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  1. 8/28 - Live Feed Updates

    9:00 BBT Kevin sees his first aliens and it scares him. Jeff finally sees one too.
  2. 8/28 - Live Feed Updates

    8:32 BBT Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Kevin eating at the table. Jeff asks "When do we get to find out about the cash?" Keving says he doesn't know. Talking about putting the money in a money counter and such to find each person's total. Natalie joins and they have a quick discussion on whether the money they won will play into the Veto comp. tomorrow. They discuss whether they would give up the cash for the veto or not. Of course, Jeff says he would and Natalie wouldn't have too. She says the stakes are high so why not. Jeff says b/c you know you are safe. Natalie asks if anyone wants to play cards. 8:45 Kevin and Nat in HOH finishing a chess game. Michele doing dishes. 8:47 BB pulls the "flashlight with an alien mask" trick on the HG's. Jordan was the only one who saw it over the kitchen mirror. Michele was standing right there and did not see it. Jordan runs to Jeff in the swim room to tell him. She sees them again in the swim room, but Jeff misses it. She says she looks like a crazy person b/c she is the only one seeing it right now. Feed 4 shows the masked person waiting in the restroom mirror for Michele to come out. You can see two people's reflections with the masks pulled up. In the mean time, J/J think it has something to do with Pandora's box. 8:55 Michele comes out of the RR, sees the aliens and laughs. She runs to Jordan and tells her the alien is green and has on a cape. Jeff says you didn't get scared? Michele says no, she sees aliens all the time. Jeff says he doesn't want to see any of them and asks Jordan to leave the door open as she goes up to see if Nat or Kevin have seen any aliens yet. Natalie says she isn't scared. Jordan sees the alien in the HOH room, but Kevin and Nat can't see it. Kevin has his nose to the mirror, but seems to miss it everytime. FoTH...Feeds back, Jeff enters HOH where it is now only Kevin and Nat. They say the Veto will be TONIGHT! None of the 3 in the HOH have seen the aliens yet.
  3. 8/9 - Live Feed Updates

    1:40 BBT Russell and Chima just started a heated fight again. Lots of name calling...terrorist, bigot...(I missed most of what was said, they were talking really fast!) Russ looking into camera's and telling America to look at the racist in the house. Then FoTH...
  4. 8/7 - Live Feed Updates

    4:10 Natalie says "there are 4 of you sleeping in that room this week." I don't know who the four are though.
  5. 8/7 - Live Feed Updates

    7:30 BBT Kevin gets put of bed and heads to the kitchen for water then the RR. Lydia follows shortly. They discuss whether to talk to Chima or not. Kevin and Lydia say she needs to put up Russell, or they are done with her. They will remind her that they suport her around the house, and Russ doesn't. Lydia wants to talk to Chima without Natalie around. Kevin says he will ask Natalie to leave, but Lydia doesn't feel like she can do that. She wants to talk to Chima, but doesn't want it to look like she is kissing her ass. Kevin says that's what we do in BB, we kiss HOH's ass. Quick discussion about today's Have/Have-Not comp and nominations. Lydia heads back to pool room to sleep and Kevin goes back to Red Room. 7:40 All HG's tucked in again.
  6. 8/7 - Live Feed Updates

    6:40 BBT All HG's sleeping....except Lydia who has moved to Jesse's bed (I believe, I could see their heads for a second.) LOTS of movement under the covers and knees in the air. On Feed 1, you can see heads sticking out and they look like they are kissing, but I am not positive. Kevin, who is sleeping next to the bed keeps moving some. I don't know if he can hear anything or not. 6:50 BBT Movement has stopped, but both are still under the covers. 7:00 BBT Besides the occasional foot kick by someone in the pool room (I think Russ), all HG's are sleeping.
  7. 8/5 - Live Feed Updates

    12:55 Lydia talking about how Ronnie would not shut-up last night. She doesn't believe any of the stories he says. Neither does Michelle. Lydia says she had a hard time last night in the greenroom and had to go to the DR to talk about it. Michelle says she is sorry she didn't know or she would have given her a hug. Russ out of DR again and mentions that there will be a lockdown tonight around 4:00 or so. Lydia doesn't mind talking to Michelle about her problems, but doesn't want to talk to everyone. Basically, Lydia is tired of being hurt emotionally and physically by people, expecially Jesse. Lydia talking about the bruise on her butt from Jesse. She is not happy about him doing it and doesn't want it to happen again. Russell goes into the Greenroom to tell Jesse and Natalie about the statment Michelle told Chima. (OH MY!!!) Russ saying Michelle is just lying. Saying she can get Jordan and Jeff to do anything. He tells them that if one of them wins, they need to put Michelle up. Russ says she is lying again just like she did about going into the greenroom. Russ leaves and Jesse tells Natalie he is going to try to justify his vote for keeping Ronnie by saying they had to try. Jesse saying Michelle has balls for what she is saying, expecially about Russ. Lydia and Michelle go back inside to get water while Russ is pacing the kitchen. (He is really upset with Michelle right now, which is truly based on a lie (the greenroom lie from Jesse/Natalie) and a joke Michelle made to Chima. I think paranoid is more like it.) 1:05 Jeff is in the pool. Lydia and Michelle are tanning. Russell still in the kitchen. He puts about 5 hardboiled eggs in between 2 pieces of bread and goes outside with his sandwich. Lydia comments on how cute Jeff and Jordan are and he sarcasticly says shut-up. 1:15 Jeff, Michelle, and Lydia decide to play "RAT" with the basketball hoop in the pool. Russell called to DR again. 1:25 All feeds still on the pool with the three playing "RAT." 1:28 Lydia is out b/c she can't make a basket while sitting on the beachball. She gets out to tan. Chima called to DR. 1:32 Lydia called to DR. 1:35 Looks like the pool game is over. Michele tanning and Jeff floating on the beachball in the pool. Russ comes out and talks about being locked out of his room (I think). Michele thinks he might be getting the camera. Russ comments on how hot it is and Michele says she just wants one rainy day. Lydia comes back out to tan and asks who won. Michele says Jeff did. Jeff is cleaning the pool and Russ is pacing around the pool while playing with the yellow ball. He is called to the DR again. 1:40 Chima eating in the kitchen. Michele called to the DR. She says "Please tell me I have the wizard power." She comments on how wet she is before walking into the DR. 1:50 Lydia asks Jeff if he is keeping her. He says for the second time yes. He asks her if she has everyone else on board. She says Michele says she is and so does Natalie, but she isn't sure about her. She says with you (Jeff), Jordan, Michele, and Kevin, she has all the votes she needs. 1:55 Lydia and Jeff talking about weights and how Jeff works out. Talk turns to the birds flying around the backyard. Jeff says the birds are telling him he has the mystery power. Lydia tells Jeff he will have to tell her how it feels to have the power. He says he hopes no one has it b/c he doesn't yet and he wants it. (Alright...I am going to take a break.)
  8. 8/5 - Live Feed Updates

    12:25 BBT FoTH. When feeds return, Jeff is in the kitchen telling Michelle about the convo he had with Ronnie last night. Jeff said Ronnie was complaining that he didn't get Russell out. Jeff said he had the chance 2 weeks ago, but lied and is now going home. Michelle agrees with Jeff. Michelle says she is back to being addicted to coffee again. Michelle goes outside to talk to Russell and he gets defensive over Michelle joking about talking about a sexual disfunction convo with Russell and then telling it to Chima. Michelle says it was a joke and Russell is upset that she is making up stuff that they never talked about. He says he starts to believe Michelle, but the she goes and makes up lies to Chima. He says he doesn't appreciate Michelle telling people stuff that they didn't talk about. Michelle apologizes and says Chima was just upset that Michelle was talking to Russell period. Michelle says it was supposed to be a joke. Russell tells Jeff the convo between him and Michelle was not about sexual disfunction at all. Jeff says okay. Russell says he is being honest, he is not mad, he will leave it at that, but doesn;t want it spoken about again. Lydia is up and in the kitchen. 12:35 BBT Jeff tells Michelle she has to stop with the lying. She can't go and tell jokes or lies about each other in the house anymore. Jeff says there is already a bunch of that going around. Saying Russell has an erectile disfunction could hurt him personally, expecially when it is not true. Michelle just keeps apologizing while putting on sunscreen. (Apparently she made a joke last night about this to Chima and they don't know how Chima will take it, since she is already made at Russ.) Lydia comes outside to eat. 12:40 BBT Russell and Michelle go inside. Lydia tells Jeff he was in her dream as a doctor. She had a head injury and kept asking Jeff how bad the injury was. Jeff would reply "there is hope" over and over again. Michelle back out, says something about Ronnie but I can't hear her. Lydia starts talking about why someone wouldn't do Bloody Mary in the window. Jeff says he wouldn't. He says he doesn't like messing with that stuff or the vibes it brings. He says he will go to haunted houses but will not go into a church and mock a religion. Lydia says "Oh, you think Bloody Mary has to do with religion?" Jeff says yes and Lydia says it doesn't. It has something to do with a story about a girl named Mary who was killed....Jeff says the cross over is too close. Lydia respects that and says she would never mock a church either. Russell making food in the kitchen and Michelle mentions the fact that she didn't get any DR action this morning. 12:50 FoTH comes back with Michelle and Lydia in the backyard talking about Michelle's coffee addiction again. Jeff is now inside with Russell. Russ is really freaking out about this thing Michelle told Chima. (I couldn't hear most of the convo b/c Jeff was washing his cup.) Jeff says this isn't a great move just like lying about the greenroom (with Jesse and Natalie). Jeff understands why Russ is upset b/c Michelle is giving someone he just got in a fight with more ammunition. Russ is called to the DR.
  9. 8/5 - Live Feed Updates

    10:50 to 11:40 Everyone is still sleeping. DR's have begun. Jeese went in for about 5 minutes. Natalie called in after at 11:40 and was out by 11:42. Russell is shown in the HOH bed turning on the TV to the kitchen view, and then back asleep again. Jesse uses the RR, and returns to the greenroom bed. Natalie uses the RR. 11:44 BBT Jeff is called to the DR. Goes to the RR to put in his contact first. (Let's see if his is long or short! =) ) Natalie returns to greenroom bed with Jesse....FoTH 11:45 Feeds return with Jesse and Natalie talking about Michelle, who just happens to walk by to use the RR. 11:47 Jeff out of DR. Kevin called in. Michelle is getting ready to take a shower. Jesse and Natalie STILL talking about this voting stuff. Jesse says all we can do is vote to keep Ronnie and pray that one of them does too. 11:50 Jordan is called to the DR. She goes in and immediatly (1 minute later) come back out to use the RR. Jeff is in the kitchen making food. 11:54 Ronnie called to DR. 3 minutes later, Russell is called to DR. Jordan puts her clothes in the dryer and heads back to bed. 12:07 Michelle just finished showering. Jeff is working on finishing his omlet. Russell is out of DR. Goes outside to put on shoes and workout. Everyone else is still sleeping. Jeff keeps singing and humming which causes short FoTH. 12:07 - 12:20 Russell still working out on Feeds 1/2 and Jeff eating and doing dishes on Feeds 3/4.
  10. 8/3 - Live Feed Updates

    8:10 BBT Feeds 1,2,&3 are on sleeping HG's. Feed 4 is on the diary room hallway. I don't know if anyone is in there.....and then feed switched to sleeping HG's in the redroom.
  11. 8/1 - Live Feed Updates

    5:00 BBT Michelle tells Jeff she can't stand Ronnie, he is going home, and she only listens to him b/c she feels like she has too. She says Ronnie has lied to her since day one, and she can't stand that. She states everyone is telling her she is the swing vote, and she admits she likes having the power. Michelle and Jeff really seem to be having a heart to heart and want to work together. Jeff tells Michelle he won't tell Jordan the convo. if she doesn't want him to. Jeff admits to wanting Russ to stay right now, but wants Lydia gone b/c of the Jesse and Lydia relationship. Jeff thinks Russ will stick with the numbers.
  12. 7/27 - Live Feed Updates

    2:25 BBT Lydia is putting the movies on Jesse again. In her baby voice they are whispering under the covers. Apparently Lydia took off some of her clothes to prove she was a girl and not a boy. Jesse keeps saying they are going to get into trouble if someone comes up the the room. After talking about making a "play date" Lydia reaches over and gets clothes to put back on. Now discussing Jesse's speech and how Casey never talked game to Lydia, but Jesse can't believe it. Lydia says that her and Casey haven't talked game since Bradean left. Lydia says she will vote our Casey, but she doesn't want to b/c he is on her team. Lydia is back in her baby voice asking Jesse what type of candy he wants. Jesse says he only wants one thing and she can't give it to him. 2:32 BBT Russell and Ronnie in the storage room talking about how Russell had Ronnie's back. Russell thinks him, Jesse, and Ronnie need to continue running the show. Ronnie really wants Russell or Chima to win next week. They finally leave the SR. 2:40 BBT Lydia gets up to leave, while having to put her shirt back on. Jesse says "look what you did" as refering to his manhood. She says she will be back with a dress on later and he can blame the dress. ( I am sure there was a lot of "petting" going on here b/c I saw plenty of movement, but they are good at building tents...which is fine by me) As Lydia leaves the HOH she says - What is Lydia going to do? Lydia hasn't been out of the HOH room for more than 2 minutes before Nat joins Jesse in the bed. As soon as she gets in there, she starts Lydia bashing. 2:50 BBT Jesse thinks Lydia is going to try and mend the fence between her and Jordan and Jeff now b/c they need each other. (That's exactly what Lydia has been doing this morning!) They say Lydia and Kevin might try to get Chima, but they can try b/c Chima won't do that. Nat thinks Lydia is just playing Jesse. Jesse says he needs to let her b/c that's how he gets info from Lydia. Nat says Jesse should just stop talking to Lydia all together. Feeds switch to Kevin in the backyard with Casey. Casey is telling Kevin he doesn't have to talk to him. He can just keep following around Jesse and do whatever Jesse tells him to do. Kevin asks Casey if he has the votes to stay. Casey names off names, but knows there are alot of maybe's in those votes. Basically, Casey's speech to Kevin is the same as his one to Jeff this morning. Kevin tells Casey he would like him to stay. Kevin says if Casey could work Chima, he thinks Casey would stay. Casey doesn't believe it b/c Michelle is to wishy-washy. Casey telling Kevin they need to step up their game to make it to the end and not just the jury house. Kevin says Lydia will vote for Casey if the numbers are there. Casey doesn't believe it b/c nobody knows who actually votes for who in that room (DR), as was proven during the last two weeks. Casey says we'll just see how it goes. He knows he is 90% going home. 3:05 BBT Casey says everyone thinks Jesse and Ronnie are god's running around this house right now and that they have a deal together that involves no one else. Kevin agree's, but says he vents in DR and not in public to draw attention to himself. 3:10 BBT Lydia is in the shower. Kevin uses the RR. Russell, Casey, and Jeff are outside on the couches talking about votes. Casey says he knows Jeff will vote for Jordan to stay, but he can work on Russell. Once again, Casey says he can't get 5 votes so he better make flight arrangements. He says it would be eaiser if he wasn't on the block with Jordan b/c she is so sweet and he doesn't want to throw her under the bus. 3:15 BBT Kevin and Ronnie are playing pool outside. Casey and Russell are talking on the couch. (Gotta Go)
  13. 7/27 - Live Feed Updates

    1:10 BBT Everyone is in the red room talking about random stuff except Jordan, Jeff, and Casey. Jordan really wants one of the 4 (her, Jeff, Lydia, or Kevin) to win the next HOH or else they are toast. Jordan complaining about Jesse and how he thinks he is so cool b/c he was here two seasons in a row. Casey called to the DR. Russell comes outside. Jordan says she likes her men with some muscle, but still wants somoething to squeeze. Russell says, so not like Jesse? She says exactly. Talk turns to game. Russell says Jesse is going to catch shit for that one (meaning the veto ceremony). Jordan and Jeff don't agree. They say they will be up next week. Jordan says Ronnie looked at her and laughed about not going up during the ceremony. They know Ronnie will be out again and up to his scheming like usual. Jeff and Russell are really making fun of Ronnie. Russell is laughing hard, but Jordan tells him to be careful b/c he really could come after him. 1:20 BBT Jeff comments that he is smoking too much now. Jordan thinks her time is soming to an end, but Russell says there are bigger targets now like Lydia. They can't imagine what would happen if Ronnie wins again. Back to Veto meeting. Russell liked Jordan's speech b/c she just said "I know you aren't going to use it on me, so I won't make one up." Apparently Michelle was really nervous and made funny faces throughout the ceremony. 1:25 BBT - Russell is on the elixar, Jeff is in the pool, and Jordan is on the couch. Jeff complains b/c there is no raft for the pool. Feeds switch to the red room and Ronnie is standing up acting out a video game. They are still discussing games and now Ronnie is talking nonstop about one his wife has banned from the house. (I can't listen to him right now....I'm out.)
  14. 7/27 - Live Feed Updates

    12:55 BBT Feeds are back. Casey is outside with Jordan asking where the outrage is. Why is no one outraged? Jeff confirmed Casey is up. Russell, Nat, Ronnie, Kevin, and Jesse are sitting in the Red Room talking about snoring. Casey saying he thinks he could have won the veto if he wouldn't have given up his points, but he will take full responsibility of that. Jordan thinks everyone in the house right now will just continue to follow Jesse. Apparently, Jesse's speech had some "zing" to it. Casey says his speech will have some "zing" on Thrusday too. Jordan says Casey will walk out with a bang. (Casey seems to know he is going home.) Casey said it was a good run, but now he has to wait 3 days. Three days of everyone laughing at him. Back to the speech, Jeff says when you are giving a speech and you are a man, you don't hide behind sunglasses, you wear your own clothes (Not Kevin's), and you don't talk about past seasons (Season 10). They countinue to bash Jesse's speech and its lack of manliness (I think I made up that word.)
  15. 7/27 - Live Feed Updates

    BBT 10:55 According to Casey, these are the 3 things you need to survive in BB - Realtionships, Luck, and Winning Competitions. His regrets are not speaking up enough. He should have called more people out on their buisness. All feeds switch to HOH room where Jesse, Nat, and Chima are still sleeping. Jordan is called to the DR. All Feeds switch to her in the pool room going to DR. All Feeds switch back to the backyard where Casey is now alone of the couch. Casey goes to the RR while Jeff comes back outside with a drink. 11:00 BBT All is quiet in the BB house with Jeff only on the feeds, outside having a smoke. 11:05 BBT - Jeff is called to DR. All feeds switch the Michelle in have not room. She heads to the RR where Casey is brushing his teeth. It is so quiet in the house, I can hear the toliet flushing. Casey gets more coffee and heads back outside to smoke. 11:10 BBT - All feeds on Casey in the BY. Jeff just out of DR and joins Casey. (With that, I have to go to a Doctor's Appt. Someone please take over...it really is exciting stuff right now.)