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  1. Alex tells Jason to tell everyone he was lying to try to coerce it out of Kevin and then they pin it on Christmas.
  2. 9:09 pm DBR Alex to Jason. No one can know about the vote except me, you, and Paul. Everyone should think it was Kevin. Jason says well I need to do some damage control then. I already f up. Alex: What?
  3. 8:50 pm General chit chat in the den bedroom. Christmas and Alex. Jason and Paul are in the bathroom. 8:54 pm Camera cuts to Matt and Raven Raven says Jason will have a lot of pressure this week on who to put up. She doesn't think Matt should go up again since he has been up. Raven says maybe Josh I don't know. Maybe me. Matt says that's what I have t make sure doesn't happen. BB: Matt please put on your mic. Raven is excited she gets to dress him the next two days (I assume due to the comment Julie revealed about his shirt). 8:58 pm Jason Alex and Kev in the bathroom. Paul is in the shower. A: To Jason put on your mic. Congrats. J: What was up with the question on the wall I was confused. A: I thought Raven was still on the wall. I didn't see her fall. I didn't understand why he [Matt] was yelling at me. K: I don't understand why he yelled at you. A: I couldn't see her so I didn't know. J: Oh she fell after you (to Paul in the shower) ? K: Yeah just a few seconds.
  4. 8:31 Alex eludes to Christmas that Kevin is going home.
  5. 8:31 pm Christmas says Kevin swore to him he didn't vote out Matt. Alex points out he has lied before.
  6. 8:29 pm Kevin asks Alex there will prob only be 2 HN right? So just me and Matt. Alex says yes. Kevin tells Josh he lost weight while he was a HN. Kevin says he can't believe he said he wanted water when Julie asked. He clarifies he meant sparkling water from back home but is still regretful he didn't say something better. Alex laughs and sing says Shit got squirley again. Christmas wheels in and they start talking about the two votes.
  7. 8:28 pm BB: Please clean the mirror above the kitchen sink.
  8. 8:18 pm BBT Jason and Kev go to get pizza from the SR. Kevin starts to whisper Kevin asks who voted for Matt. He is getting blamed for it. Jason admits one was from him and tells Kevin not to worry about. Kevin is concerned and wants Jason to tell "them" Kevin asks who are you putting up. Jason asks who do you think. Kevin volunteers to be a HN if he doesn't have to go up. Kevin wants reassurance... So the vtes were just to make Mark look good? Jason says yes. They go back to the kitchen. 8:19 pm Josh and Alex showering. Raven staring in the mirror at her mascara face (wonder if Zingbot's comments are starting to click for her :)) 8:20 pm In the Kitchen Matt is eating. Paul and Christmas make sandwiches. Jason is making coffee. Kevin is also in there. Kevin says the HoH was fun. 8:21 pm Matt and Raven are talking in apple room. She whispers. Its hard to hear over him banging a spoon in his bowl of milk. The only thing I can make out from that conversation: Matt: I dunno I think we are in trouble. 8:24 pm Alex and Josh are done showering (not together obvi) Raven enters the shower. Josh is wondering who voted out Matt. He thinks it is Kevin. Alex says she does too she doesn't believe Kevin (really?) Josh hopes that Jason sees that Kevin stays on Jason like a leech. Alex points out Josh that is still only one vote... who was the second. Raven still in the background showering.
  9. 8:11 Paul asks the time and points out they were only out there for about 45 mins. Matt is making a taco and not really joining in to the conversation.
  10. 8:09 pm BBT Feeds return. HG are in the kitchen.
  11. 7:50 pm Matt speaks. He says are you seriously still up there. This is shady stuff right here. He knows he got two votes against him. Alex and Jason ignore him and make jokes about how they could make a deal.
  12. 7:42 pm BB "Please stop singing." Brief FoTH
  13. 7:40 pm Raven says she Guys cmon you know who I want out. I really want to hear from my Mom. Christmas suggests deals be made. No one bites.