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  1. Okay at first I did not care for him BUT now I love the guy. He makes me laugh and I find his personality entertaining. He had me at "cockplay".
  2. Typical stuck up mean girl. Super insecure and very little depth. I laughed my arse off when she and Cody were lying in bed and he called her Alex by mistake.
  3. Yeah, this one is a bit unstable. Just hand him a shovel.
  4. Pretentious douche! Hope he gets bit in the ass and goes early.
  5. Same here Marty! I enjoy seeing past guests return, and especially when it's someone I like. I am super excited for tonight
  6. Seems very likeable, and loves her Mom. I'm down with that.
  7. I have high hopes for her. I think she will do really well in the house.
  8. A DJ named Paulie C from New Jersey.. oh boy.
  9. This dude is 23? I think he is going to play the game well and go far. Potential to be the most hated/loved player of the season.
  10. She is an interesting bird.. I think she will "passively" bring lots of drama. Should be fun to watch.
  11. It's great that he would want to take his body, mind and clothing into the house with him
  12. I think his whole bio sounds a bit shady. He might be a wild card.
  13. I'm stuck on "getting sick bro pics". Nothing else he said after that really matters.