and has been laying the bricks to lead to a path of escape. Paul struggled early in the week with being too overbearing and aggressive in his delivery of where the votes need to go, who needs to do what in veto, etc...All Week I was thinking chill out! Massage your delivery the ideas are on track and great but tailor the delivery so people want to listen long term and don't get tired of your tactics. What helped Paul reset was his ability to see how others were perceiving Christmas' similar actions and slowing turning against her. Which is grey for Paul! As the week progresses she's speaking in a way (for whatever reason) that resembles Cody and this doesn't appeal to many in the house. Mark and Xmas already had some bad vibes after the group discussed how to nominate to achieve BD Cody. He didn't like the way she spoke to him and that festers over time. Xmas should have sensed this and gone in an done some damage control but whether the meds or the ego she fails to see this. Paul however doesn't and his falls into his hands and opens a crack for him to start chipping away at the loyalty HG showed in their votes to keep her without it looking suspicious on Paul's behalf. Paul has a VERY good eye for this game. I don't care for his approach all the time. He Needs to reign in the always in your face approach and diarrhea of the mouth in knee jerk reactions many times. However, I felt the same way BB18. He was always at a defcon 5 level and usually as a result of some dumb ass thing he did or said so I had zero sympathy for that. Despite that he snatched one of those final two seats by the end, stayed loyal to Victor the second half of the game without fail and took second. Like or not he's earned some BB respect. I see a lot of growth but I also see many areas where he changes nothing and we will see how that plays out for him this time. Kevin is the spotlight a lot more often this week. In both good and bad ways and this isn't great for him although I don't see an immediate threat the blind notion he's and old man and no one needs to be worried about him isn't so blind. Kevin admits to Jason that he was the one who voted against Jillian and initially Jason doesn't believe him. Wth? Why would Kevin lie about something that only hurts Kevin? Jason is all over the place and knows he's on the list of targets but his efforts this week are as scattered as his conversations. I can see the good ideas or reads behind Jason's eyes at times. The problem is when he's talking game but he never manages to get it from his brain to his lips without fumbling all over everything and this exasperates those talking to him. That's not all a bad thing because this does keep the focus on Ramses ahead of himself but come on man! Think before you speak. Develop the dialogue over a length of time. In this game Jason has to know Communication is not his Strong. People never understand Jason's main idea. I know that's a lot to for a HG like Jason or Josh but the point is in this game that's what these two Should be doing. I mean look at Cody. Every time he opens his mouth he drops a grenade on not only his own but his allies games. It's looking like business as usual for Paul's HOH. The back door plan worked. People are collectively in agreement to vote Paul out. Well except Kevin perhaps. Paul has asked Kevin to throw a hinky vote to Ramses to create some drama before HOH. Great idea, bad delivery. It's not what Paul says but how he says it. Here's the bottom line though. Paul reads people well and knows when someone is reacting some kind of way and he commits to damage control tailored to that person. That's the RealiTea of where players are landing this week. Not much drama other than Jody being hateful nasty people and I won't give that a solid platform when it's not strategic. Alex is in a great spot and may be both primed for a week 3 HOH win if its endurance as well as the player with the most global understanding in the game. Kevin is still doing very well but beginning to reveal too much as times and we should keep an eye on that. Cody is set to leave but is counting on a battle back. Xmas is doped up and that's not good for anyone’s game. She will be out Wednesday for surgery and potentially return before LE. Jessica is a lone frog with no Lilly pad for now without Cody week 3. Ramses is in trouble and needs to put in serious work.
  12. BigBrotherHBIC

    Confusion and Deceit

    The first week of the new season of Big Brother was jammed packed full of new showmances, betrayals, blindsides, arguments, and glorious feeds! As we settle in for the first live eviction of the season its necessary to remind fans that this in RealiTea is the 3rd eviction of the season at the end of week one. Let us not forget that Cameron was evicted during the premier episodes and Megan self evicted before veto could even be played. Heading into live eviction night Jillian and Cody were oblivious to what was about to happen. The overconfidence these two rode into the night on was a United aIrline flight and a confused passenger is about to be snatched off this plane. RealiTea Cody and Jillian’s ignorance to the coordination in the house is most relevant because Cody is the catalyst for how this vote will play out. Jillian elected to rely on someone else to pack her parachute. Jillian was absolute in her confidence that the word of Cody, who’s entire alliance deplaned early in the week. Let’s think about this. Jillian’s willingly chose to put all her eggs in Cody’s basket after Alex wins veto and Cody chooses to go rogue and attempt to replace Alex with Paul. This is a guy who lives in his own universe and you choose to rely on his assurances that he will save you this week? Alex chooses to fly stand by with Cody after all of the other HG’s he was aligned used their emergency parachutes to float their way over to Paul. Matt/Raven, Mark/Elena, Christmas and Dom all abandon Cody and the whole house can see they are working feverishly to repair the damage Cody caused their individual and collective games openly confessing they were never aligned with a plan to nominate Paul. As fans sit on the edge of their seats watching the HG’s enter the diary room to cast their votes we see that Jillian will pay the price for relying on the information she was getting from Alex and Cody. In this house, when you put your BB life in someone else’s hands willingly you really have no one to blame but yourself. After Julie announces that Jillian has been evicted by a vote of 7-4 we watch Cody and Jessica melt down like a Hawaiian shave ice on a summer afternoon in Las Vegas. Let’s dive right into the tea that fans without live feeds (LF) may not be aware of. LF should know that Jessica came on BB with the intention of promoting her VIP concierge business. She’s told Cody this and frankly her reaction to the eviction was OTT. We all see Jessica was livid that ounce again she is being punished for what she tells herself is a direct result of Cody’s game play. Jessica chooses to unleash her inner Scrooge on Christmas. Here’s where I take issue with Jessica’s perceptions. Jessica chose a side in the fallout of Cody’s tyrannical HOH nominations. With every decision in life there is a consequence. In the BB house that is no different. In her mind no one should be upset with her. Jessica says it was cowardly to for Christmas to mention her on live TV when she can’t defend herself. What show do you think you are on? We’ve seen plenty of unexpected reactions during the live show! The RealiTea is she does a myriad of things to get herself into this mess. My impression of her watching her on feeds is she is purposeful in her reactions seeking a sympathetic edit from production. She should have put that same amount of effort into interacting with everyone else in the house all week. Instead she spent 99% of her time mounting Cody in the HOH room except the few times he discharged her to go downstairs and ask or tell someone something. Girl bye! I love all the drama and it’s a great fuel to get everyone revved up for the new HOH competition though. The HOH is a CandyCrush shop theme. The comp is similar to BB2’s food competition and more recently the BBOTT HOH competition Perfect Shot. That’s the HOH where Krissy wins. In this competition balls are launched into the yard. HG break open the balls looking for carnival tickets. There is also a conveyer belt where swirl lollipops are and constantly rolling out. HG can also find tickets inside the wrappers of the suckers. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that those who voted Jillian out are clearly coordinating. Well, excdept Kevin he’s shaaring tickets with no desire to win this HOH. We can see various players like Raven, Kevin, Christmas gathering tickets and handing them off. Raven, CHristmas, and Dom are hadning off tickets to Paul or Matt to roll the ball attempting to make it around the looped ramp into the hole at the end. What we also see is Jessica playing solo and doesn’t care about anyone or anything standing in her way of getting suckers with tickets. Alex and Ramses work together some of the time. Josh is also sifting through the candy shop searching for tickets solo as well. Cody is clearly praying Alex wins. Analyzing this next moment is key because we’ve assumed Cody is oblivious to how a ‘team’ functions and that working cooperatively is a key element. He demonstrates to me he is in fact capable of working cooperatively when he knows he doesn’t have control. Cody does in fact have the capacity to consider others. I observe this when he offers Alex a water bottle while she waits in line to turn her tickets. Alex takes a sip, passes it behind her to Ramses to take a sip before returning the water bottle to Cody. There’s no reaction to her doing so which is also good to see. Why? After the eviction both she and Cody suspect Ramses may have been one that voted to evict Jillian preventing a tie vote that would have given Cody the final word in the eviction to send Christmas home and save Jillian. This is the first time I’ve seen him show this kind ‘team’ effort beyond his own game. What this tells me is he does know how to do it. These are the smaller details that can tell you a lot in a short period of time. Alex, Ramses, Jason and Josh are all working hard. Jessica is a lone wolf and doesn’t care. She stands in front of other players right at the exit of the conveyer belt snatching up suckers before anyone can try to. Josh does at some points stand right next to her alternating (trying to take turns allowing her to take one then he leans in and grabs the next). We see Dom do the same towards the end of the comp. Most HG are just examining at the suckers to see if there is a ticket if not they toss them to the ground. Jessica is standing at the conveyer and repeatedly smashing them on the metal working out her frustrations. As she does this she is being very aggressive with how she’s trying to find tickets. At one point we see Matt and Alex tackle each. These two both attempt to recover a ball launched into the yard. This is shocking to Kevin, with such the dad reaction, “We are tackling people now WTF?” If he was at home with his kids I believe he would have ended the game and made them all have a group hug. LOL Kevin didn’t want anything to do with winning this HOH. It was obvious and he later confirms this on the feeds. What’s great about Kevin in the comp is his reactions to things. He delivers the comedy for viewers and we are always guaranteed a good laugh with Kevin in the house. However, this older player in the house that has HG and fans laughing when he tells his nightly stories, or reacts to how people behave, or refers to selfies as onesies or emojis as mojos is much more than constant entertainment in the game. Cody, Alex, and Jason all question Kevin about his vote and quickly determine there is no way he flipped on them. Why? Kevin plays off the vote like a gangster! Watching him up to today has been put entertainment for LF’s. However, his hand is stacked with more than just social game. Kevin’s ability to show how smart he is at some moments and the comical reactions at others disarms people. That leaves most of the other HG’s feeling like he’s far less threatening to their current game than he actually is. The RealiTea is Kevin plays right along with Alex and Jason’s outrage and has no problem deflecting the evidence to Ramses as the best suspect. Its brilliant to watch him express shock and awe that someone in their group would vote for Christmas to stay and betray everyone. Cody and Jessica latch onto this along with their correct assumption that Josh had to be another. Kevin is gas lighting these three and coming out without so much of a grain of sand of suspicion that he may have been one of the ones to change his vote and lie. Let’s take moment to take a bite of the fan reactions to this comp. The RealiTea is there are always fans who think every thing in the BB house is a conspiracy. There was no shortage of side eye by me as I surfed through SM. The RealiTea is every season some feel that production conspires to help those players they like. This season we aren’t even in week two and those conspiracy theories are already spinning in cyber space. After the HOH some fans share that they are certain production allowed HG to work together was an attempt to stack cards in a certain a player’s favor. I would tell those fans to please sit down. We’ve had plenty of previous comps over the years where HG’s are permitted to choose to coordinate efforts to take a win. If you watch BB you know that alliances intentionally throw comps for someone to win. In the fall, during BBOTT Perfect Shot and BB Barcode HGs were given similar directions that they may keep what get or share it. There are plenty of comps where BB goes out of their way to keep players from sharing intel or coordinating, they are sequestered for hours and hours in separate rooms of the house when these type of comps are played. Long time fans should know that we’ve watched just as many where its play however you want. In all honesty the comps where players can work together if they choose are the most informative ones. This is a great way for a savvy player to collect valuable intel on others in the game if they are paying attention. I’m not just saying the obvious information like who’s working together. The subtle actions can be very telling. It’s one of the reasons I loved the food competitions back in the earlier years. It wasn’t because those comps were so great and appealing to me. The realiTea is I always appreciated when the house competed to win their food for the week. People aren’t scheming for position in the game. They are hungry and want food. In this scenario their actions aren’t as controlled. Players say and do things perhaps they otherwise wouldn’t. The more relaxed, non-competitive competitions people can forget the game. For a few moments they are distracted by hunger and those paying attention in the house are often given a perspective they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Think about it. Some of the very best brewed tea in the house happens when someone’s guard is down and they forget they are playing a game. Now back to the current game. There are plenty of places to find the stats breakdowns of attempts, tickets collected, etc…the bottom line is that at 7:39 pm Paul Wins! Here’s what happens immediately after, you might want to grab a snack and put your feet up this is going to be more than a nibble! Jessica immediately seeks out Cody behind the candy country and we hear Cody say, “F*^@$ off Paul! Hope the fans love BB18. That’s all this is.” We see Kevin walks past. Cody tries to catch his attention but fails. As everyone congratulates Paul we see Jessica and Cody stand at the ticket counter isolating themselves just as they have done for the first 16 days. 7:41:26 cam 2 After 3 minutes pass they come out from behind the counter and into the yard but still go off to the side away from everyone else. These two are boiling and their tea pots are about to overflow! 7:41:30 we get FISH we have audio though. 7:42 we hear Paul tell Jessica: good effort (genuine). then we hear a ?HG (female): you got to think about it homie… 7:42:19 It’s difficult to hear on any one camera because so much talking going on in the BY after comp. You can hear Cody say something about lying to someone. Turns out that Cody attempted to take a swing or something similar at Josh. Jessica and Christmas will face off soon after but the beautiful fine china tea cup this is served in comes from what we hear from production since they went to FISH so we can’t see what is happening but left the audio on: 7:42:38 We hear BB say (cam 3): separate guys hey! 7:42:44 Then suddenly we get : Hey guys it’s Rich. Quiet down, quiet down and listen. Listen emotions run high in the BB house, like we talked all of you about. I don’t want anybody getting nose to nose or any stuff like that happening. You can say anything you want to each other we won’t police that but, but you know you’re playing a game. Say whatever you want is fine but do not get in each other’s faces. We do not want to have to step in. 7:43:19 we hear Paul cam 2 calmly speaking to Cody: This is a game. From a game perspective it’s not worth it. We hear Cody talking: He straight up lied to my face. A couple people. Paul: Just don’t let it get under your skin. We suddenly hear Dom calmly say: You can’t take to me like that in front of all these people. You can’t. Paul: It’s not worth it. Cody: We are just going to relax this week. Now we can her Jessica and Christmas squaring off. Christmas I just know we have to live together so we can be cool and cordial. Jessica That’s how I felt all week! I asked you how you were doing that was on a friend to friend level. You took it as in assessing your injuries and I wasn’t at any time. Xmas Ok. Noted. Just we are going to live together and be cordial Cody That’s all we want to do is just hand out with each other Xmas Yeah Cody Cause I know one of us is going home so Xmas Well I mean I respect that Cody yeah Xmas I’m not gonna poke, I’m not gonna say anything, I’m not gonna like shit talk or anything. We have to live together I would like this to be as peaceful as possible and I think we can all agree to that. Cody I’m cool with that Xmas Cool. On another note that was fun as sh*t. Jessica to Cody I thoroughly enjoyed smashing lollipops (giggle) Cody you re so sticky J-Can we make up our HN bed. C-I told you we should get used to it laughing both 7:45:05 feeds return as the house reopens and HG are given directions about their athletic mic’s. As soon as warning ends you can her most still discussing comp, how many attempts, the lollipops. I heard some speculations about Xmas/Jess confrontation but we find out a from Mark a little later in the BA what happened. Does Cody even know what game he is playing? He and Jessica are sore losers. How does he not recall that he flipped the entire house upside down going rogue and betraying his entire alliance by nominating Paul? The when that blows up in his face he doesn’t retreat back to what his group wanted originally… he nominates another member of their supposed group? If he had just nominated Jason there may have been an opportunity to salvage the damage done by going rogue with the Paul nom. Now Cody/Jessica are playing victim and incredulous about the fact some people didn’t vote the way he ordered. How dare they not tell him they were voting differently! There are multiple confrontations between Josh and Cody/Jessica as the night continues into the early hours of the morning. Now, I didn’t like the way Josh handled Megan but I dislike how these two dog pile on Josh even less. Josh sums up the entire scenario when he tells the, in the midst of their verbal assaults, “You two haven’t even talk to me in the last 14 days!” Basically pointing out the obvious. No offense but these two relying on Josh to vote in their favor was stupid! The other group had persuaded Josh to save Christmas and they were able to because they may not like him either but they make him feel included and understood. They laid the bricks to create a path to the vote they needed while Cody and Jessica sat up in the HOH room all week talking about how stupid everyone else in the house is. Josh’s lie about his vote was planned. Everyone knew Josh is malleable, even Josh! The truth is that the idea was to tell Cody/Jess/Alex what they want to hear but vote how you want (with the other side). That way he avoided being tormented and bullied all week. It was a smart plan. Very well played by both Josh and the Christmas voting group. Once again Cody is wiping the egg off of his face with Jessica’s weave by the end of the night. Cody’s reaction wasn’t some calculated reaction planned to out certain people and create distrust. If it were I would accept it more easily even if I didn’t like it; I would give them credit for efforts and game play. Instead these were childish temper tantrum behaviors by a guy who thinks everyone should accept their marching orders and fall in line with what he thinks should be done . Cody’s identifying himself as the BB master and how the house crashed down around him this week was entertaining! It’s the worst kind of player but some of the best kind of feeds. You made your bed now you and Jess continue to lie in it. Just the way you both have in the HOH for nearly 2 weeks. Jessica’s reactions as the night progresses do appear a bit more fabricated. Miss #crybaby threatens to quit with all your ‘victim noises’. Speaking of beds, as I predicted the transition downstairs for these two was not a pleasant one. Cody has announced that he and Jessica will be moving into the HN room and sleeping on the spiked beds beginning tonight although HN’s aren’t selected until the following day. When the comp ended Cody could have just been a man and congratulated Paul. Instead we saw Paul come to Cody after the comp and humbly shake his hand and be the bigger man. We see Paul again later as he walks through a bedroom and sees Jessica crying on Cody. Paul approaches and extends her an olive branch offering her comfort and telling her not to cry “don’t let this game get to you like that.” We hear Jessica mention how others do things to get edits but the truth is that’s what she is trying to do a lot of the time. As the night unfolds if you are really paying attention you will see how this chick purposefully reacts and then always within minutes ducks into the DR. Not like Josh who gets emotional and attempts to retreat to a safe place or a private room where he can vomit all of his emotions without everyone seeing. If you haven’t picked up on how Jessica does this it’s a good time to file that away in the back of your mind and begin really paying attention to her subtle manipulations and the conversations she and Cody have either just before or right after. Even Cody frequently comments about how Jessica is focused on promoting her business. Okay, let’s wind up the immediate reactions of HG’s following the Paul win. Just before HG re-enter the house we can hear Cody Sounds questioning Kevin (cam 3) and we hear Kevin masterfully convey “No, I keep my word. No one is…lying to you.” Kevin uses this same finesse throughout the night and is quickly dismissed as a potential traitor which is brilliant to watch! 7:46 pm HG return inside and we see Christmas (cam 3/4) telling Josh just be cool. Check it, check it, just be cool. That’s what’s best for everybody. Cody, Jess, Alex, Jason have no idea who voted to evict Jillian. They don’t need one for their blowout pity party extravaganza to begin. 7:47 pm cam 3 SR Jess/Cody immediately head to SR when they return to the house. Complain no food yet. J-I have legitimately been gotten blindsided in every aspect of this game every single day I have been here C- yeah J-so if they want to play dirty I will lie, I will backstab, I will throw everybody under the …bus C-we don’t have the numbers anymore now and Paul’s the HOH so they’re going to put us against each other . I’m not saying I’m defeated but like it will be either me or you I guess. J-I’m fine with that I don’t regret anything. C-I don’t either. I mean I made those deals to stay loyal to them, you know what I mean? I’m not mad that Christmas had a legit gripe against me. She projected on you. I don’t know why she did it to you. J-In the most cowardly way. Like when I couldn’t actually say something that’s when she…ugh we get FISH for 5 minutes then back to Jess interview with Jillian. Um wait wasn’t this the same guy laying in the HOH bed professing he will make himself the target and be her hero? Isn’t this the same guy who told everyone in his alliance he made a deal with Alex and Jason solely with the intention of saving all of them and he will gladly go home week 2? At one point in the HOH he was listing all the things he will say to Matt attacking his manhood to be sure the target stays on him (Cody) and they have to send him home and keep her? Where’s that guy Jessica? LMAO 8:34 pm CAM 4 Mark lets us on Cody’s inquire to Mark about how his vote landed. What’s important to note is how Cody approaches Mark versus how Cody pounces on Josh. Cody would NEVER speak to or behave towards Mark, Kevin, or Matt the way he does to Jason or Josh. 8:36-Elena If you do me wrong and you didn’t tell me you weren’t going to do that, I can’t get over that. If you look mean the eye and tell me you won’t do something and you do it, I’m done. Its over I won’t trust you. -Elena is essentially expressing the same reaction emotionally that Cody/Jessica are having to being lied to. However she is sitting relaxed in the BA with various HG rationally explaining how she reacts to it. 8:38 pm Mark explains that Cody confronted Mark after Paul won HOH. According to Mark, Cody asked him who he voted for. They had a moment and Mark told him straight up he voted for Christmas to stay. Mark said he felt like they were good after that. Mark goes on to say that he “after I picked him (Paul) up (after he won)I don’t think we’re good anymore.” LOL Matt lightens the mood with: He looks like an ass on national tv plenty of times. Just chill out we got squad goals to focus on. Matt has really won me over the last two weeks. He is the most rational well balanced player on the male side of things in this game. Matt moves with a perfect balance between social and strategic game. He knows how to talk to people and of the three showmances this is the only one I don’t want to stab myself in the eye when I am watching how they interact with each other. I said preseason I suspected he would easily make it to the middle of this game but if he continues on the path he is on he may just be an end game contender. Its week two and everything I would want a strong player to be doing, Matt is doing. Next week will be very telling. 8:40 pm Mark, Elena, Dom funny moment to watch. A random bit of tea we are served later in the BA is that Mark was born with a club foot. We find this out when Dom mentions she noticed he has one leg is bigger than other. Interesting fact about Mark but watching the body language variances between Elena and Dom are the more interesting moments here. As the night continues LF realize they may want to switch from tea to coffee because it’s going to be a long night of amazing feeds to be enjoyed! I will leave you with one final note. 9:05 pm Kevin/Alex cam 3/4 Kevin commits to Alex: I will say moving forward, from this day on, I promise to always vote for you and Paul. We haven’t seen any golden handshakes or hard and fast pledges of allegiance since the showmance alliance splintered. We have seen Kevin easily smooze everyone in the game but we certainly haven’t really been able to nail down who Kevin is really considering aligning with. So I am shocked to hear him say this. It’s actually a great trio, Paul is on one side in the house, Alex is on the other, and Kevin is welcomed by everyone. As the evening’s events and conversations unfold this will be something to circle back around to in the next blog. For now I am going to brew a fresh cup of tea for the HOH reveal and various whispering happening throughout the house for next time. The RealiTea is from eviction to conclusion of the HOH competition there was an ocean of tea to swim through and more than a few bites of drama to digest. There was no shortage of confusion and deceit on eviction night and that sets the tone for the week ahead.
  13. BigBrotherHBIC

    Player Standings End of Week 1

    July 6-Pre-Eviction Welcome to RealiTea Bites the blog where I spill all the tea on what’s happening in the Big Brother house. Tonight is eviction night and this first week of Big Brother 19 has easily ben the most insane first week in BB history. The game for fans began with a powerful alliance 9 people strong: Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, Paul, and Christmas. This isn’t unusual since by the time the feeds go live for fans relationships have already been established and a myriad of alliances are already formed. What is different about this cast is by the end of week one the house has been blown up and the cards land where they may. Cody’s power move blew up all the relationships in the house including dividing the power alliance and we are delivered a piping hot fresh pot of tea as we see the players scrambling to find a new group and running or safety. Let’s break down how I see each player navigating the game and the most explosive first week! Cody was HOH and while most of us wouldn’t choose to be the first HOH he followed his preseason play book and took the first HOH comp. Once Megan leaves the game unexpectedly things quickly change. Let’s be real here, Paul was ALWAYS Cody’s target. Cody’s intention was to backdoor Paul from the minute Paul didn’t give him a friendship bracelet, maybe even frorm the second he came through the doors. To some casual fans it may seem like a good idea if you are 3 showmances already in full swing by the time we enter the house. I mean Cody has the numbers right? WRONG! The couples have all have aligned together with several other players by the end of the second night. The problem is his target was always one of the people everyone in his group believed was on their team, namely Paul! Cody is blowing in the wind by the end of this week. Alex may seem like she’s willing to work with him but if you watch the feeds you know this is smoke and mirrors. Alex wants to save Jillian so of course she would agree to collaborate with her enemies to eliminate Christmas and save her own ally. Once the vote is over Alex has her eyes set on Jessica and Cody. At the moment anyway. Jillian is a number for Alex. Cody is emotionless, simple minded, and egocentric. As I suspected he is rigid, inflexible, and has no social skills at all. Does this mean the house will target Cody next week? Not so fast my friends. The realiTea is that Alex’s side of the house wants Cody gone. Alex wants Jessica gone more than Cody, but that’s personal not game. Fortunately, for her the two may align. Let’s not brew next week’s tea when there is so much to sip and nibble on this week. Cody’s side of the house wants Cody gone. Christmas wants Jesica and Cody gone and has made no secret about it. If the house is smart and stays focused on this threat they will throw Cody and Jesica on the block, pull Cody down and send Jessica home. Cody can’t survive long without Jessica. Jessica has enough sense about her to figureout a way to blend back in and rally a group to allow her to reitergate and will seem far more appealing to work with once Cody exits the house. Jessica is smart in the sense she understands the game and how you do things is just as important as what you do. However, when the house shake up happens she locks herself away with Cody and fails to adjust her game to survive the aftermath. Jessica does try to make it appear she is willing to work with Alex after days and days of lashing out at her, calling her names and delivering daily death stares directed at Alex. Jessica’s jealousy and desire to have all of Cody’s attention leaves her on the side of the road and I expect her to be preverbal road kill soon. Eliminating Jessica is the smarter move for everyone but most of all for Alex. We all know Cody is obsessed with Alex, whatever the reasoning and if Jessica is sent out then Alex, if she plays her cards correctly could pull Cody over to her side. I don’t see her intentionally planning this approach but she should! I was thrilled when Alex won the comp, and she is high on my rankings for the season but now that we are in the game there are some warning signs. You can be strong and smart without putting people off. Alex would be smart to dial back her overbearing temperament and not react so emotionally. While she isn’t anyone’s target but Jessica everything you do in this house leaves a fingerprint and she’s gotten her hands very dirty with her actions. Chill out girlie. You aren’t in danger at the moment, Jillian, while a number for you is not a shield for you and you are spending capital you can’t afford to waste on her. Don’t get into a pissing contest with Cody, it’s not a good look and it won’t help your long term game. Jillian is on the block and as Cody would say she has been playing victim all week. She tells us she's been on the block 3 times and is constantly begging the live feed cameras pleading with America to feel bad for her and send her a temptation. Um, she’s been OTB the block twice. She’s done this so often that the camera’s started turning away from her every time she does it. I wasn’t as irritated as some fans with her lack of campaigning. Look at all this big personalities in the house and all the drama going on. Christmas blowing up, Cody pushing buttons, Ramses running from room to room listening in on every chat. Often in these scenarios hanging back and blending in is a smart play. The problem is she may not be campaigning but she is actively doing things that are drawing attention. Paul isn’t the only one to observe that she is running information up to Cody like a carrier pigeon. She and Ramses both are getting information and running back to the other side and spilling tea. This is an approach that requires a very mature and wise player. It has to be done in a way that: 1. Isn't obvious to everyone else 2. Includes you in the talks where people see you as an asset and solicit your input. Neither of which is happening with either of these two players and that’s a problem. A more immediate one for Jillian since she’s OTB. Jilia has invested all her energy into Alex and Cody and this could be her most critical error. One that sends her out the door tonight. That’s lucky for Cameron who we’ve herd nothing from in the outside world so one has to believe he is in sequester somewhere waiting for a chance to re-enter the game. I hope he does! Ramses may have been ranked higher on my preseason predictions but his age is both a positive and a negative. He has formed a strong friendship with Elena, and was in the ‘know’ with Alex’s group but his desire to plant seeds and cause divides doesn’t balance with his skill set to do so effectively without having his hand prints all over it. One problme here too is that Elena has a target on her back that Domininique has drawn after a lot of shaking of the trees so to speak. Ramses does create some doubt in Elena’s mind about Mark. Marrk is loayl to both Elena and dom but…not simultaneously. These two girls need to stop all of this and in the short term work together with Mark. There is strength in numbers. Instead they are treating him like a Stretch Armstrong doll. This is the biggest shift from Veto to eviction night. Mark and Elena were seen as a duo and now they have been fussing and fighting over some efforts by Ramses and Dominique on the Mark side of things. Ramses needs to participate more. He needs to talk and interact. Definitely listen more than you speak but you need to be a part of the conversations not just a fly on the wall because someone will swat you. Dominique is the break out star of the week in my book. I have been surprisingly impressed with Elena on many levels but she can be very hot or cold while Dom is steady Betty 99% of the time. Dom was brought into the fold with the showmances. She established a very strong personal connection with Mark and most of the ladies in that group engage her in conversations both casual and game play. She has blended in beautifully and has the balance I was describing earlier about listening more than talking but doing so as a part of the conversations happening in most corners of the house. My only advice is she needs to stop pushing for Mark to listen to her about Elena and be a bit more subtle about how she delivers the thinking points related to this for Mark. She also needs to find a common interest with Alex. She managed to find it with Jason who is the exact opposite of her so I have faith that she can, but it requires some active play and not passive in this area. You may not need her now, but you may down the road so find something you two connect on and build on that. I know she was coming off very passive aggressive when the whole banner topic came about. It didn’t help there was some holiday bubbly involved that night. Ironically, Ramses was trying to create the doubt about Mark in Elena’s mind while Dom was doing the same about Elena in Mark’s mind. Jason is the one who I still don’t feel like I completely understand. He’s smart and funny but plays dumb a lot. Yes, I am giving him credit that most of the time he is playing. He does say too much but has found himself in a position where both sides of this eviction vote are seeking him out. That’s a place you want to be. People coming to you and vying for your vote. I caution him to heed my warning, talk less. Jason rambles on and ends up leaving people scratching their heads trying to figure out what the heck his point was. Chill out. By tonight you will have to pick a side and be ready to ride that ride until it ends. He could take a few notes on how Kevin manages this. Josh is by far the most improved character since night 1 of the show. He came in loud, aggressive, and emotional. He should have been the week 1 target/pawn but that terrible safety move was critical to his survival and allowed him time to settleinto the game. Slowly he calmed down and relaxed quite a bit over the last week. Believe it or not he could be the swing vote tonight. I expect him to be a basket case by the time the live vote happens, but baseed on all I have seen I have faith he will stick to his word and vote to evict Jillian. I also expect him to go after safety if it’s avaiable again tonight. He votes for Jillian to leave and Cody will be delivering death rays at him. If he votes for Christmas to leave there will likely be a tie and Cody gets to deliver the end to his week that he hopes for which is send Christmas out. Honestly, I don’t think either one leaving tonight makes much of a difference of where the current game is other than Cody or Paul being the victor for the evening. Christmas staying was much more important prior to breaking her foot. By the end of week 1 we do have a separation down the middle of the house as far as votes go. What’s more important is that as for ‘alliances’ this season is really void of any at the moment. We’ve not seen one final two deal, no handshakes, just a lot of vote wheeling and dealing. This next week we should see some serious discussions about who wants to team up with who. This brings me to Paul. Paul came in strong and up to the day of the veto he was playing very well. Friendly, likable, sociable, and houseguest genuinely like him and the entertainment value he brings to the house. Paul amazed me with how well he handled the veto, nomination, and temptation. People are confiding in him which is a great sign! Dom admitted on the feeds that she is an engineer but only to Paul. Kevin reveals he took the 25k but only to Paul. There is a funnel of information that benefits Paul being piped directly to him and that’s a great thing right now. After the injury and threat of Christmas leaving because of her foot he began to campaign a little to vigorously. I would have liked him to chill a lot more and let people come to him seeking his input but instead he begins delivering facts and perceptions that are in many cases unsolicited. Several people begin to comment about it and that’s a problem. He may be untouchable this first 3 weeks but that time will end and he shouldn’t be acting like he is. By Monday he was telling people he had a master plan and they should throw HOH to him but not sharing any of the details. Um, isn’t that what Cody just did? Pump your brakes Paul. You were in a great spot don’t turn the radar back on yourself because you want to be seen as the puppeteer character in the broadcasts. There is more than one path to that label and none get you there by way of eviction the second your safety expires. With all that said, I feel like this is actually a great week for Paul to win HOH. He has a lot of allies at the moment. Has no alliance and needs to make one sooner than later. The bonus being that he cannot be nominated the week after the HOH if he wins this week because he has one more week of safety after that. If he saves Christmas she will ride hard for him. Kevin and Paul have this bromance happening that many of us find hilarious and most of the HG’s enjoy a well. Bet you can guess which two do not. With Paul’s power of protection there is no other time until final 4 do you have that kind of guarantee in this house. After an HOH week the outgoing HOH is always a talking point as a target unless their own alliance has power. Since we really have no alliances, Paul has safety the next week (week 3) and all winners need a resume. This is a position you want to be in if you are going to try for an HOH. This would be the one for Paul. The problem is Paul ran around telling those who want to vote for Christmas to stay that they should let him have HOH. Paul needed to stay on the low key radar he began with earlier this week. Just stop pushing for it. Bring back subtle relaxed mentioning of things when asked Paul. I wouldn’t be unhappy or have any problem with a Paul HOH week 2. Go for it! The truth of the matter is depending on how this vote plays out tonight we could have 13 HG’s holding on for dear life trying to grab this HOH to guarantee their safety. Alex and Jessica will be fighting to the death either way the vote goes. Alex’s target may change if Jillian goes home and everyone should be considering this. So many are so caught up in securing the votes for who they want to stay I haven’t seen near the amount of discussions about this as we should be seeing. This morning Kevin points this out during several conversations. Until today fans (LF) have been counting on Kevin’s vote swaying towards keeping Jillian but this morning he told Matt, Raven, and Elena he was going to vote with them. Kevin is the kind of player when he does finally say something specific you should listen because most of the time in this house he avoids game talk and when it does include him he is very noncommittal. We see this with he and Christmas this morning. She is earnestly trying to get him to confirm he will vote to keep her and he changes the subject and avoids a direct response the entire time. We do have Raven and Matt as well as Paul 100% on lock for voting to evict Jillian. If Kevin and Josh (who told LF on camera yesterday) both vote to evict Jillian that is 5 votes now against Jillian. My guess is that Elena is a lock but Matt is going to have to choose between the women in his life when this vote happens. People beleive Dom is on board to save CHristmas but I am a bit suspect. You will rarely find me spilling tea early after nom’s or veto about who is voting where because it honestly holds no weight until we hit Thursday morning. Before eviction day the votes can change 20 x’s. I don’t get too invested in what people are saying before this but I do watch what they are doing and how they behave along the way. Jessica, Alex, and Ramses are the locked voted for Jillian to stay. The problem is Cody miraculously appears downstairs this morning discussing with individuals like Kevin and Josh about how they need to be voting. LOL. Now the RealiTea is they see exactly what we see in this moment. Josh and Kevin even say after Cody leaves to various people re: Cody “You haven’t talked to me all week!” Terreible game play as usual Cody. Christmas has attempted to guilt Jason into voting with her since her injury was his fault in her eyes. Jason isn’t buying what she’s selling. He has flip flopped all over the hosue like a fish out of water mostly becasue he trusts Alex. Christmas tells the cameras she’s confident it will be a 9-3 vote. My impression is Paul is believing the same. I don’t think it will be. I think it will be a 7-5 vote to keep Christmas. It would still be a 6-6 vote if they hadn’t swayed Josh. Can you believe after the way this week began this entire outcome tonight comes down to Josh? The RealiTea is he is the swing vote. He has told us he is keeping Christmas. We saw some teetering and many have seen him running to both sides professing his commitment to their cause but that was a planned approach. Not sure the smartest one but that’s what it was. The good news is Josh doesn’t care for Cody. No one but Cody, Alex, Jessica, and Jillian of course want Cody to get his way. I feel like Christmas’ greatest advantage going in to tonight is that people are so over Cody’s tyrannical reign of HOH they will vote against what he wants just because he wants it. I feel as though most of the house will not be surprised if Christmas does in fact stay. What will stir up immediate feelings is the numbers of the votes. We head directly into the next HOH and if things don’t fall how people anticipate this could be one heck of a battle for a week 2 HOH. Kevin will be the only one alongside Christmas (who likely will not be able to play) that wont hang in for the long haul. It’s sounding like an endurance comp since BB has announced that the HOH competition will be shown live on the feeds. This leads me to believe that we will have battle of wills and Cody will be benched with nothing to do but stare at everyone…pretty much what he always does. At the end of week one the players in the best positions in the house are: Raven/Matt, (although Jillian has told the cameras that she’s coming for Matt). Kevin because everyone loves him and he can play off any backlash that may be directed at him if people feel he didn’t vote how they wanted. Finally, Dominique. Everyone generally likes and respects her. Josh has made it clear he wants to work with Christmas, Paul, and Dominique. Mark wants to weork with her. Paul and Christmas have done the damage control and emotional management with Josh the best they can but whenever he repeats who he trusts and wants to work with he does not get confirmatio form anyone. Less pressure more stroking because they understand how to manage him. Cody on the other hand just wants to bully people into doing what he expects without earning any respect or loyalty. In this game anything can happen. I expect tonight to be a roller coaster ride, just like this first week. Make sure to hold on to your tea cup until next time when I follow up after tonight’s live eviction and HOH competition with the next RealiTea Bites update!
  14. BigBrotherHBIC

    Veto Aftermath

    Come spill the RealiTea with me and take a bite out of the insanity that has been week 1 of Big Brother. I know its been a few days since my last blog but in all honesty there is so much going on every time I find an angle and prepare to serve a hot fresh pot of RealiTea, everything is upside down again! With eviction night tonight and the holiday behind us we need to try and dissect the house and player’s current statuses. The RealiTea is…this has been the most explosive week in BB history! For those who aren’t up to speed on the current game I am going to focus on all the Tea spilt since the veto ceremony. Cody is still HOH although we are finally at a point in his reign where essentially his HOH is over. Sadly, he and Jessica have bunkered down in the HOH room isolating themselves since the veto competition. Flashback of Nicole and Cory anyone? Or the Willet sisters and the sloth? For the record, when you become HOH don't isolate yourself from other players. HOH ends and hen you re most vulnerable the week that follows when you aren't allowed to compete. Enjoy the occasional opportunity to escape the patients intros insane asylum but like Hotel California you can't check out. Cody and Jessica will be in for a huge culture shock when they must head back down stairs tomorrow and integrate with the other HG’s. Even worse they destroyed the advantage they had with the odds of 8 people winning the next HOH and having the ability to use this as their personal retreat in the weeks ahead. I am actually grateful for that I loathe the seasons where one power alliance overruns the HOH room because it's terrible for their long term game. In this scenario Cody and Jessica and their choices to ignore everyone else and isolate themselves in the personal love den they dubbed the HOH room for the past two weeks is seen as a plus, I didn't like their odds preseason and now that we've seen them in the house I personally like them even less. Since the veto meeting fall out Cody has spent the last week sending Jessica downstairs to search out intel, or relay messages, and his absence is noted by those he was aligned with and others. Now on the one hand Cody has zero social skills so it’s not entirely a terrible idea to allow her to be the front man of this duo but this is a huge mistake players make in the game. You can’t just build paths to friendship and communication with those you like or aligned with. Arguably its even more important for players to lay a foundation socially with those that are their perceived enemies. Cody however realized quickly after the explosive Veto ceremony that his self title 'Maverick' game move move was not only a terrible idea but the manner in which he did so was splitting up the couples as a result. In Cody’s mind whatever he did his team was supposed to fall in line and just accept his marching orders. He's not the first HOH to make this error, its similar to Becky’s move in BB18 taking a big shot during her HOH without confirming whether she had the votes to secure Vanessa’s eviction. I appreciate having a player that was willing to take a big shot, but this is a hard lesson to learn that just because Vets or the largest threat needs to go, doesn’t mean they will or even should for that matter. Your first weeks should be spent forming relationships, getting to know the other players, and listening more than talking. This entire scenario goes back to what I conveyed about week 1. You have no idea who you are dealing with. You haven’t had time to really put players under a microscope and make informed decisions. As we all saw, Cody made a critical error in judgement. My cup runneth over when Alex wins the veto last week forcing Cody to nominate yet another HG. This is the one area I sympathize with Cody for the blink of an eye. Megan’s sudden exit forces him to replace Megan with Alex. Alex wins POV so now he has to nominate a 4th HG in one week. What Cody also didn’t give enough forethought and weight to when analyzing the game and his best move was considering that potentially a HG accepted the reward in the den of temptation. So, when he makes a BOLD move without anyone is his group knowing, attempts to nominate Paul when Alex comes off the block with the veto he had never even ran through the possibility that Paul may have it and make a contingency plan. Cody is blindsided along with everyone on his team to his actual decision to take a shot at Paul only to be served up the pendant of protection eliminating the chance to backdoor Paul. Now Cody is on his 5th nomination and takes a swing at Christmas suggesting she, like Jillian was to Megan, is the closest ally to Paul and it was the only option he had left at this point. Finally, when all is said and done we are left with Jillian and Christmas OTB for eviction night. Cody sings the poor me song all week about having to nominate 5 players this week but that falls on deaf ears with me. It would have only been a 3rd nominee if he had listened to his alliance and just nominated Jason. Boo hoo, suck it up buttercup it’s your own fault. Jessica on the other hand has been making brief appearances in between her constant mounting of Cody in the HOH room but the tides have risen and fallen with her and her status in the game after Cody named the replacement nominee after Alex won POV. Jessica was in the dark just as much as the other couples, and Dominique prior to Cody’s insane idea to blindside his entire alliance by ignoring their collective suggestion to nominate Jason as the replacement nominee. The showmance alliance, minus Cody all believed it was the 6 people in couple land plus Dom, Paul and Christmas in the short term. Cody didn’t tell anyone what he planned to do. Initially, Jessica is furious at the move but she is quick to say, it is what it is now we have to go ahead and vote Christmas out because she’s up there and Cody put targets on all of our backs. Mark is in agreement initially, what’s done is done and now we have to make the hard play to go ahead and vote Christmas out. No what any of them wanted to do but what’s done is done and we need to take a step back and make a new play book. Jessica being the kind of player she is, in less than a day, the anger and betrayal she felt initially about Cody's nominations is overcome by hormones and desperation for a man’s attention and forgets where she is. What she could have done was distance herself from Cody the same way everyone else in their power alliance did and actively do some damage control. Even if she had told Cody, look, I’m with you but here’s what I have to do for the rest of the week and at the very least spend the majority of her time downstairs with everyone else repaving some roads that were demolished by Cody’s move. Cody expects complete and total loyalty and her burning loins smothered any cerebral understanding that she is playing a game for $500k. We will nibble on the details of the status of each of the ‘showmances’ later. There’s so much game to cover for now. As soon as the consequences of Cody’s renom unfold, Matt and Raven decide they are done with that group, they want nothing to do with Cody, he is poison and all bets are off. They pledge their allegiance to Christmas promising her their vote for her to stay. These two were the most outraged at the selfishness of Cody’s move and haven’t swayed on their stance since it happened. What’s different about these two is they are much more subtle about blending in to the rest of the house. They don’t make a big scene about it, eventually Matt has a one on one conversation after the dust settles asking cody to explain why he felt taking a shot at Paul without making sure he had the votes. Cody’s response, I thought I had the votes. His attitude is that he gave marching orders and it never occurred to him that his soldiers wouldn’t follow orders. Personally, I think this is the best thing that could have happened to Matt’s and Raven’s games right now. Clean break from Cody early and prevents accumulation of missed kill shots that are tallied on them by way of Cody. They don’t position themelve as Jessica has to be the way to attack Cody is by nominating them so as far as I can see they are the smartest of the large group this week. Raven and Matt are friendly with everyone and keep a low profile all week focusing on socializing and not beating the dead horse of the actions of Cody. You see people quickly forget they were aligned with Cody when he did this and blend right back into the backrground. In my preseason analysis of these two (indivudually) who were both in my top HG with longevity becasue they can blend in and not draw attention to themselves with other big targets by way of attention seeking personalities. As far as the fallout Matt and Raven are the prize winners in the break up. I will share more about the statis of the ‘showmance’ and how these two measure up later. Matt and Raven have done an excellent job of interegrating themeselves in the house with all people but have slowly shifted gears, ready to contiue to work with Paul and Christmas who they wanted in their origianl allinace unlike Cody. Paul does a masterful job, the first two days after the fallout, of assuring them he holds no grudge against them and wants to work with them moving forward and ththemselvese current task is to do all they can to ensure Christmas stays. I like a Matt, Raven, Paul, Christmas foursome if they can mange to save Christmas this week. Yes, it’s Paul’s primary goal to save Christmas because its good for his game. She has developed a strong connection to Paul, she’s a physical threat and can help them win comps, and she’s locked in on getting Cody and Jesica out of the house now which means the focus on Paul will continue to diminish. For Raven and Matt making this transition is an asset. Now they have Cody and Jessica as big targets ahead of them, while Cody and Jessica are focused on Paul, Christmas and for Jesica Alex ahead of them as shields we also have Paul and Christmas zeroed in on Cody and Christmas. These two are in good positions as week 1 comes to an end. Cody may be crying upstairs that Matt and Raven turned on him but even doing so Paul and Christmas are higher priority than Matt and Raven and if by some unexpected turn Matt or Raven become nominees they can go back to Cody and play the you are the reason we are here and you need to help us crawl out of the hole you dug for us. Mark and Elena are just as appalled. Initially, Mark takes a more subtle approach, telling Cody he doesn’t like what he did but a this point you’ve done it. Mark, like Jessica initially accepts that they have to vote Christmas out because she won’t just come for Cody because she doubts whether the group was in the dark and you’ve put us all in danger. Elena was more middle of the road she hates the move and really upset about the position Cody put everyone in. Ironically, on the LF we see Elena talking with Mark later that day after the veto ceremony and she sees the rationale of voting out Christmas. She comes around to the idea that what is done is done. Mark was absolute in his convictions initially and shares that with Elena in a way that allows her to land on the side of voting Christmas out even though she’s not happy about it. Unfortunately, when Mark begins to struggle with whether it’s the right move because he likes Christmas and is feeling a little guilty about voting his ‘friend’ out. This gradual shift creates some questions in Elena’s mind about whether she can count on Mark or if he is too easily swayed by others (mainly Dominque). This becomes a larger issue as the week continues because suddenly we have some distance beginning to develop between Mark and Elena over this entire situation. Mark and Dom are close and spend a lot of time talking game. Elena and mark are close and she is counting on being a ‘duo’ all the while trying to act like she’s not. What feeds shows us as the week goes on is that Mark is all in on the Elena ‘relationship’ train but not playing for he and Elena. Elena on the other hand is all in on the Mark and Elena duo in the game but always side stepping the ‘relationship’ part of the package teasing Mark and flirting but then keeping him at arms length. Dominique is smart. She sees this dance Elena is doing and uses it to create some doubt in Mark’s mind drawing him closer and more invested in his allegiance to Dom in the game creating some internal confusion for Mark. While this could be a very masterful manipulation on Dom’s part, she underestimates Elena’s instincts and the fact that others in the house are paying attention to Mark and Dom’s growing friendship and begin to use this to drive a wedge between Elena and Mark all the while developing a target all of a sudden on Dom. Dom has blended in gracefully until this storm begins to build and we see her on 4th of July show her emotional side after a false rumor is spread that there was a banner outside suggesting that Mark and Dom have an alliance. There was no banner, BB would have called for a lockdown and this made up plane banner scenario will find some others in hot water. The RealiTea is that if you are going to lielie the most important element is that there must be some small grain of truth to make it believable. Saying there was a banner in a house here so many players know BB, and how production handles it was a terrible idea! Had there been some random sudden lockdown then they may have been able to float this lie, but in the absence of that it was never going to fly with this cast. Now that we’ve taken a large bite of how the showmances faired after Cody’s attempt to measure himself in front of everyone only to be laughed ooutut of the locker room, let’s discus Paul since he is at the center of this all. Paul handles the entire veto ceremony blindside and attempted backdoor by Cody perfectly right after it happens. We see during the ceremony Paul doesn’t go off half cocked and give us some OTT reaction to being nominated. He is humble and matter of fact as he reveals the pendant of protection which is perfect in this case! While he was upset and certainly didn’t want to have to use the pendant of protection (revealing that he accepted the temptation and has safety for 3 weeks) he doesn’t react emotionally or explosively. We are able to see him on the feeds minutes after the ceremony having a calm, rational, well expressed dialogue with Cody privately. As I watched it happen I was so impressed with how Paul handled it all. He serves Cody some ‘alternate facts’ to consider based on what Cody says about how Paul’s presence with the group creates chaos in his mind and as Cody repeatedly tries to imply ‘others’ made it clear to him they didn’t trust Paul he doesn’t go hard for receipts. Paul does exactly what a smart player should, he files that away in his mind and keeps that topic seperate from Cody’s actions. Paul is being 100% truthful in this entire covnersation and understands Cody’s personality type so doesn’t directly challenge him trying to prove that Cody was wrong. As the week unfolds Paul shifts his approach and I don’t like how he becomes a bit aggressive in his tactics both in RealiTea and in other HG’s minds. He is not going hard and fast like a crazy man but as the shift unfolds with the collapse of the power alliance he had easily slid into a new fold where half of that alliance plus a couple players (Kevin, Alex, and Jason) from the outside alliance gravitate towards him, because he handles it so well. So what changes? Christmas! Christmas gets injured in the BY on Monday and this throws the house into chaos all over again! Monday morning durign the wake up music Jason and Christmas were doing their normal ritual dancing around and playing cowboys. Christmas hopped on Jason’s back for a ‘bull ride’ and Jason slips on the grass bringing them both crashing to the ground. I won’t go deep into tevrything that happens but the bottom lineis Christmas broke her foot in to places. She has to be taken tot he hospital returns 6 houseparaters later on crutches. While she is gone being examined the HG spend the day pondering whether she can return, running possible scenarios if she cannot. Would Cody have to nominate yet another HG? That’s all we see all day Monday is everyone’s response to another unexpected event. Christmas had an MRI on Wednesday confirming she has a broken foot and has decided to remain in the game. Paul went into crisis mode for fear players would shift over to the side of sending her home because she’s a wounded animal and better to just put her out of her misery. This makes Paul go to work which would be fine if he wasn’t working too hard. This house is now full of paranoid players caught up in a tornado for 16 days straight and he isn’t slowing down enough to read people’s reactions to his approach. He sees some things but rather than slow down and consider how to counter it he just rushes back in trying to clarify and that in many instances does more harm than good because a few HGT see him pushing to hard and either don’t like it or see it as an opportunity to bring attention to Paul once again because they had shined the light on themselves and want a distraction. Ramses and Jillian are the ones who keep stirring up issues that these savvy HG are quick to identify. Both eavesdropping and running intel back to both sides. Ramses is always lingering and listening which isn’t always a bad approach. I mean Andy won BB 15 using this strategy. The difference is that Ramses isn’t integrated into the covo’s. He rarely offers any input into conversations and this is far to obvious to others. He is easily labeled a floater trying to play both sides and he needs to take a step back and focus on his executions not his goal. Andy and Steve for that matter were very good at floating intel around the house. Andy however was always a part of the discussions. Ramses is not. He needs to develop some investments from others and become apart of the group rather than constantly fluttering by obviously so that everyone knows exactly what he is doing. Jillian does much of the same but much more desperately. They both need to take a page from Kevin’s play book and gain valuable information by invitation and then sift through what’s relevant valuable information and who it should be relayed to. The indirect causality in all of this scheming is Alex. She was seen as one of the stronger players and being purposeful in her game talk but now like many fans has whiplash from all the back and forth without the advantage we have of seeing everything. She is only able to see small bits and crumbs and with so much unfolding so fast she’s drawing inaccurate conclusions. Paul and cody have both offered their ‘friendship’. Cody out of desperation and Paul out of genuine plans to move forward with her in the game. She flip flops like Reef sandals all week and already doesn’t possess the most subtle delivery in her opinions. If I were Alex I would consider this-Cody offered me a deal and is floating the idea he could have targeted her and her people but he didn’t and now she should trust him and be willing to work with him. The problem here is he did target her and her side of the house. He put 3 people in her squad up and only because she won POV is he now selling her beach front property in Kansas. Paul may be trying to save Christmas, but if he’s offering her a group that includes the wall she needs to prevent her from being a repeated target isn’t this the better both of two questionable choices? I hope she slows down and stops giving into her paranoid delusions that seemed to have been infecting her since Cody came in contact with her. Most of the week the house had been in an even split down the middle with the votes. A tie would mean Cody can be the final say and send Christmas home. Yesterday however the tide shifted a bit and the numbers appeared to be leaning in Christmas favor of staying. The broken foot may have hurt her long term game but the short term game it became a benefit gaining sympathy from so many HG. The best thing that can happen for her right now is for Paul to chill out and let the house land on the side of sympathy. Christmas made it clear she wants Cody and Jessica out. She wont be able to compete in majority of comps and this makes her far less of a threat in the early weeks. Let it be Paul. Jillian hasn’t made any friends and sometimes doing nothing is the best thing. There you have it! The RealiTea is that every week the votes change from hour to hour and it’s important not to get sucked into things early on because they will change. Thanks for enjoying the enormous bites we’ve had in the house this week and I will be back later today to spill the tea on player’s standings in the game and how the relationships have shifted.
  15. BigBrotherHBIC

    The FEEDS are Live!

    6/30/17 The Feeds are Live! Are you ready for some RealiTea Bites! I have a hot bucket of tea and a mouthful of information for you to chew on so let's dive right in! Feeds went live at 10 pm PST and we quickly learn Megan's memory wall photo has gone dark! In all honesty I've had an insane week so I didn't log on to the LF until early Friday morning and was swimming in drama. The best time I found to get the most background info (since we are late to the party) was around 12:04 (cam 1/2) 6/30. Jason And Xmas help Paul scare Kevin. The comradely is nice to see considering all the drama already in full swing! Oh there's so much tea! Megan is gone! The feeds go live and Megan's memory wall photo is dark. Alex tells us she is now a nominee which Christmas seems way too thrilled about considering all the other players who either have made themselves a bigger target or are in reality bigger threats. Clearly Jessica has her claws into Cody and manipulated the replacement nom by her jealous caddy girl ways. If you have the feeds you know what I am talking about if not...well Jessica is already snuggled up on the HOH bed with Cody and she has a target (Alex) and expects Cody to execute her marching orders. Alex didn't help her cause by blowing up at Megan but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Spoilers will follow so if you don't want results this may not be the time to finish sipping tea with me. Come on back after Sunday's episode 3 appears. For the rest...sit back and get comfy because it's going to be a bumpy ride! Paul won the first vote (no shocker here) and receives the temptation of 3 weeks safety. As you know if the player tempted accepts someone else receives an opposite punishment. It seems perhaps Ramses got 'bitten by the snake' in response to accepting the temptation offered in the den of Temptation. From what I gather each HG entered the den of temptation. After Paul accepts the others may have been offered a choice of boxes in the room and whichever HG chose the box with the snake inside gets 'bitten'. I have no idea at this point what that entails but chew on that until Sunday. Jessica and Cody are already kissing and cuddling. Mark and Elena are getting very friendly but is it strategic flirting? Nope this cast seems too be trying to recreate BB 18 so we have another season of showmances. Raven and Matt seem to be stroking the flames as well. So far Raven and Matt seem more flirty while Mark & Elena and Cody & Jessica have marked their territories. It's the first 12 hours of feeds I am replaying here so for now that's what I have seen. Paul must be having flashbacks and nightmares of BB18 showmance central. I swear Casting must create EHarmony profiles of all the applicants at this point! The quick matches and details needed to select not one, but two or three sets of players who immediately pair up so quickly, that's the only explanation. (LOL). Either that or these are all Tinder users who swiped Right immediately upon entering the house. There are some rumors swirling because Paul and Raven met last year at some venue his band was playing at. Time will tell if those two have a past or casting just capitalized on six degrees of separation on Social Media between two potential cast members. Paul and Raven are pretty friendly but not like the three pairs we currently have working under Cody's HOH. Based on what I've seen on LF, Paul and Raven don't seem to gravitate to each other at all and Raven is smitten with Mark. Let's address the dark horse in the room. Megan apparently floated a lie (possibly generated by Paul's hands you can watch his version on FB for Friday a.m. 'Friendship chat') about Jessica referring to Alex in a racially motivated manner, as a Panda. What Megan, as I predicted (playing too hard too fast), didn't count on was Alex being the kind of woman that addresses things face to face. Once Alex questions Jessica about the alleged comment Megan was thrown in a boiling pot of hot water which seems to have overflowed uncontrollably leading to her sudden exit. Allison Grodner (Executive Producer) did say in an interview prior to feeds going 'Live' based on what she was seeing that Megan was playing very hard very fast. Remember on Thursday night's episode Josh and Monte, oh sorry Cody...(same difference) did do is treat Megan harshly in front of everyone. Josh yelling at her and making a scene. Cody nominating Megan like the callous militant personality he is says plainly, "Megan, I just don't like you." So clearly there is a serious barrage of grenades being thrown at her from the beginning. Megan actually released her version of events (6/30) and explanation about what led to her being unable to continue. Here's the link to the article. You can read it and draw your own conclusions. Sunday should tell us in story form by the edit how things ended the way that they did. http://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/television/2017/06/30/megan-lowder-ptsd-previous-assault-reason-she-left-big-brother-house-early/444830001/ I recommend you Flashback (FB) to Paul this morning 6/30/17 talking to LF around 10:30 am where he shares his strategy and suggests he had a hand in Megan floating that false intel to Alex. If this is true Megan got beat by her own strategy which would ironic. In her Jeff interview she announced her strategy which aligns with the series of events leading to the decision to leave. However, the guys (Cody, Josh, and to a lesser degree apparently Mark) were VERY aggressive and nasty to Megan night 1. Yes, it's Big Brother not Big Baby but for me, Grown men speaking to any woman (or person in some cases) the way they were is despicable. Regardless of the reasoning, Game or not. It's reflective of the current social climate in our country. Fundamentally, BB simply mirrors what is going on in society from a global perspective. Every year we are served a melting pot cast that reflects society. For the fans that loathe the first night evictions this is a perfect example as to why they aggravate us! It is disturbing to me how BB handles these ridiculous Night 1 evictions...Cameron went home night 1! A guy whose dream was to Play this game. Gone. Now with Megan's unexpected departure fans are left annoyed and frustrated. The RealiTea is, based on what I am seeing on LF, production will likely be kept chasing their tails this season. This is why you don't send anyone home right away. They could already have some pre-planned battle back deal on the map. They could also send Cameron back in. It's. It unprecedented since they did so Season 9, I believe it was. Again, we will have to wait to find out how one less HG will effect the long game. Now that we've covered all the rumors and speculation let's return to what LF are revealing to us. Some of my mental notes as I watched the first hours of LFs is that Ramses whisper game is strong but so far that's the only part of his game is strong. Ramses like a few others are finding a clear path to float around from group to group being friendly and sociable with everyone. Ramses is making it a bit too obvious because the fact he is doing it has been discussed. Paul, Kevin, Christmas, and to a lesser degree Dominique have done a marvelous job at being social and friendly with all 3 groups that have developed. Each has a (for the moment) main group but they seamlessly float from one group to the next building bridges you need to survive the long game. Everyone else is one team or the other and no crossover really. I will keep a close eye on how they maneuver this ship as the weeks play out. These players are key to watch. The best games involve balance and a strong social game allows a path to a player in a time of need further down the road. Cody will not be able to go to let's say Jason at some point to get a lifeline because he only socialized with the people in his group. The groups as usual we have the couples/barbies and kens who have the power and the numbers currently. Paul, Christmas and Dominique floated to the power. The outcasts (Jason, Jillian, Alex, Josh, Kevin). Then we have Christmas, Paul, and for now Dominique who are doing a great job of establishing relationships throughout the house. Cody is retracing Monte's steps rather quickly. No surprise for me. As you read my reaction to preseason info was he will be inflexible, overbearing, and lack the ability to let water roll off his back. Did you hear him tell Josh to "move loser" during the HOH completion as he passes by him? What an arse! Josh is our Devin of the season. Now that we are on the LF we can clearly see that everyone is avoiding or annoyed by Josh. Even those who placate him when he's present immediately exhale exhaustively the second he leaves the room. Especially Paul and Alex. Kevin has some great comments and is seen as the wealth of random knowledge and father figure for now. I switch feeds most of the time when Josh appears because it's like FISH. The same Reel playing over and over. 'I'm sorry. I'm not a bad person'. Josh seriously just likes to hear himself talk. You know what I mean. We all have that one friend/acquaintance who is saying the same point you are but stands there insisting they debate it in their own words despite the fact you both agree. Josh's game so far is riddled with 'I am going to argue just because I need center stage at all times'. Ugh, of course this guy is safe the first week. The comfort I have is that Cody has created the enormous target on his back winning both the safety comp and the HOH in the same night. His lack of social game and strategy will burn this trail quickly since he enters a showmance rather than developing rapports with others HG and building some shields. The feeds going live last night leaves us entering behind the eight ball but it's clear Cody hasn't done any work with those outside his group other than bulldozing creating the high points for his enemies to stand above and easily see the best point of attack on Cody who won't be able to compete in next HOH comp. There is no chance Paul (if he has any influence) will allow 3 couples to work together. He did not return to play the deja vu game this season. While Cody is in power and there is a large group with him in power as of now, things change on a damn once the power is up for grabs and seriously it's week 1! I can hold out a little to enjoy the victory of eliminating Cody from the game. A little. If you have the feeds Check out 6/30 12:47 am Cam 1/2. As for how others seems to be fairing and interacting. You can see Kevin/Jillian discussing who was offered temp. Kevin it wasn't me. Even if they had offered it I wouldn't have taken. Jillian it wasn't me but if they offered it I would have taken it. Jillian-come on girl you are on the block! Alex and Kevin get into an interesting tit for tat. Alex bets Kevin he will never make it to final 3 because he's a place filler. Wow! Alex you are on the BLOCK! Am I stuck in the twilight zone? Where do they find these people! Come miss Superfan gamer! You should know better. Kevin or not. Alex is over Cody and Jessica already. She knows they don't like her. There is some serious bad blood between Jessica and Alex and it's not going to be diffused. The rumor from Megan may or may not be influencing her feelings although it seems there was already girl fighting happening prior to Megan floating the alleged 'Panda' comment to Alex. 12:50 a.m 6/30 Alex tells us Cody told her he wants to take all Couples to the finals. Why is he sharing his pregame strategy with someone he just nominated? This leads us to the showmances. Mark-Elena Cody-Jessica Matt-Raven Based on what I have seen this time for FB is a good time to watch because you get a lot of background info in one little session. Especially since at 12:53 a.m. the camera 3/4 switches to Jessica and Cody cuddling in HOH kissing. Alex is fired up! I'm glad. Spitfire on the loose. But be warned baby girl you have to be aware of everything you say. Don't leak valuable insights when you're venting. I see a lot of this already. Josh is self Destructing. Jillian is revealing too much to a big mouth (Josh). Alex and Jessica each are letting their fires burn out of control. Cody who really seems to be keeping his opinions and ideas as HOH pretty hush hush even from his own people told Alex his game plan? Back to the tea! Alex goes on to tell Kevin he's a filler. Kevin is amusing me with his ignorance about the game and the reality of what his perceptions are about how things should be. What's even more amusing is about 1:20 am we hear Christmas in the BA with Mark and Elena that Kevin knows everything (pure facts not game knowledge). I hope he hangs around I am entertained in the same way Justin in BBOTT and Paul's oblivion BB18 as far as being green to the game of BB. Here's an Example-Kevin asks Alex who should would nominate in her place if she wins POV. Lol. Josh has to explain Cody chooses the replacement. Kevin also nails the point that if you take out the entertaining players what are you left with? The show would have to move to the WB! Lmao! Alex knows someone else suggested to Cody to nominate her. I'm guessing it was Xmas and Jessica but don't have confirmation. I know Jessica had a strong hand in Alex being nominated. Xmas told us she wanted Alex out and she is part of the Cody clan but...we didn't have feeds so....time may or may not give us insight on Sunday. They have a lot of content to convey. If you're behind like I was this is the time to flashback (FB) and get caught up quickly. Oh and the HN room was revealed. The Beds are made of spikes. Jillian, Josh and Ramses are HN. What you won't believe is that Cody, even though HOH, is eating the slop! What is that? Kevin refers to the HOH as the "house of virgins". Lmao I swear Kevin is channeling his inner Remmy and I am eating it up! His reaction to Jillian taking her extensions out at 1:21 a.m. screams Remmy! Paul seems to have melted into the fold of the power in the house for the time being. Smartest move considering Cody wants Paul out but isn't telling his 'team' that. Paul's current plan is to gain trust from each player with 'good advice and friendship' so he can then delegate bad advice creating or widening divides between players. So what is the important Bites as far as the game? At this point around 1 pm Friday. Cody+Jessica Mark+Elena Possible Raven +Matt Paul (kinda), and working on Dominque Alex and Jessica are already at war. Cody has a taste for Paul's blood Christmas wants Alex out Megan self evicted by 1pm Thursday Kevin is just FUNNY Josh continues to Unravel The couples alliance is sketched by their undefined sense of Ramses. Jessica is obsessed with Alex HOH: Cody Nominees: Jillian Alex HN: Jillian, Ramses, Josh Safety temptation went to Paul-who hopes not to have to reveal he took it the next 3 weeks. Veto is under way today Players: Cody, Alex, Jillian, Matt, Raven, Jason The veto power is up for grabs and this house is already in full chaos mode Day 2.5. It's going to be a long season people! So sit back and let's enjoy 3 months filled with RealiTea Bites together! Until next time, the RealiTea is these HG came to play and aren't taking anything lying down...except Cody and Jessica at the moment. Until then the RealiTea is this is Big Brother some things are always going to occur it's the players and their actions that give us some variety! I will be back Monday to spill new tea after the episode has aired and I can fish around SM to get a good read on what we need to chat about!
  16. BigBrotherHBIC

    Premier Episode

    June 27, 2017 Part 1 Premier Show I hope you're ready to join me for some RealiTea Bites. Let's chew on the events of the first half of the BB19 season premier. Sixteen HG enter the house. As the cast home videos roll on I find myself taking mental notes of the predictions I made that were SPOT ON. Let's review Cody being a Minnie Monte (milder version), inflexible, boorish, and all together off putting. Christmas being way too strong of a personality to have longevity. I do want to get behind her but...she's the alpha female. Ramses being his own worst enemy way to much energy. Megan too much too fast already making enemies. Simultaneously, while smirking over my cup of tea I am making mental notes in the side column about players I predict will go further in the game then others. Raven is a ghost hunter? Smh. Matt being the ladies man. How many of the ladies sat up for his salt and pepper hair? Cameron throwing the first competition?! What was that super fan?! Bye. I have a hard time feeling bad for any player who threw the very first comp willingly knowing safety was on the line. I hate premier night evictions but he had his fate in his hands and let go!? Alex-YOU GO GIRL! All in all I'm thrilled with the cast. Thank you casting for mixing it up! Yes there is the too loud, too cocky, too much players. However, production is evolving in the sense that they see the need to create the same dish people love. I can appreciate attempting to use a variety of new ingredients to recreate a favorite dish that keeps us coming back for more! The world changes and the game should to. It is entirely possible to do it in a way that doesn't effect the integrity of the game we all love. I heard a lot of fans deflated on the season because Paul is back. Despite the fact I was not a Paul fan season 18, if they were going to throw a returnee in the mix I'm not mad at this one. Paul fits in nicely with this crew. IMO, fan of Paul or not, he was robbed of the win BB18. They didn't make it easy on him. He wasn't guaranteed entrance into the house. Although Victor let the cat out of the bag that Paul was in the running to return, I find myself interested his ability to evolve his game play. Oh yes he did go scan his Instagram you can see for yourself. Don't worry I stalk the trending conversations across multiple social media platforms and serve up the most pertinent Bites for you right here all season long! This season Paul will be forced to play offense before a final 4 scenario. BB18 his entire game was defense and he spent a lot of time untying knots he made. So many HG know him. Many of his fellow HG's liked his game. Which means they KNOW it. He can't be in defense mode all season this year. He's played the game now versus last season where he KNEW NOTHING and managed to secure a spot in coveted final 2. Bring it on Paul, let's see what you are made of. For those of you who are annoyed a player went home the first night. I share the idea that we as fans are robbed of the chance to see Cameron in the house and develop our stand on our feelings about him as a player. These HG go through a rigorous series of elimination rounds to get into the house. I agree that Cameron endured and accomplished all those hoops potential players must jump through to gain access to those doors. I agree with those who feel Paul was handed a second chance. I would ask you to consider as a fan...Had Kevin (anyone) not taken the 'temptation' Paul wouldn't be afforded the opportunity. If Kevin (or any of the other 5-6 HG who pushed the button too)hadn't taken the $25K and Paul returned then Cameron wouldn't necessarily have gone home the first night. The players Controlled this fate. CBS put that power in the HG hands and Kevin played his card. As far as twists go I lean in favor of the ones HG can control. That's the game! I prefer that over BB deciding it. I prefer that over fans deciding it. I mean in this scenario we weren't force fed this twist. Paul could have just as easily been sent home if someone didn't accept the bribe. Yeah, I knew someone would take the money. Didn't you? The bottom line is they didn't have to. Choices in this game can change your fate in the house on a dime. The game has begun and we should all be ready for it! Now that we've taken a huge Bite out of the events of the first episode it's time for a sip of tea. My best laugh of the night? I lost it when Paul called Mark 'Johnny Bravo'! I was ROTF spilling my tea everywhere! He nailed that! I was shocked, amused, and blown away I hadn't made the same connection all at once. I didn't mind the snake reference to Nicole either. I mentioned in my preseason blog that Mark reminds me of Ronnie from Jersey Shore but Cameron also looks like Nelson Lewis' (Southern Charm Savannah) little brother don't you think? Google him you will see what I mean! For a premier show with everything happening right from jump and the highs and lows of meeting the HG, I was entertained! The feeds aren't live yet but this was entertaining to me. Bring on the twists! Paul having to choose 8 HG to give safety to. Wow! That was harsh and I loved it! He's a returnee and that's an advantage. I heard someone compare the friendship bracelet gifting to the first impression rose ceremony on the Bachelor. That was actually an interesting comparison. Yes, people always say target the Vets but no one ever does. This made people show some element of their skills by having to go to Paul and seek safety. Paul had to show some cards selecting 8 people to save. Fair trade on that end. However, the people he didn't save...well he now has some serious work to do. Speaking of decisions. America gets to vote for which HG is offered a 'temptation' in the temptation den. Now we can vote for what temptations players are offered but when it comes down to it...the player will have to decide whether or not to take it. With every reward there will be a consequence so if the temptation offered in the temptation den is accepted another player will have to suffer the punishment whatever that is. The first item offered? Safety for 3 weeks! Can you feel Christmas coming in July? The buzz around her is huge. She told us she has an enormous Social Media (SM)following. It's kinda a no brainer it will be Paul or Christmas since this is Broadcast BB and LF won't control the voting. I make this point because Julie told us, once a HG receives the votes for a temptation we can't vote for them again. I won't be surprised or disappointed if Christmas comes in July. I personally have a short list of players who can go ahead of her. Maybe this would give her time to step back and evaluate the board and her position in the game. Now, this is just a prediction. Casual Fans that want to see Paul on the show entertaining them will likely vote for Paul. But this Part 2 premier episode was heavy on the 'Xmas is in trouble'. Regardless of who you like I encourage everyone to vote! Christmas was on the chopping block night 1 edited in a way that showed her in fear of being sent home. She also stayed in the challenge long enough to show she can compete but not so long as to develop a growing target on her back. Being one of the fit players who naturally draws attention from any player who came to play and win. If she had been evicted I wouldn't have any more or less sympathy for her than I did for Cameron. Never throw a life or death comp in the game. Never. I may not like Cody (as a player) in the game but I respect that he held on for dear life just like Alex! Cody however is oblivious to the fact he just widened the target on his back. And the whole boo hoo Paul didn't pick me after I sat next to him saying nothing and being completely abstinent about refusals to play to him even through he had the power to save me. His hate for Paul is made up in his own little mind Just as Monte's was for Justin. PLEASE do not let Cody get offered the first temptation providing 3 weeks of safety! His ego will suffocate the first weeks of the game. If he is to stay let him earn it. I don't see too much chance of this based on his edit. Work for it and my respect and accolades can be earned. Now that this tea has left a bad taste in my mouth let's keep it moving. Josh, Josh, Josh. My man. You are no Victor. Come up with a new game plan because Paul is not feeling friendship for you man. Josh is annoying everyone in the house and I predict he will on the feeds. I haven't come across one Josh fan yet and when he was posted by CBS Big Brother on Instagram he had 32 likes! Lol. Stop impersonating Devin from BB16! Otherwise after this week of safety is over I will happily support your nomination buddy. Even though there are bigger fish to fry. There we have it. That's the relevant tea from premier night and meeting the HG. Tomorrow the feeds go live and we will get a piping hot pot of fresh tea to spill. Until then, the RealiTea is I'm looking forward to the new season and getting a front row seat on the feeds to all the drama and developments as they happen in real time!
  17. BigBrotherHBIC

    RealiTea Bites Blog

    June 28, 2017 Welcome to The RealiTea Bites! I willl be sharing the tea all season long. You wil get facts, stats, details and my personal perceptions of the players, strategies, moves, social game, and potential longevity as the weeks unfold. My goal is to both inform you and hopefully give you something new to chew on. In turn, fan feedback can help me look for things perhaps I am not seeing and broaden the vision that we all have of this season and the houseguests we will be watching for the next 3 months vie for 500k and the coveted title of Winner! I’m arriving to the party fashionably late so bare with me as I give you a window into my point of view of the players and predictions prior to the premier on Wednesday! As we all know prior to the first episode of each new Big Brother season and the feeds going live all we (fans) have to assess the players on are cast bios and preseason interviews. Small bites of the personalities and defined archetypes the show has cast the new houseguests to represent. In my experience this is actually a sound starting point. These previews provide fans enough individual information to draw some conclusions about the longevity of an individual player in the game each season if you are assessing the valuable information. So here we go! For Big Brother 19 we know of 16 HG’s. There is some chatter that Paul may be joinig the cast, and thanks to Victor and his inability to keep a secret it’s looking like this is a RealiTea. Victor posted on IG that his boy is likely going to be4 a part of the new season earlier this week. Since we don’t have confirmation yet, let’s focus on what we know! It appears to be equal playing field with 8 women and 8 men entering the game. Now, this is Big Brother, so expect the unexpected. As I checked out the cast photos what struck me initially was it was like one of the Morph challenge photo's merging the casts of Southern Charm Savannah and The Real World. I don't share this as a dig. I was pleasantly surprised and feel as though this a more diversified cast than in recent years. This perception is based both on the diversity of their physical appearance and the broadened age range of the group. We will come back to the discussion of the casts ages a little later. After checking everyone out across a myriad of platforms the next thing that struck me as unusual is the level of self awareness this cast presents during the interviews. Look, we are all fans of the show. We know there are certain people that perform better in this social experiment than others. However, nowadays there is no shortage of people you come across in your own day to day life that lack self awareness. This cast is the most self aware of their weaknesses and areas of the game that will challenge their patience the most. Now, how they apply that knowledge we will wait to see. But my initial reaction is the more you know about yourself the better advantage you can have in a game like this. I’m going to get go ahead and spill the tea on my top contenders on up front. Then I will share my impressions of each player and hopefully that will give you the logic behind my perceptions going into the first episode. These are strictly players who in my experience combined with preseeason info are most likely, in my opinion (IMO) to make it to the final 6 and have the best shot at winning. That doesn’t mean they are the players I like although there is some crossover between the two. Top 3 Female Players of the season: Raven Alex Jillian (with conditions) Top Male Players of the season: Cameron Jason Matt There you have it! Based on what I know from background information, personality types, game knowledge, and general personal information these are the players I predict have the greatest odds of making it to the second half of the game and will lead the race to being crowned the winner of BB19! Raven and Cameron are the strongest front runners if we narrow it down to statistics but we will talk about why I make that prediction a little later. Ironically, I had already established both of them as two of the front runners before I did a little number crunching this morning. I did a little digging since so many peope were debating the age of this cast. You will see why by the time today’s blog has concluded. For now let me give you what conclusions I have drawn from what information we had available. I know you must be scratching your head at a couple of these selections. Keep in my mind that this is also based on my knowledge of the game as well as comparing them to the other players we know are in the game. This list isn’t the America’s Favorite HG category. My predictions are based strictly on how I think they will likely play, who they are playing against and their overall strengths and weaknesses heading into tonight’s premier. I’m as curious as you will be to see how my opinions change once we are able to see the live interactions of this group of characters. Cameron is our token nerd. He boasts that the difference between himself and Steve/Ian is that he has a much more evolved social game. He lived with 7 partying guys in college, likes some extreme sports, and seems overall a pretty active fellow although certainly not the muscle guy archetype. If this holds true then he could be a force to be reckoned with. Cameron is a true LF fan, a very strategic minded young man (chess, rubix cubes, and yeah he’s a scientist). He’s been in a relationship for 7 years, has demonstrated some sense of humor, and if he is as self aware as he seems these are all valuable assets in making it to the end of this game. The one analogy he shared that made the strongest impression on me when talking about his planned game play was his analogy about the game strategy in relationship to playing chess. Cameron demonstrates that he understands the game unfolds in three layers. In the beginning get to know your players, form relationships. In the middle of the game you move pieces around and strategically influence the game. If you are successful then by the end you win the comps. That is a sound analysis of how this game can be won. If he can deflect the #nerdherd label and develop his relationships with HG he will have a very good chance to execute that strategy. Now winning comps at the end is the toughest challenge but you can also develop an alliance where you improve the odds of those final comp wins playing in your favor. Next up I have Jason. I know many of you probably never thought I would pick the rodeo clown. Trust me neither did I! Until I listened to his interviews. Jason is 37, one of the older male members of the cast. He’s married and has a 2 year old son. Jason is going into the game blind. Now, that in itself made me scratch my head a little. Jason has never seen the show-here's our BB19 Paul. What stuck with me, is his approach in life "I worry about where I am. I don't worry about where I'm not." He clearly is not a LF because naming James Huling, even with a reasonable qualifier, as his favorite BB HG is the same as death like 'The American' (George Clooney) building the gun that's destined to kill you. But bear with me for a moment. I was pleasantly surprised. I was primed to not like Jason as a player just based on my experience with past players but...Jason may be the odd duck with quirky personality like Renny or Chicken George that we find some connection to and find ourselves cheering for. His laid back mindset combined with charismatic personality may serve him well. I like his sense of humor. He boasts himself to be a great storyteller. True or not he needs to keep his finger on the pulse of the house because being that HG that has a story for everything rarely helps your game. The advantage he has is-he doesn’t know the game. Just like Paul (BB18) and Justin (BBOTT) the player who has no idea what to expect is less threatening than those self proclaimed super fans. He will be less threatening and if he learns as quickly as Paul he can in fact be one of the greatest threats of the game. He is a player I will watch carefully the first two weeks. If he survives the first two evictions he is in a great spot at least to make it to the second half of the game. Once you are guaranteed to make just how people interact with you shifts. Finally, my last pick for the top three male players this season was much more difficult to narrow down. I had to take my personal preferences out of the equation and then it was much easier to land on Matt. Now stay with me here because his interview left me with one word…TOAST! He is dry and as boring as toast. Plain toast. These players generally land in the middle. Survive the initial blood in the water but when its time in the mid game to send people who aren't competitors nor floaters packing it's this archetype that falls victim. The shift came as I reviewed all the other players and did a little more digging for information about Matt. There had to be more. Apparently there is. Matt is a guy’s guy. The frat guy. He doesn’t come off physically as the threat that let’s say Cody and one of my favorite personalities wise like Mark. Cody has too many annoyances that will likely work against him. I see him as a player combination of Monte (not as extreme) AND Morgan (in bed at 10 pm every night). He will be rigid, inlfexible, and off putting becasue of his lack of social game. Cody’s archetype likes his routines and based on his background has a tendency to expect people to folow him without the finesse to entice him to follow him. Whereas, Mark I actually really like, does he remind anyone else of Ronnie from The Jersey Shore. The meat head teddy bear? But when you look at the other 6 males, Josh will be gone early(Devin anyone?), Ramses will be his own worst enemy while having the right idea I see him stumbling to execute his knowledge. Ramses will be labeled a traitor sloating info to all sides and that lack of stealth technique will likely get him in hot water. Kevin is great and I was thrilled to see this archetype return but I know this game well enough to know that historically this older player is taken out in the first half. That leaves me with Matt. Matt is less physically intimidating than the males. Cody and Mark will be seen as greater physical threats creating a couple shields for him to lingere behind. Word on the street is Matt has a reputation as a total flirt and charming the ladies. Matt does know some about the game and as long as he doesn’t rub people the wrong way or align with the wrong player he can coast right into that floater mold and ease into the second half of the game. I had very strong feelings about the other 5 guys so by process of elimination Matt was the most reasonable guy to round out my top 3 males this season. In all honesty I like Mark. My gut tells me he will show a soft side disarming some but he’s young and big which suggest he will fall in with a group where he positions himself in the hirarchy where he is 2nd or 3rd in line as a threat creating a target that played differently may have been avoided. Moving on to the females, SM has been swirling with comments about the fact that the ages are much more diverse amongst the women than the men. There were a couple surprises between what I thought when I saw the fist cast photos and read the bios versus my perceptions after watching videos and checking out vrious interviews the female HG served up preseason. I didn’t think I would like Christmas and confident she would make it to the second half of the game. Megan was one of the first I felt will go out early. Remember like Vanessa and Alex (BBOTT) you can have all the right ideas and skill as far as strategic knowledge this game has layers and you can’t be heavy in one area and empty in others. The best players and ususally the winners are able to balance their assets and skills. One asset may be slightly stronger but they must possess all three. Social game, strategic moves, and competition wins. IMO, the social and strategic play must be relatively equal. While winning must be purposeful and intentional. You don’t have to win a ton of comps to be the best player or desrve the win. You do have to win some things. You have to know when to win and when to lose. Megan, while I‘ve hear many express they feel she has the right ideas and is a gamer my prediction is she is going to piss people off. She will be the downfall of her game playing too hard too fast. We all know the type. The players that sound too good always are. Especially if she shares some of her cut throat stories with other HG from the get go. She's smart and seems ruthless and in this house that female player rarely lasts to halfway point. I know a lot of people are excited about her and Christmas but I’m just going to get her name out of the way. I genuinely like Christmas and I think she will likely remain a fan favorite for a while. Her age and experience will equally benefit and harm her. She is going to be a target. I hate to say that, but come on we know this to be true. My top three female players to make it to final 6 and potentially win the season are Raven, Jillian, and Alex. Raven being my #1. She is the youngest of the females. She has been through some difficult life experiences so she has some thicker skin and is resilient. This tells me if she does in fact find herself in a sticky situation she will dance her way out of it. Raven is a dance teacher from Arkansas. Another check in her positives column is that Raven is the youngest of the female players and based on the last three seasons that is a huge factor. She says that her strategy is to lay low off radar, pull strings quietly and wait to make power move. Again a smart pregame mindset. She’s bubbly and sweet but as a dancer may be a double threat both physical and social. Raven has an intestinal condition that requires a pacemaker. Medically if this doesn’t work against her then she’s a fighter and sees everything as her 2nd chance at life. In Raven’s interviews she was smart enough to say "I'm not going to say 'no showmances' because that seems to always be the people who end up in one. Bravo Raven, Bravo! Stay out of a showmance. The negatives that can hurt her chances are the pet peeve people not washing plates and admittedly being loud. Let the dish thing roll off your back like water on a duck and be self aware about being loud ensuring it doesn’t rub people the wrong way and those things she can overcome. Stay out of a showmance! Maybe have a flirtmance but attaching yourself to the wrong person and letting someone else add elements to your game that aren’t purposeful can be toxic. Of all the interviews Raven said the Smartest thing I've heard anyone on this cast say is..."the best alliances are the ones you can't see." The pace maker thing is a toss up. People could see it as a weakness and want to target her early, smelling blood in the water. But, on the flip side people can wrongly categorize her as an easy player to take out later and those are the ones that somehow continue to be pushed back week after week until suddenly its finals and she kicks some butt. Again, as I stated earier based on facts and numbers her greatest advantage is she is the youngest female on the cast. I will explain that in a few moments. Next on my top three is Alex. Like Matt, this selection came down to process of elimination. Megan will play too hard. Christmas is going to be seen as a threat. Dominique is a tad too arrogant and her abrasive personality will wear on others, Jessica, ugh she is my least favorite and while I like Elena I just don’t see her winning the votes necessary to make it to the coveted winners seat plus I am 99.9999% convinced she will find herself in a showmance. Alex is a recruit. She defines herself as a Fan but didn’t submit an application on her own she was found on social media. Her favorite player is Janelle. I say go big or go home Alex. Big things come in little packages and she could very well be the surprise of the season. Alex is spunky but not over the top. She understands enough about the game to know she needs to align with some strong guys-becasue as she said in her interview “guys make it to the end”. She needs to stay out of a showmance in order not to derail from the path that will likely lead her to the second half of the game. She also knows if she makes it to the end, take the girl, because if she sits next to the guy the guy usually wins. Nicole BB18 was the exception to a lot of rules. IMO BB18 was one of those seasons where the females of the cast were very immature and Paul played a much better game than Nicole. As we all know too well in more recent years the best game doesn’t always win at the end. I’m excited to see what Alex brings to the season. On to my final player in the top 3 women draft of my season’s picks. Jillian. I really like Jillian. Jillina has to find a way like Matt to blend in. Here’s why…she is the second youngest of the female players and in her bio and interviews she was forgettable. I know you are rereading that to make sure you heard me correctly. In the first half of this game being forgettable is a good thing. She is somewhat athletic, she loves to rope and wall climb. She’s in sales so she knows how to deliver both a hard and soft sell to the other HG’s. She admires Danielle Donato’s game which tells me that she does know BB. If Jillian sticks to her pregame plan to come in, play nice, make some kind of alliance with one guy in the house where they exchange information about the girls and guys with each other without being figured out in the first half she can fly under the radar just long enough to come out swinging. Thats the game I love to watch! Influence things without anyone knowing you are doing so. Play a great social game on all sides of the house, show them you have some assets without making yourself a target and then as she says, later in the game reveal herself to be the villain. At that point she can make some big game moves to secure her spot in the final four. If she sticks to that agenda and stays true to herself she could find herself right where she wants to be on finale night. Now many of you may be wondering why I added a note (conditional) when I listed Jillian as my top 3 females of the season. Maybe you forgot because this is one long post but I am going to tell you anyway. This plays into possible negatives in her game. Jillian revealed in one of her interviews that she has lost 50 pounds since January. She had surgery to help with the weight loss. Way to go girl! That’s an accomplishment and shows she can do things when she puts her mind to it. But…in this house, in this game, with pretty, fit, skimpily cladded bikini women surrounding you all day we know that insecurities can get the best of the strongest females. This is very recent for her. What I know from a psychological perspective is sometimes the weight loss period of change can be faster than the mindset change. Part of making a healthy lifestyle change is developing a new internal conversation with yourself. If she hasn’t done as much work on her inner voice as she has outer body this environment can shine a very bright light on your insecurities. Paulie…need I say more? Meech? Audrey? Captain Camo? My only concern with Jillian is that being in the house with 15 other people can easily put herself under a microscope if she hasn’t actively dealt with her own self image. No one wants a repeat of Krissy’s ‘poor me’ mantra all season long. Not the fans nor the HG’s. My hope is she is ready for all that she will be faced with and rise to the challenge by focusing on her purpose for being there. To WIN! Now that I have reviewed my favorites to win and briefly shared some of the players I think will leave early or don’t have the tools to make it through this marathon let’s touch quickly on the age factor I mentioned. I heard a lot of preseason chatter about this being an older cast. People had a lot to say and it seemed as though the idea that especially the women are a little older fans were excited about. Here’s the problem with that, I ran the numbers. I am a numbers person. The average age of the casts between BB17, BB18, BBOTT, and BB19 there is a minor shift in the median age of the women from last season BB18 to this season. However, its similar to season BB17. Does it matter? Some fans think so. Now my feeling is that the ladies cast on BB18 collectively regardless of age were immature. My hope is BB19 hosts a more mature cast even though the median age mirrors BB17. What I did find when running the numbers of total cast median ages, breaking down male versus female median ages is that in all seasons, BB17, BB18, and BBOTT the youngest cast member not only won but with the exception of BBOTT both final two players in the summer seasons of BB were the youngest cast members each time. Steve 22, won BB17 and he was the youngest of the males and of the cast. Liz and Julia 23 were the youngest females and Liz 23 made it to final 2. BB 18 we had Nicole 23 and Paul 23. Nicole and Meech were the youngest females (23) and Nicole won. Paul was the youngest male. In BBOTT Morgan 22 was in fact the 2nd youngest female only one younger was Whitney who made it very far as well. Danielle was also one of the youngest cast at 23 and look where she landed! Did you realize this? What this means is the age of the houseguests and life experience discussions people are having are mute in the end. Since 2015 not only the winner but the final 2 of each Big Brother season has been the youngest members of the cast. WOW! I had not put that together until I decided to take a look at the seasons and compare them to BB19 since it was something I’ve heard a lot of comment about. Ironically, by the time I did this today I had already finalized my top 3 picks of the genders but I did giggle a bit to realize the youngest players in BB19 on both sides of the gender lines were already on my lists. Just some RealiTea Bites about the recent trend of winners at least since 2015. I will be interested to find out if this rings true by the end of BB19. If it does I may need to add another column to how I evaluate players moving forward. There we have it ladies and gentlemen. Today is the day we all get to meet the HG and the game for us begins. Remember we’ve missed the first days in the house and feeds do not go live until tomorrow night. I look forward to getting acquainted with the new HG and discovering how ‘temptations’ will alter the game as we know it! Until next time, I’ve enjoyed sipping some tea with you and look forward to an exciting summer ahead for us all!
  18. BigBrotherHBIC

    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    Good morning Live feeders! Wow! What a whirlwind of a season. When CBS elected to name the online version of Big Brother Over The Top they had no idea how appropriate the name would be! As we close the feeds on the first season, hopefully not the last, of BBOTT, there are some positives and negatives that should be reflected upon. This groundbreaking format had the potential to blaze a new trail and it certainly didn't disappoint even if you aren't satisfied with the outcome. The first thought that comes to mind is be careful what you wish for. Fans have been begging for some of the elements CBS All Access delivered like less FISH and more complete access to competitions and behind the scenes action. One of my personal favorites was the opportunity to see the beginning from the beginning. The ability to see HG enter the game live and the initial interactions was a view we've never had before and one that gave fans a dynamic insight to how the relationships were formed. In a typical broadcast season the HG have been in the house co-mingling for 7-9 days before the feeds go live and one thing this season showed us is just how much than can steer the entire game. I hope moving forward this is something producers of BB consider keeping moving forward. Not having access to that in real time is the equivalent to missing some huge blow up just before a vote because the feeds are done and while they generally provide some edited version to us after the fact it can never accurately depict what really happens. Many fans really enjoyed the idea and concept of live DR's as well. For me, initially I was very excited but as time progressed what i had envisioned the benefit being and what the real time outcome was fell flat. Fans enjoy the opportunity for players to speak candidly and fill viewers in on motivations and mindset with events and game moves. However, in the first OTT season as soon as HG learned the massive hand America would have in the game the approach many HG took was arguably where this great opportunity went left. Moving ahead I don't think it's something that shouldn't be considered in the future. I do think HG who study the first season of BBOTT should take away is the knowledge that we see everything 24/7. HG were so strongly influenced by fear of America that it kept them, at times, from being as transparent as a platform of this nature could have allowed for and instead motivated them to sell a story that wasn't always based on truth. Now, if that had been purposeful strategy it would have inspired a different perception most of the time. Then again remember the huge difference in how Season 1 of BB and season 2 of BB was played. I am not just referring to the fact America decided the winner of BB1 but the second group of HG had a better idea of what they were signing up for and how to use the positives and negatives of that first season as they entered the house for the second. Fans should remember that this was not your traditional BB game. Some fans loved that aspect of this BBOTT format and others did not. What most of us realized by the end of week two is you can't apply the same measures to game play we are all accustomed to analyzing in BBOTT. America was in fact the absentee HG who played from home and for all intent and purposes ran the game for much of the season. Winning HOH always has its ups and downs but never more than this format. The only thing HOH really provided was safety and some perks. The influence of America's nominations, ACP's and America's eviction vote which was the deciding vote many times stripped the HOH power traditional BB provides. The look ol behind the curtain for events like wake up announcements, mic changes, photo shoots didn't take the magic out of the thrill for most of us. While I know there are valid reasons to limit such transparent access for the bigger production of Broadcast BB competitions I hope this is something producers give some serious consideration to moving forward. It was fantastic not losing so much access to live feeds for very lengthy periods of time overall and I am certain a balance could be achieved for both formats. Give us access that reduces the time feeds go to FISH or spent on Jeff reels. There's no harm in most of these scenarios. Especially when it comes to hours leading up to eviction night. There is something to be gained from access to those final moments and how HG prepare for that night. I am more of a purist in that I prefer formats that allow players to play. I don't care for a lot of interference from the outside and while there can be some benefits to throwing a twist and turn into the seasons as we all witnesses too much power is never a good thing. We did see HG by the 3rd make some major adjustments and that has some value in strategic acclimation to America's hand being so strong, ultimately I think it was too much for too long. If BBOTT continues I personally feel as though an America vote is far less damaging to the integrity of the game than America's ability to select nominees. Regardless of which side of the fandoms you sat at some point throughout the season this deeply impacted the game and drastically inhibited HG from executing any kind of plan each week. As for the ACP's...well I could argue both sides of this equation. So my best conclusion is if CBS wants to beat this dead horse mix the bag of tricks up a bit and don't make any of them so powerful that it has the potential to negate every move a player has made. A balance between perk and punishment may be something to consider. The ability to 'check' a player in a more direct manner could offer a new layer to this aspect. If handing out huge twists be more specific with the details so voters know exactly what they are handing someone. I think many of us would agree that if we were aware that veto for the DE was going to save two people it likely would have impacted how fans voted and dealt out ACP's from the beginning. That leads me into one other note for production which is some of the information was not easily found and links across different devices or access have different labels. Be fluid! CBS app you have to select 'Clips' to find some of the interviews and LF Highlights while if you are on CBS All Access on another format the link was labeled a completely different term. It's 2016! CBS is working to help customers who are transitioning to an all online media platform and this is one area that can be easily rectified. CBS you are delivering the goods to a primarily technologically savvy target audience and this company certainly has the resources to employ some of the best IT staff. Just be consistent and fluid across the board. Now, that I've recapped the highs and lows that have been the topics of discussions across so many BB forums...let's talk finale! I enjoyed the refreshed format! It delivered a balanced recap of the season for the most part, it didn't drag on and on! Each HG had a chance to convey some sort of perspective without adding too much time to the event. Personally, I was thrilled that Julie shared the vote went back and forth over the time period LF's were allowed to cast their selections for who should win and the fact it came down to a mere 20,000 votes! In a season where there was so much controversy over the voting and after years of never being given facts about the final numbers this was one of the highlights of the changes BBOTT offered us. In all honesty 20,000 votes if LF's cast votes both days they were afforded the opportunity to do so, that means the final decision came down to 500 people. This was absolutely a critical detail and I applaud the decision by producers to share it! Jason was the anticipated winner by MANY people whether they liked him or hated him and by being transparent the rational viewer walked away with an explanation that was reasonable. I know there are some of you who may still subscribe to conspiracy theories because you aren't pleased with the outcome but...there are plenty of explanations to quantify how the vote so many believed was locked in could end up in a huge upset delivering the win to Morgan. As most of my readers know I was team Misfits all season long. Every fan has their own set of reasons why they liked it didn't like the teams or individual players. We all have experiences in life that influence those opinions and that's just the psychology and sociological aspects of human nature. We can all witness the exact same events and have completely different perspectives on the situations. As someone who comes from an educational background in both of these fields this season delivered the social experiment that Big Brother was created to deliver! Even knowing that many of you may be surprised to hear me say I am not shocked or outraged by the outcome. Did I think of the final 3, overall looking from day 1 to day 65 by my measuring stick Jason played the best game? Yes. Did I back him 100% to the end no matter what? No. For Jason fans it's important to understand that the final weeks in the house there were many LF's who had been team Misfits and/or team Jason all season who in the final weeks didn't care for how he treated the opportunities he was given. In any voting situation players choose a path and there is always a chance the platform you choose to stand on wins or loses voters support. How Kryssie and Jason treated Justin when they were already in final 3, secured their spots, guaranteed a seat in the coveted chairs on finale, was incredibly off putting. I heard a lot of fans who ultimately threw their votes to Morgan because of this approach to the end game saying those last 10 days in he house flipped them. Jury management is a key element to winning in the end and that's true until the last (key) vote is pulled. In looking at how this could happen there is another element fans who can't understand how that could happen should be aware of. Social Media played an ENORMOUS role on voting this season. Typically half the cast is sequestered and their opinions are not vocalized in such a huge way. However, fans who were maybe not team Morgan initially that saw all the SM banter of the misfit teammates like Shane, Neely, Danielle and didn't care for what was being said or how it was being communicated had the opportunity to become allianated. I also heard people assert that they didn't care for the perceived negativity from those voices and it swayed them away from wanting to support a Jason win over Morgan. This may not be true for you but it was true for some and when an outcome is determined by such a narrow margin you have to admit 500 people who didn't like the behaviors of Jason or his alliance members outside the house you can see why this happened. Let's also not forget that Jason and Kryssie's actions and behaviors towards Justin in the final days likely didn't sit well with solo Justin fans. Justin himself the last 2-3 days he was in the house asked his fans to vote for Morgan. Again, when it comes down to 500 people you have to aknowledge that turning on Justin in the final days could have cost Jason the win. You also know while there was never a huge following for Kryssie people like Mike cast his 40 votes for his sweetheart and when every vote counts the small percentage of people who may have actually cast a vote for Kryssie did so knowing they were tipping a scale that could at the end of the day cost Jason the game. I heard chatter on plenty of misfit forums where that side of the house's fan base knew there was a chance a few votes going to Kryssie when you know she has zero chance of winning could be the difference between Morgan and Jason winning. When you consider all of those things it's actually very easy to reconcile how a mere 500 people voting for either Morgan or Kryssie over Jason prevented him from the coveted title of the first winner of BBOTT. While my opinions about the Misfits wasn't always popular I did provide facts with regards to bottom line game play I respected or didn't determining my personal opinions this season. I was team Misfits and I argued Jason played one hell of a game despite the roller coaster ups and downs of voting and outcomes even in the final weeks. What muddied the waters for me? First, the fake final 5 deal with the Plastics. There was zero strategic value to that move. It was personal and it literally cost Danielle her game which saddened me at the time. While she may have been annoying to listen to on the feeds she played one heck of a game, made some impactful moves, slayed comps, and survived several weeks where America and the Plastics came for her hard and the one emotional decision to go along with Jason to give the preverbal finger to the girls just for the fun of it left her with absolutely no lifeline and sent her home the next week. It was the second dumbest move of the season for team misfits. Had there been some strategic value I could have overlooked it but there was not. While I understood the sentiment after being lied to and mislead by Alex and Morgan they felt like why shouldn't they repay them for all the times it was done to them that's a personal move. Those rarely provide positive outcomes in this game. The biggest mistake game wise that Jason made all season was sending Alex out that week over Morgan. I said it then, even though I knew the momentum of this fan base was to nominate Alex, I knew Morgan leaving heading into DE was the better game move. She was almost guaranteed that veto ACP if she stayed and that changed everything! They knew there was a DE. They knew the minute they voted one (Morgan/Alex) out 4 misfits (with Whitney knowing Alex had to go) they would have still had the odds on their side to send Alex home right after Morgan. Shelby didn't have an ACP. Alex couldn't receive the ACP, had they sent Morgan home that night either Danielle or Justin would have gotten that all important Veto and Jason would have been safe anyways since it saved two people and instead the decision to send Alex out over Morgan knowing she was eligible was the worst game move of the season by far! They had all the information they needed to make the best strategic decision, there were 6 people in the house and only 4 competing in that DE HOH and they chose wrong. Now, did they make the decision from an emotional stand point. No not completely, Jason couldn't compete in he DE HOH, coming off his CO-HOH ACP and in the house hats a scary thing. However, Dani or Justin receiving that ACP knowing they had increased drastically in power each passing week should have prompted Jason to realize leaving a Plastic in the game who was still eligible was a huge risk and one that in this case saved both Morgan and Shelby that night and that was the start of the unraveling of the shot Jason had at the title. This was a polarizing season right down to the final moment. As with anything there were highs and lows. Sometimes I loved it and other times I was so disenfranchised from the process. One thing is for certain though this was like no other BB season any of us has ever seen and it stayed true to the bottom line in any BB game...Expect the Unexpected! Congratulations Morgan. Your game may not have been the type I personally prefer but at the end of it all it's who sits in those final seats and wins the popular vote that matters and girl you are the winner of BBOTT! We will all have to wait until some time next summer to know for sure if there will be a BBOTT 2, so until then...thank you for supporting Morty's TV and this blog!
  19. BigBrotherHBIC

    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    It was a weekend of nothing more than both sides isolated from the other and trash talk all around. I had no desire to write about the Garbage being spewed by anyone but today it's all about the the Veto! If you would like to FB and watch the ACP was delivered on Friday afternoon. Justin of course received it by default since he was the only HG still eligible. The "challenge" was quite simple which I was happy to see. This is after all and ACP so it shouldn't have some difficult task attached to it. This is BB though so i was concerned they may make it something like the 24 hour sword punishment Shelly had in BB17 with the sword and something similar needing to be done like 2500 times in one day. Justin had to complete to receive the benefit of the final ACP begins his 2 hour "practice period" at 2:40 pm. He was given only one official attempt which occurred at 4:45 pm 11/18. On Sunday, we confirm that Morgan nominated Jason/Kryssie for eviction after Justin successful completed the Final Four ACP challenge. This gave him safety and left Shelby vulnerable if anyone other than Shelby/Morgan wins Veto. If anyone else wins Jason or Kryssie comes down and Shelby is the only HG left to be the renom. Monday, 11/21 1:19 pm Veto Begins HG play one at a time and have to crawl through a corn maze seeking three ears of corn and make it back to the finish exit with all three ears of corn and hit the buzzer to stop their clock. Justin can be heard reading the rules and explanation of the Veto comp at 1:19 pm.. As usual the player with fastest time wins! Justin started first. Jason rounded up the crew. Shelby second, Morgan went third 1:48 pm and I suggest you FB to her because she has a complete hissy fit when she can't find the 3rd ear! Morgan found the first two ears of corn and then cannot find the third. She proceeds to insist the 3rd ear isn't there, complains for several minutes, going on and on about rigging, her knees hurting, etc... After all these weeks of everyone being so critical of Kryssie and small fits every single player in the house has had over one comp or another, I was thoroughly entertained by Morgan's 11+ minute debacle. I enjoyed watching her chance at saving Shelby slip through her petty little fingers. Once everyone has played the HG head to the BY at 2:47 pm to get the results! Morgan clearly knows she's likely going to be in last place. Justin was excited to see his time was so quick just under 2 min. Once Shelby sees her time is well past both Kryssie and Justin's times you can see her face and body language quickly shift knowing this is the end of her game. With Jason's time the last to be revealed we discover that JASON WINS VETO! Only by 20+ seconds over Justin who placed second. Morgan placed last and Shelby second to last! As many of you know I'm not a Shelby fan but I have credited her for some more recent accomplishments and ability to survive since week 5. Those wins made her a player I was happy to see compete and finally begin to build a resume fans could justify considering her at the end. Did I want her in final 3? Well, certainly over Morgan and even perhaps over Kryssie. I don't care which side of fandom your preference lies, there's no argument based on the final four Jason has played a well rounded game, he's won enough competitions, weaponized the ACP's that worked against he and the misfits from week 3-week 5 and the DE. Jason has played strategically and despite being a large target when everyone entered the BBOTT house has done a great job despite some of his less than desirable comments along the way. Quite frankly everyone is guilty of that this season. Of the HG's who remain in the house Morgan is literally the least deserving as a actual player and I don't give Kryssie too much more credit. IMO, Kryssie does have a slight edge over Morgan because she made a lot of efforts prior to week 5 that helped the Misfits survive. She's been OTB numerous times as a pawn but she's still there. Jason/Justin/Kryssie started together week 1 and although there's been some bumps along the way all 3 have successfully managed to make it to final 4 in tact. That's an accomplishement any way you slice it. This leaves: Jason, Shelby, Justin in that order of the three who have all done enough to deserve a monetary gain for their individual accomplishments all season long. The problem is I know, as do Jason and the misfits, if Shelby made it to the end she would be very likely to win. I've been a Misfit fan since week 1 and I would be overjoyed with either a Jason or Justin win. Fortunately, thanks to Jason's veto win today the Misfits get to stay together! Morgan will be up against 3 players in the final HOH later this week. If Jason or Kryssie win that HOH, Jason will be in final 3. I am not so sure about that if Justin wins the final HOH...but how much do we really have to worry about that? He's a little more unpredictable only because he knows sitting next to Jason versus Morgan may not be in his best interest. Morgan would send Jason home without blinking. If this works like final 4 does in broadcast BB, with an HOH and one HG not on the block, no veto in play, it seems likely whichever HG isn't HOH or a nominee has the sole vote to evict. Remember in normal BB, final four is all about the Veto. Since there may not be a veto next week the only other solution is the player who isn't OTB still has the sole vote to evict. After the results are revealed from the Veto comp today Morgan and Shelby spend the hour following today's veto comp crying and consoling each other. Shelby seems as though she's not overly upset since she tells Morgan, "it's ok, I will get out, find out my bar exam results and this will be a speck in my Life. That's it! Tomorrow's veto ceremony Jason will take himself off the block, Shelby will go up next to Kryssie. Justin and Jason will vote to evict Shelby on Wednesday night!
  20. BigBrotherHBIC

    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    Eviction Day is upon us. Almost of us know Monday’s Veto competition resulted in Shelby winning the veto after America’s Nominee was announced and Morgan joined Danielle and Jason OTB. To no one’s surprise Shelby used the POV on Tuesday to remove Morgan from he block. Before this occurred there were a few events LF’s should be aware of if you haven’t been as active on the feeds as before. Monday, after Morgan was named America’s Nominee Shelby and Morgan had a conversation in the HOH, where Morgan declared that she may reveal to Kryssie that Alex was her sister. Morgan’s line of thinking here was to reassure Kryssie that Morgan is loyal to the new final four alliance, Jambalaya Gang which is composed of Shelby, Morgan, Justin, and Kryssie. Morgan’s goal is to make Kryssie feel confident enough in the new alliance to persuade both Kryssie and Justin to throw week 8’s HOH competition. Shelby isn’t eligible in the upcoming HOH, Morgan is not feeling 100% confident in Kryssie’s dedication to the new alliance beyond this week and knows that if J/J/K wins the next HOH she and Shelby will be the likely nominees. Morgan shares with us in her DR, Tuesday evening that Shelby, as much as she's her best friend in the house, is a threat to Morgan’s chances to winning the game and even if someone else were to win the next HOH, it’s likely they would target Shelby over her, but she doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. Fast Forward to Tuesday 12:48 pm KIT, Morgan reveals to Kryssie that she wants the next HOH so she can be the one to take out Jason. Her motivation comes from Jason, taking Alex out and Alex is her sister. Morgan vastly underestimates Kryssie’s loyalty to Jason. While, I appreciate that after 7 weeks Morgan wants to make a strategic move to help further her game, I see this as a very risky move that could in fact backfire on Morgan next week. Now that she has revealed this sister twist to someone other than Shelby, it is possible other HG’s will begin to consider the fact that Morgan not only has the ‘Plastics’ fan base, her own fan base, but admits she will now likely also pull fans from Alex’s fan base as well. Before revealing this Shelby’s sudden arrival on the competition scene had the focus on the threat Shelby now posed to other HG’s chances of winning the game. Morgan, who has done just as little if not less than Kryssie all season long, had many in the house feeling like she was a goat to bring to the end. Kryssie tells us in her Live DR during last night’s weekly recap episode that she believes Morgan is lying about the sister twist, Morgan is a terrible liar and must think Kryssie is stupid. LOL. Well, Kryssie if you don’t believe her then you are. If you watch Kryssie’s face when Morgan rev ears this to her (which a clip of this convo was also in last night’s recap) you can see that Kryssie really doesn’t give this secret any validity, she doesn’t show any surprise, it’s basically Kryssie’s manikin face as Morgan admits Alex is her sister and that’s her motive for wanting Jason out. I will come back to this in a moment but first let’s expand on my initial point which is that Morgan and Kryssie are equal in this game as players. I know some of you may require some facts to establish why I see Kryssie and Morgan as equal from my point of view. Presumably, some of you may be stuck on my assertion that Morgan’s game ranks in the same area as Kryssie’s game. I know that many LF’s are not Kryssie fans, which overall I do agree with when comparing her to the other HG’s game play. Let me clarify my perception of the overall resumes of them both to establish my assertion here: Kryssie Morgan 1 HOH comp victory 1 Veto comp victory Stayed loyal to original alliance Stayed loyal to original alliance (Kryssie’s was 100% a voluntary choice) (Morgan aligned w/ her sister so arguably & her own biases influenced circumstances) Influenced strategy all season Road Alex’s coat tails, then Shelby’s (w/ little active application except first 3 wks) (after Monte no active application until now) Brought Neely into their fold, lasted 5 wks Handled Monte securing him for first 2 wk (No Morgan never really gained Neely) Least valuable game player w/Misfits Least valuable game player w/Plastics The fact Morgan pulled off hiding the sister twist as long as they did, was an accomplishment in any BB game. I credit her with that. However, aligning with her sister and isolating herself from every other HG because as she says “I just can’t take those people, they’re horrible people, there was no way I could work with anyone but my sister once we got in the house strangled her game play. Aligning with her sister and playing to keep two people safe vastly effected and IMO drastically limited Morgan’s opportunity to be an active game player and would have played VERY differently had she not aligned in an all girl’s alliance or choosing to each pick a side of the house and just meet up on the sly while keeping each other safe on opposing sides of the house could have given Morgan active control over how her game played out and she chose the self created limiting path. One is amazing and one is just marginal at best which cancels each other out. Much of the information Morgan based her direction on was a result of her won inability to integrate herself into any dynamic regardless of personal opinions. She managed to do it just fine with regards to Monte’s behaviors but chose never to apply that same effort with anyone on the other side of the house ever! Still last night, Shelby and Morgan were in the HOH room talking crap about Danielle. It’s week 7 and since the first day everyone walked into the house this clique was jealous and threatened by Danielle and they have been unable to move past that first step the entire game. 10:47 pm cam 1 HOH BR Morgan/Shelby as the camera cuts from KIT to HOH We find them talking about Shane. Both are telling him he needs to go ahead and cut his hair and then he can hang out with them. Admit they talk to him zero times in the house, but if he sits his hair he can cut the line with them in Vegas. Conversation turns to Shane/Danielle situation. Shelby Has Danielle said she’s moving to NC afterwards? M Did you hear her talking about Raleigh today? S Really? HA HA HA M No one was listing to her. She is not moving to NC1 S (sarcistically) Yes SHE IS! They’re meant to be together! M Shane has forgotten all about Danielle S Shane has f*cked a girl name Stacy since leaving this house M Shane is not watching the show, Shane does not care about BB S Shane ism busy visiting our Heavenly Father, he’s busy turning water into wine. He doesn’t have time for Danielle. HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHA M I wish that had put Shane’s picture somewhere other than the middle so your’s could be there. S I wish Shane could have turned more water into wine so we could have some alcohol. Ok, let’s more sh*t about people that were here! M Ok, um… S Neely! Neely, you said we were all racist. But it’s kind a racist of you to assume that all white people are racist. Morgan is much smarter than Shelby in this moment, her face changes a bit and she doesn’t reply to that comment which Shelby clearly feels the cold breeze in response to the comment and says… Shelby She won’t say that but I will! Neely you thought I was dumb. M Joke’s on you. Let’s talk about someone else, how about Cornbread Shelby CB is probably off somewhere belly flopping in a mud pit. Hey CB maybe if you stop jumping into mud pits maybe your feet wouldn't be so f*ing disgusting! HA HA HA HA HA I’m not going to follow the whole rant, you could rewind to any point in the season and listen to these girls say these kinds of things all season long. It’s these very opinions and perceptions that created such a drastic divide in the house and both sides have continuously rinsed and repeated this behavior to some degree or another all season long. The point of it is that Morgan gets a huge deficit in her resume from me because it was this attitude and behavior that she used to limit her own game. At least the misfits tried for 5 weeks to build some kind of various bridges to the other side despite their opinions of the character and personalities of the players on the opposing side of the house. They all attempted repeatedly week after week to find some way to establish a social game connection with the exception of Danielle. The secret being revealed to Kryssie could be as huge of a bad game move as Danielle making that fake 5 person alliance with the Plastics. Jason is Kryssie’s ride or die. Whether she thinks it’s a lie to manipulate her or not she will share it with Jason. Kryssie’s goal is to go to the end with Jason and if Jason sees this secret as much of a threat as I would, having this information moving forward is very valuable. Him not knowing that Morgan managed to pull off not only a loyal all girl’s alliance but managed to play in secret for 6 weeks with her own sister. Jason will see that for the commodity it has the potential to be in assessing players at the end when America decides the winner. In Jason’s mind and the other remaining Misfits when they all realize Morgan is likely telling the truth will no longer see her collectively as one of the weakest players they would want to sit next to at the end. That meager resume just got padded by Morgan herself and if that’s the case this becomes one of the biggest mistakes of the season. Morgan has proposed a final three deal with herself, Justin, and Kryssie. Justin feeds her standard lip service as you would expect. Justin has come to the understanding that with only 5 players left after this week, although he may be guaranteed the ACP he has to carefully determine which HG’s he would want to be at the end with. He reveals in his DR that his trust in Jason and Danielle bottomed out after last week and then the pair trying to offer him up to save themselves with Shelby/Morgan. Justin confirms Kryssie is still the one alliance member he will remain loyal to, he gives her accolades for her unwavering loyalty to him since the beginning and wants her to be next to him in final 3. Justin also reveals moving forward Jason and Shelby need to go so that he can only face Morgan and Kryssie in the end. Shelby is no surprise if you have followed Justin carefully all season. Jason became a sacrificial lamb for Justin in week 6 and that hasn’t wavered. Jason entered week 7 in a much better position than he will be leaving week 7. Danielle has accepted defeat on Tuesday. She accepts its the end of her time, says she wont campaign against Jason since she doesn’t see it being beneficial and hopes Jason makes it to the end since this has been his life long dream. The only person Danielle blames is Justin. While I think Danielle has played the hardest and most strategically accomplished game this season her attitude towards Justin doesn’t sit well with me. She just put Justin OTB last week during DE and seriously considered sending him home. Danielle agreeable for no valuable reason faked the final 5 deal along with Jason last week and by her own hand made herself the biggest target in the house over Justin and Jason. Danielle has been OTB 5 times out of 7 evictions now and while she managed to save herself or had enough loyalty from her team to save her in the first four occurrences she has no one to blame for this nomination but herself. She had a chance to play in veto and save herself and failed. There’s nothing she could say or do to gain Shelby and Morgan’s trust because in one week she made 3 different deals with the girls and broke every single one of them with the fake final 5 being for no other reason than just retaliate which was a personal game move that Danielle has said all season long she would never make. Justin is not the least bit sad to see Danielle go. He does try in his normal fashion to be friendly and kind to Danielle all day yesterday and she rolls her eyes at the camera, talks trash to Kryssie and Jason about Justin and doesn’t reply to almost any gesture Justin makes to be friendly. He has never trusted her. I agree he is a little bitter she chose Shane over him but more importantly Justin knows Dani is the biggest threat to win the game. There is potential for Justin to swing back in Jason’s direction depending on how he reacts to hearing that Morgan and Alex are sisters. I think how he reacts will have a lot to do with what Jason has to share about his opinion on how a secret like that could make Morgan a front runner to win the game. Jason has decided he will fight for this week’s HOH. Prior to his latest DR he had been saying for two weeks he didn’t want to win week 8 HOH because he feels like winning week 9 will be life or death in assuring he gets to the final 3. After this week played out Jason knows he will need it this week because Justin, Morgan, and Shelby would vote him out if he was a nominee he wouldn’t have the votes to stay. Jason needs to put Morgan/Shelby OTB together. If one comes down then he could possibly take the shot at Justin, but again I think if he latches onto the value of the sister twist he will also seriously reconsider his own perfect final 3 scenario. Morgan has to win the week 8 HOH to secure her safety. Justin will stay with her, Kryssie will likely out of circumstance stay with her, Shelby will be safe and vote with her. Morgan would likely target Jason over Shelby but if Jason comes down Shelby is virtually guaranteed to go home on Morgan’s HOH. Tonight’s weekly episode’s time has been changed to 8pm ET/5 PM PT, the live eviction will follow. As of now Danielle is still going home, but there’s an entire day to get through so I’m never certain of an eviction until the name on the card is read. It seems to be time for an endurance challenge but nothing has been predictable with competitions this season. As a long time fan I actually appreciate that and feel like it adds a long overdue shift in the game this season that I hope they begin to fold into the Broadcast seasons moving forward. I am tired of the individually timed comps being played over and over the last couple weeks and since this HOH secures someone in final 4 I expect it to be one that HG’s have to fight for. Remember final four HOH this season is the one that guarantees the spot in final 3 and final three there will be no three part HOH competition.
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    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    Black Friday in BBOTT 11/11/16 So much has happened over the weekend! We are at final 6 with less than 3 weeks to go in the game and in order to understand the happenings by the time Safety Ceremony came around on Saturday, and Shelby elects to keep Kryssie/Justin safe first we need to go back to Friday. Here are the key events, TS, and deals that were both proposed and accepted which lead to the unexpected events at Saturday's Safety Ceremony where many LF's were perplexed as to why Shelby elected to chose 2 misfits to keep safe right out of the gate rather than one with Morgan and then await finalizing what her plan. Instead Shelby chose to save Justin and Kryssie first and then waits until the final Safety Ceremony on Sunday to give Morgan safety. As soon as she did that she meanders downstairs to face the group and states: My nom's are Danielle and Jason. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Then Shelby turns walks away and marches right back upstairs without another word. To ensure everyone has a clear path to how this unfold we need to travel back to Black Friday in the BBOTT house. With Shelby as the new HOH, and Morgan feeling safe, the duo starts the day shopping for the best deals they can find. The ladies aren’t celebrating too much because Shelby realizes although she will have the power this week, next week she is at a huge disadvantage. Morgan knows that leaves her fighting in the next HOH 3 against 1 to try and secure she and Shelby where a final ACP will be in play. Shelby and Morgan are very aware of the ACP, the fact the power has gotten stronger with each one, and if they keep Danielle, they cannot count on it helping them in any way. As the morning begins the girls become aware that Justin has no intention of coming and talking with the HOH, assuming he will be one of the nominees and the target so he just needs to win the veto. Jason arises early (10:25 am cam 1/2) and makes his way up to the HOH to have the first pitch of the day: Explains Dani/Jason got cold feet about sending Justin home on DE and Whitney was a bigger threat. Jason tries to sell the girls on there are actually three pairs now, Jason/Danielle, Shelby/Morgan, Jason/Kryssie. Kryssie/Justin clearly America’s favorites and no one should let them get to the end because they will win based on popularity. Shelby counters that doesn’t even make any sense no one is giving Kryssie $250k for doing nothing all season long. If Shelby and Morgan can forgive and forget Jason and Danielle will align with them in a final four deal (for real this time, wink, wink). Shelby says why would they ever trust them again after breaking deal after deal and Jason continuously preaching loyalty to his alliance and repeatedly points out in most of Jason’s proposals that they were the very points sold in the fake five deal they made just to be cruel and why would they believe them now? They are ready to take Justin out, he puts more blame in Danielle for not wanting to send Justin home, and if Justin/Kryssie are the nominees America will probably nominate Danielle. Also tries to inform them that Kryssie freaked out at the thought of evicting Justin and trolled Danielle and Jason the rest of the night to keep Justin safe arguing that Kryssie has been very strategic all season, does a lot of the game talk, plays the game like chess and avoids being involved in any of the fights. Shelby tells Jason not to try and sell her that chess versus checkers BS. Jason sells they kept Justin thinking Whitney could win comps and Justin can’t win anything and there are only 5 comps left. Shelby counters saying why then do we take out the one guy who can’t win comps now? He’s the one you want to keep then? Jason says he wont try to win the next HOH and they will be playing veto for Shelby this week. Jason says Danielle and Jason are going to be the only one offering them a deal this week and Kryssie and Justin wont offer them anything. Danielle will be guaranteed the ACP if Justin goes. Do they think Justin will ever use the ACP to help them? 12:04 PM Cam 3/4 Camera zooms in on Shelby putting a new pair of socks on HOH. They are of course little ducks which are reminiscent of Pablo, the irony is not lost on me. Either way you look at it, “Sitting ducks," or Pablo socks you can’t deny that it’s a relevant small thing to take note of when the camera literally makes a point of zooming in on the socks. Danielle enters the HOH BR (12:06 pm cam 3/4) to follow up on Jason’s meeting earlier this morning. Danielle as she passes through the kitchen asking Morgan if Shelby is busy, makes point to ask Morgan if she’s coming back up to the HOH. This was subtle but a smart maneuver, emphasizing she is aware the talk should include Morgan even though Shelby is HOH. Danielle begins with the point that if Shelby doesn’t put Danielle up, America likely will and that prevents Morgan from being AN. Blames Kryssie for the flip back to Whitney on DE, that Kryssie made her feel as though if she evicted Justin, now Kryssie would turn against her as well. Shelby says why would I believe then if we take out Justin this week, you will actually take out Kryssie next week. Danielle feels like there’s more of an opportunity to work with Shelby/Morgan now that Alex is gone. Argues this is a great week to take out Justin since there is no threat of an ACP. Shelby points out that means Danielle is guaranteed the last ACP how does that benefit S/M? Danielle emphasizes that Justin used the Veto to save Kryssie in a way to drive home the point that while the four of them are a group, it’s a group of two pairs. J/D and J/K the loyalties of the pairs to each other supersedes the foursome. It’s good to note that this is the first time I’ve seen either Jason/Danielle make pleas or arguments that literally contradict what their intent is, rather makes the very point they are trying to deflect. They are usually very methodical about what to say and not say. For example, we saved Justin last week because Whitney was more of a comp threat, which really sells Justin as a good person to keep going into the last 5 comps. Keep Danielle and eliminate Justin then Dani gets the ACP. but how does that help Shelby at all, why would she ever think helping Danielle be guaranteed final four be a better choice than the guy they just said can’t win the final comps once they all reach final 4. I said it when it happened, the scam to lie to the Plastics, making a fake final 5 deal before the week 6 veto was used and gas lighting the girls for personal reasons that had little to no game value was a self imposed bomb detonated on their own games. This is the one tactic in this game that never gains any favor with me as a fan. Don’t be mean just to be mean when the motive has zero game value. The only benefit I saw to doing it at the time was it prevents the Plastics from trying to swing votes and really going to work by making them feel completely safe. With the week playing out as it has, Jason/Danielle have made themselves the largest targets in the game where Justin had been a shield in their minds and had a lot to do with why they eventually elected to evict Whitney over Justin. If you’re a fan of either it’s important to realize as this week plays out that the situation they now find themselves in was created by their own plans, actions, and efforts. They had Alex/Morgan where they wanted them, they controlled the votes, they never really emphasized they were doing it strategically to prevent the Plastics from possibly successfully pulling off a hail Mary and flipping one of the votes because the possibility of Kryssie/Justin flipping and voting against Whitney in any scenario was not a concern. Danielle and Justin are the only two HG’s eligible for the final ACP which to be clear, is not guaranteed final four just by receiving the ACP. The HG who receives the most votes will have an opportunity to compete in a “challenge” which if successfully completed, then and only then, automatically advances to the final four. Essentially, how I interpret that is if either Justin/Danielle does accomplish the task they will get safety for week 8 (guaranteeing final 4), unable to be nominated, leaving only 3 HG’s for the week 8 HOH to choose for nominations. This leaves the third person not nominated a sitting duck. If the veto comes into play they are the only replacement nominee available. If either Justin or Danielle goes home this week, the other will automatically receive the final ACP and no vote will be necessary just like the last week of HN’s when there were only 3 HG’s eligible. Shelby and Morgan, rightfully, do not trust one thing Jason/Danielle has proposed. The irony is the entire reason none of the misfits ever bartered a deal with Alex or the Plastics was the fact they were always lying to them about who they were voting, or breaking deals saying they wouldn’t nominate someone and then did anyway. Now they felt making the final 5 just to repay them as one final dig has left them in that exact same situation. You NEVER burn bridges in this game unless you are 100% certain it’s one you will never need to cross again in an emergency. Now the emergency has occurred and there’s no outlet for Jason and Danielle. 12:26 pm Kryssie drags herself into the HOH for her one on one chat just a minute after Danielle leaves. Kryssie doesn’t offer much. No surprise there. She focuses on not wanting to let people who already have money went he game. The only pertinent information she spills is the fact that Jason/Danielle planned to make the final 5 deal with the Plastics for no other reason than to just get revenge on Morgan since the girls have lied to their side over and over all season. Kryssie also tells the Shelby that Justin has no intention of coming up to talk to Shelby, he’s been saying he knows he’s going up and just will have to win the veto. Kryssie leaves the HOH at 12:52 pm Shelby doesn’t like the fact that Justin is assuming he is the target. After the fake deal the target he had on his back shifted to Danielle/Jason and she hopes that Justin will in fact at least try to come talk to her. IMO, this stems from Shelby’s HOH week 6, he did go and talk to her and Shelby had plenty to say about Justin’s comments which got back to Justin. This is likely why he sees no value in talking to her, since he feels like she really didn’t listen to what he said her first HOH and he knows that Morgan/Shelby were pushing for him to go on DE night. 12:53 pm cam 1/2 IWR Kryssie and Jason are joined by Justin who just left the KIT passing by Morgan on his way through. Morgan heads up to the HOH now that Kryssie has returned downstairs. Jason is sharing that he already talked to them and that Shelby just seems so pissed about the final 5 deal and DE she’s not trying to listen to anything he had to say. Justin tells Jason he thinks she’s just going to put him (Justin) up OTB. Justin says he might have to go upstairs and talk to her. He says he will go talk to her but he believes she’s going to put Jason/Justin OTB together and thats why he knows its important for him to win the veto. 12:54 pm cam 3/4 HOH BR Justin enters the HOH where Shelby and Morgan were just discussing Kryssie’s ridiculous arguments and the fact that Justin had no plans to come up and talk to her. Justin I know for a fact that you are probably going to be putting me OTB this week. Just because I just know. Obviously I am not a major threat in this game because I suck at every competition. Shelby Here’s the thing, if I were to take out Danielle, I would be guaranteeing you a care package. Justin is caught off guard by this assertion. He replies that well, if you take me out Danielle gets it so he doesn’t really understand their point. Morgan Well, what if we took Danielle out, which would guarantee you that last ACP, is there some kind of deal we could work out with that? Justin With the ACP, with ya’ll being safe? Morgan Something along those lines. The discussion soon turns into what the ACP could be. Everyone understands that the ACP’s have gotten stronger and more powerful every week. Shelby and Morgan tell Justin his will guarantee he makes it to final four. It may have some other added value but the bottom line they are emphasizing to whims that if they take out Danielle this week, not only keeping him safe this week but by assuring he will get the final ACP in will keep him safe next week as well. Justin seeks some clarification on what they are asking of him in return. The girls propose he can choose the one player he wants to protect moving forward, and Shelby informs he she heard that he assumed she was putting him on the block and that’s not true. The mood is VERY different in this conversation than it has been with the other 3 HG’s today. Justin and Morgan commiserate about their collective poor performances in the competitions. Shelby initially says she’s not ready to make a solid deals but is feeling Justin out to see where his head is at if she does target Danielle over Justin could they negotiate some deals here? Shelby What’s scary for me is I know you hate me. Justin I don’t hate you! I don’t hate you at all, I don’t hate you or her. Shelby finally gets to the question that makes the most sense in Justin’s mind. She asks: If I take Danielle out this week, next week there is 5 of us, you will be safe you will get the ACP, final four, whether you win HOH or not, but if you won HOH who would you want to take out next? Justin starts to say he feels like he’s making a deal with the…. Shelby says I’m not ready to make a deal yet…but I can MAKE YOU a great deal this week! If you haven’t watched this convo you should. Don’t be confused by this, Morgan hinted to Justin downstairs right before this that he needed to go up and talk to Shelby. Then Jason/Kryssie talking in the IWR told him they both told Shelby he wouldn’t go up and talk to her. Once he does, Justin is not the one who initiates any kind of deal or negotiations, it’s Shelby and Morgan in fact that propose a deal to him. They even suggest he can pick one other person he wants to save along with him, like Kryssie. This leads to the final four deal many discussed over the weekend. The entire convo lasts less than 10 minutes and turns Justin’s entire week around. 1:07 pm HOH The girls are alone and discussing the convo’s with both Kryssie and Justin. You also hear their reasoning for making this deal with J/K which is they feel like if they get tot the end with Justin and/or Kryssie they each can make a stronger argument as to why they should win over those two. Where they don’t feel like they can every argue to beat Jason or Danielle in a final 3 scenario. I agree with this over Kryssie 100%, Justin however his popularity has risen and fallen and risen over the season, but making this deal is a BIG move and him being the hand that helps get Danielle out is a major game move so if he wins a couple comps this last two weeks he could in fact be a force to be reckoned with against someone like Morgan especially. The other important intel all these HOH 1-1 convos have provided is that everyone (except Justin) has said their #1 is Jason. Danielle wants to keep Jason safe and make a deal for both of them. Kryssie claims Jason is her #1 and wants to protect him as much as possible. Justin on the other hand claims Kryssie although in a few minutes you will see at this point, on Friday, his efforts are to keep Jason and Kryssie safe and eliminate Danielle who he has in fact wanted out for quite some time. He was itching to vote her out week 3! While Justin is upstairs you can see Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle conspiring downstairs in the IWR. At one point Danielle says she hopes she (Shelby) doesn’t tell Justin oh they are trying to send you home. -Ok. Now I want to take a moment here to remind everyone, this is the game! We are at final 6. Shelby has HOH which means two of the Misfits will go up and they have to plan of one of them to go home. It’s literally every player for themselves. It always is at final 6. Danielle and Jason ran upstairs lickity split and offered up Justin. Justin did not go up there with a master plan to throw anyone under the bus, but the situation to save himself was presented to him and he would be an absolute fool not to take that deal. He is smart enough to understand if he helps the girls get out Danielle, who is the biggest threat to win the game at this point, it not only keeps himself safe, it keeps Jason and Kryssie safe who are in fact and always have been his original alliance. After Justin leaves the HOH and heads downstairs with the others briefly in the IWR. He tells them he didn’t really have anything to offer them he just focused on the fact he doesn’t win anything. Says it is what it is. Just gotta win veto. Other than that all his ‘teammates’ sit there very quietly and it’s awkward and clearly a different vive than usual among this foursome. BB announces the OLD is over and Danielle and Jason quickly exit thankful they can go outside this afternoon. As soon as they do 1:14 pm Justin whispers to Kryssie he needs to talk to her but he and she could be good, it’s unfortunate but this game is crazy. Kryssie asks if he wants to wait until Danielle goes outside and Justin nods yes. Justin It’s terrible but…this will guarantee me and you will be safe but it’s twisted. K Jason? J IDK They don’t trust Jason/Danielle at all. They wanna get her out of here this week, that guarantees me the ACP. She’s talking final four me, you and them two. You know that’s not what I want to do, but I gotta do what I can to keep me safe and this keeps me and you safe, and then after two weeks I can do what I want to do. We gonna be good. I don’t wanna do this, but I had to tell them whatever they want to hear and that keeps me and you safe this week. Justin tells Kryssie he will need her to go back upstairs and talk to them. 1:19 pm KIT after Danielle heads outside Justin breaks down the deal to Kryssie. They want h I'm to promise to take them to final four. But I want Jason, straight up. He explains throwing Danielle UTB he can see, the only reason she kept him is because she knew she was gonna lose ya’ll. This goes back to what Kryssie sold Justin that night after DE was over and she throws Danielle UTB to Justin. Kryssie does go back upstairs later on Friday which leads to an actual (fake) final four deal between Kryssie/Justin/Shelby/Morgan and they name their alliance the Jambalaya Gang at Justin’s suggestion. This covers the black Friday’s deals that Shelby had the opportunity to shop. Morgan and Shelby were in fact smart to approach Justin and Kryssie after the experiences they’ve had trying to make deals with Danielle and Jason the last week or so. Justin and Kryssie have to prepare to possibly lose one of their own and this secured both their safety and if they can keep Danielle OTB keeps Jason safe as well since those two will control the vote 2-1 over Morgan at this point in the game. Saturday Justin and Kryssie eventually make it clear to Jason they are going to do everything they can to keep Jason safe and get Danielle out. Initially, this shocks Jason and doesn’t go over too well, but once it sinks in and Justin makes it clear that he has already promised Shelby and Morgan that if he wins Veto he will take America’s nominee down with the veto and they will vote Danielle out there isn’t much Jason can complain about. This plan if it works keeps Jason safe this week.
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    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    Wednesday night’s first live eviction was a moment celebrated by many misfit fans. It’s not for me so much the demise of the Plastics instead it is the end of Alex’s time in the game. When we began this season, go back and read the early blogs, I warned LF’s that a voting war between the two fan bases would inevitably damage the integrity of the game. Now that we are down to the final 8, it was in fact that battle that led to an earlier demise of Alex’s game. Once weeks 3-5 played out with nearly every vote going to the Plastics without any consideration for the effects that approach to voting would have on their favorite players, I pleaded with Misfit fans not to be disenfranchised from BBOTT. Everything in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction. Do I think this was the right move? We will get back to that. Don’t be disillusioned, Alex would have blown up her own game without the voting forcing the issue. Her refusal to play fluidly in a game like this and isolating herself from a large group of HG’s was a critical error that would leave her without a lifeline when it came down to the final weeks. Breaking deals and lying are often a part of this game. Those choices have to be calculated and delivered with finesse in order to not leave people losing all trust and confidence in you. Whether its true or not people must view another player as someone they can work with down the road or trust when an idea or deal is being offered. A critical error in Alex’s early game play was the arrogant attitude that people should just accept this approach and she shouldn’t be subjected to any kickback for doing so. A key element on navigating this game is the human element. You are playing with other people. The great players in BB history know how to work people, how to make them trust you even when they shouldn’t, and be able to manipulate them. To do that you must know your enemies. Even with all that players need to know when it’s a valuable move to lie or break deals. You cannot do it just because you have it in your mindset that it is required to be considered a great player or provide good entertainment. Alex’s inability to understand all the layers and effort put that are applied to doing it effectively was a huge miscalculation. Now, let’s discuss the horrible mistake that LNC made in evicting Alex. As I stated in earlier in the week, Morgan should have been the one to go. What’s most shocking is during Danielle’s HOH week 5 they had an entire discussion about eliminating one of the two Plastics who were still eligible for the ACP. I don’t think it was a mistake to eliminate Scott that week eliminating Scott was weakening Alex. However, I do think the most damaging part of the last 48 hours was the fact that the misfits did not return to this method of thinking and vote to evict Morgan week 6. They knew she had an ACP available to her. They know the ACP’s have gotten more and more powerful the weeks have progressed. They knew that it was a DE week and it would be 4 v 1 in the DE HOH, with both Shelby and Jason unable to compete. They had all the key information they needed to make the best decision. They weren’t lacking in any of the important details that should have been assessed. Morgan even expected to be the one sent packing. She made that speech on eviction night believing the LNC would in fact be smart enough to send her home and take a shot at Alex during DE which leads me to believe that the Plastics did consider that an ACP could potentially help Morgan survive. This is the mistake that will cost at least two misfits the chance at making it to the end. Jason and Danielle have played amazing games all season long and have really stepped things up this last few weeks. This is BB! You never leave something you 100% know could happen to cripple your game in play. Yes, Alex was a big fish to fry. Yes, Alex had been the driving force behind most of what the Plastics had been doing. Was she the biggest threat heading into DE? NO! Did Alex have better odds of winning DE than Morgan in their minds? Maybe. Did they consider that the ACP would be delivered on DE night instead of the usual Friday delivery? I think that is where they missed the mark. While they knew Morgan was eligible I don’t think they considered that the ACP would come into play on DE night. That’s the only point where I can see they didn’t have the upfront information to know what a huge risk that would be to leave Morgan in. Again, this is BB and you should always expect the unexpected. It should have been a consideration. It was a foolish thing not to plan for worse case scenario and it cost them dearly. IMO, it doesn’t matter what happened in the technicalities between the time that Alex was evicted and the time that Shelby ends up being named the new HOH last night at 7:34 pm. Had they evicted Morgan over Alex, Danielle would have still likely won the DE HOH since 4/5 players all tied and if Morgan was gone none of this would have been possible. No ACP to Morgan, means Alex/Shelby go up, no veto to save them and they still could have sent Alex home. LNC fans should have all gone ahead and voted Danielle for the ACP and not considered changing to Justin. The ACP voting results shocked a lot of LNC fans. While I was disappointed and to some degree think a questionable result isn’t a complete unrealistic response to fans who are so frustrated with the voting process in general, as a long time BB fan we also should expect the unexpected. In reflecting on the events of DE night and the ACP results I determined there are likely two key elements that legitimately played a key role in the outcome. First, LNC fans were all united for the most part to give Danielle the DE ACP before the night arrived. However, many clusters of this fan base had decided that if Danielle won the HOH to shift their votes to Justin. Those were primarily the Danielle fans. If they didn’t feel she was in trouble they wanted to waste it on Justin so they could save the final one for Danielle. Why? The second, and less influential element is Morgan’s eviction speech during the live eviction. There are some fans that aren’t following the popular voting trends and are in fact just voting for who they want at any given point in time. It’s my suspicion the sassy speech and Alex being the one being evicted int he first eviction of the night made Morgan/Shelby the underdogs. That motivated them to vote the ACP for Morgan in the hour voting window even if they had another idea in mind before the DE began. Many fans regardless of who they like or don’t like didn’t want to watch the remaining few weeks with no one but Shelby, and the five LNC on the feeds. I did find a wave of Shelby fans voting for Danielle to get the ACP in DE because they were concerned that if Morgan got ‘veto’ in the literal sense the way many fans anticipated this veto being provided Morgan would have been safe leaving Shelby the only option to go up alone and head out the door. Most of us never expected the veto to: Be delivered pre-nominations Provide not only safety for Morgan but for one other as well This is apparent by the fact that Shelby fans were greatly concerned that Morgan receiving the ACP put Shelby at the greatest risk. So we had Danielle fans voting ACP for Justin, the remaining LNC fans splitting the votes between Danielle, Justin either because they didn’t know or didn’t agree with the popular opinion, and Shelby fans voting for Danielle for ACP. The only people this approach made sense to was the Danielle fans. For me, it didn’t make sense to change the outcome. Justin wasn’t going to be targeted if Danielle won the HOH. In fact, still voting for Danielle made the most sense if she won HOH in DE. Let the HOH retain all the power. It was Danielle’s own fan base really that called for the last minute change in ACP recipient if she won the HOH. Danielle’s fan base has grown as the weeks have progressed and they, are the larger percentage of overall fans for the LNC. In analyzing the trend last week I found the concern that if Morgan won HOH, Danielle wouldn’t be safe. I think that was a critical error on their initial thoughts to begin with. Jason and Justin were actually in more immediate danger. Shelby has wanted Justin gone since week 2 and Morgan’s loathing for him has grown even stronger as we’ve all seen on the feeds. I see where they felt if Justin won the ACP, he could save himself and would save Whitney, Kryssie, or Jason before he would ever save Danielle. I also saw many Danielle fans concerned that if Justin were to win he DE HOH he may target Danielle. That’s a logical and rational concern. Danielle fans are not the only fans within the LNC fan base. Many Justin fans have been waiting to send him the last ACP since they were announced. They were always going to vote Danielle for ACP this week. They want Justin to have the last one. It’s a mistake to focus on your one piece on the game board without analyzing all the other potential moves that could weaken your queen. When you consider all of the moving pieces you could have easily anticipated that a certain percentage of LNC fans were not going to switch to Justin in the final moments of the ACP voting. The earlier weeks most fans regardless of which side felt by week 3 the voting was influencing so much that giving the ACP power to the side who wins HOH is a way to at least maintain some of the integrity of the game. Problem is Plastics fans were fine with that when their side was in power, as soon as LNC members began winning the HOH’s they wanted to throw that entire rationale out the window and only vote for their side regardless of what the vote was about. It’s my conclusion that had all the LNC fans just stayed on Danielle and not tried to switch things up based on the HOH outcome so it would only benefit their favorite player this wouldn’t have happened. I believe Danielle would have had the dominant vote and Morgan wouldn’t have been able to save both she and Shelby. Just my opinion, but there you go. As you know I agreed in week 5 to report the popular opinion during week 5 when it became evident that LNC fans were splitting votes and it was helping the Plastics. I still fill in my personal opinions but don’t blog in as much detail and personal analysis when it comes to voting game points because many of the readers here have expressed that it has the potential to confuse the reader from voting with the popular vote. Since then, in all honesty this has been far less fun for me to blog. I love analyzing the game play, the players, the actions that influence how something will unfold based on what I see. Researching polls, chats, forums, podcasts, SM, is very time consuming but in the interest of not allowing one fan base to have such a powerful influence on the direction the game goes it was my own decision and I can’t be too frustrated about the choice. I saw the potential to swing it back to a more fair result and in most ways thats how it has worked out. Voting has returned to swinging fairly between the two sides the last few votes. For me, that has made the game much more balanced and given everyone playing a more even field to compete on. This blog draws a lot of readers and being able to identify some of the most influential SM presences on both side of the fandom has given me an insight into how the game is being played on the outside of the house since it’s such a pivotal part of BBOTT. I reported the popular opinion but often don’t agree with the logic. I have also as I promised voting along with the popular opinion in the interest of my primary goal. Stop allowing one organized fan base (Plastics) who all follow one agreed upon vote to continue to win the popular vote week after week. At the end of the day regardless of which side of the house you have supported all season fans have been very vocal and very absolute. Chat room discussions have been very little about game play, strategy, it’s been really full of how much I like or hate the sides. Some still decide who they like or hate based on their opinions of which HG game play they like. I had people on both sides of the house from week to week who I liked and didn’t like. I’ve had a good amount of fans tell me the same they like players not sides. Don’t get me wrong. In general, I have liked the players on the LNC side of the house since the first two weeks. They were the first to really be playing active games I saw with the most potential and that had much to do with my preference. I’m not analyzing the game on who is the most annoying HG and bugs me the most. They all have positive and negative personal qualities. If those details are influencing decisions being made then that has now become part of the game from my POV, but if not then I don’t care. Alex isolating herself in the HOH room the first 3 weeks had an enormous impact on both how others perceived her and what she was or wasn’t gaining in accurate information as well as her abilities in the future to make moves or find allies who were willing to save her.The girls sitting around for the majority of the day alone together doing not much more than criticizing and trash talking the LNC had a huge impact on their game. The LNC has had a far better read on the other side than the Plastics have had on the realities of the LNC side and their game play. Want the good news? We are down to final 6! There is still a mix of players in the game. This is the last week America votes on a nominee and casts an eviction vote. There is only one ACP left. It will not be delivered until next Friday in week 8. Danielle and Justin are the only two eligible for the final ACP. Vote for who you want to receive it. I wont report the polls for this final ACP. I wont have to troll all week to know where the popular opinion is! YEAH! There is still some strategic voting happen with the nominations and more importantly this week I think the most influential vote will come down to America’s eviction vote. Shelby will nominate two LNC. Let’s just say she nominates Justin and Jason for arguments sake (you could insert any two names into this and arrive at the same overall outcome, but there is an argument to be made for who the best person not to be OTB come veto is if you’re an LNC fan overall). Scenario 1: Kryssie is the popular nominee for the Plastics fans at the moment. If Kryssie goes up as America’s nom next to Jason/Justin, that leaves Morgan/Danielle as the ones with safety going into Veto. All 6 HG’s compete in veto this week. If Danielle wins veto, she can pull Jason down and the only other HG available to go OTB is Morgan. Shelby could literally end up having to nominate Morgan and now Jason/Danielle have the only two HG votes it wont matter who America votes for they will decide whether to send Morgan/Justin/Kryssie home. Scenario 2: Morgan is the only nominee I’ve currently heard any LNC fan discuss so as of now she is the America’s Nominee from that side of the house. Now we have Morgan, Justin, Jason, OTB. Danielle wins veto takes Jason down and again we are left with the same combination and the same two voters deciding who they want to go and America’s vote wont influence the decision. Scenario 3: Kryssie AN, J/J OTB next to her. Morgan or Shelby wins veto. Leaves nominations the same because with 3 LNC OTB the votes come down to Danielle, Shelby and America. There are numerous ways this eviction vote could go. IMO, the most likely would be Morgan and Danielle vote different people and America will break the tie. Or, Morgan, Shelby, Danielle cut a deal and the two girls vote together and send Justin home. Justin is eligible for the ACP, if Danielle votes him out she is guaranteed to get the final ACP and a player everyone believes is AFH cannot prevent them from winning the game. Scenario 4: Morgan is AN, J/J OTB, one of those two wins the veto, takes himself down and now Shelby has to decide whether to replace him with Danielle or Kryssie. This still leaves two LNC having the dominant eviction vote but Shelby may see Kryssie as more malleable to Shelby and less of an end game threat. If she’s smart she would nominate Danielle and we could very well see Danielle go home. Kryssie is closer with Jason and Justin than Danielle. Danielle has been kicking butt for weeks and they all should be terrified of going to the end with her the most. Justin is still talked about as the biggest threat versing nom in a final 3 scenario. I don’t begin to think they all realize that Danielle is a far bigger threat in final 3, there’s that lingering idea she wasn’t liked by America. As usual there are a few more scenarios that could play out, you can’t predict everything and things change in that house from hour to hour. Those are just the most likely scenarios I see as of where Shelby/Morgan’s focus has been. The good news for some in Shelby winning this HOH is that she cannot compete next week and there’s no ACP available to either of those two in week 8. By Sunday we will have a clearer idea where the nominees will land for Shelby and take another look at the most likely scenarios. The good news for Danielle fans is for now, Kryssie is the most relevant discussion among the Plastics fan base for AN. They want her gone, they don’t want to see her have any chance to win the game and have said if Kryssie does make it to the end they’e threatened to vote Kryssie for the win. I will never understand that mindset and I hope that by the time we get there no matter who the final three are people will actually vote for the player who played the best game. In all honesty had Jason won this HOH, I was leaning towards nominating Kryssie myself. After the way that entire DE, second HOH comp, and the multitude of BB Budget errors and mistakes that had an impact on the game, my response to Shelby ending up with this HOH, that Jason won the first night and lost during the re-play last night, I will be voting Morgan for AN. I want two LNC to have the deciding vote. I heard Shelby say right after the HOH was announced last night that this time no one can screw up her HOH. LOL. That’s a mentality that can very well lead to Morgan being sent home on your HOH Shelby. Based on who is left in the house and how each player has played the first 6+ weeks I want to see Danielle and Jason make it to final 4. I don’t want to see Morgan or Kryssie make it to final 4. They’ve done the least of all the HG’s, I don’t think they've done anything to earn $250k. Kryssie had some influence, although IOM a negative one, on how the two sides perceived each other and how the strategic game talks went. Morgan managed to keep her sister twist quiet and from being discovered. Other than those two accomplishments neither has done much else. They allowed others to run their games, Morgan won one veto. Kryssie won one HOH. Although not a Shelby fan, I think her and Justin are the same level. They’ve had a hand in a few things here and there. They were polarizing characters all season, whether you loved them or hated them they have played about the same level overall and at least they’ve played. Justin’s best element has been his social game. He did manage to pull Whitney away from the Plastics and in the end that saved his life, even if it cost Whitney’s hers. Had he not been able to do that before we hit DE its very likely he would have gone home. Shelby pulled ahead in my rankings when she started winning comps. That’s the only thing for me that has propelled her ahead of Kryssie and Morgan, before that she would have been in a three way tie with both of them. It’s now about the individual players. How they navigate this week will have the most impact on who makes it to the final four. Who has gained the most respect for their game play or who fans want to see have a chance to guarantee they are in the final four of BBOTT. The final 6’s positions to getting to the end has more to do with game play from here on out. If you are an LNC fan you can’t be mad at that. Justin and Danielle are the only two players eligible for the chance to complete a challenge and guarantee making it to final four. Shelby and Morgan have made it to final 6. The only way to stay at this point is win competitions and work with what individual skills that have developed over the season, secure your safety, and eliminate your biggest competition in a final three scenario. If Kryssie or Morgan manage to do that and make it to the fin al three chairs next to anyone else above I would vote for that person to win over those two. We are all long time fans of the show and we all know based on history that the player who played the best game doesn’t always make it to the final seats. We have the final say this year.
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    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    It's been a long 24 hours for most of us. The HOH comp went until a little after 5 am and HG slept in today until 11:30 am. There was no official announcement of the time for the re-do between Jason/Shelby so if you missed it Shelby competes first (selected by Random draw which allowed Shelby to draw first) the start time was 6:24 pm. Jason then heads to the BY at 6:39 pm (there about). Jason complains about a mirror issue again we get a short fish, then he continues. BB's explanation for giving Shelby the win although Jason experiences difficulty was that he didn't report it until 20 sec after he surpassed Shelby's time therefore according to them he already lost. Here's what I have to say about the caveat of circumstances surrounding last night's DE, the ACP, the magic veto that miraculously saves not only Morgan but Shelby as well: Whitney was the only victim in it all. So for those who felt she was production's golden child, after we heard them cheering for her week 5 when Dani wins the HOH, the BB Budget production of this season cost her the game. Moving on, we can all argue a myriad of points defending our opinions of what happened. If you feel passionate enough about your opinions go to CBS All Access and select the 'More' tab at the top, submit a written complaint. Beyond that, it's done and over and won't change the outcome at this point. You are a paying customer and just like any consumer you have a right to document your dissatisfaction. That being said, Shelby is now the HOH. Until last night's events as I looked ahead to week 7, my thoughts were-we are down to final 6, it's now who do we not want to win? If a misfit had won it would have been Shelby/Morgan nominees and America's Nom would have to be a misfit. I was resolved to nominating Kryssie at that point. The other three have played the game to varying degrees, with Jason/Danielle playing the best games, IMO. Those were my thoughts before the questionable ACP. Those were my thoughts before many voters were unable to cast votes, the Shelby DR audio leak, the shady HOH debacle. My response to Shelby winning HOH in a re-match against Jason? Morgan for America's Nominee. After the results were announced Shelby comments that no one is going to mess up her HOH this week. Well, while we've had varying opinions all season about how this much voting as been good or bad, we do in fact have one final week this week to vote for an America's nominee. This is the last week and since I've been given the power to vote, I shall. Remember this week's ACP was voted on and delivered during the DE. The final ACP will not be open for voting until next Thursday 11/17 and after voting closes on 11/18 it will be delivered at 1 pm that day. What does that mean? It means the only influence we have for the remainder of this week is America's nominee and America's vote to evict. I say let's make this one count! I was pleasantly surprised that although most Plastics fans had no issues with the questionable events that unfolded, I did see many Shelby fans admit, even they were shocked that Jason was stricken of the win for HOH. It's not the first time in BB history there's been a technical difficulty in a comp. It is not as much about the benefit/loss to one side or the other as much as I am a long time fan since season 1 and the series of events were at the very least questionable. Why did they force Justin at 4:20 am after a more than 3 hour delay, and him being sequestered for more nearly 6 hours send him out to play? That's a HUGE disadvantage! We will never know if he would have performed better or not. There are just over 3 weeks left. Danielle and Justin are the only two eligible for the final ACP's and I am happy with that outcome. Plastic fans are running parallel campaigns for America's Nom. Some want Danielle up still? The one person in the house that has arguably played the best game all season? Smh There is another push on your side to nominate Kryssie. Now, at least the argument behind this choice I can rationalize. She's done the least of anyone, they've wanted her out (mainly for personal reasons) for weeks and at final 6 they aren't being emotional they are applying a logical reasoning to their choice. If Kryssie ends up OTB, with two other Misfits that will leave only one vote from the remaining misfit, one vote from Morgan, and America's eviction vote. In this scenario the America's vote will likely decide who ultimately gets sent home. If you have a vested interest then make sure to vote. However, if Kryssie ends up OTB, and the sole misfit not nominated wins the veto (remember everyone competes this week and that's likely to be Danielle not OTB) then they can remove one of Shelby's nominations and Morgan will have to be the replacement. There's a lot of game left to be played this week. A Shelby HOH doesn't guarantee a misfit goes home. Don't be discouraged. This was the first online season, there were bound to be problems and issues. If they do another BBOTT season things will get better each time, but innevitably things always go wrong. Now is the point in the season where the focus can shift on game play, individual players, and who ultimately you want to win. So shake it off, enjoy the little time left and don't get distracted.
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    RealiTea Bites Live Feed Blog

    Last night was a roller coaster of highs and lows, unexpected twists and turns. Here's a brief summary of the series of events with the second HOH comp last night. Complete coverage for DE night will follow later today. Second HOH is individual Lasers/mirrors best time wins Max time is 20 min. Jason plays at 10:48 pm Time: 8:14 Morgan (audio leak prior to start time both BY/Production/Morgan) Plays 11:15 pm Time: 12:50 Kryssie plays 11:42 pm Time: 15:05 Shelby's start time 12:10 am By 12:20 am BB goes to fish. Shelby has already exceeded Jason's time Feeds are on HG, comp pauses for more than 3 hours. 3:40 am Justin finally in BY Justin maxes out on 20 min HG called to LR for Danielle to announce results of HOH at 5:11am. Justin times out Kryssie's time Morgan's time Jason's time -Shelby's time 'could not be determined' results are Jason/Shelby replay Thursday night. (No specific time announced) Jason/Shelby will have to replay again Thursday? Ok look the argument was made that Shelby's mirror broke and it was a disadvantage even though she passed Jason's time, even though 3 other people played and finished before Shelby's turn. Not the first time in BB when comp equipment failed, malfunctions happen others in past seasons have had issues. We've heard plenty of HG's over the years say their lane was off, their boards were slanted, whatever it's happened a lot and it's been deemed a part of the game. What I don't understand is why Jason/Shelby both have to replay. No one else had the issues Shelby did. Jason played and no issues has a time. Judge for yourself with the times of each player's start times and how long they took to complete. Even if you are going to rule in favor of Shelby why not send her back out and replay before/after Justin? Regardless, the official word early this morning 7+ hours after week 7 HOH began this was the official announcement.
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    Danielle wins HOH! Misfit fans are voting Justin for DE VETO ACP. A lot of Shelby fans are voting Justin ACP-as I blogged earlier a Morgan ACP will send Shelby home. Some Plastic fans are still voting Morgan but if you're a Shelby fan it is in her best interest for someone other than Morgan to win this veto. Shelby will go by default. Voting is open for only one hour so no matter who you decide to vote for, it's time! Cast your vote.