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  1. RT @IsItUpOrDown: Here it is, from start to finish, the HN's wrap almost everything in the storage room. Not sure how this will go over.

  2. RT @89razorskate20: #BBCAN6 3/12/18 Alliances & Deals Update! How 24hrs changed things! https://t.co/u3sTDjVBer

  3. RT @89razorskate20: #BBCAN6 3/12/18 Alliances & Deals Update! How 24hrs changed things! https://t.co/u3sTDjVBer

  4. RT @liquid8d: Hey @BigBrotherCA How many RTs to get a quad cam? #BBCAN6 #LiveFeeds

  5. RT @TwitchyTeam: NO WAY! CNN interview with David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez just got a LOT more interesting [pic, video] https://t.co/aK5TkC27…

  6. RT @Jody_Rossel: @WiredSources @TrumpTrainOnly Better get my box of Kleenex, patriotic enthusiasm here :) Military parades, National Anthem…

  7. RT @drawandstrike: I see #SarahSanders is trending again for all the right reasons: bitch-slapping the WH press corp for asking her baiting…

  8. RT @TrumpStudents: ENTER OUR HAT GIVEAWAY! 1) Follow us! 2) Follow @OpioidSolutions 3) RT this tweet WINNER will be selected in 48 hour…

  9. RT @Chet_Cannon: Wait for it.... https://t.co/Dn964T4oS0

  10. https://t.co/wTcVwTFnb9

  11. RT @tomlowrysghost: I need this to be real please https://t.co/VPOrFUoGya

  12. @Rodeo711 @ThomasWictor You would have loved when the election results were announced to the group that was in the… https://t.co/vKeGdg7TAa

  13. RT @Loduv: Your generation is the epitome of privilege. Sit down, sit all the way down! #TidePods https://t.co/YsV0FMGvQM

  14. @ephewetew @ThomasWictor Please read Thomas's timeline before making more statements about his childhood, this in m… https://t.co/UJFSEEvsJK

  15. @Imperator_Rex3 @Twitter I see 1. And the rest are the replies to that one. Very shady stuff going on.

  16. RT @MtStHelensWA: I’M BACK BITCHES https://t.co/Arigi8oVoK

  17. RT @GOPPollAnalyst: Where are the Roy Moore accusers?

  18. RT to #VoiceSaveNoah https://t.co/eFjI0zRW97

  19. RT @ReportOutage: Spectrum is having issues since 01:53 AM EST https://t.co/Z2xhhAU3C8 RT if you're also affected #spectrumoutage https://t…

  20. RT @RexTilllerson: #OneYearUnderTrump WHO HATES PRESIDENT TRUMP? Mainstream Media Establishment Democrats Establishment Republicans Hollyw…

  21. RT @JimmieJohnson: Anyone who RTs this Tweet is eligible to win my pink @LowesRacing @MartinsvilleSwy hat. I will pick a random winner at 9…

  22. @ScottPresler @NIXONsounds @realDonaldTrump Can't remember how this works with ads but doesn't this mean those you… https://t.co/nBJPuXTztw

  23. RT @ThomasWictor: (1) It's a new world. https://t.co/UKRZJsT3L8

  24. @KrisWilliams Sounds like things have changed, when I was a Girl Scout we went camping. Maybe it depends on where y… https://t.co/nApxTUBdOG

  25. @ThomasWictor 4. It's possible that is what the flashes were in the video, not muzzle fire.