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  1. sorry posted same twice, this is one I meant to post 7/12 9:06am 1-2 Winston Kaycee Winston speculates that they will be waking everybody up soon, that they wait until 2 or 3 are awake to wake the others Anxious for HoH, Winston says who knows what it will be Winston listing who he would be afraid to have Hoh, he’s speaking so soft I can’t catch much of what he’s saying Winston says as long as it’s not a one ball/one shot comp could be quick, all live talk turns to Kaycee’s football team and how she thinks they are doing Winston says he is definitely coming to see her play, wishes he could get everybody to come to Kentucky Winston says towards the end It’s going to be awesome to just hang out, but have to get there first, people will be surprised that they were close Winston says for some reason he is not worried about JC, then says JC told him Faysal is voting to evict Swaggy, Winston can’t see that happening Winston has liked Scottie this whole time but now he’s have doubt Kaycee says no one is perfect Ants all over couch in bathroom
  2. 7/12 8:48am Bathroom Winston/Kaycee going over days, comps, who said what etc. They all seem to know it is not an endurance comp since door opened briefly last night and most got to see backyard Kaycee telling Winston what Swaggy had to say to her yesterday Winston tells Kaycee that people will be surprised when they go out and watch feeds; JC tells him all the time he needs to talk to Tyler Winston talking about Swaggy’s side wearing his t-shirts, says that will make it easy for him to know who he should put up first Winston says it will be interesting to see who Scottie votes out Speculating on Swaggy’s speech Winston says no matter what happens today don’t let it stick Winston plans on having some Sam time today, Baleigh will be all over the place when Swaggy is gone Winston said he had a good talk with Baleigh could tell she was torn, she broke down and was crying tried to give her the positives of situation, said she was in a better mood, he gave her a hug and then like she flipped a switch and she told him he had been playing the game way too intense and telling lies about her (appears to be the conversation they had the other day) So he tried to calm her down, he asked her who was in power Kaitlyn, said he didn’t have any power, she didn’t have any power asked so why are we having this conversation now; he said it was like the switch flipped again and she gave him another hug and it was all good. Winston talking about HoH talk with Bayleigh told Kaitlyn everyone in the house hates her, she did a terrible thing, Brett was there too Winston says Brett told him he had to choose his words very carefully with Bayleigh in the room, wanted to say f that we have the numbers Now back to normal voices, Winston wants breakfast, just a normal breakfast.
  3. There is an important conversation at 11:10pm cams 3 and 4 between JC Fassy and later Swaggy but since JC is doing much of the talking is being done by JC I can't get it transcribed. Spent 30 minutes on 3 sentences. It is pivotal because this is a conversation that alerts Swaggy to the fact that Steve might go home tomorrow; and result in an alliance meeting of Swaggy's alliance and put doubt in their minds about Kaitlyn. Sorry but his accent is too strong
  4. 12:27am BBT HoH Room Paul Christmas Christmas says she told Raven to make an f’n decision; Paul asks if backyard is opened yet; Christmas let’s walk through 2 of these scenarios; Jason goes, who will Alex think voted to evict Jason; what understanding Alex knowing that 1 person Christmas ask if it will push Josh further away; Paul says Alex doesn’t want Christmas’s blood on her hand; Paul says he will do it; thinks he can convince Alex to throw HoH comp; ask Raven to leave so it doesn’t look sketchy; Raven leaves Christmas angrily says “If you don’t have a f’n opinion shut you’re f’n mouth, Paul says Josh has to draw that line, in Alex’s mind Kevin and Ravin are who she will go after; Christmas thinks Alex will not go after Raven; say Raven does not want to win doesn’t want any blood on her hands; Paul says not afraid of Raven is concerned about Alex; Alex thinks Christmas may be trying to suggest an alliance This conversation continues but I cannot keep my eyes open any longer—it’s almost 7am here
  5. 12:23am BBT HoH Room Paul Christmas (Raven in HoH shower): Paul tells Christmas about conversation he had with Alex just before coming up to HoH Room; Alex told him that Jason is freaking out, Paul doesn’t like that Jason is already paranoid; Christmas ask who Kevin, and paul says no Jason; Paul says Kevin has already told him not to use veto; Paul said he wanted to tell Kevin if it was so important to him he should have won veto; Christmas tells him that the only reason Kevin got the points he did was that he copied off of Alex; Paul says if Kevin says anything about not using veto Paul Is going to tell him that he is not working with him anymore that he is the worst player ever; if Alex wins HoH she’s probably taking a shot at Kevin and no idea who else; then if someone came down he take a shot at one of them; says if Kevin wins who knows what he will do; Kevin has a temper; would rather work with Alex because she will be more level headed; Raven says a woman scorned is a powerful thing; Paul says but Alex doesn’t care about Jason; she knows that if she’s sitting next to Jason he will win, she’s not stupid she knows that; Paul says he thinks it will be best to get rid of Jason this week; Raven interjects that she agrees; says it is hard for her to make a decision; Paul says it’s pretty much even;
  6. 12:13AM BBT Raven joins Christmas Josh Paul in HoH room; Paul asks if she is going to shower, Josh leaves; Paul tells Raven he thinks it is better to keep Alex; Christmas says if they leave them both up they can wait to make decision; Paul but then he and Alex would be butting heads all week; Christmas ask Raven what she would do; Raven starts to say she and Matthew and Christmas interrupts to ask if you had to make the decision right now what would you do and why; Raven says it so f’n hard; Christmas says there is no wrong answer here; Raven says Alex is such hell of a competitor there is nothing she’a bad at; Christmas says so if you were in this position you would tell people to clip Alex; Raven comes back with; but she sees Paul’s point Jason is a hell of a good competitor too but he’s not smart; Christmas then comes back with but Jason has Kevin; Paul jumps in with but Kevin isn’t any good either; Christmas says Jason could retaliate with fury; Paul says Alex will be in competitive mode; Christmas again brings up that Alex is a concert pianist; Paul says he has the veto, he can have a talk with both of them and convince them to go either way; it’s just a matter of what they want to do; Paul says at this point there are no more endurance comps, it’s mental/physical; doesn’t know because this year they’ve been throwing in weird stuff; Christmas says assume there will be a mental/physical (spelling, comic, number game, maybe black box, lets work backwards; Paul can see Jason winning more of those than Alex because she says she is not good at math; Christmas says lets work backwards; hypothetical, Alex wins next week who does she go after, most likely Josh and Christmas; says lately Jason has been attacking Josh a little bit; says Alex will be more strategic look at strongest players or figure out who she can align with, asks how many times have they had conversations with Alex and it’s all about jury, jury votes; Jason with Kevin and they have chaos; Paul says Christmas would have to tie in Kevin because who is he going to tie in with, Alex? Alex will not tie in with Kevin he can’t win anything; Paul says Alex said she wanted to blow up Kevin’s shit this week; they blow up his shit this week, get it out there and she won’t go near Kevin; Christmas so Alex is going to go crazy rogue next week; Christmas is pretty sure Alex threw Veto today; Christmas says Raven got the hardest 2 and messed up the easiest one; then said she was upset because didn’t win; Christmas says don’t tell me you’re a great actress one night and then act like you’re upset because you can’t win anything and you’re a f’n dance teacher; Paul, also the glass no longer exist at this I think It was just screen door; because he is this close to blowing his lid; Christmas ask if he saw her slam her glass on the counter when Raven came back; Christmas says Matt is a f’n saint for putting up with Raven; Paul says he is so close to say shut the f*** up; tired of hearing his own words back at him; Christmas suggests that he only say things Raven can’t repeat;
  7. 11:56pm BBT HoH Christmas, Raven, Josh Raven tells about conversation with Paul in Rose Room; says he says he’s torn says Alex is a bigger threat because comps from here on will be mental; Christmas says Alex is a concert pianist; Josh says something but does not have mic; Christmas says Jason is erratic; Christmas says if Paul doesn’t use veto it doesn’t matter; Raven doesn’t think Paul will use veto; Raven if they are both up there and they could tell Jason all week that he is going home and then they send Alex; and if DE this week he will be too confused to compete; Jason doesn’t remember shit, Raven says Paul says he’s torn; Christmas wants to know why she is just hearing about this; Raven said that is why Paul came up here but Alex was here; Christmas says she has been sticking to my butt; Raven says she (Alex) know, she’s playing dumb 12:01 BBT HoH Christmas and Josh: Josh tells Christmas about conversation in storeage room with Jason and Alex when they asked him if one was on the block did they have his vote; Josh said they told him he was just running through scenarios; Christmas asks what is wrong with him; he tells her he knows he is going to get the heat; Paul is looking out for himself; Christmas is HoH and put them up so everyone is protected except him (Josh); next week if they win he is f’d; Christmas tells him there is a way to smooth it out; Josh mentions that Alex told him Paul gave Matt a friendship bracelet as he was leaving; ask if Christmas knew and she said she did; Josh says he’s mentally preparing himself for Monday; Christmas says they’re worried about something where is it coming from; Josh says Kevin, Kevin is telling things; Josh says he told them they could trust him, they could trust Christmas and Paul so what were they worried about; Christmas says it’s out of her hands now; Josh says by the time this plays out the way “Homeboy” has it planned it will fall on him; Christmas says she told them what she was doing, they heard something else; they never asked and she never said more; Christmas asks if he knows what it sounds like; and Josh says he knows what it sounds like and it’s the f’n truth; she says they need to clear the air she’s going downstairs now to talk to Paul, tells Jason to let her talk to Paul alone first; Josh ask her what she thinks he means and she says she is not comfortable saying it out loud; Jason asks her what she thinks it means; she tells him it sounds like he’s saying he doesn’t trust Paul and this team; he says he trusts Paul but he doesn’t trust this situation; if it’s not unanimous it favors 1 person not the 3 o of them; it secures 2 jury votes for 1 of them; Josh says if Alex or Jason win HoH next week he and Christmas are on the block; Christmas says she wants to talk to Paul about using veto or not using veto; Josh says he told Paul he didn’t think this was the best way to go about it; Christmas says this is not the time to be shooting at each other; Josh explains that he is looking at it as what is best for the 3 of them; not what is best for Paul, what is best for Christmas or what is best for him; need to work it out to benefit them all; 12:10am BBT Paul joins Josh & Christmas: Real quick see what we did this week; we secured HoH and Veto we need to do this for the next 3 weeks and we’re done; see the girls downstairs Paul says he swears if Raven f’n comes upstairs…; Christmas says real quick what are your concerns; Paul says Jason or Alex Josh says he thinks Jason needs to go; Paul says Alex is a great competitor at the same time Jason is wigging out, Alex tells him Jason is wigging out; Paul says Jason feeds off Kevin’s paranoia and if they put Kevin up there he will get paranoid and Jason and Kevin will feed of each other’s paranoia; now that he thought it over, original plan was the best plan; Alex is good physical and mental competitor, he doesn’t know how much more he can go without slipping up and Alex wins; he does not want to be in a position where he feels like he let them down; if he does he’ll take that shot; Josh says he needs to win 6; feels like he would be confident if he competed against Jason, he can beat Alex but she keeps nipping at his heels; if they execute the plan for this week – they see Raven heading up and conversation stops
  8. 11:52pm BBT Raven shows she can do point when Alex asks; Alex says it reminds her of Kate Winslett in Titanic; Raven says she has relatives that were on the Titanic; says there was a fire on the Titanic and that they wanted to make their sail date, so did not do the best repair; said captain was a shady guy; Paul injects that he did kill himself Paul leaves to go work out; Alex says she doesn't want to go down to work out if Kevin is down there in living room
  9. 11:46pm BBT 3-4 Christmas/Alex/Paul/Josh/Raven (wearing Matt's orange sleevless shirt) Alex says she's stay away from Kevin as much as possible until POV
  10. 11:11pm BBT Paul joins Josh & Raven in Rose Room; Raven says she’s sorry and Paul says as long as 1 of them won they’re fine; Paul says now they need to talk about which one; Paul says he torn, Jason is not that good a competitor; the only competitions Jason has won are endurance and physical; from now on there are no more strictly endurance ones; it mental and physical and Jason sucks at mental; and Kevin sucks too; they need to think about it; go through options, Raven says she and Matthew spent hours talking about it; Paul says without Alex Jason will freak out; Jason is kind of good at veto but Alex is better; Alex comes in and Paul says he’s going to bed, he’s tired; Alex leaves and Paul calls her back; he tells her Kevin told him not to use the veto on Alex, said he told him he can’t use the veto; Josh says Kevin keeps coming in asking how he is what is he doing; wonders if Kevin is going to f*** Jason or f***Alex; Paul says it’s pretty much their decision (Alex/Jason’s) Alex says Kevin will vote her out; if he leaves Jason up there he may get Kevin’s vote; said he (either Kevin or Jason) was looking at her answers and using them; Paul says Alex is tripping; Josh tells Paul about Jason/Alex talking to him in storage room; how Jason asked if he could count on Josh’s vote if he stayed up; Josh says they told him they knew they could count on him; tells Paul that it was like they didn’t trust the vote; Paul asks if they didn’t trust him (Paul) and Josh says no Jason said he was just looking at possibilities; Josh says he knows all the heat is going to be on him; the way they’re grilling him now he knows he is getting heat; Paul says we’ll protect you next week; Paul says what has Jason won; Josh says he thinks Jason has to go; Paul says Jason is not a good competitor; everybody plays veto and if she wins veto next week they’re f’d Alex beat Raven and almost beat him today; think about that; Josh, yeah she’s really good; Paul says she’s that good; Jason is not good at mental comp; Kevin sucks too; Josh says but they could do damage control with Alex; Raven says Jason is a physical threat but not mental while Alex is better competitor: Pauls says it’s better to beat Jason than Alex; Paul says a lot of HoHs Alex didn’t want to win, she’s been throwing them; Paul tells Josh and Raven to think about it; Josh and Raven make a few more comments that I didn’t quite catch and then Paul leaves to go work out Josh tells Raven they need to really think about this decision; Raven says it hard, Alex has come closer to winning a lot of things than Jason; Josh says either way he’s getting a lot of heat; he knows the storm is coming so he’s trying to mentally prepare himself for it; one of them is leaving we just have to decide which one; Raven thing is if they leave both of them on the block Alex would feel safe and Jason would think he was leaving; Alex is so confident; Jason says it’s like Alex is pushing Jason out the door; they both think it’s weird; Raven brings up that Alex almost beat Paul and Paul is very smart; Josh says he’s going to go up and shower
  11. 11:02pm BBT cam 3-4 Josh to self, this is not going to be easy, getting rid of 1 of them is going to be so hard; but being in top 7, well he’s in top 6 ‘cause his girl is up there; he’s still going to make his game move, play his own game; he’s gotten so attached to these people, not only that he has been working with Jason and Alex but his loyalty lies with Christmas and Paul; but Jason and Alex are going to loose their shit on him, all the heat is going to be on him—Kevin comes in; Jason says he’s talking to the camera and reading his Bible Kevin tells him to read 1179 read that page all about faith; Jason says he’s missing home a lot; Kevin that’s alright now we can play the game; Josh says he will probably take a shower in a bit; Josh says Kevin has done a 360 and it’s been for the worse; he doesn’t see himself winning the game because if those 2 go the way Paul wants votes to go Paul is playing to his benefit; Josh doesn’t mind taking the heat, he’s been taking the heat all season; Raven comes and talk to camera ends.
  12. 10:55PM BBT Raven tells Josh she’s disappointed, she f’d up; Josh tells her she’s done great she’s busted on every comp; her comp is coming, she is going to kill it; he says it isn’t going to be easy, Raven says those 2 are so cocky; Josh agrees; Josh says he has honestly grown attachments to all of them; Raven says you think Matt and I went off; Raven said she told Christmas, this is hard; Josh says it was easier when there were people they didn’t get along with; funny thing is he preaches that it is just a game, but nobody takes it that way; Raven says she’s not a selfish or greedy person; Jason says she’s been all about loyalty this whole game; Raven says she told Kevin she’d rather go home than be like that (assume she means disloyal) says they (Alex/Jason) always talk about when they make it to the end; says when she came on she wanted to show people with illness can achieve, bring awareness to gastroperisis and make it to jury she’s achieved all her goals; says she told Christmas she knows her chances of making it to the end are not gonna happen; everybody in house knows she struggles, that she needs money she needs money for a new pace maker; chances of anyone taking her to end are slim; so she’d rather play the game and have a good time; Josh says that she and Matt were loyal, that he says they are nicest people; says he wishes Matt had stayed; Raven say Matthew literally threw away his entire game for her, she wants to do good for him; Josh says she’s amazing, others don’t suspect they are close; says they can’t have this relationship in public or others will go crazy; says they have to lock down HoH next week; Raven says either you or me; Jason says they need to lock it down next week; and that way they keep themselves safe and then go after the other one (Jason or Alex) whoever is left is going to go nuts; Raven says we’ve got each other; Josh asks where Christmas is and asks Raven to subtelly ask Christmas to come back to red room (should point out this entire conversation is without accent
  13. 9:39pm BBT cam 3-4 Kevnin/Jason talking about Bobby (tonight’s surprised guest) being a good fan, telling them about their fans, saying that he know more about what’s going on the house guests 10:07pm BBT cam 1-2 Raven goes to Rose Room, dances because Jason is going home, puts on giraffe swim ring continues to dance in celebration of Jason’s departure 10:10pm BBT camera switches to storeage room Alex/Jason talk about comp; Alex says there is no way Raven didn’t throw comp; Jason asks what she thinks Paul will do; Alex tells Jason Paul asked her what she wanted him to do and she says she’s leaving it up to him; Jason asks if Alex thinks Christmas is acting weird, she says Christmas has been cool with her; she says Kevin is acting weird; Alex tells him that she thought he told her they were gunning for veto and then he messed them both up; Alex says Raven is a dance teacher no way she couldn’t remember the moves; Alex tells Jason he shouldn’t talk to Paul, that Paul may be offended if Jason questions him; Jason says he wish they hadn’t thrown the HoH, Alex says they had to, Jason says he trusts Alex and Paul, Alex says she trusts Christmas; Alex said she volunteered to be on the block; Jason tells Alex if he won veto he was going to take Alex off (is he crazy) Alex says next week they have to let Josh or Paul win next week so they can play in the ones that counts; try to figure out when finale; think 21st or 23rd; because of premier of new shows; Alex says Raven is throwing her off on the dates, Jason tells her not to listen to anything Raven says; Alex is trying to calm Jason down, telling him they have the votes, they have Paul and he pulls one of them off and if tie Christmas breaks the tie; Josh comes in and Alex asks if he will vote her out; Jason asks what if it is both of them are still on the block and Josh wants to know what Jason is talking about; Alex says if Jason stays up he has Alex, Jason and Paul’s votes to stay; Jason says he gave his friendship bracelet, he gave it to Alex, Alex gave it to Matt and Raven gave it to Bobby; Alex says if one of them is on the block there is no way they will go home; she trusts Paul, says Kevin is the problem; Jason says Kevin does not talk about them (Alex/Jason) Alex tries to convince Jason Kevin does, and tell Jason to make sure her name doesn’t come out of his mouth; Josh is implying he is working with Jason and Alex;
  14. 6PM all cameras Critter Cam 8:53pm BBT Paul wins HoH, meets Alex in storage room where she’s been doing a dance; Alex says she trusts “you guys” moves to kitchen, Kevin says they went out at 7:53 so comp took 2 hours, they are dressed like Steve Urkle with plaid shirts, suspenders and tiny bow ties; (sounds like it should have been the rope swing merry go round but not sure) Also sounds like there was a guest visitor to the house; somebody from Saturday Night Live; possibly Bobby Moynihan,whoever it was is a BB fan,wants to ride Ole and also a fan of Paul’s) 9:16PM BBT cam 3-4 Jason to camera Jason thanks Bobby (?) for a cool comp says it was awesone; says it would have been better if he had won because he’s still on the block; says he is going to wait and see what happens, not going to beg for the veto, pauses, and says that may not be the best idea—joins kitchen group 9:20pm BBT cam 1-2 Josh/Paul playing chess and talking about Alex; Josh says Alex is a beast, Paul asks what Josh what he wants and Josh says he doesn’t know, trying to figure end date of season; (kitchen crew is loud and hard to hear Josh/Paul) Whoever the guest was is a fan of Paul’s. Cannot tell who they are talking about but someone is getting on Paul’s last nerve, (maybe Raven)
  15. 2:18am back yard Christmas, Paul: apparently Josh has said he doesn’t care about jury vote, doesn’t mind making crazy moves; Christmas is fine with going; Paul said he asked if he should tie in with Christmas or Josh and Alex said either; Paul says if they can do this he will die; Paul says Josh actually doing an excellent job; he leaves back yard and goes to the kitchen. Christmas says sometimes she has to put her emotions aside and just has to think about getting to the end. 2:27am BBT kitchen alex paul: talking about working together since 2nd week and possibly traveling together for BB event. 2:28am back yard Paul Josh Christmas: Paul has named the tucan Treho and is still wearing him; he tells them that Alex and Jason think that Christmas and Josh are idiots, not in a bad way, they just think that Christmas and Josh don’t care about getting to the end, don’t care if you get to the end; just here to help them win $5K; Christmas asks what they think of Paul and he says they think he down for the count just talk about getting to 5; Paul gets called out for his mic and gets angry says “why don’t you tell the whole world”; says he doesn’t know he may be getting bamboozled by them and they will take at shot at him; Josh says he thinks they are at where they planned to be; Alex/Jason took a shot at Matt this week, and they (Paul/Christmas/Josh) have to take a shot at Alex/Jason next week; he likes Alex a lot and loves Jason, but game, does he trust them—Paul says they don’t have to say it any more they’re at the end; Josh says he doesn’t want them to get in their ear, Alex is good at that; Christmas says she thinks they can rein in Raven; Josh says she hasn’t shown him anything disloyal; he knows Alex is in to win; Paul says she talks too much about winning; does she think she can skip to the end; Paul says he doesn’t know if they are just leading him on; thinks everyone is just numbers on way to the end; why would they want to take a shot and risk missing, so let’s keep him calm until we need to take the shot; doesn’t know at what point that might be; maybe they know he has some numbers, or taking him out would make them look like a strong couple; trying to think of it from their angle; Paul tells Josh not to react; Christmas asks if they remember what the f’r did to her, does he think she’s forgotten; Josh says that he can tell when Jason is lieing now; Christmas tells him good, note it but don’t react to it but tell Paul/Christmas; says it would have been a different story if Matt or Raven had won; Josh says but it’s also through Alex, Paul says that’s why he asked Josh what he would do; he wants them to throw comp to Josh; if one of them win they take paul out; plus Kevin will still be there; Paul says if they get to 5 they have f3, with alex and Jason it would be more difficult; Paul says for sure he can do it with raven and Kevin in house at F5; Paul reminds them of AFP, says if they get to F3 he guarantees that they will all leave with money; Paul says Jason has made questionable comments; Jason not in to the technical world, Christmas says his fans will love it; Paul says Josh’s turn around, his humor, he’s entertaining; Paul thinks they have a good thing; Paul says they have been together since day 1; and Paul he orchestrated keeping Christmas; Paul tells Josh he has to keep doing what he has been doing with Josh and Alex; Josh thinks Jason should go first even though Alex is a better competitor and has a better social game; Josh says Alex will try to win and put Josh on the block; Paul says even if Alex puts Jason up they can keep him from going home; Paul says if he has to he will win this next HoH; Josh says now it’s win or go home; Paul thinks he can entice Alex to throw next HoH to Josh, Josh and Paul fake a fight; Christmas gets stuck in the middle and they reel Alex in; even if they pull him off and she put up raven Raven would go and Josh would stay—blindside; Paul says 2 more week hopefully 1 is DE and then they have it; Paul says he overheard Jason/Alex say they have basically steam rolling and they’re on a power trip; they’re a pair and then there’s paul; Paul says that they do not think the Paul/Christmas/Josh is a thing; Paul says once they throw it to Josh Alex and Jason are done; paul says he wins again and secures them to 3; Paul asks if it would be better to keep Keviin or Raven; Christmas says Raven has come close to winning often; Paul says there will be a problem between Jason and Alex and that will work to their advantage; Paul says their problem is they have gone on a power trip and think they are unstoppable; they put targets on their backs too early; Josh tells Paul he needs to tell them to let Josh take it, let him get the blood on his hands; Christmas says if either she or paul win HoH they have to strategize the tree; Paul doesn’t think alex or Jason will feel threatened and will not go for the tree; Paul says Josh and Christmas have to keep playing the dumb I don’t care if I go home; Paul says if they make it to 3 the 3 most unexpected people make it to the end; all the people who attacked them; and they sent them all out; Josh said that would be epic; Paul says 2 weeks and we’re there, we’ll make I promise; says that is the first time he’s made a promise this season; Josh said he saw them but didn’t know if they say how loyal he was; they joke that he just couldn’t be so open about it; (this conversation is winding down, they're talking about house guests who have been evicted and my feeds have frozen and the sun is coming up so I'm calling it now at 2:57am BBT )
  16. 2:15am BBT HoH room Jason, Paul, Alex: Paul says they have been talking to Josh and Christmas; asks who would they bro out with; Alex says Josh loves Jason, Paul says just keep that up; Alex says Josh is a good kid, Jason and Paul agree; doesn’t have a mean bone in his body; Alex brings the talk to an end when she leaves and Paul follows.
  17. 12:01am BBT HoH Paul, Jason, Alex, Josh, Christmas: Talking about Raven, talking without her accent. Jason if she has an identical twin and has been switching this whole time he will kill himself. Tells how her bones are deteriorating. Says before it was her muscles, then her nerves; first time he heard her say her bones, she said she had no cartilage in her knees. He says he just watched you do splits, cartwheels, and back flips and now you have no cartilage in you knees. Josh asks if they remember when she got the stitches in her foot and she was limping around, they told her she was cleared to compete and she was dancing and jumping around, Josh said he was done. Alex asks Josh what they are for the comp, he answers false and less. Christmas tells him if he f up he will go up because they’re going to f’n win. Jason thinks if Kevin wins he will put up Alex and Raven. Josh thinks he will put Christmas and Josh up. Kevin said he’d have to tell the people back home he threw comp to Christmas. Josh says Kevin keeps telling him he’s had his back since the beginning. Jason says Kevin has been a pain in the ass but he’s voting straight now. Alex tries to put blame for 1 of 2 votes for Mark last week on Raven and Christmas is going along with the lie. Josh talks about how Kevin was upset about the vote because he thought he was being set up. Paul comes out of the shower and conversations get jumbled for a bit They tell Paul about Raven saying exactly what Paul says. Paul asks if she was on season 18, was she in the house. Alex asks if Raven is from Arkansas, is she Cody. Talk turns to today’s veto comp. Kevin questioned why Josh was moving to the Rose Room, asked if he had been sleeping there all year; Josh told him because it’s cold and he likes it. Josh asks why Kevin has changed. Alex tells him it’s because he’s playing all sides. Paul inserts comments but doesn’t have his mic on so can’t understand what he’s saying. Bring up that Kevin constantly says he has your back someone who has your back doesn’t have to say it all the time. Alex asks if Josh doesn’t think it’s strange that if you have a drink or a water bottle and you put it down Matt will just drink it; he takes it like his own, Paul doesn’t he do that with all your Hoh food. Paul says Matt uses his cologne deodorant and Josh says he’s taken his socks. Jason says he trims his mustach with fingernail clippers; Christmas said she can never unsee that. Told Kevin he spent 50K on his teeth. Alex says Kevin told her Matt had veneers, she said her sister got them and they were about $50k. Alex says he stole that from her story (think she meant Kevin stole the amount from her story) Jason make a comical shocked face and wants to know why everybody steals their stuff. Jason says he hates this house. Jason says he’d just call a taxi, he ride across the country with his face hanging out the window. Jason says he thinks about all the laughs Kevin gave him, Christmas says that hurts her heart. Jason says Kevin better run fast if he’s been talking bad about him in DR. Christmas says he told her some of his stories aren’t true.
  18. 11:50pm BBT cams 3-4 HoH: Paul, Jason, Josh, Alex, Christmas: Alex asks if anyone has ever seen “David the Gnome” a cartoon show from the early 90s a white gnome with a beard Raven said she has seen it watched it all the time said she loved it, agreed that Paul did look just like him ( Alex said something about never seeing the show but could not understand it) Paul and Josh play fight again in HoH Talk about where Kevin is, guess is in bed; Christmas says what if we all walk by Kevin and say dead man walking. Josh says if they do that he is not going to be the only one dealing with Kevin, they all will be. Now Paul is wrestling with Christmas and gets called to put his mic on. Kevin told Josh to stop being a follower to be a man. Josh told Kevin he did not like being called a follower. Kevin asks him why he was trying to start something. Kevin told Josh he was an old man he didn’t know who he was f’n with. And Jason tells how Kevin spent the next ½ hour trying to convince Jason he had said something different; that Josh should stop acting like a following Alex tells Christmas to ask Paul what shitty things did James last year during the hide the veto comp; and he will says that mother f’r poured out sugar, dumped out a gallon of milk and smashed eggs; ask Raven and she will repeat verbatim what Paul says. Alex wonders if Raven has ever watched the show. Alex says now Raven isn’t even making things up she’s just regurgitating what other people have said.
  19. 11:31PM BBT HoH Jason, Alex, Christmas Jason wants to know why Kevin aggravates Christmas so much. Chrsitmas explains that Kevin says the same things to multiple people, she knows he told both Christmas and Jillian they had his vote and when Christmas stayed Kevin told her “see I told you I had your back; she thinks Rameses voted for Jillian to go; Kevin was so pissed that Rameses accused him of voting for Christmas to leave; Kevin was always mad at Rameses; up until then Rameses had been Kevin’s boy, Alex inserts Kevin kept telling Alex Josh was flipping his vote; Christmas said she hung out with Kevin and they had the story time; Kevin said they tell him the plan, he doesn’t have any say, says once in a while they’ll ask if he agrees, just because he just happens to be there; Kevin told her it was Christmas and Paul; but he was letting Alex and Jason think he was with them; Jason says he should ask them to play the tape back right now that Kevin told him tonight that he didn’t want Jason in there (HoH) Christmas says Kevin is buttering Jason up; Christmas asked why do people butter people up; because they’re afraid; Alex said Kevin thought strong players would work against each other but it’s different this year because they’ve had a common goal; Kevin told Christmas to just stay quiet, they’d take themselves out. 11:38pm BBT HoH Paul joins the group; Alex recounts what happened in backyard. Christmas says that Kevin opens Rose Room door and just stays and looks; Paul says Kevin asked where everyone is; Alex says what did she tell Paul earlier, Kevin kept asking where Paul was over and over. Paul says Kevin asked whats going on Paul said what do you mean and Kevin told him Alex and Jason were fighting because he’s tired of her this and that, asked if Paul thought she’d want him to go up; Paul said you answered my question with a question; says Kevin threw about 40 things at him; Jason says he is still considering what to do; Jason says he want Matt to go, says it’s okay if everyone says this is Jason’s doing; Jason says if he put Kevin up and tells Kevin he has to do it but you’re safe, you’re not going to leave; Paul says so what he’s gone you don’t have to deal with him until the end; Alex says they should blow up his game before he goes; Paul says they don’t have to explain anything to Kevin; if Jason doesn’t care about lying. Paul says then Kevin would think it was Alex and Christmas that were the root of it. They talk about Kevin implying he’s connected to the gangs; Paul says he’d be dead and his family would be dead if her were mob connected; Jason says okay Matt goes; Paul tells him there is no wrong answer; Paul says in a perfect world, Matt goes home; eviction is tomorrow and they throw comp to Josh and Kevin goes home Thursday. Jason told Kevin there was a rat in the house, somebody trying to turn them against each other; Kevin said do you think Christmas and Josh; Jason says he was trying to turn it on Kevin Josh come in; says Kevin and Matt are playing pool; Paul asks Josh if he can try to win HoH next week; Josh says I’ll wipe the floor with you then adds as long as it’s not another hang on the wall comp, he’ll be fine; Josh says it won’t be a hang a the wall comp; Paul asks how he know, has he been in the house before; the choose players for more and true and less and false; reminds Jason he doesn’t play tomorrow (Paul is going to be surprised tomorrow night when there is no eviction since Julie said live eviction was Thursday) Josh cannot remember if he is fales & less or true and more and Paul laughs and says just put Josh on the block now. Paul tells how he Alex was bent over to pick something up and he kicked a beach ball, kicked her in the head and she went down; she said she was laughing so hard she couldn’t get up; Jason asks what would have happened if he had done that; Christmas says that what she hears is Paul’s balls knocked Alex out
  20. 11:17pm BBT cam 3-4 Alex, Jason in HoH bedroom; Christmas getting dressed in HoH bathroom Alex comes in laughing tells them they missed the best things; she and Paul kicked beach balls at each other, they chased each other around, Paul and Josh were wearing the rings and bumping each other paul jumped on a floaty and slid across the pool, she pushed Josh and Paul into the pool; Alex ask what Jason was doing and he said just listening to Chris Ladu, icing his leg; Alex ask when you use heat, Christmas Jason say never; Jason said he hurt his leg jumping out of the cabanna; Alex said Matt came out, Matt showed her his hernia; Matt thinks it's from lifting; Kevin came out and was just watching; tells them about the questions he asked her; was she having fun, are you happy down by the pool; the talking about Lelie Gore's hit You don't Own Me ; Kevin said another song he likes is I Will Survive. Alex wondered if there a message to her in it; Christmas said he talk about Lelie Gore song to her last week; Alex says he acts weird; Alex says she want him out of the house, she wants them out of the house; Christmas ask how they feel about the veto tomorrow; says they started DR says Raven is ther now' Alex gpes F she'll be in there for hours; Alex says if Kevin follows them up here she'll die; asks how Jason got rid of him and he says I just told him to go to bed; Kevin said he wanted to talk to Alex firsT
  21. 11:12pm BBT all cameras on HoH bedroom Jason resting; Christmas off camera in bathroom
  22. 11:06pm back yard cam 1-2: Kevin asks Alex if she's happy; general for the whole summer; tells her she's doing great; Alex yells to Josh if he breaks the pink float she'll kill him; Paul hopes the cameras were on them with the swim ring fight and Alex & Kevin say the cameras were on, the cameras are everywhere; Alex says she wants one, Kevin wants to know how much they'd cost and Alex estimates about $30; Kevin asks if Alex's pool is bigger than BB pool and she says a little; Paul says his pool is bigger, has a water fall; Kevin wants Alex to meet his daughter Andria; Paul and Josh continue horsing around in the pool. Alex tells Josh his is so much bigger, Paul is on the unicorn and josh is on the peacock camera switches to Jason laying on HoH bed we hear the showing turn off in HoH bathroom
  23. 11:03pm BBT Back Yard Paul and Josh running into each other with the swim rings on, get called out by BB several time Alex warns them about possibly knocking her out; and then they get the "Shut it Down"; alex pushes Josh into pool, Kevin says it's nice to see people having fun in the pool, then Paul falls into pool; Alex says that's the most fun she's had in a long time. Alex says you could take the float into the ocean, she says she slept on it this afternoon; Kevin says he wondered where she was , he'd been looking for her.
  24. 11:02pm BBT Raven gets called to DR and we hear Christmas from HoH shower, say you gotta be kidding me
  25. 11:00pm BBT cam 3-4 Jason in bed relaxig Christmas in HoH shower