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  1. Bet everyone's going to be scrambling now that the Teams are done... and won't have immunity to hide safely behind.
  2. Hmmpfff... you mean Julie won't let you have first Crack at them ??
  3. He's baaaack Wonder if he'll pay any heed to what Tiff said about trusting Frank... and not Mamma Da ???
  4. Oops... just checked while the Battle Back was going on. Dick was only 48 his 1st season. I happened to notice Renee was 53... and lasted pretty long on her season (FUNNY LADY)
  5. Hmm... how old was Evil Dick ? (He looked 50ish) But he's the only one I can think of.
  6. This is the 1st time since about the 4th season that I haven't gotten the Feeds. I find that a lot about how you feel about the HGS depends on what TPTB decide to show on the regular tv shows. But, I'm kinda thinking they might be having a hard time finding clips that make it worth tuning in. All the Twists have luckily given them enough material to fill up the hour. Lol... I still wouldn't miss this summer guilty pleasure. Can't wait to see what happens tonite... and if the Teams being over will really change their stratiges
  7. Any wild guesses who will end up winning the Back in the House Comp ?? Depends on the type of Comp... but my WILD guess is Victor. Please not Tiff.....
  8. She'll always be remembered as Cabbage Patch Girl. Serves her right.. she's whacko
  9. Still laughing at.... I can count... :-)
  10. How did Frank take over everyone's brains ?
  11. It's only Saturday... maybe Frank will cook his own goose before the week is out ? ?
  12. Hmmm... I was hoping she would fool us all... and play her OWN game. It's true thou... Tiff is a loose cannon !!
  13. Tiff... it's not nice to cross Mama Da.... uh oh
  14. Ma Da might pull some of her "stuff" and get Tiff out the door ???
  15. Mayzee... doubt he'll even get past the first challenge