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  1. 3:04PM BBT: The feeds are back...John and Becky were nominated.
  2. 3:17am BBT: Becky has just finished talking to the HOH group (Austwin)..she leaves to tell Steve he can come talk to them. Austin says he is so pissed...he says we can't put up Vanessa they are way too deep with her and let Becky stay this week, and then to take out Vanessa next week and Johnny Mack needs to go this week. Liz ask who will be the pawn and Austin says Becky. Austin says they will tell Becky that we have six votes to keep you and we will not touch your HOH. Liz says what did I tell you James threw the BotB and that Vanessa didn't want to remain HOH. They are saying that they thought they could trust Vanessa...the group is pissed because they just found out that Vanessa was going along with the plan to get Liz out and that she has been flipping to other groups the entire game...they are livid. (let's see how long this last once Vanessa gets in their ears). Steve enters the room. They tell Steve that people are saying that someone got in your head and he wants to know who or that he made a rash decision. Vanessa comes to the door and Austin says "here we go."
  3. 2:13PM BBT Meg goes to HOH room to tell James about confronting Clay and Shelli about Austin and says they kinda had a fit. She says Clay was snappimg at her. In the meantime, Shelli goes to the HNR to tell Austin, the twins and Vanessa what Meg said to her and Clay. (Clay is also there) Shelli tells them that Meg came in the HR to ask them about the "Austin thing". Meg wanted to know what Shelli thinks. Shellie tells the HNR group that she told Meg..(these are Shelli's actual words) "You know what, I got so duped to throw somebody under the bus I'm not doing it again...I don't know what you're asking me now, but know I'm the target this week and I know ya'll trying to get everbody on board to vote me out and I'm not goint to sit here and throw anybody else's game out the door to benefit you all". Shelli also tells the HNR group that Clay got angry and told Meg he didn't know why she came n there and that he didn't owe them anything.
  4. Shelli sitting on floor crying. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emerist/20294916122/in/dateposted-public/
  5. 3:43PM BBT: Shelli pulls Steve into the HNR. She tells him that she has seen him talking to Clay and she knows he is getting caught in the middle. Steve Clay hasn't ask him for a vote. Steve tells her that he promises to vote for her. To which Shellie replies she wants to work with him and says "Stellie (not mispelled) forever. She tells Steve she doesn't want him to get caught in the middle because her relationship with Clay is important. They give each other an awkward hug and leave the HNR. 3:50PM BBT Shelli is sitting on the floor going through her things. All of sudden she stops and puts her head in her hands and starts to cry. Most other house guests are lounging around the backyard. Clay walks in and she cries in his arms. He says it will be ok and gives her a kiss on the forehead. He tells her again it will be ok and that it sucks right now. Shelli leaves to go take a shower. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emerist/20294916122/in/dateposted-public/
  6. 4:33PM BBT: Vanessa and Shelli in the bathroom. Vanessa is crying and ask Shelli if she heard. Clay walks in. Clay is telling everyone he wants to go home and leave Shelli. Vanessa says Clay is the most romantic man she has ever met in her entire life. Shellii is now crying in his arms. 4:37PM BBT: James and Jackie are in the HOH room saying they'll (Clay and Shelli) will be ok. James says Clay came up to him and said no hard feelings...it's just a game and that he loves him bro.
  7. 4:02PM BBT: Feeds are back....sounds live James won Veto....but not much confirmation yet. I believe James just said it's one of those wins I can't celebrate.