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  1. 2:45A Cam 1/2 Aus says lights out. 3/4 Steve in H0H in bed mumbling...I can't hear what he is saying much. He says loudly, I can't. This is such a f*ing catch 22. If it ...mumbles to self. I can't hear what he's saying. S: I don't want a showmance to return. S: toys, toys toys. S: Where Becky..Julia, Jackie. Just..eviction and...its time. He's still not asleep. 2:53A Cam 3/4: Steve in H0H in bed, mumbling. Cam1/2: Liztin in bed together; they appear to be sleeping.
  2. 2:20 Julia and Steve in Kit. Julia says I literally just woke up. Steve invites to H0H. Steve walks up stairs and says, I will never watch another H0H comp again. That's it. We hear Julia talk about cereal off camera. Steve tries to get Julia to eat cereal with him. Aus to Julia: You just scared me to death. Aus says Liz put him up to it. Aus says to Liz or Julia: The goal like jury... Steve back eating Mini Wheats in kit. on 3/4. 1/2 Liztin mumbling in bed. BB says Liz Austin: Please Put on Your Microphone. They make no movement to put on microphone. Liz says finally, I love you. Aus tell her she's his pumpkin head. Aus talks to camera about having the shot. Camera shifts over to other person sleeping in room (JMac maybe?). Aus and Liz still talking without mics!!!! Aus: in another month it will just be another memory. They talk about other seasons. L: She's done the show 3 times.... A: They got all the good ones out. A:talks about ideas for future shows. Says he'd might come back. Liz gets up and goes to WC, washes hands and uses soap. Walks to kitchen says, OMG and looks for something in a cabinet. She get something asks Steve about ants in something. He's upstairs leaning over the railing and they talk about ants and how they are getting worse. BB "Liz please put on your microphone" (3 times BB asks; how about a penalty vote BB!) Steve says; Good night Liz. Liz returns to Aus in bed. Kissy. Cam 3/4 Steve in bed, covers over his head, talking to himself: I... showmance.....so this is...I know...I'm very sneaky. stu...the finals...you two.. there's more to it...something... quiet for a few minutes. Not much going on on cam 1/2. Maybe the showmance is asleep.
  3. 2.15A Maybe you shouldn't say anything to her Aus to Liz. (Still no mics). Just be careful what you say. Well...um. Aus says, I'm itchy; I'm scared. Kissy. Aus to Liz ILY, but Liz desn't say it back. Aus says Damn it. Gets up walks back to WC. He washes hands...no soap. We see Steve briefly coming in to kit as Aus leaves to return to bed with Liz. Aus says to Liz, ILY babe. We hear kisses. She does not say anything back. Aus says to Liz undercovers, Get over here! Mumbling. L:Where's the boy? A: He's coming down the stair. Mumbles. L:He's so nervous. Mumbling something about her sister. (Still no mic BB!) A: Just go out there and do good.
  4. 2:06 Cam 1/2 Aus walks back to Liz and gives her pills, she says thank you. Aus crawls back under covers with Liz. They are whispering some to each other, but you can't hear everything. think so..my sister..I'm just...you...I just wanta to... I just want this game...you know...one minute you tell me....um...for sure...trusting relationship... condition..not talk to her today..the whole day shes been..shw thinks so much (Van?)..heres the thing...she..she wants to put Steve...I have to keep JMac...she has to be careful..because it comes back up...its between you, me and JMac. Ya, Julia says there's nothing Van... BB says Liz, Aus please put on your microphone. Well just talk to her in the morning. Wait and see. He has to know if he wants H0H...(where's the mics???).
  5. 1:54AM Steven in HoH pacing listening to music. Other HGs seem asleep. Steve says, "I want to do you proud. I want to bring home the money, trust me I do." Pace, pace, pace. Mutter to himself although I can't hear what he said.He turns on water and feels it with his finger??? Starts dancing and jumping, but still pacing. 1:59 HG sleeping on cam 1/2. Steve still pacing on 3/4. He's listening to music, dancing and jumping at times. He's walked over a mile in his pacing, at least! 2:01 A Had to do it. Its 16/17 steps from door to bathroom. That's what Steve's doing repeatedly. Oh he stopped to fiddle maybe with music-box then jumps up and down. Cam 1/2 move to Aus in kit taking pills. Hear Liz off camera yawning.
  6. 3:20 Aus get up puts towel over his head and head out of bedroom and go to looks for Julia in colorful bedroom. Turns out light. Aus rustles bedcovers and tries to pull covers off Julia. Julia screams and says I'm going to kick you. JMac in room and says I wonder where that blanket went to. Steve called to DR. Aus in kit with Liz and says he says he scared Julia real bad. Liz asks why he would do that when the others were sleeping in there. Aus says the others were lafing. Liztin ruckousing in bdrm. No cuddle. Youre on my hair! Good. Kissy, kissy, kissy. Cozy time. Aus says always cozy time. Kiss. Everyone pretending to sleep in colorful bdrm. Liz lafs -- at what? Liz and Aus go back to days. 15 becky and shelly. Jace went home. 22 Da, 29 Jeff, Jason 43 Clay 50, Shelly and Jackie 57, Becky 64, 71 (can't hear), Meg and James 72 and that's it. Nice Aus tells Liz. Now I know ready...this is what i was doing last, vetos: steve john john ven clay steve, john...wait hold on...james that who I am forgetting steve bbcomics, then double evic, then me than van, then julia, then you. They go back and forth with the days
  7. 3:14P Bullying is OK unless the person being bullied is unfriendly. Howie. Everyone hated him so much. He was so funny. Friendly was the stupidest name ever. No Christ was. The Girl Scout Troop same as the Friendship group. The deal was if anyone backs out then that person will not get votes at finals. So Maggie won. Craziness. The nerdherd. They will probably go down as Nerdherd instead of the Friendship. Gremlins or was it the Goblins. Steve says he made the mistake the Gremlins. Aus says can't say Gremlins because it was a movie....they left Becky out to dry. Liz ask Aus to get up and get lotion. Aus's like...you mean over there (the lotion)? Steve says Friendship. I didn't like season 9 they called alliance Christ. I want to know when left..Adam Ryan..Mattie on front end, James, Chelsia & Joshua. 7th or 6th. Joshua don't remember. Aus tells him to go ask BB. Give it a shot, go ask he says. Steve goes off camera to enter into a door... Aus goes back to bed. No Liz there. Camera focuses on empty suitcased both together on couch in colorful bedroom. Liz and Julia in WC doing ADLs.
  8. 3:05P Steve with Liztin who are in bed and were quizzing each other on days in BB house. Steve walked in a few minutes ago and interrupted everything. They are quiet and seem to want Steve to leave them alone. Liztin cuddle with their backs to Steve. Day 85 they keep saying. They talk about the Gremlins in the colorful room. They talk about Da and Jason. Shelly and Clay should have just stuck with us. They should have picked a side. Too many egos Aus say. Didn't they know the catalyst behind Jason got out. Shelly threw it to James. But that was public. She was a caser(?). He made a public deal with Jen...and then she back stabs her...then she when out right after that. It was the endurance to get into Jury. Why not just not break the deal. But Maggy told her what to do. Did Maggy know she was that strategic? James told them that there were no camera... HoH cameras don't see certain camera...so Maggie said lots of stuff they wouldn't have if they knew the H0H saw them. Cappy...carry cappy's pic around. Cappy most hated person ever. Lights out bitches. He was H0H he did what he wanted. But he went in week 3. He was the subject of prayer/worship. Subj of prayer Nick, Dr. Will, Cappy -- Dr. Will, we both have something in common, we both are attracted to me. All Stars 9 years ago!
  9. 2:52 JMac up in bed, with eyes closed but you can tell he's thinking. Van seems asleep, but she starts laughing. She's lafing at the twin who can be heard off camera. Something about Grandma. Looks like Van is going to fall off bed.. she's under covers in colorful bedrm. JMac just laying there...looks like he's thinking not sleeping. Liz and Austin in bed talking about days. We won the veto on 66. Julia didn't use it. Double evit was on 78. 47, 57, 616878 What day was Outback dinner get won? When did Clelly go on the block? What day did Jackie start her punishment? When did we play OTA? When did Steve win the baseball thing? Liz has the think, 78? When did a 4-0 vote happen? James, on 78. Meg was 4-1. 4-0 James. When did Zing bot come into the house? 66. When did JMac and Steve get nom tog 65. When did JMac come back? 71. When did Meg and James go on the block? 72 When was Hi and Go veto? 73. Starting line up 78. 80 was bowler-ina. Phone booth 20. Meg win vaca 27. When did Meg go up with Da? 19 When was gronk an roll? 22. Midway? 50 Midway comics? 2nd week of HoHs. Ota. 59. Hi & Go veto 73. Austin and Liz try to find a way to remember 73 - Hi and Go veto. Steve walks in to the room. And Liz says he's the odd man out. Liz says he's all alone. Liz tells Steve the backyard is officially closed. They say they are bored. Steve tells Austin he may do a workout...the whole thing. Aus says abs probably...he did legs yesterday. Says his legs are fatigued from yesterday. Liz says she wants to do stretches.
  10. 1:34p Liz and Julia in kit eating at the table. Dude we've only worn non-athletics for double evictions. Last week we wore what we wanted. We have to get seriousl. I can't wait to see...I'm hoping we can to see the HoH and Vetos in Jury cuz I'm going to be like...some mumbling about Van..her HoH...Omg...that would be so stupid of you because that would be...(can't hear). How does that taste: egg, turkey bacon, hot sauce, cheese, spinach, tomato...yum that was good. Mine was better though. My last request...probably not happen... one last dance party. I wanted to dance to Man Eater. What should I request for my last day? Julia asks Liz. When I get out of here I'm going to order Spotify. If there's books in jury, I'd like to read to. Julia seems OK with going. Stuff in jury..."like Painting". Now they agree that Liz's egg dish is too spicy. Last game of pop ball tonight, to which Julia says, Na its not my thing. She (?) is going to look hot in black and white. Julia says do you think I'm going to get cheers or boos. Liz says, Stoooop. 2:43 P John in WC. Austin telling Liz "How can you leave so much roast beef in the pan?" meaning she's not clean. Julia telling Liz that she's taking her clothes to jury. Liz upset. They agree on what they are going to split with Julia taking what to Jury. Julia puts dishes away. Meanwhile JMax clipping finger nails into trash can in storage room. Camera zooms in... 2:45P Aus enters kit with Liz washing dishes. Buckooo seems to be the theme. This is the end of an era guys...at least I am. No response. Austin kisses Liz. Julia enters kit. They wonder what they are going to do. They woke up too early. They talk about a small spoon that Julia likes and uses. Austin just can't keep his hands off Liz. Hugs and hugs and hugs. Burp. JMac in colorful bedroom asleep. The twins start to pack.
  11. 11:20 Aus Liz and Julia in kit talking about what they hope BB does for Labor Day. Aus told twins about twins getting out right away in season 5. liz and Julia freek out.
  12. 10:40 Liz out of DR. Aus called in. Liz tells Julia what he was going to say at Pov Aus or I'll I shall say Judis, you've earned this Vito far and square. Weve come so far in this game... and I care about you so much and I know this means so much to me, I will never ask you to use the Vito on me. Liz and Julia talk about the speech at a Vito ceremony.
  13. 10:33 Liz says Aus your hair is everywhere you're going to get in trouble. Aus walks to kitchen and looks at self in mirror & plays with hair there. Julia in bathroom. Steve still asleep in HoH.
  14. 10:23 Liz called to DR. Was in bathroom with Aus, but talking. Steve still asleep.
  15. 10:12 Liz and Aus hug and kiss in bathroom. Aus straightens hair. Liz leaves towards kitchen. Steve still asleep in HoH 10:17 Steve beginning to move in bed in HoH. Austin flattening hair -- kinda