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  1. I totally agree about the not talking about production why the hell not that's how you improve the game by listening to the players and what is good and not good about the game/show!!! Lol bye bye Vanipulator
  2. You do not deserve to win anything in Big Brother. If you let Vanessa manipulate or Vanipulate you, you are too stupid and do not (I'll say it again) Deserve to get 2nd, but Vanessa is good!! But LIZ I'm sorry, you r a LOSER!!
  3. On the Live feed right now Liz is crying and I really don't know why she is it's Sept 19th 3:44am St. LOUIS MO (Central time) Does anyone know why she is crying? She keeps saying "I am so stupid" and BB KEEPS zooming in on her right hand?? Her hand looks really beat up! Ok it's 3:53am 9-19-15 Liz has stopped crying in the kitchen and is making what looks like meat patty mixture!