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    For being a BB superfan Michelle is so bitter at Nichole. It's been posted here that she didn't like Nichole before entering the house. But early on they seemed to be friendly and hung out with Z. Her still being bitter about N evicting her just shows what a baby she is. Does she not remember she was wanting N evicted and was her target for weeks? When someone is targeting you, you send them out the door if given the opportunity. Her giving P her final vote after he called her the "C" word, again shows her immaturity. She tells the jury members that N made the eviction move for "personal reasons". Nope Michelle, it was strategic in furthering N's game and protecting herself. Meech's vote for P was done for "personal reasons" because she hates N. It was "hilarious" seeing Meech cry at the round table discussion and watching her expressions during the F2 questions and after N won the game. She was Piiiisssed! She has to be one of the dumbest BB superfans ever. Congratulations Nichole!! Only wish Paul wasn't the second place winner. From all his bragging all season long he doesn't seem to need the money.
  2. I hope Nic wins the final comp and evicts Paul. After watching him practice his speech..."So, this one time in Berlin, just kidding...." on BBAD, I began hoping it was all for nothing. "No, offense America" for not giving me a BBCP. Really!!?? America didn't give it to you because we can't stand "Your Boy"! He will be so "Piiiisssed" not having all eyes and ears on him after practicing his speech over and over. I truly hope BB NEVER has him back! But according to something I read, Julie Chen and production love him. Yuk!!!
  3. The ant infestation is grossing me out yet again. It's been several seasons of this problem. Every year the house has a makeover. You'd think CBS/BB would hire an exterminator to rid the entire area of ants. Then have the house treated weekly (if needed) inside and out with insecticides. Plus give the HG's a can of ant spray to use should any show up on the counters that are always full of food. I wonder how many ants Big Meech ingested this season with her constant snacking 24/7.