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  1. BrilliantBrunette

    8/13 TV Show (Double) Eviction Night Thread

    I think I missed something when I accidentally muted the tv. Was Johnny supposed to use the veto??
  2. BrilliantBrunette

    Austin Matelson (Week 3) - HoH1 (dethroned)

    I don't like how cocky Austin is sometimes... Also, I was watching BBAD last night and I thought I heard Liz say that she was on a "date" with Austin. Is that true? Were they really on a date?
  3. I can't find John on Youtube... Does anyone know the name of his Youtube video or have a link to it?
  4. BrilliantBrunette

    Steve Moses (Week 3)

    I totally agree! Steve and John will keep going up on the block as pawns if they don't try to form some sort of an alliance.
  5. BrilliantBrunette

    Liz Nolan (Week 3) + Twin Twist sister Julia

    I really like the twins, and I hope that they stay. But, I didn't like that Liz/Julia was making fun of Steve last night
  6. BrilliantBrunette

    7/9 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I am glad that Austin won HOH I am not sure where Vanessa stands so.... I really hope that Liz doesn't go on the block
  7. Does Da'Vonne have the votes to stay? Or does it sound like she will be leaving the house no matter what?
  8. I think Da'Vonne could stir up a lot of drama in the house, so I hope they don't get rid of her.
  9. BrilliantBrunette

    7/2 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I'm glad girls are in power
  10. BrilliantBrunette

    Shelli Poole (Week 1)

    Shellie reminds me of Chelsea Handler at certain angles
  11. BrilliantBrunette

    Audrey Middleton (Week 1)

    Exactly what I was thinking. Grodner will keep Audrey on as long as she can...
  12. BrilliantBrunette

    Alliances...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I totally agree! I can't keep track of who is in what alliance. I think that Audrey will run into problems down the road because she is in so many alliances.
  13. BrilliantBrunette

    Audrey Middleton (Week 1)

    I like Audrey, but I think she is playing too hard, too fast
  14. Does anybody know if Liz and Julia have switched yet?