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  1. .....$ .50 .50 .50 .50. cha ching can someone lend me a couple bucks ?
  2. I'm just tired of PAUL..... period ! ! !
  3. I think almost 1/2 of the HG's are just sitting back and keeping a low profile for now. I don't think I've heard 1/2 of them speak on the actual tv show.... ...... I can't wait for Paul to run out of his 'protection'. Should be interesting They might as well call it The Paul Show so far.
  4. I find it waaaaay too coincidental that Paul won Safety for 3 weeks... and, Xmas happens to be able to make sure 3 of her biggest threats can't play in the Veto Comp ! ! Stuff like this makes me want to turn this Damm show off..... but I don't
  5. Could we post all comments NOT House Guest specific in one thread.... Instead of having all these small comments flying around ? It seems like we've done that in the past.
  6. Wicked... is that your latest drivers licence picture ? And CODY.... soooo glad the s_it his cocky little fan. ! ! !
  7. I can't believe America voted for him to get the first temptation thingy.... This guy is getting on my last nerve... and he's gonna be there way past his time
  8. She sure talked 'the Big Talk'... but... folded under the first bit of pressure. Had me fooled.
  9. Rubs me the wrong way... And I was soooo hoping he'd make us older fans proud. We're overdo for somebody ... anybody... we can root for that's older than 40...
  10. Wait a Big Brother minute..... did she really self-evict ?????
  11. Joystick... years ago I watched quite a bit of BB Croatia... I loved watching all the extended competitions and challenges they had for certain priveliges and prizes. Let's hope they copy some of their ideas.
  12. I haven't taken the time to get all the details about how it works yet. I'm undecided .... still deflating from BB 18. Would love to find out who's going to take the leap too ....
  13. For sure. Got to have the villans... lol... there's one in every Fairytale :-)