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  1. Hate. Every. Stinkin'. Thing. About. This. Douche! I work at a locked mental facility & I'm willing to bet this guy has some serious mental issues. He is SO socially inept & has such resentment for Paul's ability to work a crowd. I haven't caught up on the 2nd episode, or the After Dark's, but it already seems some of the more astute players are catching on to his Norman Bates personality.
  2. TxSioux

    BB Live Show - 8/9

    Oh how wanted to hear Janelle say that as she walked out the door, but proud of her for being a class act. Hated seeing her wipe away a tear after enduring Booger's total white trash taunt. I'd love to see Danielle's idiotic big-eyed blank stare when she sees what Booger's been saying ... how he's in control of her HOH & how this week was entirely all about him. I turned it off after Julie spoke w/ Janelle & have no interest in watching another second of this loser cast, so I'm interested in knowing how many other people are done watching this mess?
  3. <sigh> I had so much hope for this season, but looks like I'll be checking out earlier than usual. I found Brenchel totally revolting, but I still checked the live shows just to get a chuckle & watch the crazy train derail, but there's absolutely NO joy in Mudville w/o the mighty Janey at bat! I refuse to spend one Janelle-free second watching these sheep be herded by Booger. The guy just leaves me feeling like I need a shower ... for all the wrong reasons! These people seem oblivious to everything we've seen in past seasons, or maybe they're just so arrogant that they believe history is theirs to re-write?? Who knows, but this is one train wreck I have no interest in watching. Danielle wins the prize for being the most educated idiot in the group ... how many times does the truth have to slap her face before she wakes up?? Someone should send her a t-shirt that says 'Welcome', so she'll look like the doormat she is & Shane can at least wipe his feet before he walks all over her. The rest of them are just playing hide & seek. B.O.R.I.N.G. Unless BB tosses out a save, this season is officially over. If this cast is the best BB could find, then it's time to pull the plug ... while we can still remember how much fun it once was. BB should just write a check to Booger's lawyers for his embezzlement charges & put everyone out of their misery. I'll gladly pack my bags w/ Janelle & happily be done w/ this mess.
  4. TxSioux

    Kara, Week 1 - Evicted 7/19

    Has she told anyone she's a former Playmate of the Year?
  5. I've been a BB junkie since Season 4 & a Morty's junkie since 2005, 150 posts in 7 yrs makes me a total lurker - lol! Can't see that there will EVER be a better season than 6, but this year gives me hope to at least not hate most of the houseguests, the producers, & CBS! I lost interest in the last 2 seasons & didn't worry about missing shows, so I look forward to having my Summer addiction back! I'm not interested in getting my fix anywhere else, it's Morty's all the way!!
  6. TxSioux

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Well, I haven't even made it through the 2nd night of BBAD & I'm ready to gouge my eyes out w/ a spoon ... what a snooze-fest. I'm going to give it till Wed, just to see what lame excuse they think they can feed everyone, but I'm ready to give my sanity a rest. It would have been different if they had started w/ a regular season, but I tuned in to watch Dick. I'm so glad I didn't bother w/ the feeds! I think this means I'm getting smarter, cause every yr I get fed-up & tune out a little earlier. One episode ... that says a LOT, BB!! Have fun, kids. Susan.
  7. TxSioux

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Why on earth would that get a DQ!?! Who cares that he left a message played after he went in. It doesn't say anything. I quit watching last yr when I couldn't take another second of Rachel & ED's the only reason I got excited about this yr. Looks like I might be getting my Summer back. <sigh> Susan.
  8. What a TOTAL load of crap. Not sure why anyone would think it's entertaining or interesting to see this trash blow back in - it's more boring than ever to see her acting like she's everyones bff & rehashing dumb theories, just to hear herself talk. This has totally screwed the game. I was all for Enzo winning, but now I don't even like him anymore. I give up - this is the 2nd screwed up season that I'm saving my sanity & turning the channel. There just won't be another season half as good as 6. Susan.
  9. TxSioux

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    Woooowwww ... just when I thought there was NO way this guy could possibly be a bigger idiot ... he just digs a little deeper & never fails to disappoint. I'm totally speechless trying to comprehend how this idiot can't see Rachel for what she really is - both inside & out!! I feel so sorry for this guy's family. Did I mention what an idiot he is!?! LOL Susan.
  10. TxSioux

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    Hands down - this guy is THE biggest idiot in BB history! I'm just waiting to see if he'll give the group the DOR they're all praying for - I can see him doing it! Susan.
  11. TxSioux

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I'm SOOO excited about seeing this skank hit the door & salvaging a small part of the season. It really is sad to see what a trainwreck her life is, but I haven't totally despised another player as badly as I do her. This is really one of the most well rounded casts BB has had, w/ the exception of Rachel. Every week I just keep dreaming of a normal house w/o her ruining everything. The rest of the cast & crew should get some kind of hardship bonus for what they've been subjected to!! Susan.
  12. TxSioux

    Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    OK - I've officially hit my limit - I can literally feel my skin crawling every time this moron slurps on Rachel like a cow going after a salt lick. This guy has got to be THE worst kisser walking the planet. This would have been a good season, if we didn't have to endure these two idiots.
  13. TxSioux

    Rachel - Week 3

    Ewww - I really hate this chick, but I'm kinda interested in seeing her stick around long enough for her extensions to start falling out in clumps. The days are wearing on her, that horse has been rode hard & put up wet - she's going to flip when she finds out how much the camera doesn't love her ... or anyone else, for that matter! I'm SO glad I skipped the live feeds this yr.
  14. TxSioux

    Who Will Michele Nominate?

    Who can really tell what this one's thinking - she's a true wildcard. There's no doubt she's intelligent, but we're about to find out if she's smart!! Susan.
  15. TxSioux


    Russell thought he had more of an 'in' w/ Jesse than Natalie - so it wasn't a surprising vote. Neither of them liked him, but he had to place his bet on the lesser of the evils & Jesse was at least talking to him. Enough about them ... Jeff truly has to be one of the most well rounded hg in BB history. And it certainly doesn't hurt that he's so easy on the eyes!! If it weren't for Jeff & Jordan I'd be watching anything other than this trainwreck of a name your mental disorder show. This is a season of major f'd up hg's!! Susan.