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  1. Sunday 9/7 Show (possible Time Delays)

    There is a very good chance that the tennis will go 5 sets. Nadal is down 2 sets to 0 and will likely make a comeback. BB won't be on til midnight :disappointed:
  2. Ryan

    Who started calling him "Rye-bread"???
  3. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

  4. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    Sharon and her blue blanket
  5. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    Are Adam's left hand and nuts considered a couple? The live feed viewers know what I'm talking 'bout
  6. Sheila

    "Are you fricking kidding me?? She didn't sign up for theeeeee-is" hehehehe
  7. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    The second answer to the relationship question was "Ryan and the Refrigerator"
  8. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    On a side note, James is an a-hole for what he said to Chelsea... had she walked out silently, he still would have went home
  9. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    EFF this show... what a bullsh*t question.. Sharon was robbed... at least natalie is D-U-N
  10. James

    I hope he sends Sheila packing this week (or Ryan)
  11. Sheila

    She needs to leave this week
  12. Sheila's Baby Daddy

    Jar Jar Binks
  13. Wednesday, March 12th

    Bye Bye Sheila.. make sure to write about this in your stupid book