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  1. Keepittogether

    Sam Bledsoe

    It would be a good move as Sam almost always votes with L6. So it would basically be like getting out an L6 member. But I don’t think Fessy is smart enough to see the benefit of it over his dislike for Scottie. Which is so lame when you think about it, because even if Fessy wasn’t around (and had not already slept with Hayleigh), she would never go for Scottie. Now that RockStar is gone, Scottie is the one person that still can be counted on to vote with Foute.
  2. Keepittogether

    Sam Bledsoe

    She is a good example of someone that has let the house and the game really get to them mentally. The problem with her is that since she isn’t a fan of the game, she didn’t come into the house mentally prepared to play the game. If she had, she would have known that they always throw in 2-3 gorgeous women with hot bodies, (Angela, Rachel, Hayleigh this year), in an effort to maybe get shomances going and also for eye candy for the viewers. They also throw in some attractive male beefcake, (Winston, and Brett), an angry black woman (Bayleigh), and older person (Steve), etc. It’s a formula to try and garner the most viewers. People playing the game hard core also, lie and cheat. She wasn’t prepared for all the shenanigans and it shows. Making dinner and doing laundry isn’t a formula for winning.
  3. Keepittogether

    Haleigh Broucher

    They think everyone else is as dumb as they are. If they both don’t realize who is not voting with their side by now, I’m sure they don’t realize that people know they’re together. I still like both of them, but they’re not the brightest.
  4. Keepittogether

    General Discussion

    I totally agree. It would be epic if JC and Sam were to flip on L6, (basically Tyler). I would literally do a little dance around my living room with a cocktail!
  5. Keepittogether

    Scottie Salton

    Agreed. I think Scottie may be more likeable to use viewers at home. However, inside of the house, so much shade has been thrown at Scottie and so many lies have been told about him, Kaycee probably has a better reputation and is seen as more trustworthy by the people she is aligned with.
  6. Keepittogether

    Scottie Salton

    I think Scottie, JC and Sam have the best chance at this point of outlasting many of the others. They are doing a good job of floating in the middle and both sides think if they needed them, they could pull them too their side. I know that traditionally people tend to hate floaters and don't think they really play the game. However, it can be even harder to play in the middle than just stick to an alliance that someone may have made in the first couple of days in the game. For example, I think Scottie is playing a harder game than Kaycee. Who is more likeable? Kaycee of course. But that doesn't mean that Scottie isn't giving it all he's got. Just sayin.'
  7. Keepittogether

    Angela Rummans

    I wouldn't describe Angela in any way as a "poor girl." Literally or figuratively. She is not innocent and has been down right nasty at times. Although she isn't exactly prancing around as the princess that RS claims her to be, she seems pretty entitled. Other than her HOH, she hasn't really done much except keep to her alliance and ride Tyler's coat tails. She has an above the fray attitude, that i'm sure with her amazing body and pretty face are what is driving the other girls crazy. IMHO she is by no means though, a poor girl that deserves our sympathy. Anything but.
  8. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    I agree, it would be a smart move and something he could point to down the road, (if Kaycee was actually voted out) as a big move. I just don't see him doing this though. He has expressed his annoyance and dislike for Rockstar many times. And beyond that, I do think he has a LBGT bond with Kaycee. It would be pretty smart if he did this though since no one on the L6 alliance would suspect him. Now would be the time to do it too, since there are still enough people in the hours to blame the vote on and get away with it.
  9. Keepittogether

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    Yeah, it's odd how they haven't figured out by now who is not voting with them. JC obviously isn't and Tyler isn't. And these are two people they see as allies. It seems like Sam sort of flip flops depending on which way the wind is blowing. I've been trying to give Foute, (which is the stupidest alliance name in the history of BB), the benefit of the doubt. But how could they seriously think they have the votes to keep RS? The first step is admitting they have a problem. Maybe if they did, they could come up with some real solutions. Like an actual strategy instead of sitting around complaining and groveling to Tyler. Even if it's just swaying Sam to their side by filling her head with a bunch of lies - like that Angela has been saying how fat she is or something, (knowing how much this would bother Sam because she is to insecure about her body image right now). For heaven sakes, just do something, anything involving game play!!!
  10. Keepittogether

    Haleigh Broucher

    The game is finally getting going!!!
  11. Keepittogether

    Kaycee Clark

    Had a feeling all along that she was just playing under the radar until she was forced to step it up. Rock on Kaycee!!!
  12. Keepittogether

    Sam Bledsoe

    I have always thought Sam had a good heart and is a genuine person. Thats doesn't mean she is well suited for the game though. In my opinion, a variety of different types of people, is what makes the game interesting. The more varied the houseguests the more interesting the game. Let there be various, ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions - BB fans that have watched every season and those that have never even watched an episode. To have a season where everyone is playing the game hard core and know what they are in for, let them throw in an All-Star season every now and again. The fun part of watching a blind side, is when the person getting blind sided is clueless and has no idea that it's coming. That's why you need some people that aren't serious BB fans and don't know as much about the game, because they don't know what to anticipate. Personally, I like that Sam is a bit clueless when it comes to game play. And honestly you never know. This could be a big ole' facade. She could be trying to make the other players think she doesn't know what is going on and is really daft, so she is not seen as a threat to get further in the game. Even if she is not doing it on purpose, she still has a good chance of people taking her along for that very reason.
  13. Keepittogether

    Tyler Crispen

    Thanks for the low down. It's time for her to go. Truly someone that has an inflated sense of self and doesn't really "get it." She is also the kind of person that will get home, see the footage of herself and not see any of her behavior as negative.
  14. Keepittogether

    Sam Bledsoe

    I think Sam may make it farther than that. Everyone on both sides of the house likes her. She is not really a physical or mental threat. She makes being in the house more pleasant, ie; all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry. She comforts everyone when they are down, on both sides of the house. And finally, she is loyal. If Sam likes you and decides that you are a "good person" she can be easily manipulated. If Tyler as a lot of people are predicting - makes it far in the game, it wouldn't surprise me if he takes her all the way with him. She is not a threat to his game (like Brett or Scottie potentially) and in the end he would most likely win, just because he has (and probably will) make more game moves.
  15. Keepittogether

    Tyler Crispen

    What happened? I don't have the feeds. Sounds like Bayleigh went off on Tyler or something?