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  1. Firearcher

    Week 5 Nominations

    Why does everyone keep saying James did not put up CT. OF COURSE HE DID!! He put up CG & Will. Then he put up Jase with Will - TWO guys from CT. ????????? Are you people blind. Janelle & Kaysar have made foolish choices during their weeks as HOH. Both have been playing a poor game. Janelle targeting Erica & Dianne was stupid. Janelle is after the girls for whatever the reason.
  2. Firearcher

    IS THIS the beginning of the END for the SoVs?

    I'm a SOV fan. But lets be honest. Kaysar & Howie and to some extent Janelle a WEAK players. The Nerd Herd outsmarted them last year. Howie putting up Sarah & James cost them the game and this year is no different. Instead of sending one of CT home they fooled around and wasted 4 consective weeks of HOH. Furthermore by winning the first four they made targets of themselves and now the whole house is gunning for them. Once the SOV alliance is reduced to perhaps one, that person (Probably Howie) will be moderately safe. Howie, Kaysar & Janelle are poor players. James is smart but allied with stupidity. "The world will not end when Janey, Kaysar, Will or whoever you like get the boot. " It won't? Sure it will
  3. Firearcher

    Big Brother Canada

    On House Calls Gretchen & Marcellas talked of a Canadian Big Brother. As a Canadian myself, I'm all for the idea. Rules For CDN BIg Brother: 1. You need to support the Liberal Party of Canada. Contestants found to support the Democratic or Conservative party will be taken to a back alley and be "Healthily Challenged". 2. All Offensive language will not be permitted in order not to offend anybody~~~~~ 3. Bi-Lingual House Guests will be given special consideration. 4. BB CDN will have more people coming into the house than one's that leave. We start with 14 and after 2 months will have 75 people going at one another hollering screaming & bitching. Makes for great TV! 5. Special consideration given to contestants who have criminal tendancies and/or come from shady backgrounds. 6. All competitions are some version of hockey. 7. Change water fountains to Beer Fountains. 8. All Women Go Topless (It is Legal in Ontario) 9. Need to Pay a 20% Tax to Apply to be on the Show 10. Need To Pay a 12% Tax if Accepted on top of the 20% Tax. 11. All PB&J is subjected to a Goods & Services Tax of 7% plus the 12% tax plus the 20% tax. 12. Handling fee of 10% applied to the Winnings of BB Grand Prize. 13. Federal excise tax on BB toilet paper of 8% 14. Grand Prize after winning is a net loss of $5000 payable to CBS of which is ALSO subject to taxes. 15. And finally failure to pay your taxes will result in prosecution and a lengthy maximum jailterm under CDN law. You should be out in 48 hours or less.
  4. Firearcher

    Hurricane Howie

    I would love to see this video, but can't access it through this link. Anyway it can be "REPOSTED"