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  1. Oh, was trying to be helpful, because in your response to my original post it sounded like you didn’t know what her name was. But maybe you were referring to Shannon when you wrote “I think that’s her name.” It’s not going to matter anyway. The current team has basically said they are going to get Omoarosa, Keisha then Metta out. All of the black people out 1,2,3. It’s the same every year. They always get rid of them first. The racsim never changes.
  2. Keepittogether

    CBBUSA - Chuck Liddell

    He seemed like a nice guy and straightforward. However, his personality didn’t seem very well suited for the game and all the double dealing and seeing things three steps a head that is necessary to go far in the game.
  3. Her name is Keisha. Her character on the Cosby show was named Rudy.
  4. Loving this girl. She’s got a great attitude and perspective and great spunk. So far my favorite!
  5. This one is smart, but she’s a snake. She’s playing the same type of game so far as she did on her seasons of the Apprentice. I’m so glad the “girls” realized that they were being played, before the vote. My only hope is that Keisha would distance herself from her before it’s too late. But it might already be too late for that, now that a line has been drawn in the sand. Game on!!!
  6. I still think Shannon has a target on her back, since she has shown herself to be a beast in competitions so far. But I’m so glad that she decided to flip the house!!! Good for her because it’s exactly what needed to happen.
  7. Keepittogether

    CBBUSA - Mark McGrath

    I hate to admit it, but I’m going to be washing this...
  8. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    This is the worst season ever. I literally check in here at Morty's to see if there is anything of note. I fast forward through the CBS episodes and even though I tape BBAD, I haven't watched even one. surprisingly I've never even turned it on. I'll continue to monitor the rest of the season, but this is really, really bad. Wake up Grodner, have a real conversation with your producing staff and even Julie and Les if you need to. You guys have fully jumped the shark of the show even being interesting anymore. I've always been a die hard fan. But this is just lame.
  9. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Well, you read it, so enough said.
  10. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    New posters, please stop creating new lame posting topics. That's not how it works here. If you have something to comment about a specific houseguest it goes in their thread. If it's just general comments about several houseguests or anything else - it goes here in the general discussion thread. I Thought I would mention this, because some people (who I have not seen here in years past, so probably don't know how we roll here), keep creating a new thread every time they have something to say. It's not necessary and it actually quite annoying. That said, have a good Sunday.
  11. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree with you Roli. I've been watching BB from its inception and been on Mortys for years. How sad to see the devolvement in the game and clearly here too. I may have just been dumb, or thought because I could see the "houseguests" in real time that they were playing a real game. It's very clear to me now, how much of a role (the only role), that production has in things. Like a science project they have the control group. There are a few variables that can come into play, but ultimately, they control the whole thing. I've been naive for years. What's obvious now is that this season of "picks" are just not good actors and want to just make it to jury. What happened to wanting to win? How I long for the days of Kaysar and hard working people who might have made dumb mistakes in the game, but were solid individuals, with good hearts. I'm going to keep tabs on this season, BB and Mortys is part of me. It's become a ritual of my summer life. But, this season holds no joy for me. And I don't mean because they are annoying. All houseguests become annoying at this stage of the game. It's because no one (except for the man baby with a beard) is actually playing to win.
  12. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Oh Marty, say it isn't so! We need your insight and wisdom! I agree, this season has been lame and the house guests are not interesting at all. Maybe after the double eviction this week things will improve.
  13. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    That would be great. Let them have to think on their feet instead of doing whatever Paul wants.
  14. Keepittogether

    Josh Martinez BB19 Houseguest

    Wow, I'm shocked anyone would use that term on here. Unless they possibly meant it in some other way? I live in Los Angeles and it's a demeaning term for anyone of Mexican heritage here.
  15. Keepittogether

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree. No offense, but not interested in your animals. I'm sure there are sites for that, or send personal messages.