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  1. Joystick... years ago I watched quite a bit of BB Croatia... I loved watching all the extended competitions and challenges they had for certain priveliges and prizes. Let's hope they copy some of their ideas.
  2. I haven't taken the time to get all the details about how it works yet. I'm undecided .... still deflating from BB 18. Would love to find out who's going to take the leap too ....
  3. For sure. Got to have the villans... lol... there's one in every Fairytale :-)
  4. Rather Jason... had my fill of Jozea....
  5. Lol... I still don't care for hearing ladies use the F word..... except when driving or dropping the turkey on the floor :-)
  6. Well, Paul may have just lost $450,000 by choosing Nic instead of James. Bet he'll have nightmares about that little 'whoops' for years to come.....
  7. Loved seeing James's little girl getting big hugs and kisses from her Dad on stage. ♡♡♡ Ohh... and Paul's explanation to James why he picked Nicole for F2 was really lame. (Even Nicole didn't understand it)
  8. I think Nicole was feeling that Paul had "out-talked" her during the final speech. She looked totally suprised that she WON.
  9. Well... they keep bringing back Mr. Pec-tacular...
  10. OK folks... while we wait for the final show... take a minute and thank these great folks for putting so much time and effort into keeping us up to date. I didn't get the Live Feeds this season... so, I doubly appreciated their efforts. Kudos to each of you ♡♡♡♡
  11. Well...I'm still thinking... no matter how Buddy Buddy Nic and Paul are being... I won't be suprised... when the winner of the last Comp picks James for F2. (Best bet to win) I DO think James has screwed up his chances to win Fav Player tho. He just seems to have closed down and isn't even trying
  12. Whew... thanks Guy. (Lol... thought is was a HG I forgot about... we've had some... uh... unusual ones this season )
  13. Hmmm... having a Senior Moment here (aka a Brain Fart) Who is Christina ??
  14. I still would think both Nic and Paul would want to take James because they think James has played a crappy game. Unless they think the jury would vote for James because he's more likeable... sheesh... who knows :-)