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  1. He totally deserved to win.....but I'm sure glad he didn't!!
  2. He's actually at Tulane, private school and research institution heavy in Science. It's actually very selective and a great fit for him. I don't like him, but I do appreciate a good education.
  3. nicolemason

    Ian, Week 8 (HoH)

    Interesting that you said that. I've always said that's what I would do!
  4. nicolemason

    Jenn, Week 7 (PoV)

    So she put herself on slop for the rest of the season to get the pov? Why make yourself an unnecessary target? She'd be a lot more useful as just a vote. Really dumb move.
  5. nicolemason

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    I like to refer to them as moobies!
  6. nicolemason

    Dan, Week 7 (Nominee/Off the Block)

    Of course production is interfering more this season than in the past, the ratings suck. Imagine how boring it would continue to be if they didn't. BB is a tv show, not a game. It's weird to me that people (including the hgs) don't get that.
  7. nicolemason

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    I'm not sure where the intense hate for his hair comes from? As a curly myself, I can say that he has gorgeous curls. Listen, curly's are loud and brash and generally in your face. It comes with the territory. Curly hair don't care!!
  8. nicolemason

    Dan, Week 7 (Nominee/Off the Block)

    Ugh....I really hope he's out this week. Never liked him, never will. He is a good player though, so it will be interesting to see if he can talk his way out of it. He really needs to tell Frank about Ian.
  9. I thought he handled it really well, and seemed to have a good enough sense of humor. I would to if I already won a bunch of money and got to go back home.
  10. nicolemason

    Danielle, Week 6

    How about the pink tank top? I bet she'll burn that thing for getting so close to him.
  11. He plays so arrogantly every time, and every time it works. They want to put him up and vote out Frank? It's amazing. I guess we'll find out Thursday if it still works.
  12. nicolemason

    Britney, Week 6 (Safety Winner)

    Great move on her part. Guaranteed safety this week, plus the chance to play for HOH again next week.
  13. nicolemason

    Danielle, Week 5

    She really is the gift that keeps on giving.....much like herpes!
  14. Danielle, is this you? How did you get Internet access from inside the bb house? Ps.....your profile page shows you just joined last month, not years ago. Whoops.