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  1. I want Vanessa to win. Clay is riding off of Shelli's coat tail and if it weren't for Shelli he would have probably left in Jeff's place. Shelli is a master manipulator and uses people. She's playing the game good because she is good at manipulating people. I personally like how Vanessa is playing this game just like she plays her poker chips. Everybody else is not really pulling their weight. yeah James and Jason won 1 or 2 HoH's, but their social game suck! James gives information that he should keep to himself to the enemy. The plan Audrey thought of could have worked in James's favor. But because he told Clay, Clay took that info up to the room and covered his and Shelli's butts.Even though Audrey played a Dan Giesley (sp?) type of game, at least she was entertaining to watch. There are a group of floaters (Meg, Jackie, Steve, etc.), people who don't know how to think for themselves (Liz, Jason, Clay, Austin, etc.), who don't deserve the money [at this point in the game]. The only people who are playing this game is Shelli, Vanessa, and Audrey (until now). And I will even give Johnnie mac some props for doing the pawn thing (though I don't care for people who throw competitions, however, its game play).
  2. 1.) Everybody will pay attention to Liz when she comes out of the DR to vote. 2.) Davonne should cancel out Clay, Steve, and John's vote. Audrey would vote to keep Da if she's smart, because there will be more targets besides herself [speaking of Audrey]. 3.) I like Vanessa, Austin, and Davonne. In fact Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Davonne, and Jason should become an alliance to make it to jury. They can also have the votes of James>being conned to Davonne & Jason and Steve>who is connected to Vanessa and Austin. I want Shelli and Clay out!
  3. I really hope that Da pulls it off and stay in the game. Its true that she needs to tone it down because people are going to put her in a stereotypical box. Just because she is from Inglewood they say she will get loud or be a drama queen. But she did none of that. Audrey is more of a drama queen but look-she stays in the game. She blatantly lied on Davonne and Davonne only defended herself from that rumor. Also, Clay was in the HOH room saying to Shelley that Da had to go because she was "controlling" and that's exactly what Shelli and Clay were being "controlling" in fact they go around picking the other houseguests mind to control their moves. I feel that Shelli, Clay, Jeff, and Davonne are strong forces in this game. But it must be something about Davonne that threatens Shelli and Clay. Maybe they knew that they couldn't puppet her. And Davonnes own words were that it was difficult for her to be fake. Some people can easily be fake while others find it hard.My advise to Davonne if she can pull a miricle out of this....Girl to win in this game, u need to be fake if u have to.
  4. dutree

    Shelli Poole (Week 2) - HoH 2

    At first I was sorta rooting for Steve and John but now I don't like how they are up Shelli and Clay's behind. Can they see that they are being used? I mean really used. I understand that they want to jump on the boat that floats however- what about their game in the long run. If they keep Meg in then they also fall into the pool of targets. I have found that Audrey is talented at what she does (manipulate and lie) and it's possible she can kinda stay in the game like that. At least she is playing her own game and not being puppeted (sp?). I like Jeff, Davonne, Audrey, Vanessa etc. Some underdogs are cool and I could cheer for ( Jackie, Liz, and surprisingly even Austin). At first I was going for Steve and John until John threw Steve under the bus for that 5person alliance (and he is being undercover pimped by Shelli and Clay, because Jeff is smart enough not to trust Clay and Shelli and only aligned to throw them off and not be their targets. Though it may be tuff, I somehow hope that Davonne pulls it off. Then Big Brother will be super entertaining and interesting.