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    Big Brother General Discussion

    You bring up a good point, they will probably have Nicole go to final 2 and win because all season, they have been talking about having a woman win - it is time they say. I can't stand Nicole and do not see that she played a good game. She spent the whole season in bed with Corey and only came out long enough to bad mouth whoever she wanted to go on the block and did not care if her stories were true or not. Everyone was right when they called her a snake and Zingbot was right when he said she only came on the show to hook up with a man and couldn't win anything
  2. misswdr

    Big Brother General Discussion

    So I have cast my votes for James to be AFP - will do each day. Hope he wins it because he does not have a chance at any of the other money. I do not know what happened to him. In spite of how stupid he looks, I still like the guy. These comps he is playing, he might as well just stay in bed and not even come out. At this point I don't think he could win a comp if all he had to do was spell his first name. Sorry James but so true - should have got back in the game and took it seriously like the others did and not play around like it was just for fun. The first part of the HOH was an endurance one and he blew it. On BBAD last night he told Nicole he thought he dropped because she had him laughing. Glad you got a laugh out of it because that was a $500,000 joke for you buddy. Apparently you are rich and we don't know because you do not even seem like you want the money. Best of luck on winning that AFP though - GO TEAM JAMES. Oh, and by the way that Nicole is a SNAKE. Last night on BBAD she was telling Paul that James said he could beat Paul if he makes it to F2. Paul questioned her on that and she just kept embellishing the story - SNAKE
  3. misswdr

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Was it just me or were Paul and Vic extremely rude and obnoxious tonight on BBAD. I really like Vic (right after James as my favorite) but tonight he really turned me off liking him. They were just so rude to everyone. Screaming at each other and making fun of everyone on the show. What was up with that - certainly acting like cockly little b*****ds thinking they are running the game. Hope this week that James wins HOH and shows them who the real player is - come on James get in the game.
  4. misswdr

    Worst season ever in BB History

    How do they recruit the players and how do we as viewers know if they are recruited or not?
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    At a little after 1am, Liz is called into the DR. She comes out with fondue - courtesy of Pop TV. Who in their right mind gave Liz Fondue with carrots and hard French bread to chomp on with her mouth open. She was eating like they were going to take it away in 20 seconds. So glad when she was done.