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    BB17 Cast news after the show

    What I find crazy is spending the summer watching these people then just moving on and not interested to see what these people after BB. That is why I like this idea of a thread because after watching these people all summer I want to know what happens to some of these people after the show while there are others ahem Vanessa I hope I never see or hear again. But if you don't care then that's cool but I want to know if Liztin can work outside the house, what if anything did being on BB help Austin's wrestling career, will Clelli last outside the house and now that Steve won $500,000 will he get a date with Julia?
  3. Crappy_Cappy

    BB17 Cast news after the show

    I like this idea after all we spent all summer watching these people it would be interesting to find out what happens after they get out.
  4. Don't know if anyone caught the comment Vanessa added to her " I'm a poker reveal" but she said she had to have a " POKER FACE" all summer and I think she said it twice? To me I thought nothing of it until I read the CBS show she is rumored to be doing is called Poker Face.
  5. To be fair Steve knew had he won the final HOH that he was taking Liz and after Liz was told by Steve/Vanessa that they are taking each other she didn't bother practicing what she would say to the jury like Steve did and you could tell his answers were rehearsed because we know Steve gets nervous when making speeches yet he sure did make sure all of his bullet points on why he should win over Liz. I am sure Liz was still shocked she was in the F2 when the jury were asking her questions.
  6. Crappy_Cappy

    9/23 (Finale)TV Show Thread

    That doesn't give the evicted HG much time to get over being evicted or give the jury a chance to know ahead of time on who they have to decide upon which could be influenced by what went down during the final HOH comps. I think in the past the final 2 were asked questioned by the jurors when they were still in the jury house.
  7. Crappy_Cappy

    9/23 (Finale)TV Show Thread

    When will they play part 3 of the final HOH comp? I know the finale is tomorrow so I assume it has to be today at some point?
  8. Well he can make the argument that he broke up the Austwins first by putting up Liztin then put up the twins when Autin won the POV which led to one of the twins leaving, Then he can say not only did he win the final HOH but he did something nobody else could do and that's evict Vanessa. On the other hand Liz could argue she had to start the game playing at a disadvantage by having to switch with her twin and not only did she make it past the 5th evictition but was able to make it to F2 due to her social skills but winning comps.
  9. Crappy_Cappy

    Pick your BB17 winner!

    I can't wait till I never have to see and hear Vanessa again.
  10. If Vanessa takes Steve to the finals then Vanessa would have voted out both Aistin and Liz over Steve and she will automatically give Steve 3 votes because the Austwins will not vote for Vanessa because would think she betrayed the Austin's Angels alliance. She will know jmac will vote for Steve so that is 4 votes for Steve she knows she can't get so keeping Liz atleast gives her a fighting chance to win. We have seen Steve cry knowing he can't beat Vanessa in F2 so if he wins (and Steve doesn't get manipulated by Vanessa) then evicting Vanessa would give him a good shot at wimning be he can say he took out the one person nobody else could....Vanessa.
  11. If CBS is going to do some show with Vanessa after BB then maybe the DR should of told her not to be such a manipulating B and told her to be more liked. I have zero interest in seeing Vanessa ever again and I am sure I am not the only one.
  12. I read that and like BS we pay for feeds so we know what is going on in the house and find out the results of things before the shows but so far since the last live show we had the feeds shut down on the 11th all day and now it will be shut down for 36 hours. By the time we get to see the live feeds again it will go from 5-3 HG'S with only a week left in the game and who knows when they will cut the feeds during the last week.
  13. Maybe Van is setting up Jmac and wants to "show" Listin that they can't trust Jmac and would keep her for final 3 since she would be the tie breaking vote to save Austin?
  14. What time will they be taping the eviction ceremony and the next set of HOH/Noms/veto? I think the Wed. live show will be the final 4 eviction and start the first round of the final HOH comp? Just wondering how soon we will find out today everything that will go down? Actually after thinking about it (I'm editing my original post) tomorrow's show needs to feature the veto comp/veto ceremony and eviction as well as show some stuff that happened during that time. so BB needs time to put the show together by tomorrow night so you would think it will be early. Not sure how the live show will go since they have to show the HOH-veto ceremony (taped) plus have the live eviction and start the 1st round of the final HOH comp.and they only have a day maybe two to put together that show together both setting up the comps and putting everything together for the live show. So my guess due to timing the eviction will be early BB time followed by the next HOH comp followed by the noms today. Tomorrow could be the veto comp followed by the veto ceremony by the afternoon bbt leaving BB about 24 hours to put the show together before they go live. I assume they will start the show with catching people up on what went down after tomorrow's show ended and once that is we will go live for the eviction.
  15. Crappy_Cappy

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 12) - HoH

    I am surprised CBS took them there after the donut licking scandal she had in July. Funny thing is the Liz and Van have no clue about it because they were in the house at the time of the scandal.
  16. Anyone else having issues with the Live Feefs like I am? I still have the Jeff reels showing on the small 1-4 cam feed boxes but when I click on the cam feed I see what is happening in the house. This started after the feeds came back last night.
  17. Crappy_Cappy

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 12) - HoH

    I really hope her beloved Mel sees what she is doing and how she acts in the house and breaks up with Vanessa. I am sure Mel and Vanessa's mom cringe every time Vanessa swears on their lives. I think at this point whoever evicts Vanessa will win the game if they make it to F2. I want to vomit every time I see and hear Vanessa and hope she doesn't win.
  18. Crappy_Cappy

    Steve Moses (Week 11) - HoH

    Did I read it right in the LFU that Julia and Steve got to 1st base? I know Steve and Julia were dancing last night and Steve tried to sneak a kiss but did anyone see if they did anything when they were alone in the HOH room.
  19. Well to be fair to Liz she did have to switch with her sister for the 1st 5 weeks so she had Julia playing for her some of those weeks and we all know Julua sucks at comps. Don't get me wrong Janelle was/is one of my favorite BB players but Liz has done well considering her handicap "Julia".
  20. Molester? Austin thought Liz liked him hence Liz was sleeping with him. For me I disliked Liz for using Austin to protect her until her sister was able to come in the house as herself but my feelings changed about her after she started to have feelings for him then I was rooting them both. I do wonder how Austin will react to the early DR'S with Liz/Julia and Liz would call him gross and admit she was using him. That might cause some drama so she better come clean about it before hand.
  21. According to Austin his demise was all politics. But TNA is not the WWE so with the exposure he is getting on BB will be enough to get him a job there and he would help TNA since he now has a name they can promote. Hell his good friend EC3 is TNA champ so he does have an in. I could Judas and his Twin Angels (Liz/Julia) being pushed in TNA.
  22. Why is it the guy in showmance are expected to save the girl "to prove his love" yet the girl never is asked to do the same for the guy? For the first time in the game I actually agree with Vanessa when she brings up the same point. In this twinmance the weaker twin (Julia) should sacrifice herself for her twin since Liz can actually win HOH'S. What the twins need to understand and Liz especially that in the crazy world of pro wrestling Austin winning BB will actually help his career and "if" her feelings for Austin are real then having him win BB will benefit her too. Hell the twins could get work in TNA alongside Austin after all of this, but not sure how this BB exposure will help Austin with returning to the WWE after the way he left.
  23. Crappy_Cappy

    Steve Moses (Week 11) - HoH

    According to the live feeds Steve was scampering and said Julia is not going up. Then he continued to scamper/read his letter from mommy and look at the pictures he got. He did this for an hour. I think Steve wants to make the move that many have tried and either failed or were too scared to make and put up Vanessa. As a BB fanboy he knows making that move will be talked about for year's. Besides I think Steve has a crush on Julia and doesn't want to be the one to put her against her sister.
  24. Crappy_Cappy

    A BIG thank you to the LFU'S this season !

    Made props to the LFU. You all make Morty's the best place to go to experience BB each year. Every time I hear a HG mention Joker's or Hamster reel I keep thinking they are missing out on the best place to go to get the LFU. Maybe someday one of us will make it on BB and give Morty's a shout out.
  25. Crappy_Cappy

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 11)

    WOW Vanessa is pure evil. She told Julia to challenge Austin one of the rounds when JMac was still in the game which of course made Austin flip out thinking Liz and Julia are apart of some plot to get rid of him so he flips out and instead of coming clean and telling Austin and Liz the truth she is covering her ass and watching her so called friends fight and possibly end their romance.