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  1. Grr...Paulie has diarrhea mouth, I swear! He finally agrees to vote out Bronte then the 5 (Michelle, Nic, Corey, Paulie and Z) agree they have to stay tight lipped and not tell anyone. Then he, Corey, and Nicole go in the Have Not room and are discussing that they will tell Tiffany tomorrow. Tiffany walks in and Paulie spills way too much infk to Tiffany and lets her know she's staying...and none of them every told her to play it off and keep acting the same or anything. THEN he walks out and Frank is in the next room laying down. He goes in there to play it off and starts giving Frank all sorts of information regarding the photos they are supposed to be memorizing for tomorrow's HOH comp! WHY would you correct him and continue to divulge more and more info to the ONE person you do not want to win?! He's an idiot with no control over his mouth. Smh.