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  1. [I wrote this down earlier so I can share. Sorry if it messes with the forum's format.] 9:39 BBT - Belle and Jason talk game about growing alliances. Shane walks into the bathroom were Monte is getting ready for today. Jason in the backyard talks about how he is the odd man out. Jason says he is here for redemption. 9:43 BBT - Nelle tells Jason's she would rather have him be HoH than anybody else. A couple HG's in the kitchen making small talk and looking for food.
  2. 2:35 PM BBT Nicole asleep in TBR. James asleep in the UKBR.
  3. 9:10-9:42BBT- Jeff Reels are being played. Houseguests may be playing the second competition for the final HoH.
  4. 8:15 BBT - Houseguests are awake. Nicole, Corey, Paulie eat and talk at the kitchen table. Paulie tells them he got everything out of his system yesterday. 8:17 BBT WBRB plays a couple times. Nicole complains about how she got out so early on the last competition. Nicole says she needs to shower each day with her new super safety outfit. Nicole remarks how this is one of the earliest times they got up in the morning. Nicole and Corey clean up the kitchen. Paulie lounges at the table. Corey says that it's time to celebrate with burgers. Paulie tells Corey he can sniggle anytime. 8:22 BBT - Paulie leaves the kitchen towards the living room. Paulie heads to the bathroom. Paulie comes back and Nicole, Corey, And Paulie have a group hug. Nicole pours some tea or coffee and tells Corey it will be an emotional week. Corey responds to Nicole with "it sucks...". Nicole says she it tired and she should go lay down then gut and get dressed. 8:28 BBT - Natalie, James, Paul, and Michelle talk in the British Bedroom. They talk about how they know Paulie's game. Natalie says she is calling out Paulie and she doesn't care. Natalie says Paulie has lost his mind. Michelle says she told Corey to just not associate with Paulie. Paul says Paulie is the new Bridgette, Paul then says Paulie was planting seeds. Natalie says Paulie threw her name around like its candy at holloween. 8:33 BBT - Paul says Michelle is a mastermind. Natalie says Paulie realized what numbers are against him. Victor is called to DR and WBRB plays.
  5. 8:25 BBT - Victor says he is only in one circle, Paulie is in many circles. Victor says he was lucky that Bridgette and Michelle were the targets and he got lucky when he came back. Paulie says to Victor that lolaty is number one. Paulie says that if he pulls himself down that they are square and he will knock off the girls. Paul continues to listen. Paulie says they are all Competition beasts. Paulie says if is goal is to get one of the guys out he wouldnt be happy. Victor reminds Paulie that he backdoored him. Paulie understands how Victor feels about it. 8:30 BBT - Paulie says their is no strategy form now on, its all about competitions. If Corey goes off or Paulie himself Paulie says they get a girl out. Paulie continues to say "..it is what it is.." Victor says that he put Paulie up to give him a fair chance. Paulie says he is putting it all out... Victor leaves to go to the kitchen. Paulie says that if Corey down he hopes Michelle goes up. Paulie says to Paul their is only one option in which one of the guys may have to go.
  6. 7:16 BBT - Nicole, James, and Corey eat at the kitchen counter and talk about how good the food was. Some complaints from Nicole how it looks and the amounts of grease. Nicole asks where he and Nicole stand. Nicole says she has nothing to do with what Paul said. James says he is constantly telling Paulie needs to tone it down. James says there is talks about people clipping James. James says that it came from Paulie. Corey is listening in. Nicole tells James she has done nothing to him. Nicole says she hopes their is nothing that will make James turn his back. James says he IS a strait-shooter. 7:22 BBT - James says its all between him and Paulie and not Nicole. Nicole doubts that James is Paulies target. James says he would go for everybody else except Corey, Nicole, and Natalie. James says he wont put her up if he would win HOH. Corey begins to wash dishes. James whispers something to Nicole as he fiddles with an item on the table. Nicole asks James is Nicole, Corey, James and Paulie are working together. Nicole says she knows their is a all guys alliance. James says he accidentally slipped up information last night. 7:31 BBT - Corey says there are tons of ants on him. James asks Paul who enters and begins to clean up, if he knows how to catch ants. James says to use a sticky roller. Corey leaves to go into the shower. 7:33 BBT Corey and Paulie take about Paulie in the storage room. Paul says he strategically he feels bad for Paulie. Corey says that Nicole says that she knows their is a five guy alliance. Corey says the other girls are idiots. Paul says he just wanted to chat with everybody. 7:37 James gets into bed with Natalie and they begin talking about the conversation with Natalie. He says that he didn't make any deals with her. Michelle and Paul sit on seprate beds talking. Paul and Michelle say that Nicole is playing a bad social game. They begin to praise victors games moves. Michelle says Victor made a big move. Natalie says the underdogs are going to blow S*** up. James tells them that he called out Nicole that they were going to make Nicole clip James. James notes how quit Nicole and Corey got. Paul says if you cry your a F****** baby and says no offence Michelle. Michelle tells Paul " Hey if found your game in my pocket". Paul tells Michelle and Natalie that Nicole said that all the other girls are stupid. James says that Nicole and Corey said that they are playing both sides of the house. They begin contemplating who will go up between Paul, James, Natalie, and Michelle if the other side of the house wins HOH. Michelle says that Paulie is blowing up his own game. 7:50 BBT - Victor walks in and they talk about how they need to win veto next weeks and HOH. James says that the face morph is coming up too. They talk about how ugly the creatures are in the face morphed competitions. 7:55 BBT - Paul leaves and Nicole is told by BB to put on her microphone. Not long after she enter into the UK room. BB tells Michelle to stop playing withe her microphone. Paul walks back in 2 minutes later. They talk about the ants that invaded earlier and Corey is taking a shower because they crawled all over him. James says what he really wants is a hot shower. Victor says he can go up their at 12:00 o'clock and just take a hot shower. They begin to discuss who should go on the block. They says that Corey will die is he is a Have-Not again. Victor encourages everybody to just chill like nobody is going home. 8:00 BBT - Nicole leaves the room. but comes back. They begin to talk about have-nots some more. Paulie enters into the room and sits next to paul and eats a red apple. 8:03 BBT - Michelle leaves and Nicole talks about taking a shower. Natalie says Nicole smells good in jeans as well as the boys do. Natalie follows Nicole out. Paul says to Paulie he has no clue whats going on. Paulie thanks Paul for having his back. 8:08 BBT - Paulie says how he is shocked how the house flipped. Paul says he doesn't know what Nicole what will do. Paulie says he relies heavily on loyalty. Paulie admits he minipulated the girls to get information. Victor enters. and talks about Have-Nots again. Victor says that James confirmed their was a final 3 with James, Paulie, Paul, which branched out into the executives.
  7. 5:11 BBT - WBRB and Jeff Reels begin to play.
  8. 5:02 BBT - Natalie, Victor, Corey, Nicole, and Paulie lounge around the kitchen area. Paulie is observing the back of a cereal box while Corey makes food on the stove. Victor looks around in the kitchen. Natalie asks Nicole what make-up she has. They begin a discussion on different kinds of make-up.