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  1. The house-guest can't be that gullible to allow vanessa to control the whole game....I mean really!!! I believe she has had help from the production...oh yeah, you are not allowed to TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION
  2. Tavah

    America's Favorite Player?

    My favorite player is Johnny Mac....second favorite is James!
  3. Yes indeed...bring on Survivor...is anyone suprised that the crying bully is still in the game...LOL I hated hearing her talk game and the crying....OMG!
  4. Tavah

    Why CBS?

    I do not understand why CBS would sabotage their own show. Until this year BB was exciting and unpredictable...this year it is outright boring and so predictable....dang, what were they thinking!?
  5. Vanessa has information...lol...and she goes on and on and on...I can't listen to her talk game anymore, so I mute her:)
  6. I can't stand watching Liz eat!....Austin has good manners, I like watching him eat. The only house guest that irks me eating is Liz!
  7. who do you all think will go on the block if james or meg wins POV? I would like to see austin go up:)