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  1. Wasn't bad enough that he was peeing in the hot tub, insulting women every which we he can - including hateful comments about their body parts, arrogant bragging about boning Z 5X, constantly admiring his body in the mirror, forming alliances behind everyone's back, then last night he was talking about the lack of moral compass of other HG's, but this morning - all time low on Joker's Updates 8:53 a.m. Paulie educates America on the benefits of a cock ring. Like we don't know. Who is this guy? I'll add an adjective to misogynist - - he's a vulgar, non-empathetic, misogynist - a Jersey BOY????
  2. CalmOnion

    Paulie is a jerk

    Each day King Paulie shows more of what a misogynist he is. Disrespectful, rude, power-hungry, back stabbing a--hole! Users=Losers in my book. Has no scruples about who he uses. # worse than "mean girls"