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  1. Agree with Victor for America's Fav... or James. James has played a pretty shrewd game ... Victor a very physical one with the Comps. I feel like 'game stratagy' was all over the place this season ...
  2. I think she would steer clear of Vic and Paul JMHO
  3. Hey.... thank you soooo much for doing the LFU'S for the HOH comp tonight ♡♡♡

    1. cassondra0222


      You're welcome! Those are my updating hours each night, except for the couple days I have missed this season!!!

  4. Vic was my pic to come back in. He was suppose to be the pawn.... glad he gets another chance
  5. Haven't checked to see how the Comp is going yet..... But, I'll be suprised if Corey makes it very far..... he's so tall he has to bend his knees a little bit because he's so tall. They should put the bar according to each persons height to make it fair.
  6. Well... I finally found someone who I'd like to win this damn thing. James. He's quietly pulled, pushed and manipulated his way among these nut cases (A feat in itself) AND actually had some fun along the way ! Goooooooooo James. ! ! ! !
  7. I agree. (He's pretty much a beast at the Comps tho.... but that shouldn't be the reason he gets to keep playing the game over and over)
  8. Well folks.... as far as this week... At least Paul and Vic didn't cry when they were put on the block. There were waay too many clips of Paulie's tears when he was there last week.
  9. Corey has been a floater the whole game. Just kind of sitting around while everyone else stratigizes. (Looking pretty) Nat should target some of the REAL threats. JMHO.
  10. O K... if production could somehow slip in and switch his ticket for a 2 Way (if he doesn't already have it)...... Wouldn't they also have to switch the actual 2 Way (whoever has it)..... in case they all rip open their envelopes before production can retrieve them ? Lol.... did I explain that correctly ?? But, I DO hope his butt ends up in the Jury House. If he skips out... uh oh... he signed a contract... won't get any $$'s... and might get sued.
  11. James.... he might wake up and smell the roses. Great time to switch the power in the house... come on James ! !
  12. We can only wish .....
  13. Someone else mentioned in General discussions.... He's turning into Frank. That's OK with me... if he ends up getting booted like Frank did... A little bit of power is a dangerous thing
  14. I just don't understand why they want Bridgette out. She's no threat whatsoever at this point. I guess no one wants to make a gutsy move by throwing any names out there..... But, the next HOH will have to step on some toes.... ohhhh, it's Big Brother Ooops forgot... they have Mama Da on the easy list.....
  15. Whew ... I had fingers and toes crossed that he wouldn't have the 2 Way Ticket ! He had been getting too full of himself the past few weeks.... and, I couldn't stand how he was pulling Bridgette around by her nose.