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    Big Brother General Discussion

    I hope Da'Vonne is evicted. Once again, she played the game all wrong. TEAM FRANK!!!
  2. MomMom0416

    Big Brother General Discussion

    If they vote out Bronte and James is not aware of it, he will be pissed he was left out. Then I hope he runs to Frank and tells him what everyone's attempting to do to him. I am a big fan of Frank's and want him in that house. I liked Paulie, but he is beginning to get on my last nerve. Never liked Da'Vonne and still don't. The rest of them are total idiots who don't have a clue.
  3. MomMom0416

    Steve Moses (Week 8)

    I agree with you 100%.
  4. MomMom0416

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 8)

    Vanessa may not be my favorite player in this season of Big Brother but she's is doing what she's suppose to do - SHE IS PLAYING THIS GAME CALLED BIG BROTHER BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. What viewers who hate her game should be mad about is these houseguests who have had opportunities to get Vanessa out of the game and haven't. As the saying goes, "Don't hate player, hate the game...." I also don't know who is more deserving to win the game at this point. Meg, who has done nothing? The twins.... oh Mylanta. Becky - she's no better than Vanessa. Austin, my personal favorite, but does he deserve to win it? Johnny Mac, who has no personal game at all? James, funny dude I won't mind him winning. Steve, possibly as he's finally playing the game. I guess that leaves Vanessa who has been playing this game since she walked in the BB house!!! Go figure.....
  5. MomMom0416

    Liz Nolan (Week 7)

    I'm going off topic, but did I just hear LIz say that she's starting to have feelings for Austin????
  6. MomMom0416

    All time BB favorites

    Well, let me be the one to pick Dr. Will and Mike Boogie as my all time favorites!!! They were so entertaining to watch. Just thinking about the two of them makes me smile.... : I agree with you 100%. Those diary room sessions were classic, LOL
  7. MomMom0416

    Austin Matelson (Week 7)

    TEAM AUSTIN!!!! Love him..... hopefully he won't be too crushed when he finally realizes Liz has no "romantic" feelings for him at all.