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  1. @heatherhalley I'm good. Was just looking through old pictures and saw your lil face. Sure miss those days!

  2. RT @goldengateblond: If you need your faith in karma renewed, here's Michael Flynn accusing Hillary of being a security risk and leading a…

  3. RT @realDonaldTrump: James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

  4. @warrenleightTV @JulieMartinSVU @Mariska Tonight's episode was super important. Thank you all.

  5. @AllysaSwilley Have two! You earned them!! ✖

  6. RT @1NatalieMaines: Of all the photos the @latimes could have chosen for the front page, they chose this one. And I love them for it. http…

  7. RT @AngryWHStaffer: The President, who I work for, just had China grant him trademarks for Trump escort services. Prostitutes! Why isn't th…

  8. RT @Amy_Siskind: Please get rid of Sessions for lying under oath. Other than Bannon, he is the most dangerous person in the crooked, bigote…

  9. RT @ManMadeMoon: I did forget one little bit of the speech though.... Fuck cancer. Fuck it right off the planet.

  10. RT @fritzisdead: Congrats to the Atlanta Falcons for not having to take a photo with the president.

  11. @heatherhalley @TaughtalyHaught Love you too baby girl!! xoxo

  12. RT @jannarden: Ask a polar bear about climate change- oh wait a minute- they're too busy swimming all day long trying to find a decent piec…

  13. @mariahlian The amount of strength and encouragement that you just gave to the LGBT youth...unmeasurable!!! Thank you Mariah!! ❌❤️❌❤️ 

  14. @ReziztOrg What homophobic asshat goes to a Broadway play? He got what he deserved. I hope he swings through The Abbey next time he's in LA!

  15. RT @jannarden: What do you do when half of the population is terrified of the man leading them?