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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    This is the worst season ever. I literally check in here at Morty's to see if there is anything of note. I fast forward through the CBS episodes and even though I tape BBAD, I haven't watched even one. surprisingly I've never even turned it on. I'll continue to monitor the rest of the season, but this is really, really bad. Wake up Grodner, have a real conversation with your producing staff and even Julie and Les if you need to. You guys have fully jumped the shark of the show even being interesting anymore. I've always been a die hard fan. But this is just lame.
  2. Big Brother General Discussion

    Well, you read it, so enough said.
  3. Big Brother General Discussion

    New posters, please stop creating new lame posting topics. That's not how it works here. If you have something to comment about a specific houseguest it goes in their thread. If it's just general comments about several houseguests or anything else - it goes here in the general discussion thread. I Thought I would mention this, because some people (who I have not seen here in years past, so probably don't know how we roll here), keep creating a new thread every time they have something to say. It's not necessary and it actually quite annoying. That said, have a good Sunday.
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree with you Roli. I've been watching BB from its inception and been on Mortys for years. How sad to see the devolvement in the game and clearly here too. I may have just been dumb, or thought because I could see the "houseguests" in real time that they were playing a real game. It's very clear to me now, how much of a role (the only role), that production has in things. Like a science project they have the control group. There are a few variables that can come into play, but ultimately, they control the whole thing. I've been naive for years. What's obvious now is that this season of "picks" are just not good actors and want to just make it to jury. What happened to wanting to win? How I long for the days of Kaysar and hard working people who might have made dumb mistakes in the game, but were solid individuals, with good hearts. I'm going to keep tabs on this season, BB and Mortys is part of me. It's become a ritual of my summer life. But, this season holds no joy for me. And I don't mean because they are annoying. All houseguests become annoying at this stage of the game. It's because no one (except for the man baby with a beard) is actually playing to win.
  5. Big Brother General Discussion

    Oh Marty, say it isn't so! We need your insight and wisdom! I agree, this season has been lame and the house guests are not interesting at all. Maybe after the double eviction this week things will improve.
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    That would be great. Let them have to think on their feet instead of doing whatever Paul wants.
  7. Josh Martinez BB19 Houseguest

    Wow, I'm shocked anyone would use that term on here. Unless they possibly meant it in some other way? I live in Los Angeles and it's a demeaning term for anyone of Mexican heritage here.
  8. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree. No offense, but not interested in your animals. I'm sure there are sites for that, or send personal messages.
  9. Raven Walton BB19 Houseguest

    Obviously if she is truly terminally ill, I have empathy for Raven. However, that doesn't mean she is not an annoying game player that is using her illness at every possible turn to garner sympathy in the game. Everyone knows the scrutinity that you sign up for when you agree to be on BB. And there is no excuse for not knowing. All they have to do is watch prior seasons before coming into the house. Ravens problem is the same as many other others that have played the game over the years. Entitlement. For some reason, she thinks she is owed something. Sorry sister you're not owed anything, except your stipend when you leave the game. Stop going on and on about your physical stuff. Just shut up about it already. If you do and start to really just play the game, you could have a shot. Because then you would gain a reputation with the other houseguests of playing hard DESPITE your physical limitations. Now that would be bad ass. But I'm not holding my breath.
  10. I think there is a reason that all of the legal rules of the game and whatever type of waivers players sign are not made public. First, it allows production wiggle room. I'm sure production fought hard to convince Christmas to stay in the game, given her physical beauty, coupled with her social media following. They want her in the game. However, with someone like Cammie (or whatever her name was), the girl that basically quit at the beginning of the game, I doubt they tried very hard to get her to stay. Also, one can't really compare BB to Survivor. BB involves a lot of sitting around and shit talking. Only a fraction of the competitions are physical. And if Christmas can't participate, then she also can't win HOH for example. By contrast the majority of Survivor competitions are physical. There is no way she would be able to stay in the game with a broken foot. On a side note, I thought Christmas seemed promising in the beginning and had some heart. Now she's just another one of Paul's girls. If he was a pimp, she and Alex would be constantly fighting it out over who is his true "bottom bitch."
  11. Big Brother General Discussion

    I'm not a fan of Paul, Cody or Jessica. I have to say though, the three of them are at least annoying and with Paul over the top enough to keep things interesting. I don't really "like" anyone so far. And usually by this point in the season I'm rooting for someone. If not for these three, I doubt I would even be paying much attention. There have been players over the years, who I have thought seemed like genuine good people and weren't annoying, but had no real game. An example of that type of personality this year would be Ramses. But how I long for the days where the personality was cool and they were also a game badass. Like Janelle. Derrick was also good, just perhaps a bit boring. I wish one of the sheep would wake up and go after Paul. Then we'd have a real game going.
  12. Big Brother General Discussion

    This is just a complete waste of an HOH. Jessica doesn't seem that bright, but I would have expected more from Cody from a strategic perspective. Josh and Ramses are just floaters. They're not controlling any aspect of the game. Nor do they have any swaying influence on the players that do. This is just lame and a waste. At the very least they should be breaking up one of the couples.
  13. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree and am aware that I could stop watching and obviously I haven't. I'm just venting one of my major frustrations with the show. And while I'm sure most of they people they cast do have acting or hosting aspersions (like Jeff's gig) I do think they could do a better job at finding a better cross section of people. It's like they run down a check list of some lame formula each year and it gets old. I would imagine that they do get a lot of people that apply/audition that don't fit into their formulaic casting plan. It would also be cool to see some other cultures as well, to see how they live. How about someone Asian Indian or Muslim? America is made up of more that dim witted 24 year olds with fake boobs. It would just be nice to see how sins of those people would fare in the house. Just sayin.
  14. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree. I was trying to remember her name when I was writing my original post. She was awesome and genuine and played before BB begun casting in stereotypes. It's just sad that they always cast a crazy, over the top black woman, that is primed to go off at the slightest provocation, (think China or Mama D). Or she's a bible thumper. They always throw in a flamboyant gay man and a young, white male nerd, and a quirky white female that is somewhat alternative. I think Nickomis started that trend. Add in one "older" person and then the rest are the beautiful people. Personally, I wish they would stop with this lame formula and just cast interesting people. You can basically. Predict how the first half of the season is going to go and who will be voted out in the beginning, based on the casting. And it assumes that the audience is dumb, which is insulting as a viewer.
  15. There's just something about him that's creepy. Not sure what it is, but it skeeves me out.
  16. Ramses Soto BB19 Houseguest

    Paul is a complete racist. It's oblivious from his gameplay last year and how he has targeted Dom and Ramses this year for really no reason. He can talk and profess whatever he wants about friendship and loyalty, but he's a tool. He feeds and works into people's lowest selves. Maybe he will win that way, but from my perspective, he's a rascist tool.
  17. Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree. It's a game, but it's definitely not "fair." Also every summer like clock work the house guests always vote out any black people very early. A black person never makes it to like final five. Is it racism? I'm not sure I would go that far, but it's surely not "fair." I'm sure Production has a lot to do with planting seeds. Production knows they have to include some black people in the cast. They have to include them, but they don't really want them in the game or to win. It's obvious by the people they cast and what has gone on over the years.
  18. Big Brother General Discussion

    I need to catch up on everything that's happened in the house this week. But I would think if Alex is HOH, she probably wants Jessica out for revenge of being the source of Cody putting her up during his reign. Alex seems really cool with Paul, so it seems doubtful that she would put up Christmas, since they are aligned.
  19. Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    Gotcha. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me dislike Paul. Clearly, Ramses is a young naive and weaker player. Paul doesn't need to do anything to him, bacause he's not a threat in any way shape or form. Picking on a weakling like this is the sign of a bully and a coward. I hope some of the house, (like the couples) start to get wise to Paul and flip on him. But I doubt it. They're a bunch of lemmings.
  20. Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    I must have missed something. Can someone please explain to me what Ramses did and why he is so hated now. I get that Paul has asked his boys to be mean to him, but why?
  21. Jessica Graf BB19 Houseguest

    Here's the thing - although she did play it off well, she did say something negative about Alex. She didn't call her Panda. But she did call her Pao Pao. Was it rascist? Not sure one could go that far. But it wasn't kind and it was said in a definitely derogatory way. She made Jamie out to be a complete liar. While I do think it was crappy of Jamie to go running with this information, (and just a bad game move so early in the game before you even know what's what), Jessica kind of lied about the whole thing. The only part that wasn't true is that she never used the word "Panda." I don't like her, but I'll give her props for thinking on her feet.
  22. Josh Martinez BB19 Houseguest

    Nyrose, You're so right. He is somehow oddly getting a pass. But I think it's only because he is safe this week and everyone is trying to figure out their own gameplay. Unless he is a beast at challenges, (doubt it) or easily manipulated to doing what people want, I don't think he'll last too long. One thing about BB it seems, you can be volatile if you are also, crafty, smart, good at challenges or extremely attractive. He's none of those. Good to see you back.
  23. Josh Martinez BB19 Houseguest

    Yeah, there is something about baby Huey that just seems off. Dude, you're not the first person to play this game. And has it even been a full week of game play yet? How much could you be missing your family at this point? The way he went after the golden apple was odd. His explanation made no sense. There was absolutely no evidence that anyone was "coming after" him. It looked like completely unhinged paranoia. Thin skinned, big baby man. Unless he can do a 180 degree turnaround and consistently comport himself like a rational human being, he'll be gone.
  24. I agree. Just starting to form my opinions, but she seems kind of meh. Although I admire her weight loss journey, she doesn't seem to have any real driving force behind her. Almost like her goal was just to make it to the show. I'd rather see her go over Christmas, who seems like she could be interesting and give the boys a run for their money as the game progresses.
  25. Paul Houseguest Discussion Thread

    Hi Lucibell, I'm not sure if you are new here and this is your first time posting? Perhaps the first season you've posted? But yes, you will quite often see something on BBAD that reveals something about a particular player or the game at large that has also not yet aired on the regularly televised CBS show. The feeds are actually the best place to see the latest information as it happens in real time, (minus what production blocks). For example, I'm sure the first knowledge of Christmas' injury came from the feeds. At any rate, welcome. I'm still trying to figure out what I think of this years cast of characters.