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    New Jersey - and don't ask which exit!
  1. Dan - Week 2

    I've been terrorrizing Survivor Sucks. Good ta see you're still around babe.
  2. Favorite - Renny Least - Dan
  3. Dan - Week 2

    Yo bitches! How have you all been! I've been crazy busy, but I lurk from time to time. Why am I coming out in this thread? Because I will be celebrating when this guy gets the BOOT, that's why! Loving this season though, they seem to have gone back to their roots! I hope you've all been well!
  4. Merry Christmas Crappy...u suck!!!

    Wishing u and ur love ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  5. Right back at ya!!! Howz it been...Glad to here from ya!!!! DONT STAY LOST AGAIN!!! Unless u come back with gifts he he he! well got to go btw Crappy U suck LoL I tell never gets old ...never gets old...

  6. Anybody else remember these shows?

    I thought the show was a boring piece of crap, and I still to this day never got the hype.
  7. Jen - Evicted Day 55

    Yes The Donatos do in fact rule.
  8. I Love New York

    Loving this show! It's just the right amoun of entertaining trash. And that Tailor Made is the biggest punk bitch I've ever seen. This show is like wrestling, only funnier.
  9. New Zach Interview

    Yep, Zach is still a tool.
  10. Jen - Evicted Day 55

    The 'silicone jiggle' was quite apparent throughout the season.
  11. Jen - Evicted Day 55

    She clearly has the whole uneven thing going. She should sue her doctor.
  12. Jen - Evicted Day 55

    Is her bit part on a shi**y show supposed to make my sphincter tingle? Jen had no game, no class, and no intelligence. She was vapid and vacuous. For someone out as early as she was, her handful of fans have done a tremendous job extending the appearance that she is anything other than lacking. She is Janelle lite, and I am glad I will not have to be bored by her again.
  13. Hey Crappy u Suck!! I tell ya that will never get old. lol. just stopped bye to say hey...hey..

  14. Halloween Movies

    The Original Night of the Living Dead. The themes are still classic, and fitting for that era. The ground breaker still rules!
  15. Is Big Brother Rigged?

    Is BB rigged? No.