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  1. I'd like to see this, as well. Just cannot even imagine the look on V's face if she is evicted. Unfortunately, I don't think this will happen. I fully expect V to win the final HOH. CBS has probably given her all the answer or whatever else she will need in the final comp, already.
  2. I thought the same thing...and it came at a time when only JMac and Van were left, so it was clearly meant to give Van an edge in the comp. Also, has anyone else had trouble trying to vote for America's favorite? I voted one day and could vote twenty times. Since then each time I try to cast a vote I am told that I have used all my votes for that day...and I hadn't voted once yet! The first day I split my votes for JMac and James because I really can't decide between the two. But apparently that isn't who CBS wants to give the money to!
  3. I had recorded the show because I wasn't home when it aired. So, thankfully, I could fast-foward thru Skankie and his skankie sister.
  4. Centangeli

    9/13 Show (Sunday)

    UGH. I hated seeing Skankie and his donut-licking, America hating sister.
  5. I think V would rather see Steve go than Austin. Thinking of final two...if she is sitting there next to Austin or Liz, she will win. If she is next to JMac, she could loose...I think the jury loves JMac, and would rather see him win than Vanessa...they HAVE to be talking and realizing how she manipulated everyone and is responsible for all for their evictions even though she thinks she 'didn't get any blood on her hands' (Good grief, I hate that phrase!)
  6. James made one big move, nominating Clelli after promising them they were safe, but after that he floated. He might not have said the words but after that he was just as worried as any of the others about getting blood on his hands. Not a great game player- when he was supposed to throw the BOtB comp to keep Liz on the block, he failed. Van made a mistake that time in expecting James to be able to throw that comp. she should have put up JMac with Liz- he certainly knows how to throw a comp!
  7. Steve won HOH. Who will he put up? It is gotten to the portion of the game where I believe winning POV is more/just as important as winning HOH.
  8. I was not disappointed to see James and Meg go out the door. (I know I am in the minority with that) I did not understand Vanessa's tears and claims of being so alone in the house after James walked out the door. James wasn't her ally...he and Meg were her two targets last week, and tonight they were both evicted. She should be turning hand springs instead of crying.
  9. Centangeli

    8/27 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    Actually, I was happier to see Jmac return. I never liked Jackie and I didn't want to see Mean Girl Becky or Smirky Shelli back in the house. I know I am in the minority there, but I just didn't like any of those women.
  10. I am liking Steve a lot more than I did. I think Van wants to keep the twins because she wants those votes in the house for awhile longer. I am not sure she has the same feelings for Austin. But, I think time is running out for the rest of the HG's to evict any of them. If James is evicted by Van in the first eviction, I am afraid it is all over. But if James stays and wins HOH for the second eviction, it could get interesting.
  11. Centangeli

    8/27 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I was also surprised that it ended so quickly. Heard that JMac threw the HOH comp to Van. Stupid. He is good at throwing comps when he really needs to win them. Van told him he would be safe. Like Van always tells the truth. Earlier Van and the twins were saying that whoever comes back from jury should be evicted first. Good strategy, but it might not apply to John, since he was never in the jury house so he had no opportunity to strategize with Becky/Shelli/Jackie. But if he keeps throwing comps, he will be in the jury house soon enough. The way this season has been going, I think it would be hysterical if Liz and Julia ended up final two. Not gonna happen...I am pretty sure Van will be final two although I don't know who she would take with her. But it would serve these HG's right if the twins made it that far.
  12. I'm still watching, too. It's like a train wreck...you just can't look away. Today it looks like JMac is going...but who knows with this bunch? After all, it's only Tuesday...
  13. Centangeli

    8/20 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I am disappointed that Austin won HOH. I was really hoping Johnny Mac would win it, because he would put up Vanessa. Alas, JMac seems better at throwing comps than at winning them. <sigh>
  14. I can understand the strategy of wanting to wait another week to evict Vanessa, to be sure that she can't return. But how many weeks can they afford to let her stay in the house? I think it is time to 'strike while the iron is hot' but keep a back door option in case she wins veto. Even if she competes to come back in the house, she only has a 25% chance of winning. And yes, we need some HOH's who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES! I don't ever remember a season where so many decisions were made by committee.
  15. Centangeli

    8/20 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I'm on a plane couldn't see the sho but Southwest has wifi. Yay Who won HOH?