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  1. @EvelDick i will refuse to particpate in voting unless it involves nongame-play (example:.slop food), just like i refused for BBOTT.

  2. @EvelDick admit it, ED, you have some oldies following you...i'd guess a pretty fair amount

  3. @EvelDick i always admired the work of Giancarlo Esposito...he's amazing!

  4. @EvelDick never did acid but reminds me of my childhood when i'd get halucinations from the sulpha drugs they gave me for kidney infections

  5. @EvelDick well no but when you go to someone's "home" they usually have a meal already planned...just never occurred to me you could order

  6. @EvelDick OMG that is so awesome! i've never seen this video...Christopher Walken is amazint!

  7. @ittybitty30me @EvelDick Kim who? which year/series/season? #CBB

  8. @EvelDick In his inaugural address Trump borrowed from Tom Hardy's villian, Bane, from The Dark Knight Rises

  9. @EvelDick the young guy was Sam Larson, 22, Nebraska, 2nd place...40 yr.old Alan Kay, GA, won... so it was season 2 i watched

  10. @EvelDick @matthugrantham I found the 1st half of the season weak but strategy picked up further on & actually got pretty interesting.

  11. @EvelDick ME TOO! It's my favorite meal... love everything that goes along with it... i have it at least 3 or 4 times a year. Yay turkey!

  12. @mommaGiva Found this pic on Justin's IG & noticed the spots, did a bit of repair for you/him https://t.co/v3SzrRsgKt

  13. @clamperls just wondering... what do the numbers represent? the colors? or where can i find explanation? Thanks in advance.

  14. @Tooms_BB @EvelDick I'd prefer Shelby's pinata ... no monte or monte manequin is worthy

  15. @BigBrotherLady @EvelDick All hear-say. U all need 2 get a life & do something more constructive.Leave the poor guy alone #glennexposedparty